TCL 10 Pro Review // AMOLED 128GB 6GB RAM 64MP Camera 4500mAh Battery

by birtanpublished on November 20, 2020

Hey everyone Digital David here today in this video I'm gonna be unboxing and reviewing the TCL 10 Perot I did receive this phone to review but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product or you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see Optimas package 2 right here in a very nice retail box now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here oh the package contents first up we got safety precautions followed by your Quick Start Guide right here walking you

Through how to set up and operate and use the phone then you can see we have our sim eject and removal tool then we have your USB wall charger right here and your USB type-c to USB type a charging cable then we have an included case for the phone which is really nice looks great says display greatness on the backside of it and it isn't clear and then last but not least we have the phone itself right here now let's look at it in more detail here's the front of the phone you can see we have our camera notch at the top we have a built-in fingerprint sensor down here we have a

Six point four seven inch curved AMOLED display so 1080 by 23 forty pixels on this side of the device you can see our smart key button on the other side of the device you can see our volume up and down button and our power key button on the very top of the phone you can see our 3.5 millimeter audio jack our built-in IR sensor and we have a microphone on the bottom of the device you can see our USB type-c charging port so this phone is equipped with a 4,500 milliamp hour battery taking 121 minutes to fully charge or 35 minutes to get you to 50%

We have our speaker right here we have our microSD card expansion slot and our sim card tray all in one right there we can look at the back of the device as well so the color is Amber gray it's got a really pretty gray gradient to it TCL branding right there we have our four cameras right here as well so we have our 64 megapixel high-res cam 2 megapixel super low-light camera 5 megapixel macro camera and our 16 megapixel ultra super wide camera lens right there it looks really cool in the back good looking device this device features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 v

Chipset with an octa-core processor and don't forget the 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of built-in storage that can be expanded with the micro SD card slot at the bottom up to 256 gigabytes now let's go ahead let's get a sim card installed so to install a sim go ahead take the provided tool to remove the tray from the phone there you go you can see the tray right here we have a sim side and then we have a micro SD card side as well on the backside which is great so we can install a card for storage and our SIM so go ahead take your sim and gently press it in place we

Have a Google buy SIM right here that we're going to use in today's video but this works with your GSM carriers like AT&T and t-mobile but it's also certified to work on Verizon's Network you may need to contact Verizon for assistance to enable your account to be provisioned to use CDMA less devices so be sure to reach out to them if you're on Verizon go ahead gently push it back in place and now we have successfully installed the SIM card let's also install the included case you can see how that looks so we got the case on right there really nice if they

Include that for us looks great the buttons function on this side same with the other side we can see it from the top with our audio port and our IR sensor right there then you can look at it from the bottom as well too with our charging port everything is cut and very precise with this case same on the backside too with all of our cameras and sensors up here no issues at all and it looks really nice with their logo on the phone but also the display greatness right there definitely accents TC on the back of the device which is really cool now let's go ahead let's power it on and

Try it out now we have the phone powered on you can see how everything looks and all the default apps that come pre-installed on this phone straight out of the box then on the next screen you can see all the apps that I went ahead and downloaded myself that we'll try out in this video today for you guys so really nice very responsive beautiful display everything looks so good you can see the little cutout at the top the knotch for the camera we can look at some google news and stories right here super responsive everything looks really nice on this display very impressive

In person you can see a couple of apps that they added themselves and then you can see like Facebook and Netflix to come pre-installed already for us which isn't that big of a deal to me but it's not fully the peer Android 10 experience let's go ahead let's look at some of the settings so we can see our device settings right here we have a dark mode if we want for the display a lot of features guys security location we can check out our storage right here now I did download some games already that took up some additional space out of the box you can expect at

Least a hundred gigabytes of free space on your device fortnight alone took up over seven gigs so you can see the system took 13 gigs other apps took 13 gigs and then the remainder is just between photos videos and some other apps on our device but not bad we still have plenty of storage left though really responsive nice interface your typical Android experience we can select system and learn more about the phone this is really nice that they show us this screen very simple to understand all the specs that we've already talked about today you can see Android 10 and

They do have Android 11 you can upgrade Oh if you want so you can view other specs nice system settings right they're very easy to navigate everything with this phone now let's go ahead let's look at some benchmarks so here's our first benchmarking test you can see we got the end to two app downloaded and you can see our score right there of two to two nine eight seven for this device which is pretty cool you can see currently CPU temps battery temp let's look at those test results in more details so we actually defeated 18 percent of users

And check it out broken down by category CPU you can see that right there – compared to your device GPU you can see that to compare it to your device as well then we got our memory right here same thing and then our UX you can see those results right there so not bad scores at this price point for this device now let's compare it to some other similar devices so here are the benchmark results of the TCL 10 Pro in the Google pixel 3a you can see that it does defeat that device in just about every category except GPU where it's super close then

We can look at it compared to the Samsung Galaxy a 51 right here and again it beats it is well in the benchmark test so in every category except GPU which again is pretty similar right there that's the Samsung a 51 and then last but not least the iPhone se – the iPhone se 20/20 it does not beat the iPhone se 20/20 in any category so definitely falls behind especially in the CPU and the GPU category but that's really hard to compete with the processor that this new iPhone se has in it which is basically the same processor coming out of all of their top iPhone 11

Flagship devices now I want to conduct a speed test on my home Wi-Fi network so I downloaded the meteor app let's go ahead let's run one right now select start test it's going to calculate our ratings for us awesome is the best that we can get so we got an awesome ping we have an awesome download score once it finishes with the download it's going to test the upload for us Johanne awesome as well which is awesome so it's almost done there we go the test is finished and now we can look at all of the apps and see their performance right there for YouTube and video streaming for Google

Chrome for Google Maps for Spotify you can see that twitch for video streaming Netflix for streaming movies and videos that's the apps that we tested with this and everything's going to work great on our home Wi-Fi network now let's go ahead let's just look at some real-world results by opening up Instagram so you can see with Instagram right here opened up everything looks great look at how beautiful all the pictures look with the display guys I think the display is gonna be my favorite feature of this phone it just looks really nice

Very responsive just having all that extra real estate with the curves looks cool just looks great for consuming media especially if you like to browse Instagram you'll be happy with what you're seeing from here let's also open up tick-tock so here we go we can watch some videos if we want we can go to the next one Oh check out that fish that thing's huge that's amazing so again we can browse videos playbacks fine now let's go ahead let's open up YouTube as well I know a great youtuber his

Name's digital David what do you know there's his channel so we can see the latest video if we want from us let's go ahead let's open one up it's gonna play after this ad of course thank you Google and YouTube for that let's skip it and there we go pretty cool the phone gets loud too so we can see everything looks really nice so no issues at all be sure guys to give us a follow and a like on all of our social media platforms please and thank you so that's great guys let's go let's open up Google Chrome you can see our response if it is

We have the verge open right here so looks great loading just fine really quick we can go and we can select one if you want we can find a news article that we want to open up let's just click this Netflix one did I click it there we go maybe you can see loaded just fine let's open another one oh let's grab a sex lodge pretty cool you can see everything loads no issues right there works really nice very responsive guys and again that big brain to be able to

Consume a lot of media now let's go ahead let's play some games all right guys so we got asphalt 9 loading up right now we'll just play a little bit of it so you guys can see your quality here it is max volume 2 we got coming on the phone super loud check it out let's go let's go baby check that out though doing a great job with this game and first place finish alright so now we have fortnight pulled up on the phone we're gonna play some team rumble for a minute just you guys can see what it's

Like I'm terrible at fortnight on a computer and this is only my second time ever playing it on mobile so yeah this is gonna be really fun to show you guys but you'll still be able to see how responsive and fluid the gameplay in motion is that's what's important when you're watching the video right now so you can see right here even just as we're waiting for the game to load check it out guys look at the detail so not too shabby at all I mean it looks really good so far we'll get in the gameplay too so you can really see it but up now we're in the water and now

We're on the battle bus you guys can see look at how good everything looks can you believe that I think this looks great on a mobile phone way better than I was anticipating honestly all right we're parachuting down let's go oh my gosh it's terrible how do I go I want there we go maybe I want to go to structures here we go let's get it game on all right try to make our way to the house I got to turn off something it

Vibrates all the time now for me when I'm gathering all these materials I hear a treasure chest too now we're oh my gosh we'll just take what we see right here I told you guys it's not pretty but you get a feel for how good it looks there's a chest alright the loot we got some loot right there do another one we do another one I guess that's it and then check it out we got our gun it's hard for me to navigate this on mobile like I said I'm not even good on a computer with it

This is not my forte nor would I ever want to play fortnight on mobile no offence I know a lot of you guys do and you're probably freakishly good at it I swear being a lefty too probably doesn't help me I don't know why but though I don't know I'm kind of crazy I guess but I can't figure out how to jump there we go I got to push that button see all that kind of stuff like what the heck just so much easier on a computer but there is like auto fire whatever which helps

But pretty cool right guys pretty responsive you happy with the graphics I mean look at it come on we're a mobile phone to play I think it's pretty sweet doing a really good job so the storms going to get us in ii just want to show you some gun fires in super responsive and we're in the storm rip knees but yeah look at that pretty cool right fluid nice gameplay no legs everything looks great on the screen now let's go ahead let's look at the camera settings so open up the camera in the bottom

Right hand corner you can see all the different options and features that we have right here so we're currently in Auto to the left we have more where we have slo-mo stop motion light tres pano super macro and hide pixel the 64 megapixels on the back rear camera we have then go back to auto you can see we have some zoom options one two times in 10 times zoom we have our wide-angle you can see it's a pretty big difference guys even just here in the studio look at that then we have the cameras on the back so you can see a preview of original wide and low light video though

Isn't that cool pretty cool feature right there to see the options right in front of us pretty nifty we can go back then you can see we have video mode here's our video mode same thing we have our zoom and we have our wide-angle now we have other options at the top so we can do motion tracking our light our mic and then we have our auto adjustments right there you can see a little light mode is on or auto or off depending on what we want to do with that then we have portrait mode you can

See the options that we have for portrait mode we can adjust our aperture and then we have a timer at the top we have super night mode right here so again we have a timer at the top we also have our aspect ratio we can adjust that like sixteen by nine and then we have pro mode so you can see pro mode right here all the options we have to adjust that are currently at auto timer flash we have our zoom again one two or ten times zoom and then for all of these options you can see the Settings gear in the top left hand corner so we can adjust our photo size we can do high

Pixel if we want 16 or 12 10 for fullscreen video we have up to 4k 30 frames NADP 720 and 480 video stabilization volume button functions so we have a lot of options we can turn a grid on touch to capture we could turn the watermark on or off we can reset it to defaults right there so really nice camera and all the features that we have so let's go ahead let's look at some of those photos right now so let's look at the photos and videos that we captured let's open up the gallery right here we can see them all let's start with the night photos this is super night mode

Turned on verse off it makes a huge difference in image quality here's another one with it turned off and then with it turned on same thing we have it turned on right here verse turned off but definitely a huge difference really amazing here's the front-facing camera at night just wanted to show you guys what the quality looks like for that camera I'm actually impressed did a good job with the background it was after 11:00 p.m. at night so there just wasn't much light to work with now we have some daylight photos so this was on a tripod we have

The regular pro mode there's the ultra wide mode for the same exact photo huge difference guys you can't even see my dog Doug makes a sneak appearance with the snout at the bottom left hand corner there he is now with some portrait photos just having fun taking some pictures of him he's a good boy there's just a regular photo you can see macro photos now so here's the macro photo look at the detail unbelievable then here's our regular Pro photo also on a tripod of the exact same plant in the same position you actually can't even see this one it's actually to the

Left of the camera still which is amazing that the macro lens can get it when it's pointed at the same thing but it's not showing up right here at all it's not that piece it's to the left of these leaves so I took one more photo further back so you guys can see what the macro lens actually captured for us now we have a regular photo of the back two times zoom and then ten times zoom all on a tripod same exact positioning then here's our front-facing selfie during the day definitely softens it up a little bit in the portrait modes

And we can look at some more photos right here here's our succulent in pro mode here it is with the macro mode look at how cool that is then we have another succulent in Pro Mode there it is with the macro mode we have another one so you're seeing my plant collection right here Pro Mode and we have our macro and then our last one pro mode and then our macro look at that guy's so cool amazing the detail that we get right there now let's go ahead let's look at some videos so here's the video quality

At night it's 11:15 p.m. right now just streetlights the video is doing a really good job in this dark environment the lights on the neighboring houses are not as bright as they appear in the video so it's doing a good job compensating with everything pretty impressive quality this late at night here's that same video again with the low light mode turned off so you can see a difference between the two even this is not a bad video this is pretty realistic to what it looks like maybe a little bit darker but looks really good

Not too grainy or anything like that here's video from the front-facing camera so you can see the quality right here the front-facing camera at 11:15 p.m. at night here's some sample video footage during the day 4k resolution we're just holding it in our hands you can see the video quality and any stabilization as well for this footage so you get a feel for what it's like during the daytime taking 4k videos with the camera here's that same video again with the wide-angle lens now we are at 1080p now if we choose to do that but you can see the same video during the

Day with the wide-angle lens here's a test video in 4k with your standard lens no zoom no wide-angle or anything like that now here's the exact same video with the wide angle lens enabled so we are in 1080p now instead of 4k but look at how much more we can fit into the frame of our shot when we use the wide-angle lens to record the same video our phone has not moved at all we're on the same tripod and everything else with the wide-angle lens to show you the difference between the two options this is your t seattle 10 pro mic raw audio test so the audio

Is undoctored or edited in anyway this is what it's going to sound like for you to make or take phone calls using this device now let's bring it out front and talk to the device as well you guys can hear with this little bit further away from right now now let's extend it all the way out here and keep talking to the phones you guys can hear what that sounds like now we'll bring it back up to our face as well as we continue to talk into this phone and again this is your raw unedited audio anyway this is Ben your TTL 10 pro mic 10 now let's try out the texting features on the TCL 10

Pro so I got that phone right here again it's connected with Google Phi service and we have an iPhone se 20/20 that's on visible service I've actually reviewed both of those phone service providers on my channel so be sure to check out those videos actually already had this conversation with myself earlier today you can see but let's go ahead let's start it out let's send a text there we go we already got it on the iPhone super quick let's send one back but we can also send an emoji if we want and now you can see we have these nice time-saving replies

Right here so let's go ahead let's send one love that feature guys I use it all the time so super responsive everything works great going from Android to iOS no issues at all right there and we have two different phone service providers so that's nice let's send some pictures there we go let's send that one along it's going to take a couple of seconds to send that so we can work on sending another picture right here from our TCL phone try to change it up just a smidge so we can see and let's send that picture along so both have been sent any moment

Now there we go we're starting to receive the iPhone picture on our TCL device it's coming through Tata we just got it no issues right there now let's wait another second for the iPhone to receive the picture that we sent and there we go we got everything so no issues at all really nice guys everything works great with messaging so here are my final thoughts on the TCL 10 Pro overall I've had a great experience with this phone and I've really enjoyed my time with it so my favorite feature by far is the screen the screen is beautiful it looks great I had high

Expectations for that screen because TCL makes great TVs and I'm glad to see that they were able to replicate that experience in a smart phone other than that I do think this phone gives you a ton of features for the price a headphone jack an IR blaster we have your USB type C we have expandable storage as well with a micro SD card support we have a built-in fingerprint sensor in the screen we have that curved screen as well we have NFC on the back I do wish though that this phone had wireless charging that is a big feature I feel like it's missing that it should

Definitely have but they give you all those camera options on the back too with that great array we got macro we got 64 megapixels and we have ultra wide so tons tons tons of features with this device and did I mention a big battery 4500 milliamp hours that's really impressive now a couple things I'd like to see improved from this device in the future I wish it had 5g I wish it was waterproof had an IP rating for us as well so we can know what it's rated to be protected against from dust and from water I also love the camera options that we get but I'm not sold on the

Camera quality it's not bad by any means so you'll be really happy with the photos that you get with this but I think in low-light environments it could be improved a lot and I really would like to see maybe some faster image processing it's just not so subtle when you take some of those photos and then it's processing and loading for you you'll see it right there on the screen it's it is what it is right but I'd like to see maybe even some continued improvements because the camera array is awesome I just like to see the software and the quality being proved a little

Bit as well but the performance is really good guys if you like to get a phone for gaming you'll be happy playing fortnight or any of those games on this device so they definitely deliver in that regards and I want to say the experience overall isn't too bad for not being pure Android but I still love having pure Android like what you get in the pixel lineup but again that's come a long way – there's hardly any bloatware on here and the experience is similar enough you'll be able to navigate around just fine with no issues also want to point out really happy with the face

Unlock feature but I haven't had the best luck with the built-in fingerprint sensor I need to save some more fingers on there but it's just not as responsive facial recognition basically worked every time for me and it's pretty hit or miss for me with the fingerprint especially on the first try now I did see people online saying that if you want to save your same fingerprint twice that can help sometimes do so keep that in mind but overall an impressive phone at this price well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in

Our video description below please go ahead check it out and do your shopping from there any purchase made through that link helps support our channel at no additional cost to you so we're really grateful and thankful for all of your support while you're at it can you go ahead hit that like button for us and subscribe to our Channel we have new content coming out daily and we don't want you to miss anything please go ahead and give us a follow on line and make it a clean sweep Facebook Twitter Instagram twitch tik-tok discord you can message us on WeChat check on our

Website and join our free newsletter thank you guys so much for being here don't forget new content daily and we can't wait to see you in our next video

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