Tailosive Tech LIVE 7/30

by birtanpublished on November 26, 2020

We're trying something a little different today it's actually not that different i tried to do one youtube stream a month last month we had quadruple udc type stream so that was obviously a record but i like reminding people over here on youtube that we do lots of live streams this is like your little twitch teaser basically uh for those who don't know or want to ask things more one-on-one i'm using youtube's new live streaming studio which is very very different but i'm thinking i'm getting the hand of it

More i'm getting the hang of it more so most of my live streaming yes is done on twitch uh but occasionally we will do a youtube stream just to let people know that we do more live streams it's kind of like promoting the twitch and also there's a large majority of our fan base here on youtube so occasionally doing a youtube stream uh makes sense to interact with you guys figure out what you guys are asking about what questions you guys have and uh to conclude the month with we're

Almost done guys it's july 30th holy crap we've got like a we've got one more full month let me tweet this out so people on twitter are aware there um we've got one more month of iphone leaks and then probably around september we should get an unveiling likely a launch around october but uh i'm still pretty confident that we're going to get an event in september so we'll we'll find out but yeah welcome ladies and gentlemen to the stream yeah we're we're also coming up another

Big announcement i'm excited to reach is kind of a milestone for telos of tech the podcast uh specifically we're about to reach our 100th episode uh this next upcoming week and um that's a big milestone we don't sadly have all of the old podcasts because there was a time in the earlier seasons where we transitioned everything over to spreaker and essentially nick had to re-upload everything and we didn't have hard copies of all of them so we don't have all the episodes but the

Majority of them it's still the 100th official tech episode which is a big one um so yeah we're looking forward to that we do have something special a little bit planned a little bit of a secret behind the scenes project that's not that big a secret if you know what's happening randy's in the chat already getting hyped oh man use apple uh podcast and youtube to watch it okay cool you've got all the different platforms what's daniel asking so there might have

Been leaks the iphone 12 might have 4k 120 fps but technically it already shoots 120 fps when you put your iphone at 4k at 60 just every other frame is underexposed oh i didn't know that so you're saying they might come up with some trick to get it to 120 fps maybe perhaps best effort thing you're welcome thanks for watching are interested in the galaxy note 20 ultra that's going to be announced on august 5th i can't say i'm that interested to me it looks

Incredibly similar to the last galaxy note and i know that uh a lot of iphones look similar to previous iphones but i'm the apple sheep guys i'm not the i'm not the samsung sheep and personally the galaxy note 20 based on the leaks we've seen of it so far just looks like the s20 ultra with an s pen up its butt you know it's like okay there's a pen there's the s20 ultra it's got the crappy camera great let's move on i'm not super interested in that i am very curious about the galaxy z

Fold 2 because i really tried to get my hands on the first galaxy fold but when i ordered it samsung canceled it for me um and didn't really provide me an alternative way of getting it uh other than like i got to go drive somewhere uh to find a place that's selling them and all the places around me did not have them in stock um so yeah i was kind of i was kind of stuck there um but this time we'll we'll see if the galaxy z full two

Which is quite a mouthful uh they actually end up shipping they shipped the z flip which i did get my hands on but everyone kept telling me i need to try i need to try the fold too so i want to get my hands on that if possible joshua davey super chatted thank you very much says what do you think about max tech's mac gaming video so yeah max max tech and i have actually been in contact for those who don't who aren't aware i'll fill you in for those who haven't been watching the twitch streams you should download

Twitch if you haven't yet we do a lot more live streams over there if you feel like your question isn't getting answered um we went more in depth with it basically what was happening was i think there was a giant misunderstanding and me and max have a lot more agreements than we realize and because of likely the way i titled or phrased the video people took it in a different direction than i intended essentially though everyone was asking me okay macs are getting apple silicon does that mean

They'll be able to replace gaming pcs now where they'll be able to compete with the xbox and the playstation because macs are getting custom-made processors and i was basically saying no that's not what's going to happen you know macs aren't really meant for gaming now and i don't think apple silicon is going to change that much now i'm an idiot keep that in mind people i am not that smart and max tech a much larger much smarter much more in-depth

More analytical channel that goes into all of the dev videos apple published was more aware of the subject and was diving into why he thinks that apple silicon is going to revive and bring life back to gaming on the mac because they have launched a metal graphics support app for windows now so apparently apple is making more dev tools essentially to allow you to bring ios and ipad os games over to the mac they should translate fairly easily um so because i uploaded a video saying

Apple silicon won't change a lot of people instantly took that as oh drew disagrees with max tech drew is making a response video to maxtec the truth is i had no clue who he was i'd never watched any of his stuff i'd never heard of him before there was no direct response i hadn't even watched the video until after i published mine and that's when obviously everyone was like drew you gotta watch maxtec you gotta watch max tech so i was like okay fine i went and watched the max tech video i still felt like

Okay apple's providing the tools but fundamentally it still takes two to tango and i was not expecting this but maxtec actually made a responsive video to me explaining that because the ios gaming sector is so huge and there's a huge amount of revenue in the gaming market there that's going to result in triple a game divs we're making more ios games which will have inevitably find their way onto the mac i still think it's a little far-fetched

I still think fundamentally we disagree but he brought up great points and he's definitely more well-spoken and more well-researched than i am so most people seem to agree with him that this is going to change i hope i'm wrong it would be great if max ended up getting a bunch of really popular and well-known games i'm i'm pumped for that i want that to happen it's just there's so many times i've seen apple prevent present the tools for third parties to do something great and then they don't uh

So that that's why i'm not getting too convinced yet i still think there's a chance game devs will just see it as like and there's not that many gamers on the mac we're not going to bother but we'll find out um i can go more into that but we got more donations here shadow of colossus 103 with a super original profile picture i've never seen that before he's super chat it says to be honest i hate samsung's packaging a lot less clean than apples also that the new samsung watch looks uglier than the series 5.

It's all personal preference but yeah it is kind of ugly i'm not a fan of their packaging either it does look quite bland and it would definitely not look as good for background packaging as someone who collects iphone boxes for a living i can attest yeah samsung packaging he doesn't look that good marco didn't say anything but he did super chat thank you very much and uh new ipad pro win any ideas asks uh xander plays this i think uh latest leaks and rumors are saying we're not going to get another ipad pro this

Year i know there were some people in the beginning of the year saying that but it doesn't sound right now um apple's been very consistent with how often they refresh the ipad pro and it's not annually it's usually every 18 months typically around there um so i wouldn't expect the new ipad pro to come out until march of next year at the soonest or more likely i think more likely is going to be worldwide developers quadruple udc next year there's typically a decent amount of time usually over a year between each um

Between each ipad pro refresh and i don't anticipate them to refresh the one they just launched in march again later this year so it's quite a ways out there um stephanie super chat this is awesome channels you have with the ev1 oh thank you for those who don't know shockingly i've still run into a few people who weren't aware but um i do have an electric vehicle channel that specializes specializes mostly in tesla we do talk about other evs on that channel but sort of how

Telos of tech mainly talks about apple and occasionally steps out of an apple bubble the ev channel mainly talks about tesla and occasionally steps out of the tesla bubble but yeah so that's that's cool check it out if you haven't and you're interested in electric cars and that kind of stuff i think it's fun um let's see what's your favorite samsung product out of all of them hmm i've never really hated their phones that much i like the look of their phones there were some issues i had with

The ultra but overall the uh the regular s20s i think the non-ultra s20s were pretty good um my favorite samsung product probably i mean they make some solid tvs that's for sure i mean they're they're more of a manufacturer than a phone uh company at this point so the the amount of stuff i used are hard drives um i know lots of people with samsung tvs that really enjoy them so i don't know if i have one in particular because there's not like a samsung product i use on the daily other than

Maybe an ssd but i filled that up so i'm not using that every day but yeah new ipad pro why buy apple silicon yeah at that point yeah i think there's a chance that the macbook uh with the apple silicon processor is going to end up being far more powerful than the processors they put in the ipad pro i think that's uh likely we got a new youtube member uh f thank you very much uh for subscribing appreciate that not necessary at all but if you want to

Enjoy some of the perks of that feel free to link it with your discord account you can access the premium channels over discord which i try to be fairly active in by the way um let's see why do you not have the membership for youtube on ios can you choose that or is it youtube that yeah i don't i don't choose that that's all on youtube i will not i will not remove something for ios users and allow it for android users i don't have any control over that that's on youtube

Uh isaac super chat it says hey drew your channel is us thank you appreciate the super chat that's quite nice of you i do like tesla's yes i'm pretty much a bigger tesla sheep than i am apple sheep at this point i haven't watched much apple tv plus no i can't say i have um let's see should i get an ipad pro or wait for the refresh on the ipad air it couldn't hurt to wait there it's not 100 confirmed that the ipad air is coming out the refreshed ipad air is coming out in

September and october leakers are saying new ipads are coming by the end of this year so it's possible and i think it's likely because we've seen so many rumors of a you know 11 inch uh ipad coming out later this year and i think it would more than likely be just a rebranded version of the 2018 ipad pro just no 120 hertz no stereo speakers not an a12 z chip it would have a basic camera but it would still have usb c it would work with the apple pencil too

It would still have face id and it would still work with the magic keyboard because you notice everywhere on the magic keyboard casing they never reference ipad pro they just say ipad keyboard case so i feel like they kind of designed the keyboard case to be compatible with cheaper ipads down the road um so yeah i think there's something in the works i can't guarantee it's coming in september and october but it can't hurt to wait if you can't afford to wait a little bit longer please do um

If not it's not the end of the world just buy one now joshua uh davies i'm sorry if i'm pronouncing that wrong but thank you for uh becoming a member he says didn't know you had a join feature you don't need to do the job i really don't mean to pressure you guy i really just you don't have to donate you don't have to but i appreciate it anyway heidi brown thank you for the super chat i'm just doing this because i like uh figuring out what you guys are most curious about and live streams like the

Most instantaneous way to interact with you guys but um christian paul landa i apologize if i got that wrong but thank you for the membership uh appreciate all of you guys signing up my favorite car is uh surprising no one a tesla of some kind probably a cyber truck or a i don't have a cyber truck reservation but i'm a huge cyber truck nut uh if there's no 120 hertz on the iphone 12 you're gonna cr okay tyler don't go that far with your

Google profile picture oh well no i don't yeah i don't own a nickel a vehicle because no one owns the nikola vehicle they don't exist what about the regular ipads which one should i buy it sounds like those are about to be refreshed too that's one thing i can almost guarantee is about to get updated is the budget low end ipad probably not a bigger screen size likely just a 10.2 inch ipad but it would likely get like an 812 chip or something like that you don't need to know how to do the

Membership don't worry about it memberships are a recurring payment don't bother it's okay uh mr greenwalls i do not miss the green walls it was hot in there it was i was bumping my head on that wall all the time it's much better here i get to own this house i can do whatever i want here uh for the podcast 100th episode you said that you would all would be in person so are you going to see nick and randy's are they coming to yours i guess you'll have to stay tuned for

That but for the record we're being extra careful everyone on the podcast has been quarantined separated from everyone else we haven't been interacting with big groups no one is going to airports we've all just been at home isolated so keep wearing masks people please do it makes a difference um i don't know how to pronounce your name i'm just going to say yakushi thank you for the super chat i apologize if i get that wrong i would say apple news plus is not worth it i'm

All on board the apple news minus train people sign up for apple news minus all you have to do is open the apple news app you're done i actually don't use the apple news app very much twitter is where i get the majority of my news these days so any thoughts on solid state batteries they've i've heard of them for years but making a battery in a lab and mass producing a battery for consumers are totally different things and i think that there has been yeah elon musk is correct in saying that there is all

Kinds of bs in the battery breakthrough world there's all kinds of agencies and companies in scientists that are always saying oh we just discovered this revolutionary battery breakthrough and then it turns into nothing um it happens all the time i remember hearing about solid-state batteries back when i was in middle school oh there's a new battery breakthrough and then it never it never turns into anything

So i'm highly skeptical of anyone saying this new battery text going to come out and that's going to change everything because it's like people have been saying that for decades and yet it doesn't change so i won't believe it until i see it i won't believe it until it's being mass produced i've always heard like oh this is a small company found a battery breakthrough they're gonna implement it soon but eventually um non-tech related did you sign your name up for the nasa future mars mission

No i did not but that sounds exciting i was excited to hear they had a successful launch for the perseverance rover this morning that's awesome it's cool to see us sending another uh rover to mars i hope it gets there i'm not sure i think it's taken six or seven months to get there but i want to see people walk on mars in my lifetime i hope it can hopefully in the next five to ten years if uh spacex is on schedule spacex is awesome jerick thank you for the super chat says how low do you think

The our macbook air price could be this is something i might have to make a video about because i've i've repeated it numerous times but i think a lot of people still don't quite understand it um i don't think apple silicon is going to result in the low in the starting price of max being lower um i i don't think that's the goal i know that it is cheaper to make apple silicon but i i think that apple's going to take that profit and apply it in different areas like

Applying it to mini led or applying it to ssds and ram i think if you're under the one thousand dollar price with your budget they're still going to recommend you get an ipad but i imagine the the arm macbook air to still start at about a thousand dollars it's just gonna have really really great cpu and gpu performance and that's gonna be the selling point is you won't have to you won't have to upgrade the mac and get the higher configuration the higher specs or anything

You won't have to do any of that you'll be able to buy the base model and still get plenty of performance so overall the average price of the macbook is getting cheaper but i don't expect the starting price to get any cheaper that's just a uh a general what's it called um lower your expectations so that if apple exceeds them you'll be surprised if apple does end up launching the new macbook air and it's like 700 bucks then great you'll be shocked alex super chat

It says opinion on apple and tesla stocks and do you invest i am just most recently getting into investing in the stock market um but it's mainly index funds and mutual funds right now i have very little experience with it so i wouldn't uh advise people that i have you know recommendations or anything all i can really recommend is that what we're doing since me and my wife are pretty young um we're just playing time in the market matters more than timing the market so

It's not necessarily about buying the right stock or selling at the right time it's just buy stocks that are safe and stable and hold on to them for a long long time and that's pretty much a guaranteed way to get a we're not planning on selling any of the stocks we're buying right now for the next like 10 years so we're just basically in the long haul we're buying and holding and we don't have any uh individual apple and tesla stock we do have uh index funds or tech

Index funds that are buying up lots of different stocks microsoft google amazon apple so we do in a way have stocks of apple but not individuals so yeah i know my chair is squeaky i'm sorry it's been that way um let's see is it worth getting the 10s max in 2020 if you can find a cheap one if you can get it cheap sure there's nothing wrong with that uh not mad that they are not giving charging cue but i might not buy a new iphone if no 120 hertz i use an iphone 7 and the cyber truck solar pack is great

For people who don't have access to home charging thank you yash i like how he stretched across multiple different channels with that question yeah i i have met i've been met with lots of disagreement in this topic because any time i mention 120 hertz i hear all these people say who cares it's not that big a difference i can't see the difference it's not a big deal but at the same time i also hear this huge crowd of people that say they're only buying it if it has 120 hertz

Um i think it was renee ritchie on twitter who said something like uh you know twitter polls and youtube polls those are useless you know don't use those information and i'm like i'm not saying they're perfect data that's super accurate all i'm saying is that this is the data we have if you can present counter evidence with more data that's suggesting that not that many people care about 120 hertz let's see it but so far no one's been able to present it to me

And i think the tech community cares much more about the pro iphones than the average consumer so if we're getting a bunch of people here saying 120 hertz matters um this is the place where they would where the pro iphone market would be would be vocal about that um let's see keep it up and don't change uh your philosophy thank you uh vladislav appreciate that thank you um let's see thank you for clarifying the possible pricing of apple silicon max i do believe apple would like to gain profit to invest it in more aspects

Yeah i think they're happy with the macbook pricing as is now they just want to get it to be a better deal because obviously the processors and the gpus in the custom made max will be exclusive to apple you won't be able to get those elsewhere so apple wants to have that advantage over others just like the iphone has that advantage over others you know no one else can beat the iphone processors so do you think the 16-inch macbook pro will be updated this year it kind of already was they did launch a

New gpu option for it not long ago but um someone said start a movie slash tv review channel we do have one go to the channels tab on my uh youtube channel check out taylor's movie reviews we've been doing that for a while uh i don't see the need for the two by one ratio because the majority of screens are 16 by nine and if you're watching me on your phone you can punch to zoom in and cover up the whole display um but two by one is a nightmare

For uh ipads and a lot of people watching on desktops or tvs and that kind of thing um a few people in the tech community have moved to two by one but the rest of youtube hasn't you know video thumbnails are still 16 by nine so if you wanted me to film in two by one my camera shoots in 16×9 so 2×1 would mean me just adding black bars it would not be expanding anything all it would be doing is cutting off pixels which i don't understand why cutting off pixels suddenly makes the content look

Better in my opinion um let's see john rettinger made a good point about how if apple gave people a fast charger they would actually use that would have been better than giving a crap charger for so long and now none what if if apple gave a fast charger to everyone yes they would use it because most people use the charger that's included with their phone but that's a massive contributor to e-waste because now

People aren't even using the chargers that their phone comes with so i see why they're considering removing it i can see it oh unbrick me super chatted says haven't super chatted since 2016. wow that's a long time well appreciate the support there's no obligation to donate um let's see do i think the pro max will have 120 hertz no i think it should i think it would i think it will matter much more importantly oh i'm sorry if there was a little bit of lag

There i saw obs freak out a little bit um anyway when do you think the ipad mini 6 will come out it sounds like current leaks are suggesting next uh first half of next year so that would be around march or maybe quadruple udc maybe they'll wait to launch new ipads at the next developer keynote so not that soon uh don't don't hold out for the ipad mini it's a little ways away um so can you

I don't know what are am i on medium i'm not sure what that means uh let's see i'm on ios 14 beta 3 okay nice all my new chargers are still in the box and i think apple knows that and i think they know that's a growing problem in my opinion uh the best thing apple could do is not include the charger so that they could have slimmer packaging it's a win for the environment but if you're ordering an iphone give people a discount on a fast charger a significant discount like it's only 10

Bucks or best case scenario it's free it's just sent in a separate box um and because it's all recyclable it would be it would still be less packaging than shipping a charge brick in every single iphone i think it would still be a win at the end of the day um just saying like i think it can't be free necessarily because too many people would just be like sure i want it for free but apple wants apple wants to reward people and

Basically encourage you to think i should i should try and use my old charger because that's what charging for an additional charger brick would do i mean yeah you can argue sorry there's a lot of spam i'm gonna turn on uh slow mode just so it's easier on our our poor poor moderators okay um let's see if it works hey james carter thank you for the super chat thoughts about the theoretical ipad r4 that looks like the pros but with average specs and price will release because may and i want that ipad yeah i think that's going to happen it's only a

Matter of time i don't know exactly when they're launching that but um i would guess october makes sense september october somewhere in there oh now there's another person i look like thank you alex for the super chat i look like johnny bearstow uh i don't know who that is but thank you you know the first thing my wife said to me when we first met was i looked like ronald weasley and now i'm playing tennis so you could say i'm boris becker makes sense how much more battery does 120 hertz take than 60 hertz

Uh it depends more on the processor i think that's why apple's most likely going to wait until they add the ltpo displays to the iphone before they bring 120 hertz because then they could dynamically adjust the refresh rate so that if there's nothing moving on the display they could lower it down save battery life that way um zack hicks you're a miracle worker man thank you for trying to keep up with the with the chat appreciate it it's amazing how quick the chat is even with

Slo-mo turned on um but yeah i think uh did i answer james question yeah i i don't i would imagine ipad air 4 would be 500 bucks probably come out later this year 120 hertz i don't think it would hurt the battery that bad if you had a variable refresh rate if you don't have the variable refresh rate yeah i would expect it to hurt the battery much more noticeably um so i can see why they want to leave it off but i still think that's a bad idea i think they should leave it as

An accessibility feature like okay if some people care about 120 hertz let them turn that on and let them know hey if you turn on 120 hertz it will hurt your battery but you know this the screen will look nice it'll look all buttery leave it off by default but bury it in accessibility or motion settings or something like that because there's some people like me who buy the pro max i'll buy the 12 pro max for sure and that has plenty good battery life on my 11 pro max i i can go through two days without

Charging my phone easily so if turning on 120 hertz meant that my battery was worse and it only lasted one day i would still use it because i sit at a desk all day i sit with a chi charger at my desk all the time i always have a way to charge so i don't care if it hurts my battery i personally think that's the best way they can handle it because if you feel like okay we don't have variable refresh rate and it's going to hurt the battery or it's going to mess with color accuracy

Too much then i would say like okay just leave it off by default and let us turn it on if we care about it please that's that that would be my uh 120 hertz isn't a big deal as the 80 of the online tech community would care even though i doubt they really notice unless they literally pay attention the thing is silent uh the average consumer won't buy the 12 pro the 12 pro is meant for the tech oriented audience the techie people are looking at the pros so if the pros aren't orienting

Themselves for the techie community no one's buying them average consumer isn't looking at the pro phone anyway um alvin brock thank you for the super chats his discount on the charging brick would be nice i agree i think that would be the smartest way of handling it if they try to up charge you with the charge brick another 30 50 bucks then yeah they're gonna get mocked and uh they're gonna get criticism for that but if they showcase it as this is not a move of profit this is a move

For the environment it would be harder for them to get angry at uh praveen thank you for the donation says does the gentoo apple benzel battery degrade faster due to it being at 100 most of the time that's the thing it's hard to tell because they don't really let you check the battery health of the apple pencil but um it's kind of difficult because apple pencil battery is so good anyway i mean it's always sitting on the side of the ipad charging so even if it does degrade i don't think

It's that big a deal because i've not met a lot of people that are like drawing or writing a lot with um the apple pencil and they're like ah the battery's dead i got to charge it again like most of the time you're able to write it enough and once you're done writing or drawing you can charge it again and it charges very quickly so i don't i'm not sure exactly what the degradation is but i'm sure being at 100 all the time isn't good they should change that on brick me super chat it says no charger included

An iphone is bad because i hate those other devices that come with cable and no charger and i need five watt charges to use with those devices i imagine you already have one though that's my point and i think that's apple's point if you don't have one it's fairly uncommon and the 5 watt charge brick doesn't cost that much so apple's just basically preemptively encouraging you to use your old chargers which in itself is a win for the environment

Um but there's there's lots of apple devices that come with a cable and no brick that's not uncommon um yes i watched the max tech vid i commented on it by the way he responded to it there too we're not planning a collab of any kind but i have i have seen his response video and i left the comment and i tweeted it out and everything think about this 120 hertz gets reduced to 60 hertz when you activate low power mode there there's an idea joshua that could work

That'd be fine um do you think apple watches your videos i don't think so a lot of the time it feels like it it especially when i make a video like and then they do something that feels like in direct response like when apple got caught analyzing using third parties to analyze siri recordings i was like this is messed up and apple prides themselves on privacy and i think they should let you have the option to opt in and help but it should be off by default to

Prioritize privacy and then like a few weeks after i did that video apple made this huge statement of like we're sorry we messed up we're gonna leave that off by default now and you can opt in for if you want so after that took place i was kind of like whoa um i don't think i don't think they do because there was probably just a bunch of people with the same idea and with the same request and i was just kind of echoing that

But um the talos of tech podcast album art was in an iphone commercial that can never be taken and uh taken away just look up tailors of tech in iphone commercial and you'll see the vlog i did on it um but yeah that i don't know if it was accidental it probably was a coincidence but i like to think at least someone hired up apple is aware that'd be cool uh air power's not coming out guys it's dead it's super den if apple says something isn't

Coming it isn't coming guys they went as far as to mass produce air power and then cancel it so the fact that they're not even mass producing it now means that it's not any closer to coming out now than it was last year um when there were several credible leakers saying it was going to come out there has never once i've done research on this just to make sense just to make sure and i very rarely research topics there has never been a time

Apple cancelled a product and said we're not going to launch this and then launched it later that's never happened so the fact that they've canceled it and said no they're not doing it i think we should take that as it's canceled and they're not doing it that's what they mean by that um let's see when did i call the true depth camera system a proximity sensor have i called it that i don't recall when uh when will the new imac be announced

Well there's rumors that there's going to be one last boring imac upgrade where it looks exactly like the old imax it just has updated in internal specs i've heard that's coming at some point this year could be next month could be later or something like that but um other than that i think there's enough people talking about a redesigned imac that i'm convinced it's coming and never say never apple said never so that's the one you gotta tell i think it's a sour i think it's a sour

Chapter in apple's history and they don't want to drag more attention to it if apple did release air power i think it would hurt them more than it would help them because everyone would just come back and be like well why did you say it was ready last why did you cancel it you know why did you say you could do it in 2018 if it took you this long and it would probably be really expensive and everyone would say it's overpriced and stupid so it wouldn't help them and it wasn't that

Useful of a product anyway apple's already selling three-in-one chargers that would work way better than air power would because of how watch bands are designed and it was just over engineered too complicated too expensive unnecessary but um i don't think the ipad the ipad pro rumors for october have all been uh delayed slash postponed every analyst that said that there was an ipad pro a14x coming in october has now said that's been pushed to

2021. that's that's happened by everyone who said it was happening so i i don't expect another ipad pro to come out later this year don't count on it um steve jobs said apple won't release an ipod video eight months before releasing one and where is steve now yeah that's not uh he's not around anymore i wouldn't uh i wouldn't expect it uh mainly because the ipod is a big deal and air power is not a big deal it's a charger

There will be new ipads this year yes probably two i imagine budget ipad and ipad air that's about it yeah i know i hate the people are rendering the imac with the pro stand as well please please don't make the imac a pro stand accessory god would be awful uh no imac pro is probably not worth buying now unless you find it used or refurbished somewhere for a really good deal apple has done very little updates to it they basically launched it in 2017 and

Then did nothing with it for three years so i wouldn't buy an imac pro new right now if you can find one on sale or something for a really good deal that would be that would be better um yeah they'll probably do a million mile battery on battery day that's what most people are expecting so i assume that's what's coming have you downloaded ipad os 14 on your ipad and if so is there actually good improvements well i did a video on that feel free to check it out but yes i did put ipad os 14 on my own

Ipad pro and it's okay it's honestly pretty disappointing compared to all the things we were expecting the ipad pro to get widgets only being locked to the today view is still fairly limiting um so yeah i uh i'm not crazy about ipad os 14 the biggest changes are like scribble with the apple pencil but it's very slow and basic so i uh i'm not super happy with it it's pretty minor there's a few nifty changes here and there but for the most part not that impressive in my

Opinion um yeah for those who are confused most of my live streaming is done on twitch if you're not on twitch feel free to check it out i'm fairly active on there i do much more live streaming there than here but i like to do one youtube stream a month just to remind my general audience that hey we do lots of live streams you can check out twitch but also this is my largest platform so yeah i want to interact with people on here as well

I know some of you will never download twitch so that's why i occasionally do youtube streams not that often though i like imac pro for its diverse io sometimes i need more than just usbc yeah the i o on the imac pro is pretty nice i agree but i would not recommend buying one new i have seen some amazing great deals on the imac pro used and refurbished on other websites uh that's the best way to get one if you're thinking about getting one no not really note 20 doesn't have anything that interesting about it so

That's why i'm not that interested in it it just seems like s20 ultra with an s pen and i've reviewed several note phones in the past and it's always okay here's another pin i don't think it's very useful do you see that many other phones in the market adopting a stylus not really there's a reason for that there's a reason uh there's io other than usb-c nonsense right exactly i wouldn't mind just having thunderbolt 3 on everything but i get it's kind of

Handy uh youtube and twitch have their pros and cons i wouldn't say youtube is object objectively better than twitch there's some things youtube does better than twitch but there's some things twitch does better than youtube so best of both just use both if the widgets suddenly become interactive omg yeah i agree alex widgets need to be re-hold i i think so overhauled you know i did not have many ideas for ios

Before widgets came out now that the widgets have come out i've got lots of ideas like uh now there's all these non-interactive widgets that are kind of tripping me up and now playing widget would be so helpful come on i think the apple event is gonna happen third tuesday of september i don't think it'll be september 8th because of the pandemic things are schedules have been pushed around a little bit but i do still think they're going to stream they're going to do a you know not an in-person event

Just like quadruple udc they're gonna do an online event in september but the iphones won't ship until october that sounds believable to me i could expect that yeah i think the the flagship feature i don't have a lot of leaks to encourage this but i think the flagship selling point of the apple watch series 6 will be battery life because watch os 7 has basically confirmed that they're going to be removing the touch layer in future generation apple watches just

Like they removed the force touch layer on the iphones when they ditched 3d touch battery life got way better on the iphones now they're going to ditch force touch on the apple watch and that's going to result in the battery life getting way bigger and way better so i think that'll be the the big selling point of the series six it can now last several days without a charge maybe even a week depending on how power efficient the s6 chip is so we'll see um i'm not planning a collaboration with

Max tech but i did watch his response video i left the comment i tweeted it out i've seen it um it was very it was very happy it was very exciting actually to see a a healthy and respectful disagreement between two tech channels you don't see that that much these days i was not trying to cause drama max was not trying to cause drama in fact he said nice things and he shouted me out in the video um he just respectfully disagreed and it was mutual we both we both see the mac

With gaming going in different directions but we're both uh on the same page that it would be nice and that it's not going to really happen that soon and we both agreed that the aaa games you enjoy playing on your consoles and pcs now those aren't going to be coming to the mac anytime soon he's talking more long term and i think my video was more focused on the short term he was more emphasizing that long term game devs will eventually have to optimize for the mobile

Platform and then after that they can switch over to the mac pretty easily and uh i was saying that the games people enjoy on their pcs now if they don't have a mac version now don't expect to get a mac version anytime soon so yeah i get obviously i've tried to make it obvious as possible but some people don't follow me on twitter or check the comments or watch everything i produce so not everyone knows about about it so that's fine i don't mind repeating myself it's just

It's probably more annoying for you than it is for me because if i get to talk and you guys are watching and i'm getting at i'm getting watch time for this so it's it's my job i make a living out of this thanks to you guys if i get to repeat myself it means i don't have to come up with something new to say but uh the most annoying thing is that people who have been watching the whole time have to hear me say the same thing over and over again so i apologize to those people

But yes uh yeah i think the pewdiepie chair is fairly comfortable it is kind of squeaky though that might be my fault because i had to put it together myself so i just need to get some grease or oil uh pump up the knobs a little bit because it makes a lot of noise but it is quite comfortable normally i'm wearing headphones when i'm editing so i don't typically hear the squeaking anyway steven super chat it says why is it you need face id when you have an apple watch to log in

I don't know what you mean by that you need face id when you have an apple watch to log in i don't think you need it uh you don't you could do it the same thing with touch id i believe yeah adult discussion was very refreshing i agree um let's see no i don't watch many tech videos that's the thing because a lot of people were shocked i hadn't watched max tech the truth is when you do live streams about tech i do two to three twitch streams a week on my twitch page talking about tech for

An hour each and then i do tech videos five days a week and i do a tech podcast that's over an hour once a week you're talking about tech a lot and you're reading about tech a lot and i'm also in the discord all the time talking to people about tech so you typically don't spend your off time your casual time watching tech channels there's only one or two tech channels that i watch everything they upload and it's basically just like marquez and here's the other one probably snazzy labs

Or something like that but you know there's very few channels i watch or browse i very rarely just browse a bunch of tech videos which is why i haven't seen a lot of other creators probably in my size or my channel bracket um that i have that i just don't watch just because i talk about it so much um let's see samsung deciding to get higher prices is really going to hurt them i don't think most of their business is made off of the money from uh their smartphone division though i

Think most of their money is made by selling and manufacturing parts to other smartphone companies which is why samsung was so upset when apple didn't sell enough iphones that's why samsung probably makes more money off of the iphone than they do the galaxy phones so where can you listen to my podcast well there's a link in the description you can watch it on youtube we have a video format you can listen to it on apple podcast it's on spotify it's on i think it's on google podcast

So it's on something you can watch it on whatever platform you want um what days do you not upload to youtube it changes my schedule is not that set in stone basically i just try to model my schedule to be my wife's because my wife is working from home so i like to make it so that when she's working i'm working when she's off work i'm off work that way we can spend the most amount of time together and um currently i'm working full days sunday through thursday

And then i usually do a half day which is like not a full eight hours but more like four hours on saturday so it's like five and a half days a week but it really doesn't it doesn't feel like work to me this is my full-time job i don't have any other job outside of youtube and uh live streaming and that kind of thing on twitch and podcasting of course is doing pretty well now more and more people listening to that watching that um but yeah this is it but

It really doesn't feel like a job which is why i don't mind doing it every day and i don't mind not taking vacations because i would do this if i had all the money in the world i would still be doing this because this is just fun for me if i had all the money in the world i would probably just invest into a giant building with better cameras and you know a whole crew of editors and you know camera guys and stuff like that if i had a bunch of money that's probably what i would do but i don't think that would change my happiness

Level just because i really enjoy interacting with you guys and making content and chatting um so yeah that's that's this is what i do for a living i enjoy it uh how much will the iphone 11 price drop this fall it depends if they keep it i'm actually not too sure if they'll keep the iphone 11. i have a feeling a lot of people disagree with me but i i think i have a feeling that they're going to keep the 10r

And not drop the price and ditch the 11 because if it's true that the new iphone 12 is going to start at six fifty or seven hundred dollars then iphone 11 even if they drop it 100 bucks to 600 um i think it has too many similarities with the 12. it's still got the dual camera it's still got night mode and the 12 is going to have night mode of the dual camera the biggest difference between the two will be the display

One's oled one's lcd one's liquid retina but iphone 11 is already the top selling phone right now so if people are comfortable with the iphone 11 at 700 bucks i think you'd get a huge number of people comfortable with it at 600 bucks and they'll feel not inclined to pay extra for the 12. so in my opinion that might result in the iphone 10r sticking around at a 5 at 600 so that it's noticeably worse it's only got one camera there's no night mode

The a12 chip is way worse than the a14 chip and that'll encourage people to go for the 12 because there's a big enough price gap there so i don't know what they'll do if they do keep the iphone 11 around it will probably only drop by 100 bucks but i could see them not keeping the 11 around because it could butcher the sales of the 12 a little too much the prices would be pretty close together so uh iphone 11 pros will definitely be

Discontinued um they'll still get software support they just won't sell them anymore but yeah the 11 pros will be gone for sure by uh the time they launched the new iphones that's for sure studio tour check out taylor's talks i do all that over there the vlogging channel if the channel became bigger would you stop live streaming because too many people no i love live streaming this is pretty big i mean we've got 420 people watching right now i could

Just turn on slow mode or if things got really out of control i could just turn on members only mode um if the channel got that big uh there's always ways we can we can implement with uh a way to control the chat basically there's other ways i mean pewdiepie can live stream and he's like the biggest channel um i didn't watch the whole congress meeting just seemed like a bunch of old guys who didn't know what they were talking about asking tech giants and

All the tech giants dodging questions as much as possible so yeah i don't think uh i don't think it's a big deal uh when do you think micro led is coming to the iphones probably not soon i think they're going to be happy with oled for a while uh no the iphone boxes are not sealed uh they are just the the back half of the iphone box and then there's just a uh thumbtack on the wall so that makes it very easy to swap them out when you need to and that kind of thing and they just

Hang there so if you guys wanna you know duplicate my setup just need some thumbtacks that's it i'm not gonna turn on members only mode i'm just saying if the channel got bigger and bigger and bigger it would not be hard to just change slow mode how old do you have to be for it in california for what sorry it's probably a different subject you're asking about i don't know um let's see what are you expecting from the 12 pro uh probably just stainless steel and

Then frosted glass that's going to be the extra money pretty much the 12 pro max is the only reason to go with the pro iphone because it's the only one that's bigger but other than that 12 pro i have no clue why people are going to want to pay for that what the heck um let's see is it a good idea to wait for a new ipad air 4 and then buy it for school with an apple pencil 2 and magic keyboard or should i just buy the budget ipad or ipad air 3. so the ipad air 3 has been out for over a

Year which is why i wouldn't recommend buying one now unless you can find one refurbished or used for a good price or on sale somewhere it's possible the ipad air 4 could come out in the next couple months which is why i'd encourage you to wait if you can um do you need a members only jacket for members only mode yes everyone in the chat will be required to wear a specific type of jacket which we will somehow enforce i don't know though you didn't put the box back perfectly

Level there is that better is that what you wanted i fixed it will the 10r get a lot more years of software updates oh yeah just because apple's not selling an iphone anymore doesn't mean they're not providing software updates for it so yeah expect the 10r to easily get another probably four to five years of software updates likely yeah it's got the a12 chip it'll last a long time don't worry about that is it possible to make an iphone without

A notch yeah they did it this year the se i know that's not what you meant but the uh removing the notch is technologically possible it's just not worth it because i'm sure in a lab somewhere you could make a product that doesn't have you know that has a transparent display and the pixels go opaque when you want the face id sensors to activate or the camera to activate you can do that on a single prototype but

Can you make 5 to 10 million of those things in the matter of a few months that's a different question because when apple's choosing what they want to do on the next iphone they have to figure out if they can you know mass-produce millions of them in a cost-effective manner within a couple of months so i imagine that's kind of the hold up it's probably too expensive and too complicated for them to mass producing at this point and it's also not as big a deal as

People think it is like you forget about the notch it's the least looked at part of your phone if they remove the notch people would barely notice it um they would you techies would see it for a few seconds and be like whoa the notch is gone anyway and then you'd use your phone the exact same way so it wouldn't i don't think it's that big a deal they could remove the notch it's just not worth the investment realize you got to pay for it if they do remove the notch

What if it you could probably buy an iphone without a notch but it would cost five thousand dollars and then no one would buy it so i'm just gonna as long as people bring up the box i'm gonna make it worse for you fix the box it hurt okay fine there i fixed the box is that what you want i love hurting your ocd lidar do you think this has a significant future ar applications apple glass well yeah lidar is obviously in its current state directly intended for augmented reality

But um i'm wondering if there's some type of photography or videography options that could come out of it i would like to see what's possible like they want to put lidar on the iphone obviously will that allow it to do like portrait mode video i think it's possible because you're able to collect a lot more depth data than you can with traditional cameras and the a14 chip will be um that would be able to render all of that in an incredibly power efficient way um so yeah i think uh

Photography could be improved from the lidar sensor but if apple comes forward with the iphone 12 pro and they're just like yeah lidar is good for ar and that's it it's just for like augmented reality demo i was like i'll i'll be so i'll be so done with the pro the 12 pro is gonna flop so hard if that's the case thanks for fixing it you're welcome quinn thank you see quinn is grateful he said thank you julia super chad says i'm happy for you i'm following you from your early days on youtube and i

Remember your first live streams the progress is huge bro good luck thank you thank you julie appreciate the super chat i'll keep it up i'll keep it going me and uh my wife are working very hard to ensure that um every dollar donated or any view or watch time generated from the channel is uh is able to be kept and not wasted on things that you guys won't notice or care about especially the backgrounds which i never hear any of you comment on um but yeah by being able to pay off our house and work for ourselves

And make sure we lower our monthly budget as much as possible that's why we don't have sponsorships we don't need to waste your time like that we don't need to stay sponsored in part but you know we can just keep doing what we're doing not waste your time and make content you guys enjoy so that's what we're focused on apple's going toward ar so lidar is very open door to them i'm sure i'm sure they're going to use it for ar i'm just wondering if the lidar is going to be used for something

Else as the iphone is all about the camera performance i imagine they'd have something there um let's see you'd think they'd bring iphone 12 lidar photography for features to the current ipad pro yeah via software update maybe i can understand why they wouldn't want to bring the photo and video options too the ipad pro first because the iphone is kind of their dedicated camera thing um that's like their main focus but

Maybe adding it to the ipad later i guess you know i don't know it's not the camera is not a huge priority for the ipad which is kind of bizarre that they added the ultra white to it but i think the ultrawide camera helps with the ar capabilities a little bit more so than just for photography and videography sake uh gabe's villa super chat it says now that apple's switching over to their own custom silicon do you think uh max will get overall cheaper compared to the current intel based max

The highest the higher configuration max yes will get cheaper but the base models no um yeah i think enough people keep asking about this i need to be more upfront but we need to you guys need to consult max tech first before i start blabbing my mouth again because that guy knows what he's talking about i'm just an idiot online who glances at twitter headlines and then makes videos based on that so don't take my word for it i'm not apple i'm not in control um but in my opinion my personal

Prediction is that the base prices for macbooks and imacs those aren't changing with apple silicon because they're going to it's going to be cheaper to implement those processors but they're going to use that extra money to put into somewhere else like better ram better storage better displays because apple's adopting mini led next year so i think that's what they're going to do with the excess revenue now that they're not going to

Have to pay for intel processors anymore but the the good news is in order to get an insane amount of cpu and gpu performance you won't have to spend as much as before so you'll you'll be fine buying the base model macbook air and you'll still have great performance out of it don't have to worry about the price that much best non-sport apple watch features are we still calling it sport max or this is just the stainless steel option i guess um

My favorite thing is the sapphire glass the fact that this can get brushed up against you know something harder like i wore this apple watch when i went swimming once in a river and it was like a quick moving river like you know the water was moving fast and at one point i scraped my watch against the bottom of the rocky river and i heard it like physically through the water was like i was like oh no i probably just destroyed my watch

And i got out of the water it was perfect looked perfectly clean not a single scratch not a single scrape and that's what i love about the sapphire glass on the stainless steel watch if they did a state if they did a sapphire glass on an aluminum apple watch i would get that i like the look of the stainless steel but if it's more expensive i don't mind opting for the cheaper one um i'm kind of a fan of the matte look of the aluminum apple watch

So if they did sapphire glass on aluminum i would probably get it but um so far they don't so this is the only way i can get sapphire glass on an apple watch for the cheapest way apple is preparing under 1 000 macbook without any crazy options well fred i wish there were some leaks of rumors to back that up because i'm in favor of cheaper macbooks i've just not seen that report anywhere and personally it doesn't sound like something apple would do i don't think the

If you watch the developer keynote when they talked about apple silicon it was all about how great performance and graphics were going to be and how power efficient they were going to be nowhere during the keynote did they say this will result in cheaper macbooks um it might i could be wrong but i'm just i you can't get mad at me for trying to lower your expectations all right i know it's not complete 100 sapphire but i know what it's durable against because i've had

A regular aluminum apple watch with the non-sapphire glass and that thing scratched up so easily i could just bump it against the doorknob and it would instantly scratch and it wouldn't come off so i know it's not 100 sapphire but the durability speaks for itself um cheaper for apple doesn't always mean cheaper for us thank you josh apple will argue there's more value in apple silicon the consumer will decide i i'm confident because they probably don't want to cannibalize their ipad lineup i think

They're very happy with the like it's not a computer but it's a computer thing in the sub 1 000 department just go with an ipad but if you're spending a thousand dollars or more that's when the mac options start opening up themselves and i think apple will pitch it as the performance and the graphics and of the apple silicon mac is so great a thousand dollars is a steal compared to other 1 000 laptops that cannot compete with that performance that's how i think they're

Going to handle it does the student discount with free air products also apply through amazon no this is an apple thing i don't think it applies to amazon y12 lineup getting smaller battery sizes mainly has to do with the a14 chip which i have a video coming up about which sounds like from the fabrication methods because tsmc is the company building the a14 chip it's a 5 nanometer chip which is smaller than the a13 chip and supposedly uses thirty percent which is pretty big thirty percent less power

Than the a13 chip and the smaller battery sizes of the iphone 12 at their worst are around 11 smaller than the iphone 11s um which means that okay 11 smaller battery but 30 percent better power efficiency which means that most likely the iphone 12 lineup will have worst case scenario the same battery life as the iphone 11 best case scenario it'll be better than the iphone 11 despite having a smaller battery just because of how good the a14 chip is with power consumption what we're

Hearing about the chip so far it sounds like they're going to be very very very very little power hungry which means basically smaller battery can last you a lot longer so i'm not crazy about the smaller batteries because i would rather than make a more power efficient cpu and keep the same size battery that way we just get extremely good battery life but um i get it they want it to be thinner and lighter and smaller so if the battery life is the same i'll be

Happy because i'm i'm fine with the current battery life i got air branding doesn't make sense anymore because all apple products are thin and light really i don't know if i'd call the 16-inch macbook pro thin and light that thing's pretty it's pretty heavy to be honest um when will iphone 12 be released well no one really knows but uh i expect an unveiling in september and a launching in october uh 814 is the most exciting thing to do with the iphone 12 yeah i think so too

I don't know if the most exciting i'm kind of more curious to see this updated design language i think that's probably the most exciting part of seeing the more squared off look and how thin the bezels are oled standard across the whole lineup that sounds pretty good to me but anyway folks we have streamed for the hour so uh i've got some projects to get to i've got some roads to hit but thank you all for tuning in and super chatting um when will the podcast be live just make sure you're subscribed to the

Channel on saturday we'll see what we can do all right stay tuned for that all thanks for tuning in and i hope you have a great rest of your day this is your apple shape here i'll see you in the next one bye everyone you

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