TCL 10 and FOLDABLE First Look!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

I'm filming in a hotel room you know
what that means it's charge of a car
what's going on everybody
I'm officially here at CES 2020 and I
already have some stuff to show you now
these are from meetings that happen in
the days leading up to the actual show
floor opening that's typically the way
that it works and that also means that
schedules get really tight and crazy so
here is a look at TCL stuff and this
particular meeting was special because
the phones are about to see we're
actually not going to be at the booth so
this was a little bit of an exclusive
media look at what is going to be called
the TCL 10 series now quick disclaimer
these phones are actually not going to
be announced officially officially
announced until Mobile World Congress
what you're looking at here is what the
hardware will eventually look like but
the spec sheets and some extra details
that you probably really want to know
will not be announced until February but
the look of these phones is a story in
and of itself I will give a few details
about each model but let's go through
them real quick the 10l is going to be
on the lower tier relative to the other
two devices and this one does have a
glossy back that does shine quite nice
you'll see that that camera hump there
is pretty pronounced but you'll also see
that there are four cameras there now
there is some spec about those cameras
written right underneath the camera
optics I'll show you those in a second
on the 10 pro now the 10 pro is the
really interesting one because it has a
wonderful sleek look that has a curved
AMOLED display and on the back you'll
see that that particular camera bump is
non-existent this is a flush camera
module which gives it a really sleek
look the other thing that you'll see is
that there's no fingerprint reader on
the back that's because you can surmise
that there is an in display fingerprint
reader on the pro model but now we have
the 10 5g the TCL 10 5g that will be 5g
capable and that's really interesting
because the reps override TCL actually
told us that this will be rocking a
snapdragon 7 series chip and if you kind
of look in Qualcomm libraries only
certain 7 Series processors have 5g so
you can do a little bit of sleuthing on
your own there the 5g model does have
this sort of diamond look on the back so
when you shine a light on it certain
parts of it will reflect but it does
give it a very unique look
what's interesting though is that
because this is the 5g model it is
considered the most premium one I guess
you can translate that to it's the most
expensive of the bunch but the best part
is that all of these phones will come in
under $500 and will be available in the
u.s. in Canada coming soon however the
main announcement the official
announcement is of course going to
happen at Mobile World Congress like I
said so pricing and availability aside
from what I just said we don't really
have a whole lot of details on that I'm
gonna give you one last look at the
camera specs that were written on the
actual back of the phone and you can see
what kind of cameras this particular
device will have now you'll probably get
a wide angle on macro lens I does say
that dinners a sixty-four megapixel
camera on the rear so you do get a
high-resolution camera but yeah take a
look at this take for it what you will
will get the final details at Mobile
World Congress but then let me go ahead
and just change it up a little bit there
was one more device that was on display
there and we had one of the reps there
shouts out to Brad he was actually
demonstrating this foldable prototype
yes we did get to play with a foldable
from TCL now not to be confused with
dragon hinge which you might remember
from last of Mobile World Congress this
is actually a butterfly hinge it kind of
harkens back to the Galaxy fold in a way
it kind of has a couple of those echoes
and that's the reason why it's able to
be flush when you have it closed but
this is more or less a foldable tablet
because as you can see there's no screen
on the outside you just get that really
awesome diamond backing that you saw on
the TCL 10 5g now as you might expect
this is a prototype so nothing about
what we're holding right now is actually
final but this is a proof of concept of
that TCL does have foldable displays and
that may or may not include dragon hinge
and now this is being added to that
portfolio of foldable displays and to be
honest I do love the idea of a foldable
tablet because if there's one thing I
don't carry with me very often it's a
tablet I do understand why a big screen
might be really useful but it's not
something I even have room for half the
time so while we have foldable phones
and foldable is coming out all over the
place a foldable tablet that's an
interesting prospect and if this
particular prototype ends up becoming
product later on it's not like it'll be
missing features it does have a bunch of
cameras on the back as well so perhaps
your going to have something that's more
akin to a phone but there's not going to
be that extra screen on the back but
with all of that said that was a look at
TCL's mobile devices for CES 20/20 TCO
has a huge library of stuff and maybe
I'll be able to take a look at other
categories from TCL like they're TVs and
also their audio devices but for now
this was what we were able to look at
during one of our meetings and these
particular phones and devices are not
even going to be on the show floor booth
and you're gonna have to wait for more
information on all of these things in
about a month and a half at Mobile World
Congress so I feel pretty privileged to
be able to see all of these thank you to
TCL for letting us be there for this
somewhat exclusive media invites but
yeah that was a look at the TCL 10 that
you can actually look forward to here in
the US but also abroad as TCL has plenty
of other markets where these phones tend
to be but with all that said I'm going
and call it on this one this is one of
the first videos from CES 2020 you can
look forward to even more we have a lot
of really fun stuff planned for this
particular show here in Vegas so yeah
we're gonna go ahead and call it on this
one thank you so much for watching don't
forget to subscribe to my channel to
keep up with all of the CES content and
also follow me on all my social media
cuz there's a lot going on there as well
@j VTEC T because you know me I'm JV I
love tech and I love to drink me some
tea speaking of which I'm gonna go ahead
and call it on this one thank you so
much for watching and I will remind you
until my next video to enjoy your tea

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