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by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and on behalf of block bearer it is my honor to speak with Nick fit here's the CTO of Teller and if you don't know much about that we're going to go deep into what teller is all about today it's all

About decentralized Oracle's Nick thank you very much for your time today I'm glad to be here Brad a lot of guys might now as the CTO you're quite techy had a few chats with some of your colleagues in the in you know in teller

Right now and they've spoken highly of all of your technology so let's really explore what it means to to have decentralized Oracle's in the context of what you're building me now your slogan is decentralized oracle for defy can you

Talk to us a bit more about what that means in the context of dfi as well the big piece that we wanted to really push there was just our decentralized oracle you know we really want to kind of the backbone of what our company is sort of

Just to be that philosophical piece of you know we we want to true we truly believe in to be centralization and where the oracle that builds that and the reason we sort of focused on we're focusing on deep i at the moment is

That's really where the market is you know if you look at what's building on the theory and you know i can kind of get into the story of kind of how we built tell her if you want and uh well we did that that was yeah so you know we

We built this to be a price oracle originally and we saw such a need for these centralized Oracle's and defy that that's what we lead vocals for original I say so really defy is just sort of because of the current situation with

The problem prominent narrative the popular narrative of defy right now and it's also suited for the use case but fundamentally let's start with the decentralized oracle because Oracle's exist in a centralized fashion and that

They could be utilized by like they're almost counterintuitive to the decentralized value of applications of the technology and even you know for example the theory omits my contracts so let's start with you know understanding

What Oracle's are if you want to let the public know exactly why you matter as a decentralized article yeah so kind of the Oracle 101 piece so if theorem as an ecosystem or kind of any blockchain naturally is this siloed

Space so whenever you have a smart contract and aetherium it can talk to other smart contracts and aetherium and query this current state of aetherium but it cannot talk to the outside world so you can't go call calling api to ask

For the price bitcoin for instance and call the coin based API you can't call something and also and the reason for that is is that the state always has to end in the same thing so it would be if right now like my car my smart contract

Would say hey call coinbase api and ask for the price of a Bitcoin if I run that right now I'm gonna get back a price and you should be able to replay that transaction again so you should be able to do the exact same thing but if you do

It a second later you're gonna get back a different price know that it would break and the way that you solve it is rather than as the smart contracts be able to query it you just put that price in so somebody has to put that price in

And that's what if the Oracle is so you would say the price of Bitcoin right now is this I said and that that is the Oracle so it's connecting off train data into your smart card yes I wanted to talk more about the point of data as

Well because it really functions in many ways like this modem between off chain data and the on chain data bank itself so can't just reference that and explain that a bit more about the imperative of data being the value add especially

Comes the price of data well so it's like pricing data so you know like Oracle's can be used for a lot of different things so like you don't just need Oracle's for pricing data so yes like if you're smart contractor

Originally needs say the price of Bitcoin needs to call this API and that is what an Oracle can be used for but you can use Oracle's for other things so you know like if you want to query the Bitcoin blockchain if you want to query

The cosmos blockchain or something that is the same as an external API call that is something different so you queering another blockchain that's you need Oracle to do that so any type of data that is not an inside of ethereum that

You want to call and bring in that's what you need an Oracle for and that's all of those different data pieces can eventually be handled by Oracle's all right and and before you started telling you had a different company or different

Startup that really deep required article and arguably a decentralized oracle would have made sense is that what started this journey said that you could literally provide this technology to the masses in an agnostic way and

Start with etherium as that sort of base support yeah kind of giving you the story of teller here so like I a two and a half years ago now I worked at the CFTC so I was a regulator here in the US we did cryptocurrencies and also

Derivatives and and I left to start a derivative startup so you know I had seen a lot of people trying to do derivatives on the blockchain but I didn't think they were quite be centralizing them enough so I wanted to

Do decentralized derivatives on aetherium and this was our startup was called Axia and we were building in kind of as you know a derivatives or is basically a betting contract you and I are basically right the price of

Something all right and what happens is you run headfirst into the Oracle problem if you want to bet on something off chain so if we're betting on the price of Apple stock how do you get the price of Apple stock

What's the question and we you know originally we were looking all around for decentralized Oracle's at the time this was in 2017 and there really were no decentralized Oracle's out there and so we were like okay what we're gonna

Have to build our own and that's kind of how we came about to coming about on this so you know kind of the story of how it happened was in early 2018 so you know we were trying to do some research around Oracle's and we actually got an

Aetherium Foundation grant we were round Philander theorem foundation grantees to do research on Oracle's we that was a year-long grants that we got to do some research on Oracle's and in addition to the investment from the

Etherion foundation we also got an investment from maker I saw a little also along and it was along the same line so you know we this was part of their stable fund they were investing in good projects that showed a lot of

Promise and as far as building these fundamental tools for her kind of defy na the Aryan ecosystem you know we had sorry well I got hit please yeah so that was where we started building you know we were looking at Oracle's actually

Originally was in the term of Oracle's for not only pricing but also in the terms of bridging chains so having flexible Oracle's enough that you can also a bridge etherium chains and you can have Oracle's that in past block

Headers back and forth and it was you know so we what we did was we we did this research we did a lot of kind of security analysis on it we actually ended up publishing a paper and yeah so it was well basically what we figured it

As it's really hard and really hard to make it secure um bridging chains especially whenever you're like doing token bridges across chains yes and I'm honest I had I noticed in your white paper you're also references for part of

The potential for the future and you look at the value of potential use cases you've got also optimistic implementations all kinds of things and we can talk about that a bit later but Nick what's interesting also is that you

Do have this support from aetherium and it from maker why do they look into this more internally it's because of the complexity of building out a decentralized oracle or today do they see it as easier to outsource so that

They could utilize you know what you build once you complete it well I think definitely speaking on the etherium site I don't know enough about makers internal process on that but you know

Like the etherium foundation for instance they they've kind of made the conscious decision that they don't want to internalize development they want to push out this this too via grants you know

That's why the etherium ecosystem has sort of shied away from even building their own eats 2.0 things they're trying to hire out a bunch of or give out grants to a lot of these different projects to build competing clients and

Build those out admit who really supports kind of the decentralization of the space whenever you have a bunch of different people building and it's not just some internal team and really interesting kind of how you and I think

A lot of people are starting to give out grants along these lines you know like you so it's not all internal research so it's yeah pros pros and cons you raise a great point don't Nick because just recently if italic was talking about how

They use some of their funds that they actually you know when they sold some of the etherium at the top it's the explain I didn't just you know sell that off and then go and spend that on frivolous things they actually did invest in the

Infrastructure for the future 2 through stars like you so you know being a benefactor of that obviously it's been beneficial for you because you didn't know I know you did know I see oh so do you want to talk about that and how

Important that grant money was to just get going and have that and bootstrap this from the start yeah I mean what so like it's super funny because like you know the etherium ecosystem gave us the grant when we were the derivative

Startup doing research into Oracle's for a derivative startup but then we ended up like the project that we're doing now isn't the same derivative startup but we're still building on aetherium you know we still believe in the etherium

Ecosystem and i think that's the important thing and that's why you're trying to that's why it's sort of important to continue this this theory of grants so you know like maker for instance like we're we're strolling past

In contact with maker you know I hold maker like we it's just building the community and the tooling around it and that's why these grants are important that's why these investments are important it's just it's not one of

These things that it's a one-off like you know and I think you probably know this as well like if you just or somebody to do a job like it's it's not quite the same like if you hire an agency to do some deaf work but you're

Never gonna see them again but like whenever you talk to whenever you talk to maker about getting an investment or you talk to especially to a theory about getting an investment the vast majority of the questions it was like they cared

About the tech and your ability to deliver on the tech but it was like why are you building this like what why are you in this space and what you know like how did you get in the space what do you care about and whatever they can

Actually tell like yeah like they believe the same thing that we do what they're trying to build is where we're trying to go and whatever I really they wanted to eat people to invest in the same

Decentralized ethos you know really and that's why your projects so interesting because has really news case but also it is generally trying to flip Oracle's on their head and make them decentralized it's just suit you know and synergize

With starts like aetherium and are also other platforms as well so just to backtrack for a moment I just wrote some tones down to reflect what the Oracle you know what you're trying to do so essentially trust

Lessness became becomes very important here where it's trustless access to off chain data establishing this on trying chain data bank I use the analogy of gateways also and the value of high value of chained artists so all of those

Things are really relevant I think as you try to provide this very important technology in service to bridge essentially the two worlds of the off chain the on chain is there anything you want to add just finally on the point of

Oracle's and their value before we move on man meeting a guitar forever on it well yeah you know the real need for them well so that was like you know I think I can talk about like just Oracle's in general so like one of the

Big problems that we saw in the space whenever we were looking at Oracle solutions that people were trying to build because this was back in you know early 2018 2017 but what are people trying to build versus what we need and

Whenever you look at some other Oracle solutions or a lot like kind of like your instant idea of an Oracle it's you you Brad smart contract wants to query coin basis API so some Oracle goes and grabs point bases API and gives you the

Data and in building these these Oracle's so like this is like Oracle eyes Oracle eyes as a service on the theory emits it's just a centralized Oracle you can plug into your smart contracts and they charge like 50 cents

Query fantastic service they're openly centralized though but the problem is is that what you're trying to build if you're trying to build decentralized work like that is an ability for every smart contract to

Query any option data source instantaneously and that's if you assume that you can do that securely you solve scaling you solve off chain computation you solve all of these giant research problems if you can do that it's really

Really hard versus all we needed for our derivatives contract we were doing week-long derivatives contracts we needed the end of day Bitcoin price on day one and the end of day Bitcoin price on day seven it was sort of a much you

Know like securing two values a week is much different than creating this really complex system to allow any smart contract where any all strain data so that's what we realized okay like let's simplify we you know this this giant

Research problem I hopefully somebody can figure it out in the future you know some metallic kid can come along and solve it but it's you know let's me what's you now I mean it's we just used pieces of

Kind of crypto economic security to validate pieces of data and that's what we built you know we you can take things that you know work and apply them to Oracle's and that's what I think we did mm-hmm

So you certainly go and certainly solved a very challenging problem and that needs to decentralized oracle itself now when to ask you in the context of you mentioned before that centralized oracle has existed before and they can be used

They work fine how do you get people to care to make this switch you know how do people you know obviously beyond the foundation of a theorem who obviously do care and why so it should anyone else really espouse the value of this implies

Oracle's when we already know that centralized Oracle's can technically work sure well I think there's like two reasons so like you know like let's say we're doing the betting contract we're betting on the price of Apple stock we

Could theoretically just have you know this centralized Oracle service provider providing that price data or the person providing you know the derivatives contracts also provides the front-right data and the big reason so you wouldn't

Want to do that is a if we don't trust them that could be an issue like it you know you you sort of that's the whole reason we're doing this thing like you don't want to rely on some third party but the

Other reason is sort of especially in in the case of derivatives contracts that we were originally trying there's a lot of regulatory issues that come in you know if you're sort of the the data provider for that if if the CFTC for

Instance when a crack wants to crack down on your derivatives contracts if you're also providing the centralized Oracle service you're probably you know in the wrong there you're not quite as decentralized as you say you are because

That's you know that's always the the thing that people say like well we're decentralized it's like well you're you're the central Oracle you know you probably aren't just decentralized as you think you are from a regulatory

Perspective so I think like I think some regular to crackdowns may eventually make people care but hopefully whenever you you want people to care before that you know you want users to say hey that this doesn't

Make sense and I think I think people are starting to talk about it now especially you know we're doing some more some more talking about it like if somebody's smart contract uses you know back in the past like if you just had a

Derivatives platform and you used a central historical like nobody asked like nobody knew what that was but not now it is people actually ask what your Oracle is well-priced you settle on them and that's a really good thing so

Hopefully we just get more user section air about it absolutely and your experience in the CFTC is really I think understated in this context I've never actually spoken anyone who's worked there before and it's interesting you

Say that it does matter the degree of decentralization with your experience because if they're looking at that that puts you in good stead because you are you know moving into a very automatically decentralized the

Technology mechanism and and something of a service for the industry itself so must must make you confident that you were moving in the right direction yeah definitely you know like whenever you're trying to build a derivatives product

Like if you're also running a decentralized oracle like it's really hard to say that you're not an exchange or you're not you know that that was sort of the big thing like or if you're doing swap contracts like if you're also

The provider of the pricing for that you're you're probably an exchange in a lot of those cases and people don't understand want to admit that yeah now you make a good point now let's talk about a theorem for a second in this

Aetherium connection because you're starting there for Shore and you do have backers connected to theorem directly why why focus on aetherium doing a comment on their ecosystem the developer sort of the robustness of their

Developer sort of cohort as well why focus there first I think the big thing is is like who needs Oracle's you know what projects out there that I value you need decentralized Oracle's and we're developers coming and right

Now like at least from our mind you see aetherium you know you look at like the defy ecosystem it almost is the etherium defy ecosystem for the most part most of the kind of products that are being built in the volume that's happening is

Happening on the etherium ecosystem and and the tooling is really good so if you're gonna go build build a smart contract and you actually want it to be decentralized you're probably gonna build on over there you know we we

Really feel that etherium believes in keeping things decentralized you know they they believe in the censorship resistant properties that we do and it you can't say that about many other chains at the moment like there's some

Speculation on some other ones but for the most part they're they're very few chains that kind of provide those things and if you have a adapt that you want to scale to hundreds of millions of dollars over the next few years in its we

Decentralized like not many choices to build it on and and in theorems definitely it you know we were fine like luckily we built a very flexible model for an Oracle so you can really put on a bunch different chain and it's but yeah

I theorems differently for the place and that's what I do like also is that you do have an agnostic design do you want to just reference any of the ones you foresee potentially having some sort of decentralized platform ethos alongside

Aetherium because we do see a lot of them out there Nick in ten years so many dozen claims I mean true well so like during finance labs we were financed I had earlier this year and and we we were owned Berlin for eight weeks and we

Shared an office with the cosmos guys and and I wrote about myself really liking them and they seem to really care about it I can see them hopefully they get to the point that that the code and everything the governance is actually

Decentralized but they seem to really believe in it so I like the cosmos guys we've also worked we've also met and talked a lot with the Harmony guys harmonies really cool they seem to be getting to a point where at

Least eight I at least know their desires seem to be true of heart and another one want to get to to centralization so I like harmony I like no so do that we we're definitely I might I'm sorry to put you on the spot

There I don't mean to yes obviously there are some coming and obviously I know many of those I'd you're talking about yet to talk to cosmos note harmony there's others so that with the likes of Mir with their

Sharding endeavors and then the list goes on with Webb three and beyond so I clearly there's a lot of initiatives coming forth trying to facilitate play along platforms and just facilitate scaling but what about a theorem for a

Moment let's move back there now they don't have you know the most outstanding throughput currently their security is quite strong so are you concerned at all about their needs also build upon their own technology with their own solutions

Or other solutions on top am a concern because really like you know I know from talking to a lot of the etherium guys like they want to make it better they want to move forward and they're they're fine like most of the people in

The ecosystem are fine upgrading to something that works so you know I like to think of most of these other newer chains and and some of the systems that they're running is almost like test nets for what aetherium could be is you know

Like if they find a model that really works like I have no doubt that aetherium will like adopt it and and put it into their system like if they find some charting thing that works like we have no problem like woohoo you know we

Don't have to pry that we we need to invent it like we want to build something that works and is actually decentralized and we're fine doing that but at the same time like the ecosystem is worth a lot of money you don't want

To even be you can't be as sort of reckless almost as you will with a brand new network in terms of security you have to take it slower and move with a little bit more care and that's fine you know I think the big thing that people

Need to realize with the blockchain network even the ones promising you know a thousand X throughput to aetherium is that these things are still going to be orders of magnitude slower than centralized systems just by design so

You know you're not going to get you know infinite bandwidth you're not going to be able to download movies on top of you know earth I know like life he was really cool but uh you're not gonna be able to just store everything that you

Ever wanted to do on these systems like you put a normal cloud it's gonna be slower and it's gonna be more expensive that's just the nature of blockchains and that's sort of the trade-off you make pretty centralization so so

Whenever you are building things it should be things that you are okay with being slower not having this instant finality that exists in the real world you build things you want to build things on these systems that make sense

Then and I think that goes back to whenever you're talking with about like why are you you know our our motto of like high-value data right whenever you whenever you look in like aetherium especially if aetherium doesn't scale

For the next few years which you know probably won't get too much better over the next few years what can be built on the theorem currently so infused in gas costs are gonna continue to rise with increasing usage probably most of those

Games will have to go to sidechains or something and it's gonna be you know if you have five dollar transaction it's like a big one Bitcoin or something you're gonna see high value items so really large financial contracts make

Sense still and they don't mind so having high value data is what what you need you don't need sort of these low value Oracle calls you need those kind of pieces that you want to secure with a whole lot of security and it's

Really interesting you make this point because obviously this is how long play and when you reference probably these these platforms won't have that that skeletally measure up with current capacities in mainstream technologies

That's only if an e although you know it's gonna take a long time but eventually we could see a complete flip inning where there's decentralized tech does marry and match and perhaps default is more performant and then the

Technology of the day it's just going to take decades probably – for that – it'll be achieved maybe decades yeah but and on are we we can disagree on that cuz no I mean like that's I always sort of I always go back to what at what I

Ultimately think this text could be used for you know to me the Bitcoin blockchain technology in general the real use case here is kind of censorship resistance this is sort of radical you you want shit that you can't shut down

Yeah and that's and that's what you want to build sure but in that context I Nick don't we need I'm talking purely on these basis and we look at those parties that want to build upon this is developers building smart contracts

Don't they need a degree of scalability for it to be functional and viable that's what I'm really getting to is obviously they want to move into this for their own personal interests or for their for their support we do

Centralization but doesn't it also have to be imperative lease performant and productive and useful in that sense sort of I mean you know let's say a theorem didn't scale anymore let's even we just kept the same kind of

Cost structures in terms of gas okay like you know you can you can build things currently on etherion that makes sense you can build weeklong derivatives contract excuse me built quarter along derivatives contracts you can build

Stable coins we've proven that you can build stable coins you can build you know a lot of Accession essentially like financial applications expect to get a high value on it's like I said they do make sense it's even currently on the

Pier and and we shouldn't throw that away because you know we can't scale to building you know a lot of the problems that I see with the applications that are sort of failing currently on earth on

Etherium or whenever we took like applications that are in the traditional finance world and tried to map them over to ethereum so for instance like a lot of the Dex's were trying to build like high frequency trading Texas on top of

Aetherium and Mike you just can't do that like we've sort of shown that order of Miriam and and these high frequency taxes or just bad ideas okay that's fine that doesn't mean we need to throw out

These centralized exchanges like we can stop these centralized exchanges just what they look like sort of needs to fit what etherium can handle and what these decentralized things can handle so a really interesting point you know I love

How you so direct about this and you're very clear on what you need you know from etherium right now and clearly you know in the future is what it is but but you make it clear that you can operate right now and you can do the

Job and you can provide this for as an Oracle decent Oracle for a multitude of applications yeah I mean that was what really we wanted to do whenever we built it – you know we wanted to use we wanted to build something that we could build a

Lot of you know for you've seen a lot of projects like it they have a lot of promises when scaling happens or something we wanted to build it to make sense for Corona area like kind of our outlook on it and our outlook has always

Been like you know these networks are going to be for applications that need censorship resistance these are applications that are high value that people want to put put on these chains and and that's what we're trying to

Build for absolutely might well let's talk about some of the the staking and mining aspects because that's gonna be important to understand in terms of proof of work something we know and I'm familiar with from Bitcoin how are we

Designed this so that they the the miners are incentivized to essentially in a mine for that very high value data okay so the way that kind of teller basically works so I'll go back to like how the original iteration we actually

Did a hackathon when 18 and whatever being about the Oracle you go back to okay how can we secure data on a blockchain or like just go back to like 101 like how does Bitcoin work even you have

Miners they solve some meaningless proof-of-work computation and then they get a say what the next sort of transactions are and then the next miner gets to solve some meaning some meaningless proof of work

Computationally gonna say what the next transactions are and what the previous ones were and that was like okay well like we're like let's have some people solve meaningless bubur computation but instead of getting them to say what the

Next piece of transactions are they get to say what the price of Bitcoin was and then you can go and then the next person is to say with the next you know price of Bitcoin was and and then you can build a history and that was like the

Original idea you just think like the original concepts of blockchain and what did I venture you know four iterations of teller later turned into was the current model which is so miners come and you would stake a thousand of our

Tokens so you have to stake it's more of a deposit so you don't get a return on your stake deposit a thousand tokens and then somebody comes so let's say you come to our smart contact and say hey I want the price of Tesla stock our miners

Everyone who staked coins solves a challenge so some work challenge and then they submit the solution to our smart contract they say hey this is the solution of that work challenge and here's here's the present test stop and

That's how we get them to compete we print them some tokens and then it moves on to the next piece of requested data so the security though comes in in the fact that miners can be disputed so if the miner who said that lied

Somebody can raise a flag they said they'd pay a fee to say hey II lied and then what happens is that price of Tesla stock it's taking it off the network and then it goes to a week-long vote of color token holders as far as whether or

Not he should get slashed so it's thousand they challenged that was interesting but I wanted to understand better the security model though how does the actual perfect model secure the the

Network like ha how does the Y you design it makes it harder just yeah so the proof of workpiece just makes it harder to submit a bad value rather than just like round-robin staking or something ROM but the the real security

Comes in is sort of it's this non-deterministic pricing model so like what would happen is is that you would let's say we're doing Tesla stock you submit a bad Tesla stock you're the miner and you submit a bad price you say

Test the stock is worth zero how come somebody would dispute you so you would get put kicked off and put into voting land but like your thousand tokens is locked up now you can't submit anymore the Tesla Stocki

Then ask for again yes for the price of Tesla stock the miners would do it again and then they would hopefully give you a good price but let's say the miner had multiple stakes now he also submits a bad one that also goes to the disputed

Land and then eventually it gets through is a good one what we expect smart contracts to do and what we're telling people to do is don't settle on the first time wait for a dispute so similar to how like Bitcoin security model comes

In it you don't have instant finality a Bitcoin you don't say like even coinbase for instance you have to wait six confirmations so in this you would wait for a teller value you would wait a few hours to see if there's any disputes on

That value and if that value gets disputed you just go to the next one in kind of the time series and that's really where the security model comes in and is that even though it's you can break the proof-of-work for

Instance let's say you know have costs ten grand to spin up some nodes on AWS and and kill our proof-of-work you can't get a bad value through because you're gonna be disputed you'll lose a thousand tokens and the system will move on and

That's really where where the security comes in because that's what we found when ever you were looking at Oracle security if you're trying to say like if you want to have instant finality from your Oracle where do the price I put in

Now is is 100% right and I guarantee it you know you have these systems who are trying to say like well the Oracle provider is going to stake ten million dollars on that specific value that he can lose and and it's really really hard

Because you know like who has 10 million dollars it's just they've got a specific value that they're putting in like that's probably gonna naturally centralize itself around validators so having this piece of kind of

Non-deterministic time series of data is really where it where it makes sense ok so that's work security model falls so I'm letting all making sure that you give that a bit of time it's going to be imperative when your agent mentioned for

The possibility of challenges when it comes to making sure that the miners themselves are giving themselves the best chance and in response to the the way Renick yeah it's a nice good nude model to me but let's yeah so like let's

Say our derivatives contract is settling on the price of Tesla stock under Sun if you and I are watching the the prices on teller really really diligently what we can say is that hey like we're fine settling after twenty minutes you know

Right after it hits basically because like we know that if if a bad value got through one of us is going to dispute it mmm and and it'll be it's not going to get through to our derivatives contract right okay but if if we have a more

Passive system you might wanna wait a day and hope somebody else disputes it yeah okay thank you so much for being that detail because normally don't receive that much and also looking at the potential you know inherent risk and

Some of the aspects of technology more generally you are very open about these things what about the incentives themselves that's what I wanted to better understand as well and I'm sure you know what incentivizes the minor in

Terms of the BOK rewards for example so we are instead of just one miner we have five miners for each block so five people submit the price of Tesla stock and we take them the median as the official value any of them can be

Disputed that each of those miners gets five tributes tributes are it's open they are minted to them and then we mince two and a half to ourselves as the deb share purple yes and that's what i really want to talk to you about so that

The miners get a proper rewards there's five in the mix there for the morning reward but you do something because you didn't do an eye on you and I see oh you're built in this dev share model of ten percent so can you explain to us

What that actually means for you for the long-term to sustain your growth as startup yeah so whenever you look at like the i/o model it's sort of broken you get a whole bunch of money ready at the beginning and then you never get

Money again uh-huh it's really sort of strange because you're really just incentivized to spike the price and kind of sell out which is what you see a lot of projects try and do and I just wanted to jump in there again normally I don't

Like to jump beauty but you were experienced in CFTC and you know about the FCC so wait sometimes when you have that fundraising mechanism that that was essentially is the only oh you run the risks I would imagine have also been

Deemed something different than a utility chikan good you know they just raise money yeah yeah no I mean you probably are I mean the SEC said like aetherium was probably a security Thank You Bert raise money codes she um

Really hard to sort of get decent rised so so you eliminate yeah my Tito back to you because your dev share is definitely not a security model it's built literally on a portion of the utility through the morning so let's go back to

You my apologies about the dev checks it's quite unique yeah so we print ourselves 10% of the tokens that are frozen to a developer's fund that we can do what we want with and the the model sort of works because as the network

Grows as the price of our token grows so does our revenue and we we minted zero at the beginning so we started with a zero supply and we grew from there and that was really what was you know a lot of people really like that about us just

Was you know you can really just be honest about them like where this is why we're doing it this is you know how we're in and such how we align our incentives of yours okay now tough question you are a proponent of

Decentralization you're also a storage libertarian do you think this is the best model when it comes to the argument of decentralization when you are taking a portion for the startup to do whatever you want with essentially how can people

Be sure that you use using that money like a theorem it's done with their grants for example why don't we know you're going to reinvest that back in to your own ecosystem or to others so the cool thing about us is we like we built

Upgradeable contracts but it the edible contracts are managed by kind of the DAO of token holders so we have boats of token holders and and you can upgrade the contracts to do things and I actually tell people like I hope that

You know at some point in in the distant future whenever we're this wealthy leisure class of developers that you guys for cuss out like you know like it would just be like an honor to be like you know they deem the system

Sufficiently developed it no longer requires the team who's not doing enough to do there to earn their share so you can just work us out if you can lower it or something I say so yeah I could at some stage

No and I hope you would you know I would be like honored as a as a project founder if you can you know if you guys deemed me not necessary to build on the project anymore that would be cool well again it wouldn't happen for what I

Mean because we need people like me to build these things out but I see what you mean you really are allowing for the true nature of this technology to do its call it ran its course and that means you no longer you know an imperative

Aspect of it so be it yeah I mean it always comes down to those things like you want you want a community that supports kind of the ethos of what you're trying to build so you know like with Bitcoin kind of ethos was not

Changing so like you don't necessarily need to developers bunch not change but you know like with etherium for instance like it shouldn't be about not changing it should be about like what's the goal of the system so like with with etherium

The goal of the system is to be the smart contract platform that can continue to grow so you the community should sort of be okay with printing tokens if necessary to complete that goal and kind of in the same sense of of

Teller like our goal isn't you know we don't believe that there's some sanctity to our initial deployments that it should stay the same forever you know we're open to upgrading it in the future and making it better and we

Need to support the developers who are doing that we need to support kind of the ecosystem that's doing that we want a community that that's really just ideologically aligned with our vision of listen guys the goal of this isn't to

Raise the token price it's not to burn half the token so each one's worth more the goal is to build a an Oracle network that actually makes sense you know like let's let's focus on the vision here and that's what we want to build and it's

Sometimes it can get hard especially whenever you know your token holders are self-interested and won't just token price to go up but in the long run you want it to be you want kind of it you know that that's really been something

We've been focusing on is and if a team is how do you build a community of people who really get your vision of you know this isn't about increasing the token price this is about in an Oracle Network this is a note

Providing data to those things that make sense and even farther than that building something that actually works in blockchain now and watching right and Nick you know what's interesting too is in what you said really I'm translating

That at translating that as something where utilities first so you want it to be used you just want to be applied and important for its fundamental use cases which we will talk about but inherent in that is still prices relevant more as a

Consequence of utility though so often people today have a you know the order is out of the opposite of Christ man isn't going and things play in as they you know follows from after that but what matters to you obviously is that

Utility but in building should still be price appreciation by default because your ecosystem should grow I know you can't come in on that price but that's technically what should be designed to do yeah so you know a key one you want

The price to go up because obviously the security of our system goes up as the price goes up so you know of those thousand tokens that the miners are staked you want that number to go up because then the security of your system

Is greater the mining reward is greater if the price if your token is higher so you you do want the price of your token to go up over the long term but at the same time like you want you want to incentivize the right pieces so

You know like that I think you and I were talking about a little bit more like with the monetary policy and inflation so like inflation is essentially it's a tax on the the holders of a token so you make it's

Making the holders of a token pay for something so like in terms of Bitcoin the holders of the token as you've meant new blocks they're paying for security they're paying for life in US of the network through inflation um if you just

Have fees then the holders aren't paying anything and the users are actually paying things so whenever you have a network you want to balance that how much should the holders be paying in terms of inflation versus how much

Should the users specifically be paying in terms of where the specific pieces go and then it's always something that you have to balance because you know like even even a theory ins playing around with that at the moment like they have

Pretty high inflation and users are starting to pay more and more do you want because like and it a question of who do you want a more live with aetherium you could for instance a like listen the speculators

You want them to pay more you can print more and lower the price now basically so that the users have cheaper tokens so you can like you can have better security and cheaper gas fees for instance on the users and that then you

Can do something like that because the users are actually the ones who are adding value to their network so over the long run it'll make more sense and you know just playing around with those different monetary policy variables to

Have the long-term success is something that's gonna be kind of key and now we're paying attention to moving forward absolutely right and what matters again is that the the utility drives the value fundamentally and that value is also

Partly in built-in with the price of your tokens now one of the things I wanted to ask you about is are you aware of Oracle's in a more silo the independent sense where we see some startups build their own Oracle's for

Example as opposed to being a hub sort of model that can be applied agnostically to a multitude of different platforms for example like you are so you mean like more centralized oracle store well one website for example

Startup has built in their own oracle just for themselves now maybe doesn't design one for to be a picture of decentralized Oracle's right across the whole spectrum yeah so I mean need

So the general centralized Oracle they're like a lot of deep I runs on so this is like the current maker model that they use is they use like a multi-sig basically so you would it they have like 15 parties they all say with

The price of each US dollars and you take the media and and that's like that's an Oracle um okay and you know as a centralized Oracle yeah so it's centralized in the fact that if if somebody can send through those 15

Parties you know make or obviously knows who they are then it could be a problem for doing that so it's like better than just one party doing it like how I'll give them bad but you don't like you want you know like in

The same sense like maybe they have like 21 people who are saying what a specific thing is and then it's like oh man like your EOS yeah yeah like this is like this you you instantly like you hear us and then you're like oh man like well

That's centralized like that's not you know like they're not decentralized but then people say like well we have 21 nowadays in our Oracle so it's decentralized nearly guys like it's this exact same thing like let's talk about

This then a bit deeper now if the reality is that many of these silos also bring forth the reality of centralized Oracle's are even maker for example ones who provide some of the funding for you and they keep looking at your value-add

For them and for example and seeing how perhaps no synergies and ways in which they can work with you yeah definitely so I think you know the big reason that like maybe like a maker or or any of these giant projects wouldn't wouldn't

Instantly go on teller that's what I like to call myself at least is like we obviously with our 3 million dollar market gap could not secure died in any way shape or form it would really you you could break us in a second and make

A whole lot of money yeah um so you wouldn't want to do that but the way so we've actually been working with a compound and helping them kind of what does their B to Oracle look like in they their plan is that they have a

Centralized Oracle system like maker so you have parties within you weight them and you also have been boda a new Oracle so you can vote in teller you can vote in chain link you can vote in Whitman and then you can slowly wait them over

Time so hopefully as tellers value goes up you can increase the weight of tellers price and you can decrease the weight of the centralized Oracles price and then that's sort of are you secured over time and and that's really where I

See like you know if theoretically like teller security you know like our market cap we're only about as secure as 51% of our market cap is if you could buy of 51 percent of our tokens you could throw

Any votes and that's scary considering you already you're a quite a low market cap now yeah granted luckily we have low liquidity so you probably couldn't buy a 51% my favorite if you tried right but you know

Like but that's a different story you know obviously there's like liquidity issues – how much would you shut the price if you wanted to buy 51% of a token but you you wanna you wanna have kind of centralization is required

Whenever you have a adapt that you built without a decentralized oracle that scaled – to a really large size and are you you the dissent with the Oracle market cap student build-up sort of I can firstly so so you need to balance

Those and I think over time you're gonna see them balance out yeah well I think it's good to say that I at least have an interest you know in what you're building because that's really what I wanted to find out more about is that

They're paying attention to your value add in the broader picture and even for their own use cases I won't see as you alluded to when you get significant liquidity when you obtain that that's when things will really change will you

I think now let's talk about the the token tribute or TRB because right now and you do you're relatively illiquid your early early days do one just give us a bit of a rundown on the situation as you also have a background in law

Economics about the token the design where you currently stand the stats just give us a full picture of everything I have no idea where to begin to be let's start with happened things like the earnings supply also a reference here

You know what you can do in terms of daily queries down to your 144 API and just how everything works in terms of the type yes well okay so the token itself we have a current supply of about 700,000

Right now it's 100% circulating so the team holds about we hold about a hundred thousand of those tokens a little over 10% of those tokens like the Deaf share and you know so that's kind of the current picture we have a market cap of

I don't know you pulled your computer we hit like ah yeah 2 million to the price 350 or something like that sitting like that yeah so it's it's absolutely hit we had like a big spike up in the early

December and it's been going well you know we we love the we try not to pay attention too much with the price it's really well you know X I I wanted to ask the actual architecture of the supply now is it an infinite supply that you

Have a bit like etherium or have you built this yeah so we started with a zero supply and then we kind of as I said we meant 125 women twenty-seven and a half tokens every ten minutes and that goes through definitely

Okay now why can you tell it's illicit email but why you chose that model you know there's always the idea of a decreasing supplier kind of cap supply and and the problem with that is that you limit kind of the ability of the

Benefits of inflation to continue kind of as I was saying like you know people have written reports and long run about bitcoins ability to provide security if the block reward goes away and that's a really big problem in Bitcoin because if

The block reward goes away there's not enough transaction fees to keep security high enough and we you know we sort of don't want to get into any of those issues so the idea of having kind of a increasing

Supply like I think ideally you would want you know whatever comes down to like especially whenever you're building there's sort of a difference to because with teller we're not building necessarily a money um it's sort of a

Money in the fact that it's used for some things but we're not trying to give it monetary properties such as you know like a dye for instance wants to have a stable currency because if you want to have your price stable then what you

Would do is you would increase the supply faster whenever demand is there and then you would decrease it whatever demand is shrinking so we weren't trying to go for that but what we did want to do is we want to increase supply so that

The reason that we have inflation in our system is to pay for security so the holders of the token are paying for the security of the value and so in that context it's ever-expanding security because that aligns with the you would

Hope that the price would increase and you would have kind of this ever-increasing security model and that in your token and I think and I think over time what's so like what what but the chart actually looks like is you

Have this kind of log decreasing token supply over time and that the inflation rate slowly goes down with the decreasing rate right okay so that's a great luck in the sense of Bitcoin yes it's a finite supply but it does have a

An inflationary model with disinflationary designed so that they over time the the inflation amounts decrease so affecting something like that with with your token as well so that inflation sort of but I'm gonna

Yeah so I'm going to have to be honest with you here I think I think the big thing that we we planned is is is that these models don't need to be forever oh you know like we recently we definitely hope that you can upgrade

This yeah over time you know like I think it's sort of silly for any of these protocols towards trying to create two hundred year inflation plans even necessarily a ten year inflation plan might not be right for your token just

Because you don't know it's like you could get but theoretically we could get to the point where on a theory and there are like 10 dots that really love us and they're willing to pay for the security but

There's for whatever reason there's no more depths that are increasing on aetherium you may be one zero inflation in our system oh maybe that would maybe maybe we hit a homeostasis where where this is what works

And things can actually so having that flexibility built in I can imagine the reaction to Bitcoin is right now in the big climax unless they'd be thinking no no you can't amend anything it's all set in stone but the reality is for your use

Case probably need a bit more flexibility for the future with these token designs but it does seem that you have a lot of forethought into what you already have definitely yeah so you know like you

Want you want inflation in your system in collisions a very powerful tool to provide incentives in different areas and really capping your supply arbitrarily you know what we've realized is that you know that that's why we we

Did build this in benefit and perpetuity is that a lot of these systems especially you do decentralized yourselves and the things really do get decentralized the base the way that the system will probably work hopefully you

Know you get assists hopefully you get a like-minded community of individuals that can upgrade things but things tend towards defaults so you know like in in Bitcoin the default is never changing mmm and that's like

A lot of these systems at whatever you build it and originally as your plan that's probably the way that it's gonna work out and if it doesn't work out that way it's because it's either sort of 100 percent

Agreed upon that we should change it or or you're not as decentralized as you think you are I say well you know it's good to hear that you do have this model well and truly thought yet are you happy with the way things have played out so

Far now that you live on the market and can you just give us an update on what exchanges you currently you know people can access your to–for not sure um yeah I mean we're really happy with it you know we so like we long strip it back in

August on maintenance and there's some reason like somebody found out about us and like we hit like a hundred miners in September like we thought we were gonna have to like go pay people to miner it's open and it was like people there's a

Lot of proof-of-work liners out there and they just they really kind of fell in love with it and it was super cool to see that happen but currently we were listed on idec's radar relay there's a small you know swap available by lack

See listed us there's a few other so some of them have listed you know you know just because they chose true it's interesting because I spoke recently with our Alex and he doesn't they came to list things based on a lot of due

Diligence so they've obviously looked at your own startup and deemed it worthy as well Alex from from RJ's hikes yeah knows I've I've known Alex for like you know probably over a year now and we've been friends saying with myself in the

Radio relay guys which is why which is why we kind of chose those two Dex's originally and and that that's been really our listing strategy and a lot of people you get a lot of flack from some some people who believe in kind of the

Traditional open building models work you know that they want you to just try and go list on the giant exchanges they do well they they want your price to pump that's why let's be real they want your price depending they want all the

Things all of the factors that make this price valuable comes come to fruition so that they can get a little about what we've seen time and time again is you know price pumps everyone gets foam in and then we see a dump after that so

You're obviously trying to avoid a lot of that yeah so you know like that you know we wanted to cross your decks is originally because it who's our user it's a smart contract on aetherium

And a deck so it's a bit like that's what Texas were made for is smart contracts they're so like it we knew like okay we we have to get on Texas on etherium that's like where you know your users are gonna buy them and that's

Where your actual users can buy them I say oh you know like our need to get on these giant exchanges is sort of minimal and yeah it goes into like our strategy to week you really want

You don't want 20,000 people holding your tokens like that's super cool but seeing that there's no utility in that I mean like let's be honest how many defy projects do you think are out there like actual defy projects that mean Oracle

Well yeah we're talking about ones that are actually had some sort of utility already proven you know one you know I've got two hands is that enough you get what I mean yeah oh you you probably say like you know like twenty or thirty

If you include like the ones that are still like in development it's not a whole lot you know we just we can just be honest about it it's it's not a whole lot so like the number of people who need your token at the moment it's it's

You can you can honestly like go talk to those CEOs in person it's you have to have personal relationships and and you have to be on the decks is that they're all on etherium so you you can be on the deck seven theorem if you have 2,000

People holding your token like almost like almost 2,000 are speculators in your private and that's what I want to talk to you about because Nick the reality is whether you like it or not you're gonna have speculators come in to

Tell up and the reason is we'll talk about that almost in that this is the next question is the competitors now we've seen the likes of band they went down the IE over out with with finance and they're already getting some

Traction because of the connections are valid you know potentially valid start up there then we look at chain link we don't need to talk too much on that we've seen what happened you know immense FOMO there and now we see some

Of the sort of retracement the tip possibly happening now because of that it's a substantial FOMO now the oracles themselves because they already have a significant Oh a very clear use case report in especially in the

Decentralized sense we've seen that proven in sort of project strategies and marketing but you obviously have the the benefit of looking back and seeing this play out to example chain-link and the house trying to avoid some of that very

Fast and transient fiber we saw so how do you stop that though when exchanges can list you a doubt your choice anyway you know the likes of coinbase the likes of Finance the likes of any of these they could list you without your you

Know no I mean you obviously can't stop it hopefully hopefully you can prevent it you know like our our goal and after all this is you know we're trying to build a community of people that care

You know we it's sort of abysmal in the space like whenever you look at like voting percentages like yeah you'll see in governance funding some really important matter and they have two percent voting or something yeah that's

Pretty good it's awful and you know like we don't want that we want we want a community to be blue one a vote on us and and I think like you know we've had these discussions over and especially the past

Month so we've had kind of a token price of the best mountain hmm a lot a lot of projects have come to us and they're like hey like let's do a you know like you'll see a lot of one of one of the common strategies of people trying to

Play the game if you will is though they'll get like partnership announcements for instance yeah just like tons of them and and you try and keep the news coming and it's this constant fear in you that you need a new

Exchange a new partnership and it's a little bunched up in a small period of time – I've noticed as well like three months of all of these announcements bang bang bang bang to push that fryer well especially in these terms of like

These ya finite supply Tobin's like we'll try and do that they they're these big spikes and then they slowly go down and these big spikes and they slowly go down and and it's like almost time when they do them and it's yeah and I mean

Like we've had this people have come to us and they're like hey if we want to make these partnership announcements and you're like what do you mean Oracle like really really appreciate this open discussion there guy so really good and

Ease and CTOs because most of might talk about it but the reality is that you want to be here the long term you don't want this this must be honestly you don't this bullshit of making partnerships just for the sake of

Partnerships you want real partnerships that means something if they indeed happen but more importantly you want users you want everything to back map from that you know from those people who are

Actually benefiting from the Oracle itself with building smart contacts and a new application so for respecting your mate because you could put a dirt borne down a track of 500 and pub – yeah I mean I don't know you could have some

Really same proof that anybody could yeah no it's um yeah I mean we want to build things that make sense and you know like like I got ended this like I I think I told you before like I gotta do this for sound money originally like

This was you wanna build things that kind of promote you want to build things that promote freedom in the space like we we ultimately you and I are we see we see these networks as providing something more than just you know a way

To sort of disintermediate some cost like these are these are things that can fundamentally provide freedoms to people they can you know give away for protestors turn some money they can give away for people to get away from some

Dictator who patrols your money supply and and even just in the US they can give a give away around accredited investor to us I can oh yeah and you know that CAC yes I the big picture here let's pull it back so we don't send the

The wrong message to you look to the listeners and those who support teller is that the real value of this token is built into the token modeling for based on that utility so I can increase in price but it shouldn't be the reason why

People value it is the price itself yeah I mean we want you to like come on you know we have a telegram channel that we're super actively running every single day like we want you to vote in our network we want you to we want you

To help us build if you can and we want you to tell us where we're wrong you know like we want you to which would be an active member of it and and those are the kind of people that we want to hold their token and those were the kind of

People that we want in our community I say we put on a mic that's really cool I think you know we need more people who have that open ethos to really attract the people here who are here for the long term to build and they will benefit

From it no doubt now your timeline I have a look at that you've done a lot predating now right through 2019 but I couldn't see a lot for the plan for 2020 so what's what's in the roadmap there first so it's really hard

You can't put out specifics we found I can you put out Swiss you put out specifics and the whole community considers them promises and okay what do you guys say son what about some loose balls just generally so easy

Yeah no I'll give you the tech goals those tackles are super cool so you know we we found ways we can make us faster so right now we're at 144 queries a day and we can increase those number of queries by a factor of at least 10 X so

This is ways of you know kind of evasive ones is instead of returning one in an integer value grew through an array of integer values and we're gonna do that one we can also reduce our block times as well you know we sort of give a very

Original and then we plan on lowering in kind of feeling out security as time goes on we can get into blocking security at some point – yeah okay but other things as well and we're gonna build on some

Other James oh and I think you know tell us more that's an interesting no I think you and I had talked about cosmos and harmony as well before yeah you know we'd love we're building a structure for other

Chains so the way that you can build on other chains is boarding tellers token over there and we're gonna have ways for that it'll be provided on other chains and and those are some of the things that we're going to do in 2020 and we

Have a lot of interesting partnerships coming up as well we demand were of where other people that you know we're of the mindset that you know if we don't see something like we're gonna help you build it you know

Like ends like you and I said like there but there are many defy projects in like we're gonna we're out there we're helping them code these things and we're helping them be centralized that's because a lot of the times whenever you

Go from a centralized Oracle to a decentralized oracle it's things you have to rethink you know there's a lot of development work involved in Indy centralizing these for us this season we're there and holding them with their

We do this and that's what I am and that's what we're doing all right well hopefully with the dev share you know model you're gonna have that revenue that runway as well to be able to continue doing this

I noticed notice that you have a few other complex things in that sort of potential application you know a road map without going to specifics mentioned cross chamber and that's also static to pseudo static data and then there's

Pseudo random number generation there's another thing I mean obviously some of these terms I don't even know but I noticed that you've got some seriously complex potential applications in the future to work with yeah so I mean

Oracle's as far as oft range random number generators that's huge and then kind of like kind of like we were talking before so bridging chains so you don't just provide number data you provide just like a random data so you

Even bring in a Bitcoin block header for instance you didn't bring in a cosmos block header and then you can validate certain things so you can validate that this Bitcoin transfer habit and that's super exciting because now you can

Transfer a Bitcoin to loot the etherium and you can like lock it up you have a you so you don't like right now you have W BTC which is a wraps Bitcoin token on the theorem you can actually have like the actual Bitcoin on the theorem if you

Have Oracle's that work and can transfer these things so you know like creating those kind of Oracle's that I so really excites us kind of moving forward is that you could have these these pieces of other chains and on etherium and and

Once they're all connected like then it becomes a much more fun ecosystem you you have like Dex's that actually are fun you know you have great Bitcoin on a Dex yeah I mean what about in terms of

Transparent evidence of your development with the Kitab and the repose is that something that is all open source and people can just go and check in and verify your continual your continual development through the depths and the

Work they're doing definitely yeah everything's completely open-sourced you know we have you can go make a pull request today you know pick something we had somebody the other day who you know

Like it was it wasn't like one part development branches who commented that one of our comments was wrong and it was checking these things I yeah we were and I was just so so happy that somebody's like watching me it is cool you know

Because obviously you know that's the beauty of the open open source aspect of this is that people can have very easy looking and have an insight into your real growth and what's really the crux of it as well

What about the audits have your ability in proper auditing to make sure that everything's in place the checks and balances are there with the code yeah so we use for tech there are auditors at the moment they have a formal

Verification tools and and they're they're auditing with us every time recommend them for other teams they're very very affordable much better than some of those really expensive ones and like you know like we like whenever we

Like have our code like you'll go talk to their team and like like each of their team like they all have like different questions and they've all like rebuilt your code and they'll like you know like the one thing like we we

Argued like will argue back and forth on a piece of code for for a week and and it's really exciting just to know that that they take that level of care in your code and I think as you know with all this

Aetherium code like it's all just so new and so cutting-edge that it is just one of those things that are talking about it thinking about it knowing what the problems are or could be is just so much more important than you know having some

Somebody look at and give it a check off exactly like well there's a lot happening for you at telev the whole team just one more question I had before we finished those with regard to the marketing I asked you this because if I

Didn't it if I really didn't make it clear the public that you were in going through this in some way people would presume that you're just flat safe here you're not taking the token seriously in terms of its value but we've made that

Clearly that's not the case but coupled with that you need some sort of marketing strategy I would assume so what's the plan to tell her how are you going to play this out so that more people can get more eyes on you you can

Do a you know a strategy so that your name spreads through crypto yeah I think the biggest pieces is just you want to make sure that people understand your vision as much as possible you know you want it to be this

Ideologically driven marketing campaign you want it you know it whenever the marketing is is centralized around come bet on the next coin that that's wrong but whenever it's this is an ideal come join a revolution of Oracle's in the

Space that that's more exciting and that's what we're trying to build around God I'll wave trains yeah we're trying to get on people who actually want to ask questions like you what we're not trying to get on the any any shows that

That don't we want to talk to people who want to understand more we want to talk to people who you know we do so many AMA it's now like Showalter and clearly you're about that utility keeps coming back to that I'm hearing that all

Through the interview as well Nick is that you just want people to understand that it's a long-term vision and it's all about that utility and if you don't when I come into that sort of you know ideal envisioned then there's plenty of

Other speculative vehicles and assets you can go for that a short-term play that you know it's unleaded pump and Ducks but none of that's what you're about but you certainly want to be here for a long time and be a real deal

Decentralized oracle for real application through the smart contract you know design that we see if hearing many many others play build their own smart contracts now so they have use and and then there's a context in the real

Use case for you so made on behalf of everyone who's wanting to know more about teller because you haven't been out there that much really thank you so much for letting us know the very holistic sort of overview of what you're

Doing is there anything unique that I've missed that you wanted to just address now and a final statement to everyone as we finish off this interview no I think you did a great job you know definitely

For everyone who's listening come come to our telegram come you know message us like go read our white paper color dial I know more about us and yeah tell us what we can do especially if you're a decent refute these intros

Oracle in your project just yeah let us know hope you help you up absolutely might not put all the descriptions in for you and sorry for cutting you off so much to drink interview I never meant to there's been

A long one and you are the CTO so it's being tech focused in some respects but later on Nick I'll catch up with you again and you have tunnel going to some bite-sized chunks of different areas because obviously this is a very long

Interview it's very very comprehensive just for an overview but we will dive deep into some of these so we can really showcase the need for you patella so that we move beyond all of these superficial narratives we see out there

And get to the crux of why we're all here and then is to provide evidence of applications that means something so make keep building with your team all the best to you and to the other founders and you know Cleveland catch up

Again soon to find out more about what I was doing awesome thanks Brent no worries

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I have to apologize to everybody because I've been promoting a company who only has their best interests at heart top salesmen best interests at heart and n...
It is Monday and you know what that means another episode of Krypto segments what's going out everybody it's your boy Krypto Bobby I hope you were havin...
What's going on everybody Alex back was another cryptocurrency video but today we're going to be talking about how to control yourself how to emotionall...
Hey guys welcome back first off I want to thank everyone who's been liking subscribing and sharing my content you guys rule and I appreciate all the constan...
Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the crease though of creeped up is avoid BK and if you don't like me you must no...
Okay come down here boom that would be picture-perfect beautiful guys look at this we actually have this candle come down right on this line right here right ab...
Wow you guys are going to want to check this out guys as you may know Bitcoin has decreased a few hundred dollars as of about midnight last night we have some i...
What's going on guys crypto jeremy here back with xrp video hope you guys had a fantastic day thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video today&#3...
Hello tokens and welcome to another video nice update now today's third of June and I'm looking at news that happened from 28th of May until today I alw...
hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain Brad and today we're speaking exclusively with icon many of you know it you've known it for years and they'r...
People what's going on this an update on Tron all right so the market right now market cap is 431 billion we've got a Bitcoin dominance roughly 34 perce...