Teen accuses Hong Kong police of sexual assault | NTD

published on July 2, 2020




after this traumatic experience I was

often terrified to tears when I heard

loud noises I cannot help but relief the

events which loom large in my everyday

life I often feel strong disgust and

shame towards my body to the point it

made me suicidal I try to take my own

life three times I was treated at a

psychotic Ospital and diagnosed with

post-traumatic stress disorder

I considered seeking help and telling

the truth however I fear revenge by the

police if I file a complaint

I could be singled out and prosecuted I

feel homeless and no lawyer with death

to protect me I didn't know how long

this order was last and if this order

must happen to me again I was cut off at

the police station for more than twenty



today's Friday I'm still traumatized the

memories in the police station and

holding center still haunt me we

currently live mayor's in which I will

lived the humiliation and abuse during

detention have become a fad of life as I

came forward publicly to demand


I received menacing phone calls that

fast I was cyber bullied despite all

nobody can stop me from pursuing justice

it is not only justice for me alone but

justice for every Hong Kong citizen

because many are also victims survivors

of police violence and all offers are

subject to further abuse of power truth

and justice what we need to live our

lives without fear

I always have nightmares about it

instead I feel hopeless after instant I

have no trust in a current complaint

system what I can do is to tell myself

I'm strong I can't get over it

times health everything my underwear was

exposed and caught on the cameras of

mass media it is clear that these male

police officers were using this

proportionate and unnecessary force they

try to eliminate and intimidate me but I

will not back down I'm lucky in the

sense that my case was caught on cameras

that can prove essential Ference really

happened on me tangency gun control

right okay Zhang Jian

come on son Pelton hey man Jon seeking

for in times past pay something yellow

307 central one Tania fastened Gogol


Yokota is I higher courts home section

commanders in yoga bando Hong Kong hey

yo Socky intention Saigon Japan they

attempt the you know hey sontee gay

tamahagane it all gets your uncle




this is our D mom what happened to us

should never happen to another person

especially a teenager in Hong Kong but

we know it is doomed it to happen again

and more when the Chinese Communist

Party takes over Hong Kong

therefore we appear to you America the

leader of the free world we share the

same value and ideology as yours we

believe in freedom democracy equality

and human rights we the youth of Hong

Kong at the frontline of your battle

against communism we have done

everything we can and now we need your

help please stay with us and we

relighted the way for a new channel to

come into the world sanction of

perpetrators and remove the Communist

Party from Hong Kong once and for all


here well it's time to us all never

forgive never forget Hong Kong earth

will never surrender

let's stand together in this fight for

justice stand with Hong Kong fight for

freedom liberate Hong Kong revolution of

our times we are rolling for our help





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