Stuck Spark Plug Boot / Wire Fix By Professional Mechanic

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

Working on is in 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse it's the hopped up version that's the GST is turbo and it's the Spyder edition you can't see that because it's clear up on the bumper they say up because we're on the lift right now we're diagnosing two things

One have pulled the motor mount out I'm going to talk about that a little bit we've had a drivability concern and that you get to the point where the turbo kicks in and it doesn't the car just stumbles on its face

Ryan's Mobil 1 you don't run into this problem so much anymore with spark plug wires everything's coil over plug ignition it seems like nowadays but even with those you still have these little boots on the end of the coil over plug

That fails this thing about ripped apart it was stuck at the top stuck at the bottom was able to twist the top part and get it to break free but I wasn't able to get the rest of us out without going to advanced procedures so I'm

Going to show you what those are I use these on a constant basis I just call them 90 pliers there are a needle nose plier that's bent at 90 degrees and that does a couple of things one it makes it a parallel gripping surface whereas

Normal pliers are just get farther apart this tingle so at this it just stays the same that gives you some advantages in the night he also gives you some advantages in being able to pry and use it like a

Fulcrum so basically that's what I do to get these to come undone yes I hook up underneath this way and of course I'm gonna break it free so I decide I've done that off-camera but when you go to pull this out you can pull and pull and

Pull and pull and it just doesn't budge even got where I'm just gonna yank this out or pry it's really stuck I mean I'm not messing around you can see what oh that wasn't what I pulled so hard at broke see how melted that is this

Overheated and they're just super super stuck what I was trying to show you I've already demonstrated that they're stuck and melted in there is that you can use a indexing pry bar like this link in the description you get up

Underneath of it and it just enables you to get a lot more bite and a lot more leverage on it to get these suckers to pop you can grab it this way and see how it just pops it right up that way you don't have all that fuss getting them to

Come up and help well if you're flagging hours you have to learn how to not only do things right got diagnose things right we got in a timely fashion or else you're just not gonna make any money out of it you're not gonna be able to get

Your bills paid these are about as stuck as they come so I'm into the wire on that one you get this to burp up and out then I'll show you how to fish the rest of it out let's look down the hole so as you look down the hole you can see where

Things are broken off you cannot get a spark plug socket on that but with the spray silicone you can get that to kind of break free and once you do that then you can get the rest of it off I think the plastic is really stuck on the

Actual Horsell end of the plug let me get a hammer and cause it to break if the plastic is melted in a ring on the ribs of the plug it's never gonna come up so you want to just hit it down and just crack it so that it can expand and

Come off – all through that rubber belt if you break the porcelain it's not the end of the world you will have to fish things out though it's got to make sure that use compressed air or a vacuum or something to suck it out so you don't

Want the porcelain getting down into the valves and piston rings and cylinder wall they will choose stuff okay so once you've gotten things broken up a little bit and you can go back in seems like air compressors and pneumatics are going

The way of the electric they still need compressed air to blow things out you can use canned air like for your computer stuff see we're just fishing no it's just gonna take some time if your car starts to overheat so many things

Get cooked and damaged so many things it's like things are never it's like getting ammonia jacks with your lungs like almost permanently it seems don't overheat if it starts to overheat pull over shut it down let it cool off

Don't be like oh no I need to get this home it's a race to get home before it overheats cuz I don't want to inconvenience of a tow job so jobs are cheaper than replacing all the stupid little parts on your engine call a tow

Truck alright so that one's out let me show you what it looks like spray silicone is basically like buttering up and you know for those of you that cook if you butter a pan you get a better result and that

Things don't stick you don't have to scrape and whatever it just comes apart when things are cooked on they just really stick the spray silicone overcome basically just makes it so that they don't stick I can just get this one to

Rotate it doesn't want to but then the silicone gets in there in between and now it's spinning freely now I can grab it with the pliers and pull it of course you got your straight needlenose pliers for that there's half of it

Done there's mechanic stuff of like here's every nitpicking little thing you know in the manual like hold the railing on the stairs and take each step one at a time and then there's the flag in ours where you're just like jumping you know

Like striding big stack how long legs when I go up stairs are usually run I don't usually use every single step flag in ours as a mechanic in a dealership you learn all those methods to where you can be productive and make a living for

Your family doing this you know there's one thing to do it in your garage there's another to see all the look at all the little melted ribs there's so many things that you can do to make your job go better and faster and vice versa

If you don't know these tricks that can make doing these repairs really frustrating and tedious to say the least I'm gonna pull these off one at a time going back through and blow them out we say this one's already completely done

It didn't fall apart near as bad normally you just twist these to break them free and then you can pull them right up if you try and pull them right up even if everything's hunky-dory and they would be reusable this car wasn't

Overheated you can still have issues with the normally you just twist these to break them free and then you can pull it right up if you try to pull him right up even if everything's

Hunky-dory and they would be reusable the car wasn't overheated you can still have some significant issues with squeezing for all I got and it's all she's got this one sucks that's about as bad as that go this happens when you

Overheat if I can get it to pop when I get the top silicone part off is a greased pig if you find that you can't get things to come undone a good course of action is to start cutting it apart and breaking it

A little push-pull going on that there we go that's a lot faster than taking apart 20 pieces of this now I can get more silicone spray down in the hall you'll see so we've got the wire connector part

That should come off pretty easy now they use these there a ring plier that's broken which means that you don't cut stuff there we go that's better so now we're down to just the same boot that we had before with the others we'll spray

Some more silicone all I'm doing is I'm going around on the outside of that rubber part let's get it to spin around if it gets bitter spin around you're done the battles won just about – plastic in there is stuck to that

Porcelain parts of a nook on that bus that on each side is again if you didn't know what was happening down in the hall would be harder to call on what to do when you look at the first one that you'd fall apart it's an okay ones

Plastic inside a rubber there's this part and that part about that oh she's good look at that can't see but that's really hard so I tried to make sure that I talked to the owner of this car to say

You look oh there's some problems going on in this car and it needs a tune-up because it's behind our basement I knew in my heart of hearts based on experience with the overheating with the miles and most of all the age that these

Were gonna be a pain and if I just get them apart I'm not gonna be able to put it back together and have it run some scent heads up you want to spend the money to do this and he's like you know we talked about compressed air let me

Show you what that does it just takes all that little black stuff in there swirls that are elements to come out and get out of the way for sec to clean the lids time is of the essence look what a nice job that dead look all that black

Garbage in there ideally you want to close each one back up so you don't blow garbage from one to the other but it's not that toxic and they just if we were to break a porcelain on the spark plug we would definitely need to blow that

Out too so we got these unstuck we're putting the new ones in now it's the right time to make sure that the other ones don't get stuck silicone super heat resistance not going to keep the plastic parts from melting but you can certainly

Cause them to not stick so I take a little bit put it in the tip I'm going to squeeze that on down in there like that usually go around the outer part of this because it can get stuck in the tube and you can do it here too

This helps to waterproof it and it also helps to create a barrier so that you don't have some type of arc or leak doing this makes this so much easier for the next guy you don't know if you're a crappy mechanic and you suck basically

Don't use this don't bother it's a waste of money and your customers aren't coming back anyway if you have repeat business and you're good mechanic do yourself a favor the owner of the car the next mechanic

Good karma whatever because if you have to work on it again it's gonna be nice to know that you can get stuff undone also prevents kuroh and stuff it's just a good thing to do so dielectric grease and silicone pace

Are not only cousins they are actually the same person the same thing 3m gave me some of this stuff I really like there they do good stuff it's expensive maybe overpriced but they do a lot of Hardy for the industry which is good for

Everybody support them show them some business they don't pay me to say that but it's the truth it's just the way it is so what happened to the drivability concern you may ask well the new spark plug

Wires took care of it a thing ran like a champ and pulled like crazy bonus footage


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