TESLA Spoils VW & LUCID Big News with Battery Day

by birtanpublished on October 3, 2020

Tesla battery day left people divided was it amazing was it disappointing well i got a couple of guys who can definitely help us figure it out both our channel contributors one of them the automotive manufacturing guru sandy monroe and the inside ev's contributor tom malogne lucid motors unveils the new crazy quarter mile time but did it beat tesla's plaid version we'll watch the video volkswagen id4 first edition sells out in 24 hours

Will it be a huge hit california bans sales of gas cars in not such a distant future nicola founder trevor milton quits and erases his twitter account exponent motors expands to europe and announces a flying vehicle and other news from tesla pole star porsche and lordstown motors all of this is coming up next welcome to e4 electric your number one source of electric car scoop if this is your first time here that's

Okay all you have to do to correct the situation is hit that subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you don't miss anything moving forward before we get to our main story quick reminder we are in the middle of the national drive electric week this is their 10th anniversary obviously normally we would be hanging out right now together at local events checking out each other's electric cars but you know the virus and so it is mainly online

But don't worry there will be a lot of great online events sessions and workshops i will be hosting two of them i'll put a link to both of them in the description of this video one of them will be about the amazing electric cars that are coming out next year and another one is going to be about shopping for a used electric car so join myself and many other speakers and electric car enthusiasts this week for the drive electric week 10 year anniversary now let's get to our top story which was

The event of the week of the month and really of the year the tesla battery day and it kind of divided people into two camps one camp mainly tesla fans and electric car enthusiasts are very excited but the other one which is kind of mainly investors are not see i would have thought it would be the other way around because the tesla fans didn't get anything in the immediate future there was no car unveil or anything like that yet they're very excited but the

Investors they're the ones who are getting a lot of savings and a lot of manufacturing improvements and yet they are kind of upset so i don't really get it but let me recap what actually happened and what happened was three things first of all obviously tesla announced their own battery attack number two they've announced the 25 000 tesla is common in about three years and number three the tesla model has plaid mode with zero to sixty in about two seconds

Or under 520 or more mile range and a quarter mile in under nine seconds and the battery tech was kind of divided into two categories one for the consumers obviously improvement in range and a cheaper car and for the manufacturing a lot of manufacturing breakthrough faster and cheaper to produce with smaller factories so all of this if you really think about it has really pushed tesla even more forward so now it's up to everybody else once

Again to try to catch up now one of the best people to ask to break down of what all of this really means is the manufacturing guru and one of the channel contributors cindy munro and here is what he had to say tell us uh what are the things just in general from the sort of a bird's-eye view what are the things that you saw that excited you and were there any things that you were also disappointed in um actually i was not disappointed in

Anything i saw i'm a pretty happy guy um as uh you may or may not know during my videos the the ones i'm on real life i made a lot of predictions as to what would be coming out shortly and um all those predictions came true and then some i've got to tell you flat out um i was really happy really happy uh to watch what i was watching on on battery day yesterday it was phenomenal to me i was so high i couldn't believe it

I was interviewed three times uh right after that show different magazines some you'd know like bloomberg others they wouldn't mean anything to you because they're trade trade magazines but i will tell you that i i am a very excited guy after watching what was going on now this is just a small clip out of a much bigger conversation that i had with sandy about the battery day i posted the first part already you can find it in the video library on my channel and the second part about the 25 000 car

Will go on next week so don't forget to subscribe now let's talk to inside ev's contributor tom malogne but before that a quick reminder that this video and this channel is sponsored by climate exchange that's right the tesla raffle is back you can win a tesla and there are other prizes only 4 000 tickets will be sold so make sure to get yours using the link in the description of this video and even if you don't win the money will go towards a great

Environmental cost and by candy america the most affordable electric car in the united states k27 starting under 10 000 after the federal tax credit or their second model k23 for under 20. delivery start in less than three months so make sure to reserve yours using the link in the description of this video all right tom this was a pretty intense week for a lot of people including us i'm sure either one of us got much sleep but this was probably the biggest day

Uh in the electric car industry but somehow it's divided people into two camps one are very disappointed people and another one are very very excited so how could the same battery day with the same information split people into two and do do both groups have a point so yeah that definitely does seem to be the theme uh but uh yeah you know the you know i don't know if they both have a point i you know i keep going back to the fact was this was battery day alex so we were

Supposed to hear battery technology which we did and some of it on sophisticated levels that you had to go back and re-watch and re-watch to really understand it i think a lot of the people watching it don't want to have to work that hard they just wanted elon to come out and show them the shiny new object and say oh look what you're going to be able to buy and then if you don't want that next year you'll be able to buy this and you didn't get that with this presentation you got a lot of techy

Nerdy stuff but it's all good stuff really important stuff that's going to drive tesla for the next decade now how far does this set tesla apart from its competition obviously this is a breakthrough technology and not a lot of it is savings that are getting out of it which you know elon kind of mentioned a lot of it is going to go into profits and investors you know rather than consumers but also of course the tech which translates into range and charging speed which he didn't

Talk about at all uh you know the other electric car makers uh go about reaching the same range in different ways for example efficiency rather than battery tech in the case of lucid but uh where we stand right now uh did tesla increase of their lead over everybody else it looks that way you know unless other manufacturers are holding their cards closer to the vest and not letting us know what they're working on you know don't

Forget most of these legacy oem brands they're not doing this stuff in-house they're calling up lg chem and kadel and samsung and saying hey what do you got for me what's the best batteries are going to be available next year and in five years from now tesla's like you know listen i'm not i'm not waiting for that we're gonna make the best batteries that are gonna be available five years from now i don't see anybody else doing that and

Um you know it's it's a huge gamble but it looks like it's paying off tom will be back later in the video to talk about another topic but let's talk about the story that normally would be huge but not this week lucid motors has unveiled yet another amazing quarter mile time this time with their performance tri-motor version of the lucid air and it came up to 9.245 seconds now i know it is a prototype and a lucid has not

Announced when they're putting it in production just yet but nevertheless this is amazing i probably shouldn't sound too surprised because i was actually there at that track when they did this and i knew this all along obviously i couldn't share it with you guys until this week now obviously it got overshadowed by the tesla battery day and obviously they've announced that the plat mode will do quarter mile in under nine seconds there is no video with but you know what

I i i love the competition right there was really not much competition before that but now we got tesla and porsche and lucid and hopefully others will join all right so now let's get to yet another news that on any other week would also be a top story but not this week and it is volkswagen unveiling the id4 the all-electric suv with 250 mile of range will start at under forty thousand dollars and will go down to thirty five thousand dollars once the u.s production starts in 2022

And that's before the seventy five hundred dollar tax credit now the 44 000 version before the tax credit the first edition was sold out in just 24 hours and the deliveries will start in december now one of the biggest perks is the three year unlimited free charging with electrify america this is a good looking electric suv with few exciting toys or specs but also with a very few shortcomings obviously the id4 will compete with the tesla

Model why but will volkswagen shy away from the rivalry well here's what the ceo of volkswagen group of america scott keogh told me when i chatted with him a few days ago why do you think people will go for the id4 if they've also looked at the model y or also other cars in the same category look i think there's a couple of things at play i think first and foremost look the beatles needed the rolling stones the

Rolling stones needed the beatles because it made rock and roll better tesla needs volkswagen volkswagen needs tesla because it'll get more people driving electric cars so this is not a zero-sum game and everyone wants to be you know this is killing that that's killing that no one's killing anything it's awesome technology that's going to drive adaption for america that's the first part the second thing in terms of primary targets i think you're exactly right yes the electric

Car owner already knows electric vehicles they know all about them and we feel very confident they'll give our car its day in court they'll cross shop it what they'll find out car drives like crazy 14 15 000 less than the tesla model y has similar packaging and it's a damn good car fact for more let's turn back to the inside of his contributor tom malogne all right so almost any given week out of the year this would be the

Headline the volkswagen's id4 but not this week because obviously it was overshadowed by the battery day now if it wasn't for the battery day uh this id4 unveiling would have been the top news on pretty much any other given week of the year but it wasn't however it is a big deal um it is a very normal car that looks like will appeal to a lot of people not much breakthrough tech but it seems to have everything that your normal regular consumer would want so

Do you think this is the best shot that german automakers so far have at competing as far as mass production is concerned of electric cars well you know the ticon is a mass-produced car um depends on what you count mass produce and that's one hell of an electric vehicle but uh you know not everybody can drop the 200 000 uh on a tycon uh you know to get one unfortunately um but yeah you know i think you know it's kind of

Like um a vehicle that it doesn't do any one thing really well it's it doesn't charge really quickly it doesn't go zero to 60 that fast it doesn't have a frunk for front uh you know cargo capacity but you put it it does everything really well not excellently and put it all together and it adds up to probably the the best offering that we've seen for a family hauler a long range relatively competitively priced vehicle especially

With incentives the id4 is going to be very affordable um it's volkswagen wants it to be like their beetle of the 21st century and um it's got a good chance of doing that okay so i agree with you it it is really a very good normal regular car that happened to be electric so could it be that this is the best value for the dollars that consumers would spend when it comes to an electric car there's a very good chance that yeah this might be the best value especially once we get to the

Lower priced uh variants the the first edition is expensive well it's forty four thousand forty three thousand but a couple years we're going to get a thirty five thousand dollar version here in the us and with incentives that that car is going to cost in the low 20s that is a phenomenal deal in the mid to low 20 000 range that's going to put a hurting on the rav4 and honda crv the vehicles that lead that segment

Could it be that the best feature of this car is that people don't have to learn anything new about it for example how to use a a a a flat screen display to operate the entire car or how to use the autopilot and stuff like that all these cool things people still have to learn could it be that their best feature is no new features well you know it is going to have some nice driver assistant features um but volkswagen did

Make an effort to make it very familiar that a volkswagen driver could just get in this car from their tour egg or whatever other vehicle they had and and feel at home um you know i i i think that there's something to be said about that there are still a good segment of the population that don't want their new electric vehicle to be that different from what they're used to if you want to hear more from tom which i always do you can subscribe to his channel i put that link

In the description of this video but for now let's move on to another huge story that this one also could be the headliner you know most of the time but check this out california has decided to ban the sales of all gas cars all new guest car sales will be banned in the less than 15 years the executive order was signed by the california governor gavin newsom now i have to say that other countries have come up with a similar deadline so this is not extremely new

But usually whatever california decides especially about electric cars is what the standard is going to be for the rest of america because the manufacturers are not going to make different versions of their same car for different states now overall i think this is a great goal and i think you guys agree let me know in the comment section but we do have a bit of a problem because if everybody plugs their cars in all at once we're gonna have a problem with overloading the grid and we

Actually already do have a problem with overloading the grid here in california every time it gets a little hot and everybody turns their air conditioning on boom we have rolling blackouts so if you sign an executive order like this you also have to do something about the infrastructure or make sure that we speed up the adoption of the solar panels now don't forget any executive order can be overturned by the next governor so i will keep my eyes on the story

And we'll keep you updated full of years so everybody wins x-punk motors made some news at the beijing auto show but before that they've also started exporting their all-electric suv g3 to europe they are one of the few chinese companies who have decided to venture out of china though i should mention that they are a publicly traded company here in the united states so the first 100 g3 suvs are on their way to norway x-punk motors have sold over 20 000 of these in almost two years of

Being in production there are two battery sizes one has 180 and another one has 230 epa equivalent mile range and this car will be on sale starting at what we can translate into 38 000 american dollars that's before the incentives as i mentioned this is a big deal for a chinese company to expand to europe and possibly to the united states but why i got a pretty good answer from the president of x-punk motors brian goo well so let

Me ask you about that because i have seen now a few electric car models released either exclusively for china or where the market where the marketing starts in china and then kind of goes to europe and the united states and in some cases it doesn't even go to the united states can you tell me a little bit about why uh china is such a such more attractive market for automakers to sell the electric cars where north america and the united states in particular

Is kind of on the bottom of that list well i think you know there are a number of factors uh why chinese market is attractive for ev you know for many years i would say probably six seven years already chinese government has been pushing really hard for the switch to a new energy vehicle there's a lot of policies uh consumer and subsidy driving restrictions emission standard increases um and all kinds of uh i think you know consumer behavior also related

Um encouragement xpung motors also announced a new vehicle at the beijing auto show but this one can fly that's right this is a flying car called kiwi gogo which kind of sounds like a flavored uh protein shake uh hey would you like to try some of my kiwi gogo oh no no thank you i'm already full from my cherry go go there is no timeline for production of this flying car but it can seat two passengers and fly as high as 80

Meters ring the video doorbell company which actually has a shaquille o'neal as one of the spokespeople don't tell me how i know has come up with a product where they have partnered with tesla you can install this little device in your tesla and this way you will be able to see all of the sentry mode footage on your phone something that i thought tesla should have implemented into their own app but now you gotta dish out 200

For this plus the cost of the lte connectivity if you guys watch my channel on regular basis you probably know that i got to spend a day with paul star 2 and that is a great car it's on sale right now here in the united states but pollstar has just announced that they're going to move forward with bringing their concept precept which i think is a very sharp looking sedan to production there is no date just yet but this is great news guess which

Porsche model was the best-selling model for the brand in the month of august in europe that's right the all-electric tycoon has outsold the porsche 911 and panamera with almost 1200 units sold lordstown motors has released the interior picture of their all-electric pickup truck endurance and i gotta say i was a little bit worried that it wasn't high-tech enough but i actually think it's a pretty good mixture they've also announced that they have more than 40 000 pre-orders

Tesla has suffered the biggest network outage to date nothing was working their staff wasn't able to process deliveries and orders the website was down the app was down even the tesla solar monitoring was unavailable everything appears to be back to normal but a lot of people believe that one of the reasons the stock was down this week was this big outage and we don't really know what happened elon musk didn't really tweet anything about it and we in the press don't really know

Either because tesla doesn't really have a pr department a huge shout out to some of my newer patreons thank you so much david goyet paul lady and suresh and nilam gaiwani thank you so much for supporting this channel and supporting my habit of paying my utility bills and feeding my neighbor's cat if you want to join my patreon community where i go live weekly to give you some behind the scenes stories you can do so by going to e for patreon.com i put that link in the

Description of this video as well and of course don't forget to check out the part one of my conversation with sandy monroe where he shares his take on the tesla battery day that link should be up there in that corner but i put it in the description of this video and of course part two coming up next week all right looking forward to all of your comments other than that see you guys next time and remember to stay charged you

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