The #1 Reason We Could Have a Market Melt-Up – Mike Maloney

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Hi later on in this video I'm going to show you that contrary to popular belief gold can pay interest and thus produce cash flow and there's something very important also that's going to affect all of our lives there's something fishy up with the Fed and one and a couple of

Its new programs so getting into the main page here on yesterday I didn't cover the prices for the paper io use of gold and silver but it was significant yesterday gold closed over 1700 and it has stayed there and so

We're over 1700 for gold the gold silver ratio is still very very high favoring for me silver I buy silver I don't buy gold right now because I can't allow myself to even though I have the inclination to buy gold during these

Times where you you get a little you know there's a lot of anxiety with what's going on right now and it makes me want to buy gold I just can't allow myself to do that when silver is so cheap compared to gold and I know that

One day it will catch up that's my belief you have to develop your own so how government pulls coronavirus relief currency out of thin air China's central bank to run simulations of digital currency use this is our enslavement

This is the thing that we should be most afraid of right now and because of coronavirus because of kovat 19 and the anxiety and fear this is what they're going to use to get us to go along with this kind of stuff and at this point

They're going to be able to track everything that we do and they'll just be able to put in you know in code that you're allowed to do this and you're allowed to do that and if you do the wrong thing they'll be able to just

Switch you off as a person and completely freeze you out of the financial system you won't be able to buy food gasoline pay your rent you become a non-person the moment that the authorities

Decide so this is the partnership between the Treasury and the Fed the sell-off on Wall Street accelerates doubt tumbles 700 points Bank of Canada launches additional QE so more QE coming for Canada and the economy is clearly in

Ruins here and so there's some important articles that you should read and then if you did not watch yesterday's video this one's important it's a little bit long but it's about former goldman sachs sort of a Wall Street insider and his

Take on gold because he became converted over to gold when he looked at all of the evidence so go and take a look at that video if you haven't already and you know just in general pay attention to what's going on on the radar Gold

Telegraph this is gold paying interest the Government of India in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India has decided to issue sovereign gold bonds now these bonds are denominated in one gram increments and the price of the

Bond is is set by the spot price of gold the day that it's issued and then those bonds pay two and a half percent interest on the rupee price of the when the bond was sold so you're getting interest and then when the bond matures

You know hopefully unless they've figured out some way some other way of screwing us or screwing the Indian people because as an American you can't buy it unless you go through there's I think there may be some funds or

Something that might have access to them in India but the sovereign bonds will be issued in six tranches from this month through September so it's investing in gold and you're going to have the capital gain that gold

Has when the bond matures you'll be able to either get your gold or sell the bond at that price plus two and a half percent interest every year on whatever your investment cap was denominated in rupees so gold can

Cashflow Geoffrey Gunlock says the Federal Reserve is presently acting in blatant non-compliance with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 an institution violating the rules of its own charter is de facto

Admitting that said in two institution has failed and is fundamentally broken and it is so broken I'm going to do a special report later on on how how badly it is broken because the Fed is now throwing out the window some of the

Primary ways that it functioned since its inception until today and just last week they announced their they're throwing these things out the window and tomorrow you're going to see some huge changes in the the Fed reporting and so

On from Chris Martenson peak prosperity he this is regarding the feds high-yield etf buying defies explanation it's hard to come up with any fundamental reason for the central bank's latest intervention and it's buying into these

High-yield ETFs which is their bond funds but high-yield that's corporate junk bond funds so it's stuff that they normally shouldn't and wouldn't normally they wouldn't touch this with a ten-foot pole but they shouldn't be buying this

But they are and Chris explains it easy the Federal Reserve is bailing out black rocks junk debt ETF which is you know they've got a bond fund that is a sinking ship and several others not to hell not to help companies gain access

To hard to get credit but to bail out their rich friends truly disgusting and it is true but when you look at the fact that the Federal Reserve is you know all these programs that they come up with that have all these stupid

Acronyms a couple of these programs are special-purpose vehicles and they're going to be administered by none other than Blackrock and these special-purpose group these special-purpose vehicles it's one of the articles on Zero Hedge

Speculated that the special purpose vehicle could be used to buy stocks directly in the market and support the stock market so does this sound like I mean I'm not a conspiracy theorist so I'm asking a question here of you I

Don't want to put forward any conspiracy theories I want to know what you think and then you guys can do all the work if I'm not going down this rabbit hole but this almost sounds like it has this aroma this this stench of a backroom

Deal a double secret super handshake under the table type of deal where you know we'll bail you out but we want you to take over these two special-purpose vehicles and run them for us and with this one you could buy so you know we

Can't buy stocks that's illegal for us to buy stocks directly the Federal Reserve it's against our charter but you might be able to through this fund and we'll fund it so you guys can speculate on that one and and go down that rabbit

Hole I'm not going to get involved with it it may or may not be true I'm not putting forward a conspiracy theory I'm just saying that it's very interesting that Blackrock is going to administer some of these special-purpose vehicles

And the Fed is doing this buying that benefits Blackrock in a big way so and then Tour de Meester I think it is or demonstra it worries me that contrary to 2000 this market crash has not led to more

Interest in Austrian economics and boy this worries me – thank you very much for pointing this out to her maybe to 2020s will be similar to the 1930s when popular populism reigned and you know this was true there was a big socialist

Uprising in the 30s and the Communist Party got pretty big in the United States in the 30s and Austrian extra anism was deemed obsolete and that's what happened in the 30s and we also came up with a bunch of the social

Programs that weren't really really very well designed that haunt us to this day on the other hand today there's the powder keg of Bitcoin and global inflation and this is true so I think you know hopefully in the future this

Reverses but this is Ludwig von my searches for Ludwig von Mises and he is considered the Dean of the Austrian School of Economics and then Murray Rothbard took over the torch for him and then this is the searches for Austrian

School and it's just dwindling down to nothing and it is very very sad because what's happening is in colleges Keynesian economics is what's being taught only so I want to welcome the one thousand thirty new subscribers make

Sure you hit that notification bell when you subscribe if you've already subscribed go back and just hit that notification bell and click the thumbs up button if you could on these videos the chart of the day and this is from

Morgan Housel the Nasdaq is now higher than it was December 5th or December five months ago and so he's got a little mark here and the Nasdaq is back up to December highs and here's what's crazy about that this was hyper valuation

Nosebleed levels one of the best gauges of whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued is price to earnings ratios and we're back up at these nosebleed levels again where is a hyper bubble it never even

Visited went anywhere close to fair value it's in the hyper bubble and the first quarter earnings are going to come out and that's January February March well it wasn't until mid March that economy started to shut down and stuff

So April May and June that quarter is going to be the one with the really bad report p/e ratios are the best gauge of whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued and it's the price of the stock divided by the earnings that that

Company makes per share of stock and so it's how many multiples are you paying in price over the earnings and this is going to be something tragic when it happens I think what's going to happen here the stock market will do one more

Leg down one more crash and then the Fed will come in and start buying and we'll probably have a melt up where the stocks may exceed their previous highs on all of these indexes and but gold and silver will most likely be outperforming them

They may lag for a little while because what's happening right now is all of these big funds and money managers and stuff they are whenever the Fed says something they go and buy that thing trying to front run the Fed so whatever

That thing is that the Fed talked about will go up even before the Fed goes and does any person purchases so the Fed is able to jawbone certain sectors and they may not even go in and buy anything it just goes up so I want to get into the

Fewer feedback Sam Louie I think this is thanks Mike I'm finishing a degree in finance and economics and I have to say I've been showing your hidden secrets of money series to all of my friends you explain incredibly complex systems very

Simply not to mention your excellent market updates they don't teach you about gold at university anymore and it's great to have someone to give me all of the information for free instead of charging

Me thousands of dollars a semester you know they don't teach you about gold at university anymore what they teach you about in economics is basically just Keynesian economics and they don't teach you

Enough to really see the whole picture they teach you just enough to go to work for a bank or goldman sachs that's that's what they're teaching most people is how to become goldman sachs employees danielle w says hi mike no talk on

Silver today is everything okay still do you recommend continued buy to buy silver dollars I have never recommended buying gold or silver I don't believe I've ever recommended buying gold or silver to

Anybody what I do is I tell people what I do and the only thing that I recommend is continuing your fighting your own financial education that is the most important thing set AGID sitaji says mike please tell us what we should

Do nothing less nothing more continue your financial education I don't tell people what to do sorry but the thing to do here is get my book it's free and it's got so many different things in it as far as you know I tell you what I'm

Doing in the book but I don't really make recommendations but one of the things that's got in there is who are you and what's your plan because for everybody is going to be different your risk tolerance do you want safety or

Thrills and it shows you some of the different types of investments that you can go to if so you go there and sort of circle something that that sort of fits you your involvement do you want to not be involved or do you want to be a day

Trader and be involved every hour of every day reasons for investing do you need income or future wealth how long do you have left I mean are you old or young because that determines a lot of what you're

Going to do whether or not you even need income or future wealth also and your portfolio size you know this is all available in this book and along with a bazillion other things that are going to help you so the quote of the day the

Meme of the day how government works it breaks your legs then it sells you a wheelchair at ten times the actual cost it taxes that wheelchair it regulates your use of the wheelchair and it assures you that without government you

Wouldn't be getting around so well I want to thank you for watching this we'll see you next time

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