Stuntmen React To Bad & Great Hollywood Stunts 13

published on July 20, 2020

Oh I feel like I can definitely see your body language and move in here it was wild oh this just feels special because they're doing a fight scene in a different way what's up guys we are back with another very exciting episode of stuntman react

And now we have Amy Johnston joining us today is a pleasure and honor and a privilege thanks for having me here this nice catch so I am a longtime martial artist and a lot of stunts and action and now acting you've

Been in like the star of a couple features right I have forgotten all so thanks man you guys ready to jump in let's do it let's go

They both look pretty ridiculous doing before this he was halfway through his haircut don't even try it don't do it again wasn't she also in like Operation Condor yeah Cynthia Rothrock was one of the her

And Michelle Yeoh were kind of very prominent eighties hong kong's wonder if they had her do it I've had a stunt they definitely on a stunt person yeah that's another dude with a wig I don't think he would have wanted to kick her that hard

Like that's full-on dang ouch the stunt man was probably gonna use the chair as like a cushion to break his fall but he went over it Oh for the chair that's called a taco taco okay when your legs go do you like

Tape markers to where the chair is supposed to be player goes up oh yeah dude this little expression from sama right here love it he's fine just shrug it off literally

No you don't need a position just dead above the head was above the head right oh honey pulled it down Wow I feel that oh my god that wouldn't look like there was some real pain he did the full art

She did a full bridge kind of like roll over to your side here you go she was probably padded up right that was definitely padded if you're gonna get Hulk smashed by Sam oh you should pad damn yeah agreed

So what do things worse that or the sidekick oh that 100% cuz a sidekick you can like have a little more control this is just a holding just mash onto your back have you had any broken bones no I've torn my ACL telling that he'll take

To recover from six months damn was that part of a shoot yeah it was right before the lady blood fight was of my first leg feature film as an actress breathe there's a lot of differences in filming like Hong Kong

Action compared to American action America we have a lot of like amazing pads and things that we do here I remember the first day I got to set they had like a Hello Kitty pad that was like this small first on pad and I was like

Where do you guys have pads but I can't you know we have we have all these pads they kind of just have their way of doing things runs up and punches you he's like whining yes I see why you like your

Spots back when I still didn't see him Oh 15% if you are enjoying the show and you want to see more of these episodes please consider subscribing to the corridor crew channel helps us out and helps you out because we get you the

Videos you want even quicker it's outside of filming you for real doing a fight scenes we've also been filmed by computers you've done motion capture for video games yeah so I didn't motion caption for a lot of video games

Basically you get into that onesie suit with a bunch of balls that are on your joints and different areas of your body and they have a reflective surface so there's a bunch of cameras in the volume which is where we record motion capture

And those cameras are picking up the reflectors on the balls and then sinking it into the computer and then you have like a real time animation of my character movements that you can link to like factual character that's designed

It's friggin cool so you don't have to worry about makeup you don't have to worry about oh it's the best you just gonna play I've come so far a lot of these stunts what I'm actually doing is in the stage

I'm running of jumping off of an Apple box and I have an actual ice pick in my hand and there's a bar above me and so I run I jump off that and ice picked the bar and like hang it's wild and like climbing with the ice pick it was wild

And that we were cheating like that my body being horizontal like that all I did was somebody was holding a rope and I held the other side of the rope and then I leaned my body over and went back and forth on the volume and tried to

Like have the momentum of going from one side to the other like quick quick quick slow quick quick slow he was just running down yeah and you have to land on solid ground or Hillary pads so the amazing thing with motion capture is you

Can incorporate pads because you don't see them yeah so you can have all of these things that you want to play with like mini tramps and anything your heart desires it's like a playground so that was a trailer and I did all our

All our movements for that but then in the game there's multiple people performing that the movements as well as the voice actors so a lot of times like the motion capture performers will do all of the movement set and the

Voice-over artist will just record and when everything is done and they can record over it other studios have the actors on set while you're doing the movement and they're saying the lines while you're doing the movement or

Sometimes they do the movement it's different with different studios I feel like I didn't definitely see your your body language and movement here in this fight scene like that wasn't me that wasn't you I'm kidding dang yeah it's

Really cool to see like when I'm moving or like if I know how my friend runs I'm like I always geek out when I get a do lightsaber stuff though like for fall in order I did a lot of a lot of stuff on

That so fun to try to make it look different because we've seen a lot of swirly or twirly lightsabers we've seen the more gritty and I wanted to well we wanted to use like each other's weapons on each other and I like pulled a knife

Out of one guy's back and threw it at the other guy wanted to really work with what I had there so there's no there's no one with like a fake camera or like a motion tracked like if you find her on set when you're doing sometimes there is

Some sometimes they'll bring in the actual camera to see the environment as we're going through the scene to get an idea of like where they want the movements it's pretty amazing technology and they can make you jump like 20 feet

Higher if you guys are like I have a scene that I want you guys to talk about we'll get a professional on and we'll talk about that scene because we love reading your comments comment or die Michael did you buy ingress yeah oh my

Going down well this is good love it the crash pad is just people I always loved group fights because everyone in the background is doing the ultimate putty

Of where's that funny term come from Power Rangers there it is maybe you better take Falls like that before right yeah thankfully now we have a lot of great padding that we can place Gator backs

And things to protect our spine but in like the earlier days and a lot of Hong Kong cinema like they really didn't use much padding a lot of people say like you know I could fall to be a stunt person it's not about like if you can

It's can you do it multiple times and hit your mark and still like act out the scene that's what that's what a stunt person does so how do you take a fall like that and minimize your pain first you have a good partner that knows how

To throw you so like Jackie knows what he's doing because he's a stunt guy he knows how to throw people in the right position it's just about landing in certain areas of your body like the more meaty parts of your body more muscle to

Protect you I'll stay away from your bones and you never want to be too tight to where your body's like tense you guys have taken Falls I've seen you guys do things we did a scene together we did a scene together what do we do oh this is

Sorry we like trained a week for it and you know Maurice I remember working with you guys I don't remember what oh this is great worked like a few times oh we did that thing this tip jar episode

Yes yes okay yes okay it's not a bunch of crazy stunts but it was really intense because it was all in one take yeah this was fun I really like this it

Actually made sense for a one-take as well yeah agreed a lot of people are obsessed with one takes but most of the time it doesn't make sense there's some solid like slapstick black and white definitely go

For that Chaplin vibe yes I know but the kick didn't connect though did you want it to connect I mean it looked like it connected right yeah we did like 10 bottle breaks in a row do those fake bottles hurt the softer somebody hits

You with it the harder it hurts so I've had actors that like are afraid to hit you with the bottom like it's breakable the last thing you want to do is not go for it please go for it we can do this once and get it done how many takes of

This take you guys I think it took us like three times this is an impressive long tag guys yeah I love this scene it's great it was fun we totally did it seemed together yeah we totally forgot about this area see I

See a middle-aged Widow eating Ziya beats the email issue Jacqueline well they're imagining the fight yeah what's in their head right now it's my beautiful choreography yeah it's hard to

Like to find what makes choreography good what do you think I feel like it's a conservation of movement like you know when you hit their next move should be a balance or rebound and like into something else but also you still have

Come with like clever moves like it's hard to be like how can you cleverly block a sword like I feel like a lot of the lightsaber fight in Episode one of Star Wars like had those clever moves in it we're also seeing like power like you

Know the spear bending is the power heads oh yeah I love that like that right there you can see it it's crazy better dodge that would you trust Donny to come at you with this beer yeah I

Trust them I mean even I got clipped it be cool to say a Donny instead you lose your eyes yeah something that's really subtle in this fight scene is that they've enhanced the weapons – they glow and really stand out the turning games

Like lightsabers you can really follow them with your eyes and see every move just one move that ends it that's great you get the full fight scene and then this just this one master move at the end yeah because he figured out all of

His attacks on his counter-attacks right this just feels special because they're doing a fight scene in a different way with amazing choreography but it's packaged in this very interesting like a story beat you know mm-hmm the two

Artists who are performing the choreography is really what makes it special because their movements are great and perfectly timed they're not always just going straight attacks like they're using the environment they're

Going for each other's legs not just the head they're able to perform specialty moves but still have it make sense for attacks are they imagining the same thing I don't know as much Donnie yen's version of this is he is he winning or

They both so in tune no they're both listen to the same song as a musician is dictating the flow of the fight the four or in one one mind in one mind maybe we should film what's in the other money there just like I'm gonna be

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Hard work for you guys she went on set and she went and visit all of her friends and she asked her friends all the questions then you guys would ask and compiled it into a nice little book section on Amazon you guys can pick it

Up if you guys wanna follow more of Amy's work she's on instagram at Amy a Johnston so head over here some love thanks for coming out and doing this yeah thank you guys it's been super fun yeah absolutely I think we should fight


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