Surface Pro X: The jump-off

by birtanpublished on September 27, 2020

This video is going to be slightly meta because of what I'm going to be talking about it's gonna be this product right here the surface pro X and it's not necessarily about just the product itself it's about how excited it gets me for this growing portion of the

Computing market you see the surface pro X on its own is a little bit hard to recommend I do find a lot of fun with it I get a lot of work done but in general it just makes me think about the kinds of computers like this that we'll be

Getting in the coming year hey it's Joshua for gar what's going on everybody this is a look at the Microsoft Surface pro x after this internet security is incredibly important and while software can

Certainly help you can also get help from the sponsor of this video Trend Micro and their home network security device it's a little node that connects to one of the Ethernet ports in your wireless router that way you can monitor

All of the wireless connections that come to your router and also the traffic that it feeds to all of your mini devices it provides powerful and flexible parental controls such as controlling social media and blocking

Inappropriate websites it can protect from viruses and hackers and provide firewall protection for all of the connected devices in your home all of that control is in a smart phone app that you can use to remotely control

Your network which is something that I do here in my office it's probably no surprise that I have so many devices connected in my office at any given time even when I'm not in it so it's nice for me to be able to see things like a

Timeline of all the different connections that were made in my office so I can monitor what my internet is doing even if I'm not connected to it directly if you want to learn more about how to make your wireless network even

More secure you can check out Trend Micro and their home network security device in the links in the description below thank you to Trend Micro for sponsoring this video now the form factor is something that I really enjoy

It works really well as a general tablet and I have to admit I've used it in that configuration more than I thought I would but the vast majority of the time I am using this like a small 13-inch ultrabook because once you connect it to

One of the keyboards that snap right onto the bottom it becomes a typing machine and I mean it this keyboard is actually super enjoyable to use and I've used this for many different scripts just to have the surface pro X right

Here in the corner so that I have my script available with my notes and be able to do videos like this now I know that there is the ability to use pen with the tablet features on here but I don't have that pen and to be honest

And pretty much any other device that supports a stylus or something of that nature I don't really use them so let's just say that the surface pro X does open me up to the world of convertible tablets laptops 2 and ones 3 and once

Whatever the case may be but once you get underneath the hood the very things that make this laptop really exciting are also the things that make it less ideal one of the reasons why is because it uses the Microsoft Qualcomm

Based sq 1 which is a processor that we're going to see more often at least this class of processor that creates what they call always connected pcs now I did have a SIM card in here for a little bit of time and it was nice to

Have that connectivity no matter where I was however with a laptop like this I generally always have my smart phone in my pocket anyway so I would just go back to tethering that smart phone to here like with most laptops now you'll notice

That I have it plugged in right now and that's because the battery life on here is not as ideal despite the type of processor it's using now just like with a lot of other reviewers I have noticed that battery life on this is not quite

Where you would hope it to be after a couple of updates came out including the update to the edge chromium browser on here it did get better I did get a couple more hours on there but for the most part I make sure this thing is

Charged up either with the USB C ports on the side or the included fast charger and as long as it's topped up at all times I can take it with me for a solid six to nine hours worth of just writing time because that's the thing I do the

Most on here and finally that type of processor also means that you're not really gonna do a whole lot of gaming on here not that every single laptop should be judged on its gaming performance but it's just

Something to keep in mind because the gaming or the lack thereof on here also open up the doors to the reasons why this processor is not ideal for most users it uses the ARM architecture and now this is probably something you've

Seen on a lot of publications or videos on this particular laptop but in a nutshell a lot of applications that you might want to use on a laptop like this something so portable and yet so

Beautiful at the same time simply won't work on here any of the Adobe applications DaVinci Resolve even an app like notion which is my note-taking and calendaring and task management system they don't have arm

Capable or armed compatible applications that could be used on something like the surface pro X yet since I got this laptop in early December and I've been using it for the last couple of months I have seen a small trickle of new

Applications that have become supported on arm I'm happy that there are applications like Amazon music HD and dashlane that work well on here and I'm not gonna focus on this way too much but I'm really happy that the edge chromium

Browser has finally come to the surface pro X it is an armed browser but it's also based on the chrome back-end which means that you can install different extensions and also I can access the web version of notion thank God so that it

Can actually take my notes properly the way that I want to and as expected there is a performance leap when you're using arm specific applications rather than trying to emulate once made for other architectures so you have to look in the

Windows Store maybe look through that catalog and you might find some that you're really into or you can actually make apps of the web applications that you would otherwise run in the edge chromium browser but like I said I found

Use cases for this laptop and I realized that those scenarios are very in line with what I noticed from my friends and colleagues in the tech space you see there are people like Jaime Rivera and Michael Fisher who use their laptops Mac

Books and whatnot in order to do a video editing and the main work that we do here on YouTube but then they always seem to have something smaller on hand in order to take notes and to write and all that stuff and I never quite

Understood the dichotomy of having a bigger machine and a smaller one at all times normally I would just use my 15 or 14 inch laptop for literally everything just bring that with me everywhere like right now I have the MSI prestige 15

Connected to that monitor via a Thunderbolt 3 dock that way I can connect it to there get my work done on that monitor unplug it bring it home connect it to my monitor at home and then when I go to cafes I bring that

Laptop and just use its screen when I'm on the go but being on the go is the whole point of the surface pro X and other computers like it things like the always connectivity allow you to access your cloud for everything and for the

Most part because you're using something like the edge chromium browser that is going to be your workflow it's going to be a more cloud-based laptop despite there being full windows on here but the Achilles heel is I have there aren't

That many apps that support the arm arc texture yet I find myself equated my experience with the surface pearl X with the times when I first started using tablets I remember when tablets were starting to

Become a big thing I could not understand why a huge screen was going to be so important to some people and then I started using certain applications that were early adopters of those form factors applications like

Netflix which I did install on here using the Windows app store and then I started watching content on here and as it turns out this is a great media display the speakers are also quite good and then if you turn off the

Connectivity you can get even more battery life out of it so you could watch a number of episodes of any given show or movies because it is full windows on here there are things built into the OS that you can take advantage

Of for example you can use the built-in wireless display capability to make the surface pro X your secondary display to your already existing laptop workflow that actually turned out to be a really fun thing to do especially when I was

Traveling and I had both my laptop and this with me but then of course when you're on the go and you have something like this it is easier to leave your laptop let's say in a hotel room and just bring this writing machine with me

Over to a cafe or to a local spot and just be able to type my notes down in a very easy fashion I guess my point is that even though this laptop has a lot of limitations those limitations aren't going to be that way for very long

At least that's what I hope but that's when the hard part comes in because right now what Microsoft is asking you to do is be a super early adopter and I think for a lot of people out there that's just not gonna fly even if you're

The kind of person who would only use something like the edge chromium browser in order to do a lot of your work that is a viable way of using this laptop but it doesn't really justify the cost of the high end model of the surface pro X

If you do decide to go to the surface pro X right now as your main computer you are kind of getting ready for the future because more arm applications are coming out all the time so I guess it's easy to say that you shouldn't really go

For the surface pro X right now unless you are that sure of just what you're going to use this computer for even the situations that I was talking about are a little bit niche in nature so it's not like I'm telling you to get this just to

Watch Netflix or to just have a secondary display or to just even have something that you can write on because it's just simply too expensive for that but that's not to say you should write off the surface Pro X

Altogether a little bit later in the year especially when arm matures and more applications start to support it it might be the perfect time to actually look into the surface pro X and by that time you'll probably have a bit of a

Discount and you'll be able to get a higher end version of it for a much more reasonable price so unless you're the kind of person who really wants to be on the bleeding edge you want to be the earliest adopters you possibly can

Well maybe you should not sleep on this laptop but maybe you should wait for a little bit it does make me excited for what comes next though and Microsoft did a great job of showing us what an arm Snapdragon HDX plus processor enabled

Laptop could look like all right I just wanted to talk a little bit about this it's been sitting on my queue for a little bit and I know that some people out there are very interested in the form factors of a laptop like this

Unfortunately I just can't recommend it right now but I think that's going to change a little bit later this year and I'm excited for when that actually happens other laptops with this type of processor this type of form factor this

Type of architecture those are going to start coming out more and more we're already starting to see some of them like the galaxy book s so you can look out for even more of them to come out and as they do hopefully we'll see the

Ecosystem mature but with all that said I'm going to go ahead and call it on this one thank you so much for watching drop some links on this video and get into the comment sections down below let's have a discussion about arm-based

Processors about the surface pro x about other surface pros all of that stuff let me know what you think and if you have been using this laptop as your main I want to know what your use case has been like let me know about all of that in

The comments sections down below subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and consider hitting the bell over on the side so that you can keep up with everything that I'm doing here at JV and with all that said I'm gonna go

Ahead and call it on this one I'll thank you once again and remind you to enjoy your tea everybody

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