Tamagotchi Friends – Unboxing & Review [HD] – EUROPE VERSION

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

is this one box in foreign today today
I'm gonna have an unboxing of the
Tamagotchi friends I know I've been
making a video a long time this is
because I have had exams going on
so hopefully also my sound I'll be
making more videos daily
so this today I have an unboxing of the
Tamagotchi friends digital friend in the
color blue gem and I still on the source
or Amazon for like 10 pounds I was like
stray away because it's not that part of
Amazon and if you didn't know that and
if even if you get to the SAT the store
it's a 10 pounds but if you get things
like all ghosts Toys R Us I think they
said it's like 20 pounds or 1699
something that's why I have to get cuz
when I first came out I was like there
was like insanely 30 parents like what
for this thing tell your mom like it's
not really good quality box weight
anyway that's a ton of good friend so
let's get to the box as you can see in
the front of the books you have you can
see what happens and it displays details
it tells you the life cycle of that you
have about your pet at the fact that you
can see the different colors to have it
be due junghwa so I'm just going to jump
one I just wanted to make a video
nationally to us with you guys not
really offensive special I could see
again you have these little I saw when I
was a kid but not this one and you
always when I when I see see how about
Jesus that's like a new one that came
out which was like a tamagotchi which
was like tell me what she liked some
idea or some thick and this time ago
cheese I had a color screen and that's
why I really liked about coming the
Tamagotchis that which is of course true
because you know you can see more when
it's like real life a little game where
your hand that talked about you so
that's why I really wanted it but
fortunately you're safe in saying I
didn't get to buy it so fortunately I
want to make you lose a little bit good
a gonna buy it there's a China's or
Japan but as you can see there now you
have these little pouches here so
there's not much of a book at that Peggy
now before talk about these previously
come along to talk about this one has me
no hito so I'm still getting unboxing
so especially you get is the Tamagotchi
friends manual and as you see you have
these okay as well as like having – or
food I think everyone knows is not about
you right so this would be needed and
okay so this is where the father is now
so this is the Tamagotchi Tamagotchi
friend okay as you can see the
Tamagotchi friends is really really good
it looks really nice and other back I
believe it takes batteries and if it
tastes like treats and I would be able
to make every review on this because it
takes batteries and I didn't know that
but if I'd like to have that pull out
thing now well you just put it out and
you just just to see if it takes that
trees and just pull this off or isn't
really on or something oh no tape
actually take yeah they do take two AAA
batteries as you can clearly see what it
says on the engraving inside it says two
AAA batteries so it's actually tells you
where to put it as you can see on those
things they tell you where to put it so
one goes that positive and the negative
one goes like that that's where the
thing attaches to it gosh okay let's
just put this down okay
I think Bandai or anyone who made as he
NCAA made a noise who made these actual
battery or the concepts operating AAA
batteries of those three volt cells
there's wrong cell ones I think they
made a good job on that actually because
all because I know people you know once
they let battery died out whatever the
Tamagotchi fact that she died and do my
oh my god how am I going to get back for
this now you know they didn't sell it
anywhere in the shops like even I had
that problem and I use have a ton which
before I was like oh my god I want it I
want my back she doesn't work but I'm
like she's not working I want I want to
play with it but yeah there's no battery
so yeah the birthday I don't know what
other thing is there's no random title
muggle you actually use this
see the username is quite important
that's right
c a.a c ad card
yeah it's like free eggs this is
interesting like one hour later you just
wait for it hi to hate way for it when I
was little on my arm all the way through
this and the society pounds if I bought
this way no sleep on I think this that
would make it I'll make the biggest
mistake ever because this to make this
night eight five pound Leslie time about
chief it's the same thing like there's
nothing which is different for my all
time allotted I had before I don't know
why it's called Tamagotchi friends it's
literally the same thing as any other
time what she received oh okay I think
there is different well it's talking
about she is like you just like connect
it so they say what I'm about you just
you know put at the back of it and I'll
just connect and you can some things
yeah yeah that's the Tamagotchi thing
front sting thingy thing if you liked it
the video then please don't forget to
give a thumbs up I think that they
should service for less they should said
it for like five pounds I guess because
this doesn't really seem to be much of a
good toy that's why I think that's why
they put the price down if you want to
get a proper virtual pet go stick to the
Furby yeah I think Ferb you don't much
better than these things but if you
again you know like you comment use this
these things the dark
that's why should get the idea in my
opinion burn anyway that's my opinion
guys people have to think that this is
an amazing thing you know but not every
day instead amazing because you might as
well just be using outside so hope you
don't feel you guys definitely subscribe
to my channel my box and fun and leave
your comments down below if you want to
see more videos on this little toy don't
forget to leave a comment down below and
Tommy about it
so hope you guys never go to describe
ticket ad have a good one bye

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