Surface Pro X Doesn’t Give It to You

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

the surface pro x is a product that was
clearly designed to compete with what
offer this is a thin elegant looking
magnetically attached tablet that has an
ergonomic design that looks good with a
good battery life and still runs Windows
10 for the functionality and usability
that a lot of people are looking for in
a computing device so I'm going to dive
into the surface pro X I'm going to talk
about the hardware first and then talk
about the user experience so I'm gonna
go into weight first this is not a super
light machine it's slightly lighter than
like a regular surface pro it's got a
bigger screen it's got thinner bezels
but it's similar and way to a surface
pro and still heavier than an iPad pro
now the finish of this device is as
black anodized aluminum it's not
magnesium like the regular surface pro
devices are and on my unit I found that
some of the edges were sharper than I
expected not that you can cut your
finger under anything but you can
definitely scrape things on it that you
normally wouldn't be able to on kind of
a premium surface product it's just it's
a little bit weird I don't know if this
is just my unit but you know it's just
something you should look out for if you
end up buying one um like always though
black anodized metal protect this stuff
I put a skin on like this is my surface
pro six this is over a year old at this
point but like this stuff scratches
easily so I highly recommend getting a
skin when it comes to black surface
devices ok 13 inch screen on the surface
pro X this is a bigger screen than with
the surface pro 6 and 7 offer let me
face unlock this guy
ok 13 inch screen looks really nice it's
bright it's sharp it's got a 3×2 aspect
ratio it's basically the screen that you
would expect on a high-end surface
device and on either side of that screen
are some speakers the media consumption
experience on the surface pro X is
definitely enjoyable it also has good
connectivity all these better than what
the iPads offer so it's got two USB sea
ports they don't support Thunderbolt 3
but it also has a surface connect I
don't love the existence of the surface
connect I mean if you don't know what it
is it's Microsoft
prior Terry connection port the AC
adapter that comes in the Box uses this
port but you can also use use PC ports
to charge the device
I really wish they just stuck another
USB see on the other side or even a USB
a but that's what you have on the back
side you have access to the removable
SSD as well as your SIM card slot so you
have access to LTE wherever you go which
is nice
you don't have access to any other
hardware at least not user friendly
access the Wi-Fi card in here is Wi-Fi
five not Wi-Fi six and the battery is
well they claim a thirteen hour battery
life but I got nine and a half hours
with my regular test so they get 13
hours by running their screen at 115
it's which is really dim like that's not
a real-world test to me
nine and a half which is respectable
it's very similar to what the iPads
offer in terms of battery life the
keyboard attaches magnetically like any
other surface pro device it doesn't work
with other surface devices like the
surface pro X keyword has to work with
the surface pro X but it's got the same
kind of like touch and feel and just
mechanics to a regular surface pro
keyboard the one thing that is different
and super cool is the presence of this
pen that's kind of hidden in the
keyboard case it sits in there
magnetically and it charges in there but
it also we've designed it in a way so
that if you put it upside down it'll
automatically flip itself over to charge
properly it's pretty cool the kickstand
is like your standard surface kickstand
gives you a whole bunch of different
kind of viewing angles and stuff like
that for ergonomics it's a nice design
you also have your webcam up front that
supports Windows hello as well as
rear-facing cameras that shoot 4k video
if that's your jam for whatever reason
so I use this thing for about five maybe
six days before I shot this yeah six
days and I tried to use this thing as my
regular and only computer so let's talk
about performance if you're doing
regular light computer tasks like
regular stuff like gonna browse on the
web emails YouTube Netflix any kind of
light stuff performs quite smoothly on
this machine and the whole experience is
nice right it's got Windows 10 it's got
multiple ports it's got native mouse
support native trackpad support it's
it's a whole Windows 10 laptop slash
computer however if
you want to run more specialized
applications let's say you're a creative
and you want to run Photoshop this
machine cannot run native 64-bit intel
based photoshop you can't run 64-bit
intel based anything you have to run a
32-bit version of those programs and
photoshop has one you can run it on this
system but it just runs quite poorly
it's being emulated it's not natively
running on that ARM processor it's
taking that 32-bit instruction set and
then converting it to run on this system
in real time it's cool that it does it
but performance is not good because the
chip in here is the sq1 it's an ARM chip
that's designed to run ARM based
applications so to get good performance
this thing needs to run applications
that developers have made specifically
for this type of processor and right now
there's not a lot of them and when it
comes to gaming
I tried csgo it's not a particularly
demanding game but it's pretty choppy
asphalt I don't think this game is
particularly well optimised for the
system right now but it runs and if
you're looking at the surface pro X and
you're thinking this looks like it could
play games because it's got teraflops
and other flops like the commercial said
don't like this is maybe graphically
capable but don't buy this thing for
games look if you look at the benchmarks
and you compared to the most recent iPad
pro the surface pro x is not as strong
of a performer and seem if you compare
it to the current surface pro lineup the
value of a product like this is very
dependent on the ecosystem like all the
applications that run on the surface pro
x and right now there's very few if you
compare it to something like an iPad pro
this is a product that has a very rich
ecosystem like any of the iPads running
iPad OS have access to hundreds of
thousands of really good high-quality
apps from like a tier developers to like
C tier developers it doesn't matter what
you're looking for there's probably an
application that's on Apple's App Store
now ten years ago that wasn't the case
if you look at what iPads were like when
they first launched they had no apps and
there were very few people that looked
at this thing with utility it was like
this gigantic iPod Touch with a big
screen no one really wanted to use it
but as these things became more popular
developers found it worth their
I'm an effort to make apps for them I
feel like that's where we are today
with the surface pro X this is a device
that requires developers to make apps to
really flex what this hardware can do to
make it useful and in its current state
because this is a thousand dollar device
I don't know whether we'll get to that
stage whether or not developers will
ever look at this platform these are
based devices for Windows and think hey
this is worth our time this is worth the
effort and energy and resources it takes
to make these apps run at an optimized
state on an ARM based tablet so the way
it sits right now as cool as this is as
much as I like like the technology and
love the idea of this ARM based tablet
that's thin and ergonomic and very good
on battery life and just energy
efficient it's hard for me to recommend
this thing openly like if I had to
choose something today I'm like hey
person X needs a tablet of some sort and
you have a thousand dollar budget I
would get them an iPad every day it's
only for the niche user that like really
wants a Productivity focus device and
they want to have connectivity for the
USB devices and then this makes sense
but right now we gotta wait we've got to
wait for the applications to show off
what this thing can do okay hope you
guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you
liked it subs if you loved it see you
guys next time

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