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published on July 17, 2020

hey everybody and welcome to Clemson doilies one here at HQ kitchen in London where things are pretty bonkers out there at the moment and I'm sure wherever you are in the world things a little bit uncertain the future is a bit

Unknown and but one of the things you guys have been doing well maybe you're in quarantine or self-isolation is baking and it has been so exciting and amazing to see all the things that you've been baking you've been posting

Pictures every day on your Instagram accounts of so many of our recipes up on the cupcake Gemma channel and it has been just amazing to see and also the support in general that you've given us whether you've been coming to see us and

So how our shop buying cakes online or merchandise it's just incredible so thank you what this video is though is about this amazing little set that we have created for you guys because one of the things that you are struggling to

Find in your supermarket with ingredients you know flour sugar all these things are just out of stock and so we've listened to you guys and we have got this especially for you some of you might have already ordered

It if not you can head over to cupcake Gemma come and get yours now even if you don't have this this video is for a vanilla cupcake recipe so you can just bake along whatever happens so I'm going to show you exactly what's

In this kit and we're going to get baking some vanilla cupcakes okay so what do you get in your kit we have got a recipe with instructions pretty important and we've got a list of all the things that we give you and all the

Things that you're going to need to buy and then we have a packet of cake mix we've got oh sorry a packet of icing sugar some cupcake cases which is obviously very important for vanilla cupcake recipe some

Sprinkles and a little bottle of pure vanilla extract and this is really really simple all you're going to need to buy is some butter some eggs and some milk and I'm just going to walk you through this it's so easy and I can't

Wait to see what you guys are doing with them so I'm gonna start by opening up my cake mix pack just filling the top up here so we're going to tip all of that into a bowl nice big bowl and I'm gonna put in 125

Grams of soft unsalted butter remember it has to be soft otherwise it's not going to whip up enough so that's going to go straight into your bowl along with two nice large eggs and you know if you don't want to buy this pack or if you've

Got all the ingredients at home that's absolutely fine I will put the the kind of quantities in the description box so you can just kind of bake along with this recipe as well so I've got my eggs my butter and my packet of dry mix in

Here I'm going to use my hand whisk and you can use a stand mixer if you've got one or if you're feeling particularly strong you can use a bowl and a wooden spoon you're just gonna have to stand her and mix for quite a long time but

It'll be worth it so I'm going to turn my mixer on and we're gonna get this mixing for about 30 seconds you'll see it all kind of comes together nicely it looks nice and smooth and now we're gonna add our milk and our vanilla so in

Your bowl of the bottle we've given you enough vanilla for the icing and the cupcake so you're gonna need to put in half it sorry 1/4 teaspoon of your vanilla extract and mix that in to a tablespoon and a half of whole milk so

Give that a little mix we'll put it straight into our batter and then we're gonna mix for another 30 seconds and once that's had another 30 seconds I'm gonna give the bolus great particularly if you're using a stand

Mixer sometimes if it's a small quantity like this bits of butter and cake mix can kind of get steps to the bottom and not get incorporated so we always give our bowls a good old scrape around and now I'm going to give their batter one

Last 30 seconds of mixing if you don't that is looking delicious it's nice and smooth it's kind of lightened in color and it's kind of volumize a little bit – and that is

Exactly what we're looking for so now we just need to divide this into our cupcake pan with the cases that we gave you so we've given you more than 12 because you know tough times and we are feeling generous so there's lots more

For you to play with at a later date and I'm just going to use my spoons to divide my batter nice and evenly between the 12 cupcakes so once you've got it all in just check to make sure that they're looking nice and even so that

You end up with 12 identical looking cupcakes and then we're going to put them in the oven and as usual whenever you're baking you should always pre-heat your oven to 170 degrees degrees C that's where the fan and we've given you

That other and temperature so we've got without a fan 190 degrees 375 degrees F or gas mark 5 and we're gonna put them in the oven for 20 minutes as usual with all cupcakes we're going to test they're ready by poking them on

The top if they spring back they're done if they kind of sink a little bit we're going to leave them in for a minute or two until they spring back okay so now the cupcakes are baking we

Can get on with making our buttercream but just give me two seconds I'm just going to clean my tools come back and we can make it that icing alright so that's all my tools clean and before we get on I'm just gonna give my hands are clean

Because you know as a food business we are washing our hands constantly all day every day but you know especially at this time it is so important to be washing your hands for at least 20 seconds just to make sure you are

Keeping yourself and everyone around you as safe as possible so whenever you know between tasks or if you've touched your face you want to make sure you are giving your hands a really good wash and of course throwing them off properly

Before we crack on with making our buttercream icing and again we've got pretty much everything that you need you just gonna need to get yourself a little bit about that and a little bit milk I'm just gonna grab some things from behind

Me so we're gonna start by whipping up our butter just like we do with all our buttercream so in here I've got 200 grams of soft unsalted butter again just like the cupcakes the softer your butter the better it's going to be it's going

To whip up it's very nice and light and fluffy it's not going to be kind of waxy and stodgy so we're gonna start by mixing this for about five minutes but I'll show you what you want it to look like in the end

I'm just gonna stop and scrape my bulb just particularly with a little hand whisk like this sometimes you can just kind of fly and stick around the sides of the bowl say every now and again just

Give a little scrape and back on with the whisk okay so I've been whisking for about five minutes where it's might seem like a long time but trust me you need to do

This because you want your butter to end up looking like this it is really really pale in color and it's kind of volumize it's about one and a half times the size it was before we started whisking it and now we're gonna start adding our icing

Sugar except I don't have a sieve right so now I have myself I have I can open my packet of icing sugar and I'm gonna start by putting half of it through the sieve so we'll always make sure we're gonna sift everything and once that's

All in we'll go back with our whisk start it on a low speed because I think sugar and it could end up everywhere all over you your family your house there's worse things I suppose and once this kind of combined will get

The speed back ups its whipping away always incorporating more and more air and once the first locks had a few minutes whisking and it's looking nice and light and fluffy we'll put the rest

Of the icing sugar through the sip and do the exact same thing okay so you're probably thinking this is feeling a little bit stiff it's gonna be almost impossible to decorate your

Cupcakes with so we're gonna add some milk to loosen it up and you've got three tablespoons of milk here and you want to add the rest of the vanilla that was in your pack so pop that straight into the milk and give it a little mix

Around and we're going to pour that into our icing and whip it up again and just as we did with the cupcake batter I'm gonna stop this and give it a scrape because there's some little bits

Around the top of my bowl which haven't whipped up and if you wanted to make this colorful this is the kind of stage that you'd do that at we'd always recommend using paste colors and a lot of you are asking where you can get them

From they're not kind of super easy to find in Superstars so we've actually added some of these to the cupcake Gemma website as well and they are concentrated food colors so they're exactly what we'd be using here in the

Bakery and you get eight colors which is super cool and also you get red which means you can bake red velvet cakes with them again lots of you asking where you can get those from su compañía de modo com right one final whip out of our

Icing and then we're ready to decorate okay so once you're happy with your icing it's nice and fluffy and light and color volumous it's time to decorate so I'm just gonna grab my cupcakes so I've

Let them down cool down completely that took about 15 minutes and it's gonna put them onto this marble tray and they're all nice and even and then we listen round it on top so I'm pretty certain yours are going to look amazing as well

So now we can get our icing into a piping bag and I'm going to use a star nozzle if you don't have a piping bag totally fine you can use a spoon or a knife or whatever you want to do to decorate your cupcakes but if you do a

Paint bag great if you don't and you one-one been the head over to no cage over comm and we've got all the nozzles on there so we've got five different types of nozzles in our set along with a piping bag and a coupler so you're gonna

Have loads of fun and you don't have to stick to what I'm doing like do whatever you want guys this is your time your time at home so let's get all of this icing into our bag

Now we can start decorating so I'm just gonna do a nice kind of small little swirl on top of each cupcake and once you've iced the more you can

Get your little foot of sprinkles whoa it is the best fit of this whole pack I'm just gonna sprinkle each cupcake let's call it sprinkles in here actually and you can get kind of crazy

and that's it how it's simple is that they look amazing they smell amazing okay I'll eat one sometimes there's nothing better than a simple vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream mmm

Delicious so if you've already got the kit awesome post your photos on Instagram let us know how you're getting on fam if you want to get one for yourself then just head over to cupcake Gemma calm where

You can find their kits along with their loads of others have got all the tools like the piping tubes we've got the colors obviously we've got the aprons I'll show you some other stuff we've got the oven gloves oh the tea towel we've

Even got a badges so you know there's heaps of stuff there to help with your baking worst you are at home in isolation we've got a lot to do so hopefully this brings you a little bit of joy and you know if you've got

Other recipes that you'd love for us to do then please let us know we've already been working through a chocolate one up we've been working on a few other ones as well and so please do let us know and thanks again thanks from me and from

Gemma and from all the guys here honestly your support is incredible and we wouldn't be able to do this without you so I'm gonna eat another cupcake cuz otherwise I'm just gonna cry bye guys


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