Sunroofs Everything How to Fix One OR Make it Manual for FREE!!

by birtanpublished on September 13, 2020

It's closed how do you feel about that I get my parking space back in my garage yeah total cost an hour and zero dollars inconceivable think angry redhead thoughts it's not easy but with a little practice we can close it Brian's mobile one so we're in a Jeep

Liberty this one has some problems with a sunroof namely it doesn't close which is a problem because we've been having rain like almost every day so here's what happens this is what sounds like maybe

You can relate maybe your car is making the same noise we're gonna tear into it and see if we can pinpoint what it is before it won't close it's completely stuck when you turn the key on it does this so it goes ching-ching-ching

So when you push a button it goes back a little or forward a little as you can see here just like a half inch is all it does and it does that when you turn the car off it's possessed go like that push up

The back a little bit of a security problem we just won't put the license plate on the internet like sweat running down my brow and now watch what happens when you hit the button keys in the on position nothing perfect nice and quiet

Turn the key off and oh nothing no rain no noise no problem oh we're gonna tear into it and see what it takes you want to pull you're a pillar stuff down just get a screwdriver on the side of it they'll squish out of the way and then

It'll kind of reveal what else needs to happen you got to pull this off because the headliners here we got to drop the headliner in order to get to the sunroof you might benefit from these I'll leave a link in the description you have to

Click show more I can't put these links in the comments anymore googles too greedy they want all the money I get a little kickback doesn't cost you anything helps out the Channel six point five millimeter do you have one of those

Maybe you do maybe you don't I'll leave a link in the description take that bucket let's pull it out it's just hexagonal these have a little magnet in the very bottom of a anymore angle there you go

Coming straight out the steering wheel but we got her that's kind of fun huh the whole eight pillar cover comes off all from just those two screws no clips at all that's actually not a bad design I bet it's easy for them to put together

It's cheap to assemble it's easy to work on and you get rid of all your Adil's with two screws this is not an expensive car but it's an efficient little thing right it's nice all right so Oh probably could be

Smoothed out huh there we go you can see the headliner ends there well we got handles here that we've got to pull off each of them has a little covered like this and there's a little spot for a screwdriver it's gonna pop these out

These are not a cover these actually slide out like this and it's like a push-pull pin like the body tabs that you find on a radiator shroud so I give you a little spot that you can hook into you pull it like that and then give it a

Yank and you're out or non-german or chrysler vehicles you'll have a screw and a cover instead but here's how this system works when you push this it expands out like that and holds it into place what will they think of next

And then basically all you're doing is you just sliding it out like this and that allows these two to pinch together and come out and they give these Sun visors are keeping that headliner up so you got to get the screws out there a

Torque so you can just put it like that you see as if all of these out this just pulls down and you just use a couple of fingernails and you've got nyan cat rainbow ribbon hanging out of it we got to pop this out of here to do these

You've got a little clip on the side here so you just use a screwdriver to just pop those out just lift it up and off push into the tabs like that it should just come out that's the frame of it and all you have to do is just the

Frame is we're just pulling the headliners what we're doing one button stayed there we're gonna pull it off and just try to come stay together so this is a switch for the sunroof you just take a little

Dental pick or something go pry on it a little bit on one side a little on the other side and then get a little pressure and it will let go just like that so the size for all these is T 15 it screws through if you pull down on it

It holds the screw and everything together otherwise you may be chasing these under the cedar who knows where parts unknown that's what I'm saying nice if we had a new one because this one's busted

Oh you want to support B riser for the last one make sure your hands are clean for this part you look at your vanity thing if you've got a little light that comes on be prepared for that wire if you feed it out just a little bit you'll

Find the plug push tab is so stinkin little like dink win it by the wires but I'm not an octopus I have two hands true facts about not being an octopus it's been replaced twice already yeah keeps breaking cuz it's just

Opposite what you think you got to push it forward to get it off and lo everybody pulls back everybody pulls back they keep pulling and not gonna understand why it's not coming this is like holding on with no screws how is it

That'll pick it why's everybody demo picking on me the front is pretty much all undone so the headliners got kind of a plastic bracket again the t15 same when we did the headliner you gotta pull these screws out and as you do watch how

This separates you see that gap being created so this thing is screwed in by bracket that's in the headliner helps keep it rigid that way is people you're not gonna believe this the people will actually grab the track just bad because

Of grease and dirt in here and these headliners staying easy so don't grab the track it just seems like a fun place to put your hand so it's actually glued onto these little guys here we can all the glue in there they just spray

Everything with glue and they go to put this in so the advice if it doesn't come down at first but there's a lot that's just glued on this applies to aftermarket sunroofs okay you're not gonna believe this but

As you go back from where the visor comes in you can feel a screw right here you have to ask some spray adhesive to put this back together but you peel this off just kind of work it nice and easy if you pull too hard or too much you're

Gonna run into a separate problem and that separate problem is just having it hang is it like stretched out you don't want to stretch it but if you feel in here there's actually a screw this is an

Aftermarket that somebody did to this it's a screw that's holding this headliner on you could see the screw behind there once you get those hidden screws you're good you see I've got the one on this side same story you can't

Pull it down it's like it resists and resists once it's out you're good coming in from the back door you can feel that there's a little tab up in here top there it is found it so if i trace around you see there's a little hollow

Spot and you look up inside you pull the foam down you see that little black cap you use a pry bar and you pull that out and it looks like this it's basically like those oh crap bars that we pulled out of here yeah you pop those out then

There's a whole bunch of screws along the back that are this format starting from the steering wheel and going back you can see we got a big ol hole this is the cassette you can see the carpet from this slide

You gotta unplug the motor there go ahead and unplug it you see you got another nyan cat thing going on there rainbow yeah so now you'll hear the noise going but we still have to cut these cables these cables go to pulleys

That pull that closed and once you have a plastic pulley break you have to replace this whole assembly so rather than pulling that down and taking it apart and everything do you got the cutters I got the cutters – here – there

Don't cut your drain hoses but this black one never the black one ever the black one just the gold one go for the gold Jeff going for the gold ready for it yeah get it it's not gonna cut easy by the way no it's not

This leave all right how about if I give it a try all right think angry redhead thoughts release your inner redhead chew on it wiggle it dogs dog like so you got one left to go find if I get way down on the

Handle and way up in pushing hard on it these RGB brand people link in the description so with all of those cat we should be able to set the slide forward you see it's nice and tight here and then this isn't all the way up but it's

Pretty close if I shove this down on each side don't break it but you gotta push hard to get it to go so that's the sunroof somewhat retracted and then we can pull it forward again it's hard because this thing oh if you've ever

Pushed down on your air dam this is what keeps your sunroof going smooth so the air jumps over it instead of like getting all turbulent go like that push up the back that's all there is to that a little bit of a security problem we

Just won't put the license plate on the internet like sweat running down my brow so it's not easy but with a little practice we can close it cool so we had to pull the stinkin headliner down so we could get to the cables and cut them

When it's in this up position that won't go back it'll stay closed so we're gonna put the headliner back in know the reason why I'm exploiting all this is that there are screws as you saw earlier that Cohen here so you have to have this

Open in this position to put the headliner back in once it's in then we'll close this before it won't close it's completely stuck and after it's totally closed the rain won't get in and now watch what

Happens when you hit the button he's in the on position nothing perfect nice and quiet turn the key off and nothing no rain no noise no problem no fuss no muss it's closed how do you feel about that I get my parking space back in my garage

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