Tamagotchi Friends – Marriage

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hi guys it's not much different today
today I'm gonna have a video of the
wedding scene of the Tamagotchi friends
I'm just gonna show you what happens
when she gets married new happens when
it gets the child I actually have to
come about cheese about something what
she actually already made it get married
but now this one is ready to get married
as well so basically you have to go on
the little icon here and you have to
look on date place once click on a date
place it goes and find someone to marry
it looks like a girl to me so I guess
it's gonna find a man tomorrow night
couch apology or something and it says
love so so what is he basically and they
get char at the same time as well which
is awesome okay thanks a lady American
lady I have no idea if I stirred a he
looks like a lady to me but listen any
basically they just shows you three
possible wives and your tongue which has
to choose one so I'm gonna choose this
one here one in the middle and it says
marry so you click yes and then they
will celebrate they were kiss which is a
bit awkward so watch the kiss okay they
also be awkward
and the whole crowd just watch is really
low nice you know a single light sheen
on it as well and the squeegee is black
aren't they good that's a new family so
I hope you guys enjoy guys don't forget
to leave your thumbs up on this video if
you enjoy the wedding see I'm the egg
crack and as a babies relations how
about you friends whatever okay so what
will happen is a lot of people asking me
I'm actually privately a message is how
cheeky actually unlock the games on
these time about cheek is all the
question marks etc you need to have a
lot of time about cheese which is here
it has to bump them to get the
frequently at the back we buy NFC IO
happiness eventually I would say the
game unlocked congratulations and then
the game will be unlocked yes so this is
a new family and eventually German I the
to Paris will go and just a child which
is that will be left just by itself and
yeah so everybody guys don't forget to
subscribe to my channel my box and so on
and if you have any comments don't
forget to leave a video comment down
below happy good pop heroes video guys
taken and bye

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