Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ Case Size Comparison & Fingerprint Sensor Spot!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

you know what's up guys took a year back
with in every year today we are going to
be comparing and taking a look at some
cases for for the u.s. 8 + x 8 plus and
we are going to be comparing the new
sizes to the old s7n and we also go into
the comparing it to the iphone 7 non
plus version so with that said let's get
into the unboxing these tech 21 cases
for the s8 and s 8 + keep in mind that
this is a press package this is not the
retail package it even says my name
which is interesting Tobias there you go
so press note here here and these are
their retail packages so let me get
those out of the box first and throw
this to the side this is the tech 21 evo
check for the galaxy s 8 plus so let's
unbox it got some nice text here and
information regarding the case and the
warranties and all that stuff when I
school tabs and here's the case so let
so this is the cage and this is the size
of the case so this is the s8 plus this
is how big the SH plus would be for you
so in terms of reaching the fingerprint
sensor it's going to be pretty hard it's
not going to feel natural and you're
going to have to stretch your finger to
get there which is why I went for the
non plus version of the s8 which will
come at the 21st so stay tuned for an
unboxing of that but yes you do have to
stretch for the fingerprint sensor
anyway the case here we got the our USB
type-c headphone jack audio and
microphone a bigger opening for camera
and fingerprint reader mice looking case
otherwise got this XO kind of pattern
whatever you call it so in comparison to
the s7 edge this is how that looks like
it's the taller but not much wider just
a small bit wider as well and then this
is the iphone 7 non plus version super
smaller it's just a 4.7 inch display but
still has those huge vessels around here
so it's still not that much bigger it's
much taller but not that much more wider
now let's get into the s8 nonplussed
version this is called the pure clear
case so this is going to be a clear case
for everyone who wants to show off their
beautiful phone it's the same kind of
packaging here just some good
information stuff and the case is here
and I'm immediately noticing that this
is much more usable in the hand so let
me check oh yeah definitely so clear
clear case not that clear because of all
the smudges and therapists but in terms
of size it's much more manageable and
you don't have to stretch to get it to
get your finger to the fingerprint
sensor it's still not supernatural like
this would be like just having it here
in the middle but still it's much easier
to get to the point of which the
fingerprint sensor is so let's compare
it to the s7 edge and quite
interestingly enough the SS have an edge
it's wider but both the same size in
terms of tallness so if you already have
an s7 edge you can compare it it's just
a little bit less wide and that's the
essay but obviously a much bigger screen
or much taller screen all right let's
get to the iphone 7 the s8 it's just
that bit taller but at the same time in
happy much much bigger screen this is a
4.7 inch display and s8 has a five point
eight inch which is much much bigger so
that's the size comparison let's get
into the final case we don't need to
compare the slice on this one but it's
called evil wallet from tech 21 this to
of course for the SH plot so a plastic
case same deal here kind of hard to
reach with a 8 plus you have to stretch
to get into position so here is our case
and we got some some wallet stuff here I
suppose that's kind of interesting I'm
never seeing this design before but but
there you go you have one card to put
here and one to put here that's the case
tech21 the link is down below to
purchase these and to take a further
look but that has been a comparison
between the sides of the SAS the s8 plus
the s7 edge and the iphone 7 so please
click that like button if you got
something out of this video I hope you
guys did and also please subscribe so
that you don't miss my unboxing and
review of the s8 in arctic silver and
without said peace

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