Testing New AirPods Pro Clones! Huawei FreeBuds 3, Vivo TWS & Oppo Enco Free

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

It what's up guys everything Apple Pro here today let's go ahead and take a look at some of the biggest air pod clones from some of the biggest smartphone manufacturers it's actually interesting the last six months it seems like every other smartphone manufacturer

Is making their own version of Apple's air pods and these aren't just blatant ripoffs what's interesting is some of them actually have you know benefits and positives to apples air pods and all of these have the new pop-up window

Superfast connectivity great audio quality it's amazing what's happened in just a couple years I remember reviewing the first air pod clones and also just trashed didn't even compare now everyone's got their version of it and

In mkbhd last video we showed us a bunch of new ones JBL just released a pair TCL there's real meat buds air oneplus might get into the game but I wanted to go ahead and check out the Huawei free buds 3 vivo tws and Oppo on go free these are

Interesting because they're coming from really big brands and all of these have the pop-up windows for super easy connectivity so let's see just how they compare now these what's interesting about the

Huawei free buds 3 is that they're a combination of apples ear pods Pro Plus air pods – they do have active noise cancellation they come the very interesting circle case but the packaging isn't anything like the air

Pods which is good I guess here's the casing so substantially bigger than the pros first off I really like the shape strangely it's like a hockey puck it's quite satisfying the snap is pretty close to apples here more reminiscent of

Air pods one and the Huawei logo is on the back on the front really nothing much going on actually feels very very similar in material to the airport's pro USBC something I would have liked to see also on the air pods probe LEDs down

Here and as you can see these look suspiciously similar to apples so here's the air pods Pro and air pods – so this is like a combination of both of them very similar stem very similar letter on the stem and the charging also very

Similar so just like apples air pods Pro and the original air pods with the pop-up no the huawei mate 30 series and while we phones in general have the very same thing accomplished by the Kiran a1 chip

And apparently the bit rate is higher they tout that the audio quality is better let's put that to the test so the quick a while these are quite big actually significantly bigger than Apple's air pods Pro twice as long of a

Stem we got Spotify hacked on here if I had the illegal Play Store let's see what it sounds like so much like the air pods Pro which gets software updates this will as well just want to remind you that I am doing a giveaway on the

Air pods Pro so one of those will be drawing winners next week and enter to win that down below okay so they do make a nice little jingle when they're in your ears by the way I don't really like the volume control on the

Huawei it's pretty unreliable for $200 these sound pretty good I'd expect them to the noise cancellation is nowhere near as good as Apple's these actually seal off your ear canal but these get loud their base

Either punchy okay so 170 to 200 there the Huawei free buds three hockey puck cool let's move on to the Oppo and Co free so these also have a pop-up window that's pretty neat these are also semi in-ear and they do

Have active noise cancellation for calls only or not for music they're more of an ear pods to clone the big feature is that they have this touch control on the side that's for switching volume so you can slide it up and down which is a

Feature I wish the air pods had kind of a cool one and the design is pretty interesting so it's got this aluminum band up front and more of a square air pods box here USB see also and the button on the side kind of a cool little

Design I like everyone's take and adjustments to apples so that's nice I don't have the Oppo phone for this to work with and highly doubt it would work the same way with the Huawei these halves to do like audio quality

Apparently the driver inside of them is very advanced opposed very proud of the sound they were able to get out of these I like the design it's very bubbly round it just amazes me that it took 2 to 3 years for people to catch up to apples

Air pods but yet here we are and they are so good these are about $100 I'll see how the sound is on these oh yeah definitely not as good as the wall ways you know they're much cheaper much quieter but clean sound almost no bass

There's no punch to them but they sound good you could do a lot worse for $100 I mean they're way better sounding than the airport clones that's for sure these are ipx4 water-resistant let's see if they start playing when you put them

Back in yeah and these have come a long way just in general air pod clones stuns me oh but that's so cool I swipe up switches a song back swipe down goes forward that is cool it's actually very very

Intuitive I'm surprised favorite feature and I like the finish it's got this pearly paint job too it looks very cool and a little LED right there I actually like these for $100 these are well worth it I mean I would still get apples air

Pods if I could for 150 but this is pretty dang good comes close and USBC that's nice and one of the cool things about these is the latency they got it down to 120 milliseconds on the air pods Pro it's 144 and an official test so

That's a really big advantage that these have over apples air pods and every single one of these manufacturers comes out the problem with a different solution they can all do something different than Apple's air pods I like

That a lot and these are ipx4 water resistant so you'll have to worry about that but cool so we got these two got hockey puck we got a little cube and let's go ahead and take a look at vivos copy of apple's air pods so these

Actually come in a box very similar to the air pots just a different color no product on them but the actual finish they're very proud of it and the box has this cool texture so the finish on these is two-tone the actual lid I believe is

Made of metal oh so I didn't get the dark ones I believe it's two different materials plastic metal or vice-versa Wow so these are very tiny actually even smaller than apples and the hinge looks

Very familiar the button looks very familiar this is coming from vivo and USBC on the bottom as you'd expect hands more air pod like clones so these actually look more like the air pods Pro and a little bit of a shorter stem yeah

Very very similar here very similar markings and obviously not an in-ear solution but apparently the blue color was inspired by high quality perfume bottles whatever it says on the website and the bottom charging ports are

Interesting there's three of them very very reminiscent of Apple's air pods so you can tell that they took inspiration here the vivo tws earphone has a small fuselage weighing only 4.4 grams what are we taking these into flight the

Way that they describe all the features is so funny but genuinely these apparently have a lot of good things about them they're the first air pod competitors to use Qualcomm snoo 50 166 chip which reduces latency and it has a

New 2-way transmission which reduces power usage by 30% so they're very advanced from inside and out and actually the design of these what's interesting is apparently when designing them they surveyed tens of thousands of

Ear canals to get the perfect shape and this is the culmination of all of that research and effort the ultimate shape for your ears apparently vivo says so and the sound punches above its weight they're very

Proud of it apparently this is hi-fi equipped the first air pod competitor to use high fidelity sound and with some very impressive drivers inside they're kind of hefty you know you can tell we've got some serious hardware in here

On top it's very top-heavy but okay very small compact I like that they're very close in size to the airport's pro ooh nice little jingle and these almost sound like they're noise cancelling but I don't believe they are oh wow

Actually very impressed with this sound so from order of quality so far just upon this very brief hearing is call comes obviously they were the most expensive in vivo second most expensive so 200 130 and then $100 these are quite

Punchy Wow I would go so far as to say they sound better than apples air pods – like very impressive sound very loud very punchy sound definitely checks out I like the design you know not like I'm being paid

By any of these companies I just thought it was interesting that everyone is going out there to make their own version of Apple earpods and I'm impressed you know there was really not much bad I could say about any of these

Actually they work very well best with their native phones all of them have the very simple pairing process the pop-up windows so you can tell that they took air pause to reverse engineer the best they could all the hinges pretty much

Look the same just like they want to be air pods so bad and they're doing a very good job at it the fact that these exists make ear pods possibly less special but the fact that they came out first means everything to me these are

Still technically the infiltrators the ones that came after but still they're very good and I like we always take on I mean that's that's funny to me but overall there it is those are three of many there are so

Many new ones coming out in the next few months pixels releasing there is one plus should be coming out there soon and it doesn't end there we're gonna see so many more coming out in 2020 because then the industry itself is so big and

Only growing bigger no matter which ones you choose they'll probably be worth the money although of course at the end of the day as an Apple user I'll still stick with my air Potts Pro just cool to see what everyone else is doing alright

Guys thanks for watching again we're giving away one last air pods Pro and if you want to win that down below in the description thanks for watching peace

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