Tavonia Evans Guap Coin CEO, Mompreneur of 8 Kids!! Talks Buy Black Movement, Altcoins To Watch 2020

by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Welcome to diva on the block on my new youtube channel where we take you to the back streets of this whole blog chain bit coin and crypto shenanigans to give you a better understanding of what really is going on and how you can take advantage of it my guest today is – Bona

Evans she's a founder and CEO of wok coin a mother of eight children and a technology specialist with almost 20 years of experience in today's episode we talk about TiVo knows most recent

Project with gwap coin how she does it all as a mom preneur and a mother of eight kids how she deals with being a woman and on top of that a woman of color and how wok coin is infusing the by black movement my name is Canada yell

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Investing make sure to check out the link in the description area to discover how I make twelve thousand dollars per month using my weird Japanese investing system now I had so much fun chatting with Tim oh yeah and I hope you love it

Let's go say hi to Tavano and let's rock Havanna which one is correct Ivana I always Witcher people's names and everybody butchers my name so when I want to just

Get real with you today and first of all just tell me how do you feel about being in this field and oh man and being you know woman of a color I just want to know that first well I love me I do because it gives me like a

Deep playground you know I keep mine I love geeky things like this so gives me an opportunity to you know learn new things do new things – Cole do the things that I like to do it's Brett the brand new part of it is me kind of being

Out in the public with it that's very brand new um it's hard I have my extreme highs and you know in the past I've had my extreme lows but I just try to keep it balanced now I just you know I try not to get too excited

About them thanks many more but it's really new if I don't have too many people who can advise me on things I do most of the advising so you know it's an obsession so I mean I first of all I'm right there with you it's like one day

It's great the next day is just horrible and the ups and downs like in just two days be similar like that literal happens to me like one day I'm like oh my god I'm coming the world everybody loves me the second day like everything

Is just down going down the rabbit hole so um give us a little background how did you get involved in this field well I've been the technology for over 20 years I you know when I was younger my grandfather told me if you get into tech

You know your life path is just going to be written for you he was you know my grandparents are timeless in the 70s and he didn't know anything about her computer so I got into the computer field and given the computer

Field I was always in a male-dominated environment of course I started out as an engineer just a systems engineer doing networking you know all of that stuff that the guys in the white shirts and the ties used to do back in the days

Then I got into more the creative side and that was the design artist so I got more to that and marketing started marrying them both together started my own development company and then I got into extra geeky stuff which is the data

You know financial data and working for the government and doing analysis and then finally you know I got after starting my first official start of I got into blockchain and my first startup was a company phosphate to me and I

Thought it would be cool to integrate blockchain technology into that startup but it was a little early for everybody else and no one in my company knew anything about blockchain and it was like I don't know about that I wound up

Leaving in starting point because that was coming from how difficult it was for me as a black woman to raise funds for my startup so I was like man you know I saw the you know blockchain as the perfect opportunity to be able to raise

Funds for tech projects you know that you are so that was one thing and then the other thing is I was like we need this in our community because you know I'm really able on community economics and I'm really big on health and we're

Caring about you system of people of color worldwide so I was like this is perfect you know so I kind of you know just jumped all in so this was very fascinating that you went from data look that is like the hot topic I know

Blockchain is hard to but data is like nobody is declining that data is a big deal right I decided to switch from data to blockchain was and the trigger you to make the switch well I think that being like a true kind

Of techie you just see something new and you want to learn it and you want to absorb it oh my god this is great if you start digging into tutorials and you know looking at the video the maximum reading books makes me you know you like

All in something else you know they're mean so it'll be messy passionate it's all the same thing to me I don't view it as different it's technology so tell me a little bit about what point so you started this and what stage are you at

Right now what is the white paper about and what's really the reason behind you well initially when we got in you got England one at the beginning of the I CLO like the beginning sort of like the middle of die stories we got in then and

We had a week lyrium Tolkien at the time right because I was just the easiest way for us to get out we knew we needed our own blockchain I know we need our own blockchain but I didn't know you know working on limited funds and just

Getting into the blockchain things I was like I don't know we could do this yeah you know to me so we got a material you know I wrote the smart contract for that coin and we put that out there and he really realized how difficult it was

Gonna be because of what we're doing and who our market is marketing what is your market well I'm like it is of course the other day the the underserved people of color you know the African Diaspora would it

Be in the US or is it won't write well originally it began us because that's where I live but I want to this day I've been traveling all over the world and everybody needs a lot point so it's no longer just the US it's it's all over

I've I've been invited to many many different countries that have people who are marginalized just like African Americans in this country so I'm like this is a big thing for a lot of people you know so but my priority is

African-americans because I kind of think that when it comes to these type of things we kind of get left out of the conversation and we do so I'm like you know we need to get educated ability and somebody you know has to check that as

Their priority so you know that's that's kind of where our mission is Lisa you know I totally relate with that being a minority literally my whole life I'm Jewish I lived in Iran so I was like literally the only Jewish girl in my

Class and then I went I studied engineering too I have studied engineering in Japan I was the only girl in my class for six years it's just ridiculous and matter intimidation the amount of you know just being looked at

As a weirdo like what are you even doing here and being left out of the conversation I first of all I totally relate and I admire the fact that you've taken this upon yourself to not only let this stop you from doing what you want

To do but actually help others and it's admirable that you're focusing on the people that you care about and which is your people and it absolutely makes a lot of sense because then they're gonna relate to you because you were there you

Were one of them and now look at where you are and and you can obviously help them tell me about the Gua Point project so is this going to be like a peer to peer coin so that just African Americans can actually it's a decentralized

Project we build in our community my priority is educating African Americans and people of color but I one day envision everybody using black boy you know to me but you know sometimes you gotta when you see that there's an area

That's left out you know you got to go into that area and kind of like okay you know educating this is what's going on you know make people aware so that you know they have a fair a fair shot at at prospering in this system you know and

We're not seeing that in general crypto so and we're not seeing that is anywhere that's why we don't have mass adoption you know so people have to take certain segments certain areas certain families like you say Jewish

Families you may go to Jewish fans make all that um you know Palestinian whoever you go to these countries well you go to these people easy to people and say hey this is what's going on and in the world right now this is about to take over

Your paradise you know what I mean so you know it's something that we all have to do so I just picked a segment of course the easiest segment that of the most natural segments for you and I'm like okay you need to do this we need to

Take this more seriously and people tend to take it more seriously when they see faces that they can identify with yeah absolutely it's all about the psychology at the end of the day because you might want to do it but you might be

Intimidated to do it because nobody else who looks like you is doing it yeah once you see that person oh my god like it empowers you so I want to actually just go ahead and bring up so what coin is it now is it investable are you passed I

See osage give us a little battery so what do we do what we're doing is of course because of the expense of just the technology extension and everything you raise money by something called master nodes we have Nationals for a

National point so just like Libra is getting people to invest in their nodes and buy those to get their side we're getting people to get back on those to become governors as well so I just got happy over website let the dot work site

Because I think that more the place will we are right so you've got point org you know yeah all right so you are you competing with Libra and it's so how you know I think that Libra will help us honestly I think that Libra may be it

May actually turn out to be a helpful thing of course it needs some type of bomb I think it does on on the on the side of the regulator's it does need a little bit of you know you can click on our community and you'll see some of the

Community members what we're doing right now is we're adding community members so we're like that every why does african-american and the logo is black and gold is like truly speaking to the audience loved it so we're so we're

Adding you know who our community that these are all different types of people and they're all and all of these people have been helpful in terms of life at this point in boneyard so I wanted to give a shout out to my friend sherry Amy

Are you familiar with her sweet from from yeah I think I would love to if you're not um if you haven't met each other yet I think you guys we're gonna hit it off yeah that's awesome yeah I'm saying you were saying tell me so you

Got the wallet and so I mean I would say you're saying that place is going to be good for the industry as a whole to agree with because they're going to bring the attention that we need yes data obviously we are the ones that

Actually can make it happen but my problem with them like that you don't have yours is a decentralized yeah chain an exchange about Facebook as of now is so yeah and but see the thing is Facebook is a stable call so you know I

Mean I'm libras a stable point so you know sable points are not decentralized so how about go up is it going to be cooperative is decentralized so is that is it not a stable clinical case or anything where we are following

In the footsteps of a form okay gosh so give us the bird the best the top three qualities of walk coin and that would you know I understand that you are good audience like you've done your marketing your target is perfectly

But give me three qualities of what coin that make it better than its competition let's say there are for our market it helps to give us a financial voice um because the statistics show that African Americans and people of color are one of

The largest spenders we also some of the largest trendsetters in the world but that does nothing to do to reinvest in our community so for instance we had a big thing last year where everybody was something about the lake party because

Of something that that they have put out but to get these companies to pay attention to you you know these companies pay attention to money you know what I mean they pay attention to finances they pay attention to a

Financial voice and you see black point of being able to be a financial voice in the future we know that companies like say I'd like to use for example Walmart they'll be taking in cryptocurrencies Monday they'll be accepting various

Crypto currencies so if one day that they're they're able to accept Blackpool you know you can spend with your voice you know what I mean you can spend with your community you can align with your community so you can't I rather say you

Know what I'm gonna make my purchases for flatpoint because I'm aligning my financial voice with a movement that is working for the betterment of my community so if at the end of the day let's say Walmart looking at quarterly

Profits Walmart could see quarterly profits if you see a property very well from the people who spent with lock coin they can't deny that and because light chain is you know public and decentralized

They available for everybody this is something that the community will be able to look and see what type of impact our spin looks like a power are spending this morning and I think that that's

Something that would impact us not only not only want to financial level but on a social level and even on a psychological level I love it we are the children of African yes / I'm so in the neck what is next

For you what is what are the projects are you working on right now well the next thing for us is um we're currently working on a decentralized exchange which of the decks you politic so that's one aspect the Cole aspect of the

Working on is education so we have to educate people about what is this decentralized movement about I've come to find out that most of us don't have a clue as to what these centralization you know what I mean so much as what

Cryptocurrency so we look at it and you see this cryptocurrency and a lot of people asking the same questions is a stock is this that you own this TV would you know I mean and they asked the same question so we have to educate them they

Tell them not like even mean no I don't own this this philosophy community you know yes I thought of it and whatever but I'm working on the community for this to be a community thing we're trying to push this decentralization

Movement I mean that is exactly the reason why I wrote my book particularly nice thing for Demi's it like right over there it's just because people don't get it it's like a and when they don't get it it's very easy to label that as a

Scam and then you're defending yourself as not being a scam and it's just like I'm like just tired of defending myself yeah yeah come on this take ownership in this you know cuz people come to me and they say I think this would be a great

Idea to do with what I'm like okay do it I'll support you you know that we can do anything with this because that's what this is about so you know they come to me and it looks kind of for me to do it you know I mean and I'm like no it

Doesn't work like that you know we're all supposed to do this no we're all supposed to just you know take this and run with it so it's kind of hard to push that kind of freedom on people right it's just all

A part of you know our world actually becoming more peer-to-peer more connected and people doing it as a crowd psychology doing things as a whole as opposed to one person doing it and other people here how to do this I can help

You know in terms of advice and then buyers are you stuff like that but actually one day I want to be able to go back to my kids you know the news wait you got eight kids wait what all right I have one kid I'm like oh my god

So what tell me about how you do this while being a mother of eight yeah how old are they well my oldest is now 24 and that's my girl a broken six boys my oldest daughter is 24 I have a son who's 20 to 1 is 21 how old are you boy I'll

Be 45 next month all right I'm sorry I know it's say I'm not gonna say it but you guys look young like it's you know what I'm referring to oh okay what's your youngest how old is your grandma

Yeah yeah oh my god all right you're one good-looking grandma okay so I had it so this is because I serve moms and parents and it is very very hard you got a ton or you're on your plate they can l can only imagine how much you got on your

Plate with all the kids and I mean even though there are now older but now you've got a grand child and you want to spend time with them so how do you balance your life and this mental balance is pretty important to me and I

Started more for its me as I got older um I would work many many many many hours and especially on blog you know for the last couple of years but at least from this year I started to say to myself well you know what 9/3 start

Balancing it back out you gotta get your half of your your your joy and the other half your work you gotta kind of weigh it out so I forced myself to NEX on myself okay you got time you know running out just

Calm down go take a break go take the kids to the movies go to Dave & Buster's or something you know go have fun I'm also a BRT so I have my oculus quest so that's you

Know that's kind of hot I try to stay in touch with my inner child all my kids help me do that you know so you have open conversations with them to help them realize what you're trying to achieve and what their

Position is yeah yeah yeah I think that is like super important because it is very hard to I mean for me at least is like okay you get down like you're so passionate about the business that is also your baby like the business the

Coin whatever it's your movement is your baby as well so it's like the balance of it so how do you not take out the things that go wrong in your business on your kids you know the most difficult is also look at my community almost like my

Children you know identify them match so when I feel like I'm not living up to their standards are not pleasing them that's the hardest part for me you know that I mean so if I feel like you know I'm disappointed in my community then

That's a big that's good I take that really hard my kids I'll take like this I'm gonna be okay my five minutes they got your trust the community but you know sometimes you can take this end of the world when you're working with the

Public and you get it like a beep like something like this is so new and experimental you have problems I catch a mouse on the blockchain I have wily problems the same typical stuff that every other block chain has

Yeah when you're dealing with a new community that does not know anything about this it's hard because they're looking like this like what kind of message this just doesn't work here that I mean well this

Isn't working or this isn't working but it's like this is normal blockchain stuff you know the whole thing that comes the hardest part because you're like oh you know you could wake up in the morning then you

Know you got some while it's going on sync with some notes going down or something like that and I have to play the senior support because not too many people really know that's my biggest problem to people like

Why don't you hire like a customers are like nobody understands it but resinize you it's it's hard it's tough and that just shows how much you really care about the business and how much yeah it's it's basically it's your goal I

Guess in life and so I got out last question for you and I asked us from everyone so well coin is awesome and I wish you the best of luck with it obviously but other than a glob coin what is your favorite crypto no why um

My favorite crypto that's hard I would say my favorite crypto of course is Bitcoin okay look I mean it's – groaning daddy you know I mean you gotta give props to granddad yeah I tell everybody that I think that that for us

Bitcoin was more of a way show you know what I mean so letting us know that while you can obtain you do have to freedom to create certain thing and you can make choices you can have an alternative with something

Start working you know what I mean so I think it it kind of gave us hope that you know that we can come together well we can govern you know our finances and ourselves and make decisions rather than the middleman have to dictate how we do

Everything you know so if you're a soul so I think that I put that I think the point is definitely and that wasn't just me I totally understand what you're saying but I was kind of thinking because Gawain is on the thorium you

Might want to go with a very oh yeah I'm watching now okay all right started on a third guy's IQ carrier um I definitely like you know the ability to do sparks like everything has its thing but you know I'm more of a I just like to give

My cracks to the go to the top wine yeah I only gave you one choice yeah slower it's that's yeah it definitely was it was the it was a leader and pioneer and pioneers may not always be the UM the winners but those are the ones who

Showed us a way that makes absolute sense okay thank you so so much for joining the block and I'm pretty sure that everyone on the viewers took something away from this and um yeah I can't wait to see future success and

People want who are watching thank you so much for watching guys and if you have any questions ask in the comments and I'm sure somebody's gonna get back to you alright thinking I'll see you in the next episode I have even on the

Block thank you before you leave and we ask to make it silly face it comes with a soundtrack

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