Fashion your hair at residence like a professional – prepare with Emil and Rasmus

published on July 3, 2020

hello gosh thank you for tuning in on

slick-haired TV we here in my apartment

so now we're going to show you some

dressing up for our birthday party which

is tomorrow and I brought my suit and

also brought my Janko so I'll show you

some tips and tricks I'm gonna make a

quick hairstyle so stay tuned for that

as well and I think I'm gonna wear some

blue jeans and a blazer and basic

teacher yeah but before we are getting

started I think we should make some

juice yeah I think we should make a

healthy juice no juice

and also we have a launch of a new

product will show that later in the

program so stay tuned it looks healthy

so roots and apples

citrus fruit

if you want only player this is

definitely the recipe while Rasmus is

preparing I'm playing around I'll show

you some of the clothing to draw black



really nice place you have here thank


so how many of you guys making your own

juice would like to know so come in come

section down below so is this kind of

your everyday routine yeah every morning

I'm making a nice juice it's very good

for the body and you feel energized

without drinking five ripples as if you

did that yeah that's right

and we have it's it's basically 80

percent next two books 90 percent fruit

yeah which is the apples it's it's kind

of more like 50/50 so the fibers and the

vitamins as well


it's your life Hank

yes always isn't it finished it looks

really delicious

I'm up for a juice for this one you can

enjoy drinking and this one you don't

need to eat anything left here so you

can just throw in the garbage you hate

it you hate vegetables taste so good you

made it very good presents its every

morning or night and bring it all day

now we have our healthy drinks I think

it's time to

Russ's I think we should stop with the

first cat was with you product which I

have in my back target it's cold five in

Lane detox me and we have been very

excited about this product because it is

infused with green tea extract and it

also has organic jojoba oil and it

contains no parabens and the leaves and

the product leaves your hair very so and

silky so it's one of our new favorite

shampoo drink get to it

F for Christmas don't let don't leave me


like that grab the shampoo it's almost

empty and while you are washing your

hair then it's worth to mention remember

to get all the water in your hair before

having the product empty right this is

the perfect amount for Milan

you need a helping hand breakfast you

have this phone

so to get that fresh and clean feeling


what's very special about the new detox

me is that you don't actually have to

use a conditioner afterwards you can't

do that if you feel like your hair needs

it but it has these organic your yoga

oil extract and green tea that leaves

your hair that leaves your hair very

soft so how many of you guys i also

remember to wash your face this one is

from thing skincare it's two pumps it

brings you can clean your skin properly

and talking about your facial skincare

then it's very good to wash your tip a

few times a day so you work out all the

oils and also removes the dead skin

cells so the skin will renew itself

I'm ready for the blow-dried yes now my

hair is James I'm going to apply some




and now I have a small tip if you like

going go halfway up and straighten

weight cannot change cannot destroy

you'll always go back in place so I

could just give it some hairspray but

I'm prepared to give it the wax some

hair wax and gold digger is my all-time

favorite so I'm gonna use that one to

collect the edges and have some nice

texture and contrast in my hair

Rasmus 7 me up and roughness why don't

you tell everyone about the benefits of

the psychics brain alright the benefit

of the psychic spray is that you can use

it in their dead here it's very good to

give you that ground hold and also it

has heat protectant and it connects very

well when you are applying the wax so

it's it's kind of a miracle product

so now for the hairstyling ya find the

gold digger you keep the gold digger in

the bathroom and you can see how much I

love it the thing it's time to stag up

some new products yeah so let's scoop

into it so you don't use more than that

yeah I can say this one gerrae fleece

last me for about one and a half two

months so it's very a great product do

you use it everyday or yeah five days a

week five days a week okay so I know you

just apply to Saturday and Monday off


and now I'm not going to apply it and I

like it to be a little tacky and then

I'm gonna rub it in just like this it's

looking very nice

you are pretty shop hairstyle on the

seat so right now I have two options if

you like it to have a more like a no

product look I'll take the blow dryer

will trick you through it I'm gonna show

you now how it's gonna look and also

I'll give it a very quick round of hair

spray to see all the deal but let's see

how it looks it will not take the blow

right now bring it here what's up yeah

so this Trinity is about taking the heat

and melt the wax into the hairstyle so

it will look more natural but still have

the very high

now we're done that life so you softened

up their product you can see depending

on the direction up here which I made in

the pre styling process with the skillet

and brush if you're gonna be like

dancing like crazy which I am I'm gonna

use some hairspray and use it is to get

more texture in the banks keep the sides

in place and doing like this with my

fingers and spray yeah and now it's

ready ready for party oh yeah all right

not my hair is freshly cleaned and I'm

ready to start my hair but before I blow

dried and begin to style it I will

switch to the shirts I'm gonna wear I'm

gonna wear this white shirt and it's

very nice because it's stretchy and it

has a slim fit I'm also using the

sidekick spray for heat protection and

light Holt before adding the products I

also save a lot of products when I use

this don't have to add that much wax for

me now I don't have any hair styling

without using this cone it's very nice

and I use it for a finish but for the


I use the skeleton brush

I'm gonna do a classic comb-over and

kind of slicked back look but I always

because I've worried wavy hair

I start with the front so take care of

this wheel and the the waves that is

very hard to control

big ones here


and while I'm blow-drying my hair I

think of hoping to make sure that all my

hair right and if you have thought right

you have before which you probably have

then you will figure out that you always

forget the back it's still soaking wet

so I'm now ready to add the hair product

and in this occasion I'll use the gold

digger and night fiber because like the

extra I like the mixture night fiber

husk less less of a high whole but it's

it's kind of more like a medium hold and

it gives a natural shine to it gold

digger has a very strong hold with the

matte finish that's why I like to mix it


and you add the products very gently

just yeah

you just coping finger combing the

product into the hair you get a feel you

can see move around with it very high

homes and the hairspray Christmas I'm

kidding I'm just joking you can see we

have the high board but also you have a

pliable hold so you can just brush it

back and you can do basically whatever

you want with it and now it's now finger

combing it so it's kind of missing

you're gonna actually have sort of say a

lot of different looks but I'll show you

what you can do with the giant comb

because in this way you can actually

control your hair even more in order to

do so used to do this use this brush

it's my extra set of hands this I'm

feeling like a butcher

just with the coats I'm able to do the

last settings for my hair I think

what's the bet before you vote then I

think we should change for the birthday

closing I already have my shirt on but

let's put Blazers

now the look is done and I'm ready for

the birthday batch Moreau fish Rasmus

let's see what you have

yeah I'm going for the more casual kind

of style but you have a seat for me

there's nothing left to say then

remember to look in the camera rhythms

right there

I will so it was great being back with

this old kind of steak hair TV episode

we hope you guys enjoy watching us

talking a little bit more and showing

you some hairstyles and some clothing as

well yeah you would like to see more of

that then don't forget to leave your

comment down below and let us know your

opinion that's all men that is all that

matters for us live sites you can

lifestyle actually see you

we're going on Rasmus Romero has to be


referring to the shooting

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