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by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

Yeah what's up guys it's Suraj from tech devoted and 2017 is just around the corner so I figured why not just go down the memory lane and recall all the good stuff that's happened to the channel this year there's gonna be a very chill video very probably a long one but I

Hope you guys stick with me till the end it's gonna be a good one so yeah without wasting any more time let's jump right into the video also I apologize for the background noise this construction were going on but I really cannot do anything

So I just thought okay let's film it so yeah without wasting any more time let's jump right into the video a little bit of background or a little bit of context for those of you that have recently joined the channel I did not belong to

The tech community until early this year I was at this channel that apparently what's in this video on was originally created in we're back in August of 2014 with the name I clash and I for a very long time uploaded clash of clans videos

Or more specifically yeah classic films videos and gaming videos in general and I uploaded like 170 videos and I had like 1000 final subscribers but the game was getting boring 1000 final subscribers and 170 videos then quite

Match i I didn't see a lot of growth so I just quit the game it was getting boring and I decided to make a switch from gaming to technology so I made my mind up and did the switch on February the 3rd 2016 and before we go any

Further I wanna say that this is probably the best decision I've ever taken in my life so I made the switch and started making tech videos at first I was scared because one I did not exactly know how to make tech videos in

Two I did not know anybody from the community I was really shy I didn't exactly you know a lot of things so I was scared at first but I just I just started uploading things got better and at this point I had around 1,600

Subscribers in case you're wondering that's from the clash of clans videos I got 1,600 subscribers from the clash of clans videos but we are into tech now and I just I just began making tech videos without expecting a lot and

Return at first uploads were super inconsistent in my first two months I only uploaded four videos that is really bad that is not me at all but yeah in the first two months there were just four upload which is pretty terrible but

Soon after this yeah I think this was I think the inconsistency was because I had my exams something but yeah that's just an excuse but yeah soon after this I think around April or something I had my first sort

Of big break from the channel I made a review on my audio-technica ATR 2100 microphone and submitted it as an entry to the mr. who's the boss living competition so I got the third place and mr. house the boss gave me a shout-out

So that video got me quite a bit of exposure and I came up to like 2,000 subscribers so I was making good progress I made new friends Suraj was happy I did some more uploads and we are now in May and this was the

First time I'd ever gotten a live unit though it was only a power bank from a local manufacturer it was super cool because I was really excited and this was also the first time that I'd introduced something called the

Cinematic unboxing over on my channel that's animating unboxing that I did for the power bank was and still remains very close to my heart I think it's still one of my better videos in case you want to watch it you'll find it on

The channel but yeah that's it was a really exciting month and then towards mid-may I think I got featured on tech source yeah as making good progress so I got featured on take Souls on this video called what keyboard do we use youtuber

Edition and that got me around 500 to 600 subscribers from all over the globe I was squeezed in between all of these crispy youtubers from across the globe such as nothing but tech miles Somerville Kevin Rios he just to name a

Few it was amazing it felt really good so this point where it around 2006 and subscribers and I skipped uploading it was motivating I just kept uploading and four months later yeah four months later which is around September we crossed

3,000 subscribers I was pretty psyched I was in good progress and at this point I was making new friends from my own country and that feeling is just amazing getting to know people that you've always admired getting to know them

Personally is just an amazing feeling so yeah I was doing good and around this time I also did something called rapid reviews on the channel for those of you that missed it it was basically me uploading tech videos daily for one week

Straight may not sound like a big deal but for me it was a challenge and I was super satisfied I was super happy when I finished it we now move on to October and this was a very exciting month I made a video titled how to make videos

Like tle today collaboration with my friend saga from tech works and guess what John aka TLD himself what's the video and she had it on his Twitter so that was an incident even I got a lot of subscribers from

There a bit of exposure it was really good when and a few days later I also got invited to this event well the honor rate launch event in New Delhi what was cool about this is they flew me out and I got to stay at a seven

Star hotel for the night and all of this for free so hashtag perks of being a tech youtuber but yeah the trip went great and all but beyond all of that what was really fun was hanging out with people that I have been talking to on

The internet for a very long time if that made I hope that made enough sense so it was good to meet all the people that had been talking to on the Internet and it was just a really fun time so at this point things were very smooth I was

Comfortable with making tech videos the channel was picking up a bit of momentum and I just realized that I was having a really really good time was having the time of my life making tech videos I would sacrifice birthday parties friend

Meetups and sometimes you an exam just to make a tech video all I knew was I don't care what it is I'm doing my tech video and putting it out tonight so just kept uploading everything was good and just when I thought things couldn't get

Even better I got I started receiving some more of your units and one of these review units was a Google pixel excel yeah a pixel excel straight from Google India so that was a big achievement and although I couldn't keep the phone I

Could use it for around 15 days and I had a blast using it so this point we're at the end of November and we are only at around 3,800 scribers my goal was for 2016 was 10k and at this point we're not even halfway through but yeah I almost

Lost hope and I wasn't exactly short of feel if we were even gonna hit 5k but on the first of December I think yeah the first of December I along ie made a video with my friend another Roy and upload it to the channel it's called

Best Android apps you probably already know this if your recent recent subscriber and we had done it a successful viral video at the filming this today's 25th of December at this exact moment the video that I

Uploaded on the December understand with a second sorry not December the first December the second has surpassed 450,000 years yeah so that is an insane achievement for me and you got almost 8000 likes 400 comments and remember how

I said it was November and and we were still at three thousand eight and subscribers well now it's December first week and we have just hit five thousand subscribers I'm like okay we have a 5k but 10 K still seems very impossible

It's unrealistic but the next thing I know is we start receiving anywhere between 500 to 1200 subscribers per day for one week straight exactly one week after we hit Phi K we are sitting at 10,000 subscribers like a boss so the

2016 goal has been achieved and it felt amazing guys seriously I am blown away at this point absolutely no words so the rest of the story that's pretty much know we have come to the end of the seminar and that is the current time

That's what's happening right now but yeah at this time we have around 13,000 subscribers almost 13,000 subscribers in a total of 600,000 plus views so 2016 in general for tech devoted has been an amazing year and again a lot of

Subscribers a lot of views a lot of review units and money too but beyond all of that the 1lt made satisfaction has been that now people know me a year ago nobody knew Suraj nobody knew Ted devoted but today when somebody says

Tech devoted people get excited it's it's amazing people want to collaborate with me brands want to send me their stuff to review it is just an amazing feeling and I'm super duper grateful for this but I also want to take a moment to

Thank the creator community in specific especially the Indian Rose I love you guys and thank you for accepting me into this community it's it's been real and a huge shout-out to you guys because without you I wouldn't have been here of

I've learned a lot from you guys this past year and it's amazing now I also want to give special mentions to two specific creators now that other creators were less helpful or less friendly but these guys in particular I

Have learnt a lot from them I'm really grateful to them and yeah the first game I'm talking about is Katy cloudy yo Katy if you're watching this massive massive thanks to you man this guy's

Always been there I can count on him at anytime of the day or night he helps me with his he helps me with my videos on a regular basis I can message him at 1:00 a.m. and he would still be there ready to watch my video tell me if it's good

Or bad he's always been there bead from you know selecting a thumbnail or choosing a background track or choosing the type of text or the actual content in the video he's always there to help me and I just

Want to thank him he has his very own channel which of course a link in the description now the second person I'm talking about is tech Ian hunt this guy's an amazing person too and the support from his end is just massive

It's overwhelming at times and I honestly question Mitel question myself multiple times if I even deserve any of the support because it's seriously overwhelming it's out of this world but this guy's always been there I know him

From a very long time as well so he has his very own channel too I'll link it in the description as well but thanks to you guys man we both have taught me a lot this past year and I just cannot thank you enough now we also want to

Give a special shout outs to my parents my mom dad as well as my brother for allowing me to do what I love doing I wouldn't have been able to come this far without their support so massive thanks to them and goes for 2017 let's talk

About that for a minute so right now as I said we're almost know yeah we almost had 39 subscribers and we have a total of 600,000 plus views let's see if by the end of 2017 if we can get to 50,000 subscribers and let's say three or four

Million total video views' it might sound like a stretch but I'm gonna do it this pass this year we've been able to do 10,000 subscribers so I think 50,000 is possible I don't know let's see and I want to come back on this exact date

Next year and comment on this video of saying pseudo G of hit that events so yeah guys that'll be exciting and also if you made it this far in the video go down to the comments and tell me what your favorite tech devoted video has

Been from the year 2016 as well as what kind of videos you like watching that would really help out the channel plus I'm really curious and want to know how many of you actually we have stuck to the end so yeah but

That wraps it up for this video if you like what you saw consider liking and subscribing thank you for a great 2016 it's been suraj thanks so much for watching take it easy and stay devoted

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