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by birtanpublished on August 24, 2020

Tapping for wealth to allow money and abundance into your life this might sound a little bit weird especially if you're not familiar with EFT which stands for emotional freedom technique but once you learn about it you're gonna discover the power within you to

Transform your life and that's why my guest today is one of the most sought-after EFT experts in the world specializing in money and success Margaret Lynch Ranieri we are going to talk about how to set an intention to

Create passion and success how EFT emotional freedom technique or tapping works what is stopping you as a talented and smart person from actually earning what you should earn Margaret will actually walk me through the steps of

Tapping for something that I personally have been beating myself up about recently which made me feel embarrassed and dumb and I'm gonna share with you all what that thing was I'm gonna be really vulnerable and Margaret will

Coach me to tap it away which is totally awesome so you get a framework on how to do it yourself we're also gonna talk about how to celebrate our wins without feeling like we're bragging and without feeling like our wins are too small and

Not worthy of sharing if you're new here welcome my name is Kiana Danielle on the founder of the invest IVA movement the tribe to join to make your money work for you so you can retire wealthy and pass a fortune on to your kids without

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Hit them up button as well and share this video with anyone in your life who doesn't know her worth and once attract more wealth and success into her life in this interview there are a ton of nuggets of wisdom so I'm really hoping

You're setting some time aside to go through all these steps that Margaret walks us through make sure you're sitting in a safe place where you can talk out loud following the guidelines and you can actually make the tapping

Gestures with your hands and not be embarrassed right so before we get into this please go ahead in the comments right now and let me know what are some false beliefs that you have right now that you think are stopping you from

Reaching your true potential is there anything you're beating yourself up about like I was because you thought you could do better and now it's making me feel embarrassed guilty and not worthy go ahead and type it down in the comment

Because I'm really curious to know who else is going through the same things I've gone through now if you're ready let's go say hi to Margaret and let's get the movement going

Lynch ordinary we're super excited to have you on our show thank you thanks for having me Kanna absolutely so when I was going through I was reading a little bit about you and I noticed that oh my gosh we have way too much in common

So you're an engineer I was an engineer I was the only girl in my class you were one of the few girls in your class and then now you are into wealth creation and you're basically all about mindset which is something that I need to get

More on to i'm about wealth but mindset is some bit of constantly been working on and I'm super super excited to have you today to really walk us through what it is that you do and why you do it but before that please tell us a little bit

About your background and how you got to where you are today sure you know I really as a young child even really wanted to help people I wanted to become a therapist and I sort of gave up that dream and followed my

Dad and my brothers and older sisters into engineering because it was more black and white you know I learned even as a young person in high school if you have a friend who is beautiful and amazing and talented but they believe on

The inside that they aren't good enough there's nothing you can do to convince them otherwise right they'll get into bad relationships they treat themselves badly and I remember thinking you know in high school people don't change you

Actually can't ever help people as I thought and I went into the engineering road but when I was you know just turning around like maybe 38:39 my daughter was ten years old at the time I saw Wayne Dyer on television Public

Television and I heard the power of intention and I was just like what you can set an intention to like live your passion and that drew me into the world of personal growth and coaching and I quickly found tools like emotional

Freedom technique or tapping that foreign engineer are extremely exciting because they're clinically proven they actually work in a very measurable and repeatable way and so I became the person who

Helping all of my clients who were entrepreneurs small business owners women like me who were in like a midlife you know I want to live my passion whether it's part-time or full-time and solving the problems of money not from a

Strategy or investment and not really so much from mindset or Law of Attraction and thinking big but really getting like an engineer would like what is stopping you as a talented smart woman from actually earning what you should earn

And the answers to those questions were like a constant puzzle that I had to solve so my focus really became the fact that the way that women are impoverishing themselves in earning less has mostly to do with the programming

That we have that turns into actions we are not taking ways that we are not stepping up boldly we are not exuding confidence in value we're instead in self-doubt or do I even have the right to be here shouldn't I be grateful all

Of this kind of program these are these are talking to my soul these are talking to myself because this is absolutely crazy on my blowing this past week I wasn't a cruise with a number of my coaches and I was telling them that yeah

So like this is my offer and they were like this is how much we're charging for your with so much of an offer I'm like yeah well unless you're like dude you've written three books you want TV all the time and you only care but I don't have

The confidence like who makes like how and it's in our programming it's there and I actually thought that I was good like I watched the secret every six months I watched a larger I am all about Law of Attraction I have an app that

Every morning I go there and I what I type in what I'm grateful for like I'm all about it but I still was doubting that oh like like I was like am I am I really like who would want to pay me that much like am i worth it am i worth

It and then you walk lelee watch this guy who has like a epsilen amount of your experience they're like oh yeah give me $50,000 like did you do that like oh and like it so tell us please where are all ears would like to hear

How to change this lack of self-worth yeah and so affirmations the law of attraction and mindset is great but you're working with the mind in your deep belief in your value in the courage and the passion and the energy that

Flows from that is not from your mind it is from what I call the lower chakras and so if someone you might be familiar with what the chakras are and my mom is yeah and so really the chakras say that there and people use them in the yoke

The yogi tradition and but it's really seven levels of consciousness right and so the mind is one level of consciousness but the mind has programming and it that we don't even remember how it got there to doubt

Ourselves right and to say things like well I mean I don't want to overstate my value because I'm not sure I believe in it and so you want to be recognized that when you have self-doubt running like unless you're like 19 and you've never

Even proven that you can run a cash register right or any of us those people know right and so when your mind says I don't when push comes to shove if somebody said showing up at your door tomorrow Canada and you're doubling your

Prices and you're going to present it to ten people standing in front of you when push comes to shove that doubt comes up you need to understand that that is coming not from your smart mind but it is coming in a fear right energy rising

Up through you right and the fear says one thing people are not going to like this and so we expect a negative reaction to when we and we've been trained to never get that negative reaction so in my generation you know

I'm in my 50s it was you never make anybody uncomfortable so if a man is treating you in an inappropriate way you laugh it off you're okay with it you say oh haha it's okay you don't want to control

Or be difficult right so all of this says I don't actually have the right and if someone tries to push me like often great marketing coaches do like you need to declare your value I feel anxious right and that's where we know that it

Is actually fear so it sounds like self-doubt it sounds like I doubt myself but if you really were forced to say the words I actually do deserve it you can tell it triggers an anxiety response and so this is programmed fear running

Through our system and that's why I use the tool of tapping where you're tapping on acupuncture points because it literally turns off the fight-or-flight response so I have a question for you right over here and that is I I do

Believe that a lot of it has to do with your upbringing and what society has basically told –have just be a good girl and don't be difficult and don't create drama all these good things but there are personality types that are

There who really want to please people it's just like it's your pleasing but like you don't want to make somebody like you always want to you want people to like you right so that is there are some people who there are people who are

Dominate and they're like I don't care what people think of me but there are people who just naturally want other people to like them so does this work for those kind of people as well yeah and so that's an awesome like Drive it's

An awesome heart-centered feeling the whenever something is out of balance it's when it's a problem right and so the only way I can operate is by people liking me so I can never ever break the rule that says what if one person out of

A hundred in this room doesn't like what I have to say now I'm Piper focused on the criticism of that person right and that's how we are like ten people could be like yay and one person is like and that kills us right we lose all of our

Power and so the micro energy is the empowerment energy rising up through us it's this deep felt feeling where if someone says I you know I don't think that you're all that or maybe I don't think that you're actually good enough

To to ask her what you are instead you go inside and you go hang on let me check no I do you're wrong right that's your opinion that's great because there's a there's a felt energy that rises up the

Mind takes that felt energy and goes wait maybe they're right and maybe I'm not as good and so and we've now left our mind has has us in fear which pushes your energy down and you know what's very interesting sometimes I mean those

People sorry to interrupt a buzz those who sometimes they don't even mean it for example right yesterday I went on Fox Business right and I was just I had an agenda I want not an agenda but I really wanted to get my story out there

For the first time about like how I got into cryptocurrencies right so I was like okay no matter what Maria Bartiromo is gonna ask me I'm gonna make sure I'm gonna tell the story alright so I went on and so of course she's asking me okay

What does cryptocurrencies I tell them the story and she's like okay what is your definition of this and I tell them the story the the rest of the story and I thought I did great and everybody was like wow there's a very interesting

Story I co-signed it was about a super-great and then my husband points out oh hey Keanu it looks like she was asking you where to buy Bitcoin and he just told the story and I'm like oh my god you're right I didn't even notice it

Now even she didn't notice that I didn't answer her question but my husband pointed it out and he was right he didn't mean to like diminish me in any way but now ever since in the past 24 hours

Every time I look at this video I cringe I'm like ah she's obviously asking me the question I mean as I feel dumb I feel so dumb I feel so dumb and I told my little I didn't mean that that's a great interview but I still cannot

Unsee yeah what I saw and I'm now I in my eyes I'm like okay I'm super dumb I'm just dumb and I can get over it and so that's why these are like these or seemingly unsolvable problems because it's like how do we get inside you and

Say that's crazy when to ourselves like you would say to somebody else you'd be like oh my god you would have all this wisdom and perspective you would say hello it's your first time doing it you did amazing

Could you in you know could you look at that one piece it's always good to watch your film and say oh how will I improve but hello it's still totally rocked that's what you would say to someone else but to ourselves the doubts take

Over and the in the the end result of that can be and I hope it would never be for you is to now make you more in your head on the next interview and more worried about making a mistake and then literally this is what happens to our

Energy we get smaller right and what you want is this energy blasting up and so you know there's a there's a value to the mind saying oh I missed something there right but if it doesn't have the balancing energy that's coming up in

Your system where you're like I fucking rocked it holy shit then this wins okay so walk us through how do we do this and so do you want me to show you the tapping would love it and I see you how welcome takraw master

Class and it was enough to learn all about that too but let's go let's go for it that's actually going to be a live free course I'm filming on Monday starting this coming Monday the 19th I think it is so what we would do is we

Would use tapping right into tapping to turn off that self-doubt and what tapping does is it lets us voice something that's going inside of us that we're fighting with so it's different than an affirmation it's different than

Law of Attraction but it's meant to release and sort of voice this side of us that's highly highly critical and when we do that all of a sudden you're going to have a shift to perspective in any time you are on TV on camera put out

A video or hear your own voice which always makes us go like I'm very well you want a tap and your your criticism will come down into perspective okay so I want you to tune specifically in you know listeners think of something that

You did recently or in the past where being honest with yourself regardless of what everyone else says you probably could have done it better right because these are the secrets we keep and so just tune into that well I know people

Said it was great I really could have done it better okay so let's tap and all you do is tap follow me these are acupuncture points we're gonna tap on this is called tapping it's been around for 40 years

It's the biggest thing you've never heard of and I'm these are the points we're gonna use these are the side of the eye points right on the edge of the bone is there a right way to do it right or wrong way to do it or just totally

Tapping we're just tapping these ones because they're acupuncture points easy to reach the next ones under the nose and we're just tapping enough of these points and I'm going to lead you through how to do it officially just to turn off

The fight-or-flight response to connected to what we're saying okay just like if you tap with a bunch of fingers just lightly you're doing it the last one we can use as the top of the head also the crown chakra okay okay so ready

You're gonna repeat after me I did a pretty good job I did a pretty good job in the next happing point blah blah blah ah going on TV yesterday but it could have been better but it could have been better

I'm people are complimenting me people are complimenting me and I say inside and I say inside that's nice but it's not my standard that's nice what it's not my standard my standards are way higher my standards are way higher and

The absolute truth is and the absolute truth is I should have done better I should have done better and that is the truth that is a truth I should have known better I should have known better you should have done better I should

Have done better I embarrassed myself I embarrassed myself now I feel it rightfully embarrassed and not feeling rightfully embarrassed Oh rightfully beating myself up rightfully beating myself up it's a

Fantastic motivator it's a fantastic motivator actually it isn't it isn't okay sorry it's very defeating it's very defeating yeah but I'm right about that

I'm right about that I am right about this I am right about this I should have done it more perfectly I should have done it more perfectly wasn't good enough it wasn't good enough it just wasn't good enough it just wasn't good

Enough and when I feel that and when I feel that well my confidence goes all my confidence goes all my courage collapses all my courage collapses all my bad ass energy oh my bad ass energy I don't deserve to have that I don't deserve to

Have that piece it wasn't good enough cuz it wasn't good enough I don't deserve confidence yet I don't deserve confidence yet as I have then earned it because I haven't earned it maybe someday maybe someday but I'm not

There yet but I'm not there yet though I don't deserve to feel super great so I don't deserve to feel super great okay take a breath did that ring true that was completely different than what I thought you're gonna say so you're

Basically taking ownership of your feeling I thought you're gonna be tapping saying no you did awesome nope we don't want to fight with that side of ourselves that we are secretly like if your husband know more about

What you say to yourself he would try to stop you right if he knew how hard you were on yourself he would probably be like honey you're being really hard on yourself would he I know he did I mean I until this

Morning I was a guy I feel dumb is like stop it he was like just stop saying it like you did great but I still couldn't get over it yeah so we go away and secretly we're really hard on ourselves and we are harder on ourselves as women

Because we have learned that if we are not perfect we are going to be criticized in a different way to a different standard and so III want you to recognize that fear drives that inner critic right there is a fear of somehow

Not being good enough that somehow we have to prove that all the time yeah it's gonna this is bringing tears into my eyes because it's true like no matter where I get and it's funny like people ask me like oh my god you're so calm oh

My god this and that like if only you knew if only you knew what's going on in my head like you put this confident face on social media are always oh look at me look at that and then it deep down you're still like feeling defeated as

You said you still feel like you're not good enough so there's tons of celebrities who have revealed that right I'm making it literally right I am terrified on the inside and so you know it's such a passion of mine to talk

About this with women because this costs us millions of dollars in income a year it costs us passion it costs us the celebration that we should have but what by that we lose by being so hard on ourselves and when I have people voice

And tap that mean harsh critical voice that is always saying I'm not good enough yet I don't deserve yet which is that's where we get me I don't think I deserve they always start to get emotional after a while and that those

Tears is your heart starting to realize wow that really hurts that actually really hurts if someone was screaming that in my face it would hurt and I'm saying it to myself right and so we can't have any

Secrets about this we have to openly talk about the way that we beat ourselves down the way we start there and where it comes from I always say to people it's not how to fix yourself it's where you need to go which is why I use

The chakras as this map to show you where you need to go to get rid of this fear because this is costing us and when we can turn off that fear this is how it would sound instead right this is how it would sound instead it would sound like

You know as I said before like yeah there's things at this at this level I can now look at it critically and say oh I could do a little bit better there but holy cow I rocked it and I absolutely as a work-in-progress putting myself out

There doing the hard thing that makes me bad ass right there like the fact that it was hard and scary and I did it I should be dancing around celebrating all day long could I watch the film and maybe improve and have it

Yes and I should be celebrating all day long and we do not celebrate our progress so here's another question for you about celebration right and I'm all about it and I encourage my tribe which we focus on investing a little bit

Different to celebrate their winnings and a lot of people don't and I've come to realize I'm absolutely hey why don't you like why don't you any when when you make money what why don't you share it with our group and they're like well it

Feels like I'm bragging and I don't want to brag so I'm wondering what you think about this and so it so so we go from like first chakra rate like I'm literally following the rules that I've learned unconsciously and if I try to

Break them I feel fearful at the second chakra it's do I do I deserve to feel so awesome about myself do I deserve to feel confident or is that also dangerous because the second I do that I'm gonna feel guilty like I'm bragging right who

Do you think you are and so for some people there's just a massive level of fear their childhoods weren't safe for other people it's like if I learned to follow the rules and if I was always achieving and always perfect and not

Making mistakes I was safe and I got you know complimented and for some people it's like if the second you try to step out of the comfort zone and say well maybe I'm actually super special there would be a who do you think you are

Right or that's disempowering to other people and so everyone has different pieces and different rules right but that there's so many reasons we resist celebrating we don't we're afraid of the reaction for other people like

I'm going to disempower other people they're going to attack me they're not going to like it they're gonna think I'm arrogant and why should I celebrate because I'm not there yet I have yeah like I mean of course our

Team I feel like with my tribe like I encourage people if they make $1 to celebrate it and of course our people will go and make like $16,000 and that discourages people who made less to go and celebrate because like oh look like

I like this person made this much money and I'm gonna celebrate $1 heck no I'm not gonna do that so is there a framework and all the steps that you just said yeah and so so so here's an important thing right so at the first

Chakra which was where we learn all this fear and we learn all these negative rules of what's gonna happen if we step out of our comfort zone right because getting on TV is stepping out of our comfort zone it's like holy cow how am I

Going to see be seen and proceed the tapping is miraculous in the way it directly solves an inner problem and we can feel different afterward right but one of the ways you talk about people in your tribe it's so important because one

Of the way the only way that you can completely rebuild your first chakra so you're standing on a more solid foundation is safe tribe is to be in a different tribe from your family be in a tribe where the culture dictates this is

Our culture we celebrate whether you made $1 or $60,000 you have to show up and let people celebrate you and deal with all your feelings about that but you are going to be loved and supported and celebrated that is what rebuilds our

First chakra when 10 people 20 people 30 people and now after a year I have been in a safe place where people have cheered me on I know have a more solidity so if someone says who do you think you are you think to yourself I

Got my whole tribe behind me I know who the frig I am right and I'm proud of myself and they're proud of me it's like the family we didn't have right and so tribe is so important to healing the first chakra and so you know in my work

I go deep into these ways of tapping to specifically break these things so they're gone and move the energy up in a big way but for sure at the first chakra your people are in the right place if this is a safe tribe where the

Culture dictates prey we support each other and you need that you need other people especially since if you think about it every fear that we have is the reaction of other people the only thing that can rebuild that and make you more

Solid is by having multiple reactions over a period of time from safe people who are like a sad ones and I love it that is absolute golden that gets so I know that the this is obviously this has worked for you and I can see the power

Of it and I cannot wait to go and implement it for myself for my tribe and for our culture so as we're getting to the end of this I'm sure all the viewers are just dying to know how are they can go and find you and get started with

Oldest so can you tell us a little bit about how we can go and find all these awesome like us and how to implement the Flint frameworks that he just taught us yeah so there's a couple things I did put a lot of my work into a book called

Tapping into wealth with Penguin Books so you can find out on Amazon for 12 bucks and you are tapping like a maniac for a good month and I have videos that go with it to clear every one of your blocks to money and power and so the

Book is a really easy fast way if you want to clear specifically your blocks to money in your power that's a great way to go but if you're really fascinated with the deeper chakra work that I do it would be

My seven levels of manifestation program which we are often sort of you know marketing and bringing out free nuggets too but if you go to Margaret Lynch for narrate calm you can sign up for my newsletter and hear what's happening you

Can check out my website look for the seven levels there and you is this a correct one yes yeah what's there right now is that's my ignite your power event in March of 2020 where we do three intense days of transformation and then

The seven levels program is something that you can also see there under product right and it looks like they also have an awesome following and YouTube yeah I have already subscribe to as you can see you know I don't make a

Lot of tapping videos now because I have thousands of them and so you can find on my youtube channel you know tapping for every single thing happening to charge more tapping you know to earn an extra $3,000 a month

Like all sorts of very specific tapping tapping to market yourself tapping to get ready for a talk and I even have a something that you might be interested in which is a a free thing that you can get off my website and it's really about

Charisma on stage you can opt-in for that and it's a video and a handout I mean an audio and a handout that walks you through crazy use of tapping wait wait where do we find this I'm I apologize I think my daughter just woke

Up and she's screaming and that's right at the microphone that to you that's awesome well thank you so much for having me no thank you and thank you for being here thank you everybody who I'm sure

You've been glued to the screen until the end of this thank you so much for watching go ahead and subscribe obviously for Margaret and this is our new YouTube channel as you know I just heard a new YouTube channel last month

And go ahead and hit that subscribe button on my page as well if you like this video like it and comment let us know what you're tapping for what are you celebrating alright and what your fears are I'm super excited and super

Curious know like I was just I put myself out there right now and I kind of shared my bowling birdie and I think it's the first step as he just said to just declare what you're fearful then we can take it from there so I'm super

Curious to see what you guys are fearful about and I'm sure Margaret is gonna be super curious about it as well so let's get this thing started starts right down here and again thank you so much for being here and I don't

See everybody else in the next episode of investiga movement right guys okay before you go this is our tradition YouTube channel is that I ask our guests to make a silly face okay okay oh that was a very sexy

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