Swachhcoin SCX ICO Review – 3x in 6 months!!

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

We got an all new ICO review all right here on crypto PD oh what's going on is case seven every single video I drop us in the theorem giveaway guys the instructions in the comment section of the video we're just gonna look at some of the people commented on the last

Video give a quick shout-out to them so shout out to Kent Chua crypto Sammy to Rome ABS Hank gab gufu at go 'no Bali on Sangha Chrissy Cathy hacks or hacker Patrick beef Jason Berto sad Louie cabal esse at the

Cache that's enough of that some of these games man some of these name oh man alright before he gets that review let's just look at the market quick okay right now we got a total market cap of 251 billion we got a big corn Dominus of

47.4% so the Bitcoin dominance decreased by 0.6% okay right now we got the big gainer so we got hollow chain so hollow chain was up around 60% it I gets a drop down to

35 now we got mo AC at 14% at their own classes at 6% we also got the biggest losers Metaverse at 11% silica 7 we also got Pontiacs at 7 well let's move on to the review we're gonna talk about a project called a swash coin now when I

First saw this project initially I thought what the hell is this you know I really didn't like this project honestly when I first look at it superficially because it was hard for me to read what it was on the website there wasn't much

Information on the website then tell me much there was also a video that didn't tell me much but you know I knew that this wasn't a money grab because wholly because 98% of the tokens are sold already

I swear to god this was an hour ago I just refreshed his page it was at 81% so today they just sold a whole bunch of tokens yeah I knew this wasn't a money grab because if you hold on for 6 months you get a 3x bonus there's also a lot of

Other bonuses on this platform that they're given so they're giving out big bonuses the early adopters it's also a nonprofit organization and they're doing something I guess that's very good for the

Community but the real value that I personally think in this project is their technology that they're bringing to this whole sector and just their processes and different ways of doing things and there's also revenue shares

Associated with this platform so holding the tokens will give you different bonuses if you hold it you'll get percentages of revenue shares from the industry I'll go into more detail about how this whole thing works

Okay so bear with me so what is swash coin okay let's look at here they have their definition up here on their website swash coin foundation is a nonprofit organization whose primary objective is to work extensively to over

All the waste management sector by acting as a complete technology developer and service provider in this domain swash coin will make the existent waste management industry as efficient and capable as possible so that they'll

Become technologically and otherwise able to tackle the imminent waste management crisis the world faces at this very moment apart from working with industry swash coin will develop an ecosystem where individuals on a mass

Level are made aware of possibilities of wastes around them so that they're able to understand their roles and responsibilities and act accordingly okay so why are they doing this what is the problem that they are solving okay

I'll explain this so right now in the world we know that there's a lot of excessive waste generation we know that I love the products that people buy from the stores the containers at the end they're not biodegradable it's very hard

To get rid of these products safely so and everyone just throws in the garbage and mixes it up we're making too much waste there's also a landfill issue when this products get inside the landfill some of these products have to be

Discarded differently than others you can't burn everything obviously because it's gonna release some chemicals is gonna get in the atmosphere and caused our earth a lot of damage over all time okay it's gonna cause some methane gases

To be released up there we all know that as well it's also leading to global warming that's also an issue and also some of the wastes that are being produced are also very toxic and harmful to animals and mammals and even plants

So it's very important that we get rid of these wastes accordingly there's also a problem of organizational mismanagement so for example this sector 11 is privately owned and their main focus is to make profits the main focus

Of for a lot of these companies are about the environment so it's good that there's a nonprofit organizations trying to get involved in this sector to try and improve things and increase the profits of a lot of organizations right

Now in this industries the last problem too is the plastics problem there's a lot of plastics around the ocean around the earth people aren't discarding plastic properly as we all seen like these pictures before we've seen videos

Where there's a whole bunch of plastics floating in the ocean and they're going up in different countries shorelines and different animals are being caught in them and you see a turtle cotton one right here swash coin is aiming to solve

Problems like this okay there's many problems that garbage is causing but it's gonna get a lot worse because the population is getting bigger so well heads the white paper and read the solution that they're proposing it is

Not a hit in fact that the global waste management problem that we face cannot be tackled by a handful of people or organizations the willingness and contribution of mass population is key in successfully achieving our objective

The best way to encourage people to properly manage their waste will be to incentivize them monetarily for proper waste disposal and raise their awareness about the issue the core of this proposed solution swash coin offers also

It is significantly proven fact that the amount of high economic value outputs that can be obtained from the accumulated waste as tremendously reduced due to various types of ways being intermixed thus degrading the

Unique property individuality of the same swash coin will implement waste segregation at the source of swash bin to eliminate this problem the traditional running waste management industries have poor infrastructure and

Archaic technologies available to them greatly limits their operational abilities swash coin will completely eliminate this problem and take the technological abilities of the company to the state-of-the-art level does

Increasing their profits significantly there will be additional revenue generated from deploying technologies such as AI Big Data Internet of Things blockchain since they will increase operational efficiencies and

Productivity while also improving output quality does the additional capital invested in upgradation is also justified the cost of these additional investment will also be covered from ways that are currently absent in the

Sectors such as revenue obtained from advertising as this thing waste management companies will be provided with a complete business plan including a break-even point based on the past research and development along with

Active on-site survey this process will help us cross over the adoption barrier so that is how they are gonna solve the problem let's switch back onto the main website and take a look at the website so this was the main page guys

As we scroll down here they have overview of white paper Tolkien still details okay they also have a little video here which explains what's washe coin is this is just watching it but there's really not much information on

The main page guys the meat of the information the best parts to find really about what's going on with this whole project as a white paper it's kind of a hard read and has a lot of big words in it but just really if you're

Really interested in this project you'll learn what you need to know from it okay we saw these parts these are their partners right here as you see Bank whores in there as well let's skip through this so these are some of their

Features guys so before I talk about the features section I want to go through how this whole thing works okay this picture right here is the whole process of the waste management system you know people get garbage and the garbage bins

Go from their house trucks picks it up and takes it to the plans discards it in different ways there's also landfills as well okay but they're gonna change this whole ecosystem and add an exchange in here and they're gonna add this whole

Sweat wash coin currency so I'll read through what they say about this whole process so this is how the token economy works first the product buyer in the corner will be able to receive the goods and services produced by the waste

Processing industries at a cheaper price and tokens compared to traditional fiat currency this will create a demand for the tokens which will be fulfilled from various exchanges next if we move up here the waste processing industries

Will use a part of the tokens received from the product buyer to award monetary incentives to domestic households as well as sell the other part on exchanges to meet their day-to-day operational profitability and at the very end where

You see the domestic households it's like me and you domestic households will be able to sell rewards received for proper waste management on exchanges as well as use them for various purposes offered by swash coin that's how the

Token economy will work now let's go back to the features so as I said people are gonna reward the tokens for responsible waste disposal in the whole system that I just showed you the company is gonna add different

Technologies there's gonna be AI there's gonna be Big Data there's gonna be internet things integrated with blockchain we'll go through the features more on this website as we scroll down later this is just like a little

Introduction to them the old process will be a trustless transparent and autonomous philanthropy mechanism and only specialized bins people can also advertise on these bins and token holders get 4% of advertised revenue

Generated from these bins there also be a reagent culture existing infrastructure based exclusive platform and system modifications most broad processing product and range they'll be easy user signup there'll also be a

Dedicated wallet flash coin we'll also be focusing on improving waste management in rural and urban areas as well there have two plans for both there will be a sale output in tokens as well as Fiat for both so you could sell your

Tokens for cryptocurrencies or for Fiat if you want so let's scroll down the website and see some more so these are some of the technologies that they're focusing on on this platform that they're adding like I said they're gonna

Be adding these technologies to every single point like I showed you in that graph right like the plant also to the garbage bin it's gonna integrate all these technologies with it so squash tell is squash adaptive intelligence is

Refers to customized application of adaptive intelligent technology to increase the efficiency in operations specifically in the processing of ways to produce the desired output by making equipments intelligent they'll also be

Sweat out which means swash big-data it refers to customized application of big data to enable integration of advanced methods during transportation collection and distribution of various inputs and outputs as well as automated machinery

Decision based on past experiences and there will also be swaths IOT it means swash inner things refers to the customized application of Internet of Things to enable complete remote accessibility control and connectivity

Of indoor and outdoor waste processing equipment and does enable dramatic increase in efficiency there will also be their bins like what I was saying swash bins it refers to customized waste collection bins designed by swash coin

Having various features but not limited to automatic opening and closing lid length user identity database for Ward distribution integrated waste separation led advertisement panel and etc ok so let's go through the website and

Continue and this part here just shows different countries that produces waste as you can see the United States and China on top – I think Canada should be up there as well I know United States and Canada really well I've been in the

United States many times and I live in Canada so I just know that they create a lot of waste they have a really good way of getting rid of the waste like Canada in the US the majority of them do a good job of

Recycling from what I've seen personally I don't I can't speak the same for any of the countries because I don't haven't been there some of these underdeveloped countries they don't have very good ways of disposing trash so something like

This could be a very good use to them and in all fairness to the developed countries could use some of this technology to make their processes better so let's keep going through this okay so I already spoke about this part

We all know how it works okay and this is just like a working model this just shows you that like the plant the waste processing unit with all the garbage it gets it can make energy from it and sell it out to the buyer and the

Buyer will will buy it for tokens it can also sell fertilizer to the buyer the buyer will buy it for tokens exhausted sell biogas to the buyer buyer will give it for tokens it sells iron the buyer can buy it for tokens also to rural

Areas will bring the waste processing unit some waste and it will give them tokens for it industries will do the same as well as hospitals and different industries this is like the household domestic urban they send waste and they

Get tokens back vice versa yada-yada-yada guys get it when you first look at this you were like what was going on but if you read the white paper you'll be able to understand this process very easily let's go through so

I talked in allocation so three percent to philanthropy four percent for bounty seven percent for advisors and partners Walt it's eight percent and nine percent for team sixty nine percent for crowd sale we know the asset allocation side

We got blockchain development five percent marketing five percent Treasury ten percent working capital 10 percent we got platinum and model plant development 70 percent and these are all the different media platforms that this

Coin was listed on this is all the articles that they wrote about it and these are the roadmap right here that there's a better roadmap on their white paper I'm gonna pull that up so this is the roadmap on a white paper we're gonna

Start right here in q1 2018 so ICO announcement ICO campaign targeting marketing social media blockchain development q2 SWAT at first look proof-of-concept test presale patent process initiation main ICO token

Distribution market recognition and expansion strategy Exchange listing swashb an MVP reveal partnering with manufacturing industry tie ups and also to in q4 swath centers with you korte and mono revision community voting

Campaign reward protocol development q1 2019 platform development finance disclosure annual port finance protocol development for first deployment Q to 2019 test net launch route verification overall system integration alpha release

Q3 2019 prototype pre deployment testing minimal viable ecosystem assembly initiation interactive revision implementation and verification Q for 2019 final design reveal first platform deployment in the industry so they're

Gonna be having a prototype like way later that's you know obviously I don't like that part but this is my opinion I wish that they would have this developed a lot sooner so let's move back on to the website these are the frequently

Asked questions section but like I said guys I won't even use the frequently asked questions section and find out what it is read the white paper read it it tells you everything on there but by the time you probably read it this

Thing's probably sold out anyway they raised 18 million okay so let's look at the founder I talked to the CEO he was catching a plane so I didn't really get a chance to ask him any questions he was in a hurry but he

Was able to call me from the airport and we talked I told me about the token you know he just seems like a really bright guy and it was just it was a good conversation he told me what I needed to know about the project and really cut my

Learning curve down a little bit further okay let's look at his resume oh so I sent him a friend request he's pending I hope he sees this and he better accept my friend requests all right so let's check this out so he has the experience

Of swatch coin for two years and five months he's been working on for awhile so inspired fellow Department of Science and Technology India research and development specialists Indian Institute of Science in Education Research he's

Working there for four years in two months working on waste management associated problems in India and opportunities associated in this field so that's where the idea came from guys active continental plate tectonics so

Indian Institute science and research so he's also an analyst at Fourier series so as education as a master's of science and he also took Earth Sciences as a major I believe okay so he has a lot of experience in this field and he wasn't

Educated in this field so it makes sense why he would chew so I think that's a good sign and we'll look at the co-founder fresh hands he's the CEO oh look at his experience so he was a he was a partner at komorebi

Alliance for president three months so it really doesn't say what it is and what he did there he should improve this resume here it's not good enough in my opinion so he also worked at Coyne wolf one year in eight

Months I don't know what he did there it was a chief executive officer he also had an internship railway so his education of bachelor technology mechanical engineering so this guy gotta fix his

Resume because you don't really know what he did there or what his roles and duties work and that's not enough so let's move down here and see the advisors pay attention to do the advisors are guys you'll see like a lot

Of like similar phases I've seen this guy – before all right so this gentleman here his name is Chad Paulette VP of Marketing co-founder okay let's look down board member of crypto pow so crypto powers of blockchain bases

They're like platform that is reinventing how people and brands connect he's also a VP of Marketing at empowered president and four months board member of swash coin board member of added hive he's also an advertiser

Indiana governance executive council of cybersecurity president one year his education as master certification internet marketing he has a bachelor's of entrepreneurship from 1994 to 1999 so let's just go back to the top but so

Just to sum everything up like I said in the beginning I didn't see where the value was in his project I thought it was money grab then I read the white paper and I learned there's a lot of value in the technology as well as the

Revenue sources that it generates like what I was saying you get 4% from all the advertisements that they make on the bins and you also get a 1.5 percent kickback if you hold the tokens on the money that the waste processing

Companies make so I can see why he want to hold the tokens as well on here they have a 3x bonus for people who hold the tokens for six months so there's not gonna be a lot of selling pressure in the very beginning for people who have

These tokens when I started doing my research this thing was 81% sold and BAM done my research about to record the videos like 98% sold so I don't know what happened today but someone just bought a whole bunch of tokens

Anyways guys I hope you guys enjoyed this review this was k7 from crypto PD oh we got more news and more crypto boom you to come and about

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