That time I tried to interview KISS (from the archives)

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

oh hey guys you may have noticed that

this video is a bit late and doesn't

look how it's supposed to look and

that's because I had some technical

problems this week and that means that

we are dipping back into the archives

for a very special look at my first show

ever on television up here in Canada

this is a very special bit in which I

fly to Quebec City and attempt to

interview the members of KISS who are

performing at the festival date a which

is a wonderful festival that happens in

Quebec and I had a good time trust me I

think this is a pretty good 6 minutes of

television in lieu of an actual episode

I'm very sorry I promise we'll be back

next week with a super excellent video

that I'm very very excited about but my

apologies that said you'll find this is

worth it so please enjoy me trying to

interview kiss in Quebec City from a

bunch of years ago when I had skinnier


hey it's 3 am and it's talk-show night

a juice box manner we're about to fly to

Quebec City for the annual festival date

a which has been going on for 42 years

this year kiss is playing so we're gonna

go fly to Quebec City and try to

interview kiss I lost the coin toss

welcome to our hotel room in Quebec City

or kiss interview HQ we're holed up here

we have a laptop and a variety of snacks

and that show the laptop of the snacks

and we are going to try to get an

interview with kiss we are trying

desperately to get an interview with

kiss today okay and we're asking all of

the bands that we talked to you if you

could ask kiss one question what would

the spleen ask kiss oh is it too polite

to play a show with all this equipment

the equipment yeah you know I think that

maybe it is there is a 330 pounds but I

imagine they must be in great shape like

you can you imagine playing with like

that amount of extra I can't you should

go to the gym me yeah maybe what would

you guys want to ask the kiss I would I

probably asked gene Simmons for some

money for 20 bucks to go to Quiznos can

I have 20 bucks I'm hungry for you would

you have a question for for kiss

that's why the jump jack Shakhtar style

you know I'm saying you guys like

thought about issuing a cease and desist

or anything like we have mass what are

you doing copy at us you know their new

band right they just came out yeah

they're like I think they got a new

record coming in for a show or something

is a big deal a lot of just hype really

I think I don't know old guys two

minutes sad I'm gonna see them right on

okay well good luck who are you guys in

line to see right now and why are you

not going to see kiss because we are

young if you were given an opportunity

to interview kiss what is the question

that you would want to pose I I'm just

thinking about the tongue this is an

extension oh and I would never want it I

I hate that band so much I seriously I

would never want let's be in the same

building I actually heard a Sri Lee was

at one of our shows a couple weeks ago

and you still hate kiss even though he's

free Lee's been to one of your shows

yeah I freely admit that I hate freely

more than that perfect what is the

question that that you would ask kiss on

behalf of stain I don't know what I got

a gene Simmons story for you well I want

to hear it so we're at the Indy 500 and

gene Simmons comes walking up to me he's

like you're a very handsome and powerful

man someday just maybe you'll be like

well you know the rest of the story and

he turned around and he walked away and

then 15 minutes minute later I looked

over and it was gene Simmons and and

Richard Marx sitting at the table by

themselves in this like major

philosophical Congress a

wow that's a great gene Simmons story

yeah congratulations I mean I can only

assume your success has pretty much been

directly a result direct correlation

with absolutely I've I've taken that

little bit of advice and flushed it

right down the toilet yeah thanks Jane

we're here on the plains of Abraham

we're trying to find kiss we think that

they're going to be on that huge stage

over there so maybe we'll get an

interview you know if we just hang out

okay we found the members of KISS the

members of KISS are in the crowd just

talking to people it's tremendously

exciting I love your band hey you know

what my bag yes

what band Kiss the band that you're what

can people look forward to from the kiss

rock and roll experience tonight lots of

fun and lots of classic that we sing it

were you upset to be kicked out of the

band in the 80s yes yeah it's a lot more

money now Paul I got a no I mean new


people are nervous you know like do you

still have it do you still have it Paul

Stanley yes right on okay what can

people look forward to tonight

from kiss


when will they rock and roll tonight all

night all right

what will they do during the day sleep

we interviewed kiss

so the obvious question is what would

you ask kiss given the opportunity to

interview them on the plains of Abraham

at the festival day in Quebec City if

you were to just run into them as I was

fortunate enough to do much smaller than

I expected I hope you guys enjoyed this

dip into the past and honestly would you

believe that that was on television here

in Canada it's a very strange country my

apologies for those of you that really

wanted an actual episode but I promise

next week will be worthwhile because it

is super sick and extremely rad and dope

will it be chill though no thanks so

much off recording with this I hope you

guys had fun subscribe for new shows

every week except for this week but this

is you know I think we still had a good

time and be excellent to each other



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