Surf rock and black metal are secretly identical

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

if you pay close enough attention you

can find the most unexpected connections

in different kinds of art Warner

Brothers cartoons that mimic classic

operas Disney movies that recall

Shakespearean tragedies black metal and

surf rock being almost the exact same

genre of music

if you look close enough and long enough

at any piece of art you're bound to draw

some kind of conclusion that might

escape a casual observer like well dude

10 is a 2 but you is just taming the


trust in me

I say

of course Shakespeare's version had less

frankie valli songs which he was often

criticized for at the time and most

recently the internet could not stop

talking about the possible theoretical

connections between the careers of pablo

picasso and kanye west when someone

comes up and says something like i am a


everybody says who does he think is I

just told you who I thought I was a guy

not content to let the life of Pablo

just rest as an album title that's

definitely not as good as so help me God

or swish Nathan said sought to draw

connections between the phases of Pablo

Picasso's career the blue period the

Rose period in cubism and how they are

mimicked by the recent album art of

Kanye honestly I buy it but I'm that

kind of guy oh god I just told you

that's who I think I am heavy metal is a

genre that frequently references other

works about whether it's mastodons Moby

Dick inspired Leviathan or that

symphonic metal opera based on my little

pony that blew up in 2014

shut up to all the bronies that were

literally the first people to subscribe

to this channel as I was saying some of

the best metal is informed heavily by

other works of art by an innate interest

or a fascination with the works of

Tolkien if you're a power metal band or

vogner if you're a symphonic metal band

or 1950s American peace party movies if

you're black swing at all vacation is

here beachbody to 9 while metal might be

tough sounding music for ruffians that

is less to do with the ruffians

themselves than the technology they

employ because metal without distortion

does really pack the same punch well

this is true for many subgenres black

metal in particular with its low 5

charred remains of a burnt-out church

smokey noise vibes is particularly silly

when you strip away the requisite levels

of distortion in fact when you do that

you basically get a dick tails

of course the burrs ohms Lord of the

waves sounds an awful lot like regular

Burzum and their Lord of the deaths

as goofy as that is and I know it is

goofy there is a similarity in approach

surf music is roomy and drenching reverb

and is not entirely unlike the drench

Eve Ives of a dark thrown song which is

probably why the dark Thrones have such

success turning the former's

Transylvanian hunger into California

I mean it's not so different from this

also floating around the digital only

true cult surf music scene The Immortals

the Emperor's and the Mane's and to this

I say good the beach needs more people

milling about in corpsman

what do you think what's the most

unlikely connection you've tried to make

between two very disparate pieces of art

I would say for me it is black metal and

surf rocks so let me know in the

comments and be sure to subscribe for

new episodes of this exists every week

be excellent to each other

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