by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

for perfection all right ladies and gentlemen i got your watson's coming in september 10 2020 and i have my stock market prediction for september this is going to be a little bit

Interesting of a watch list but i want to pretty much explain what i'm expecting for the rest of this month based on what we see today we kind of got to see what happened with the market

Today telling us was it further correction or not we are still about eight percent off of the highs this is actually the fastest correction from the highs in history so again you're at all-time

Highs it doesn't look really that weird but to go from all-time highs to a 10 correction this is the fastest that it's ever occurred so another thing to add to the list for 2020 but

This is shaping out to be an interesting september so i want to go over that what happened in the stock market today what we are looking at for tomorrow i got the plays i got the keys all of that good stuff and that is pretty much it so

Let us not delay you guys know what you need to do drop your thumbs up on the video make sure you subscribed and if you don't know we are live monday through friday 30 minutes before open is the first link in the description and it

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Life and yes if you are looking for a place to talk about deep financial concepts while at the same time arguing about whether or not mcdonald's is something you should eat it's good

Depression food i don't know what you want to call it then maybe we should see you there get you a chad that does both baby girl and the most important thing you need to do post watches below let us know what

You're looking at got any plays comments remixes anything post them below and source that foul shout out to chad baby but right off the bat i am calling this the cuckening 2020.

Watch the premium with options but a lot of you are asking what does that mean pretty much i'm expecting there to be a lot of movement in september but going nowhere though

This usually has a direct effect on options premium it is a difficult environment to trade now thankfully i have an example or a visual example on the charts the time period i could show

You guys but here is my september prediction and to put it into words for you i'm expecting a mini bounce from here so we saw this 10 correction i'm expecting some level of

Mini bounce and another negative downward reaction that would lead to a slightly lower point to then where we were at from yesterday we're gonna hit a slightly newer low

And then finally bounce back up from there and it'll eventually go up now i'll show you on the chart what i'm talking about and now this will take the whole month to play out so we may be a little premature on

The prices and where we're at now again a lot of people are still talking just as we talked about yesterday is this a further correction is this over or not but a few good examples to show what i'm talking about was

Pretty much last year 2019 this was august but it was something like this where you're gonna see kind of a quick and fast low quick fast bounce off of it that may last for a couple days then it'll come down you might see it

Closed there or might just be a wick and then it'll keep going up from there and finally level out this was august 2019 but now another example is the beginning of the year this kind of right here so

I'm just showing this so you guys could kind of visually see it again this is just the chart showing you the prices we are looking for things that cause the price movement not really looking at this chart to kind

Of just play out like that for no reason so that's why we're keeping this in mind we talked about it even the factors we've been looking at everything kind of took a chill pill today and relax

Now that kind of leads to the keys here because what you saw today was a rebound in tech but we're still down about eight percent from those highs no longer about 10 or 12 but you really need to watch the winners and

Losers so now even back to what we saw today here's like walmart you could see that was a percent and a half but the overall spy closed two percent and then nasdaq was almost three percent so this apple effect these

Big movers again what we've been seeing lately that hot money per se or just the overweighting of tech you're still witnessing that occur so that is very important how it's kind of overshadowing things and amplifying

Moves and kind of muting some other ones but you could kind of see with stocks like walmart even mcdonald's we played these they were doing really good and then all of a sudden they didn't close as much they lost

About a percent whereas you see the overall s p it's kind of like like apple where they just gapped up a lot more so but the overall trend was kind of upward rather than just gapping up and closing

Off and leveling off but what i'm trying to say is that this right here at the end of the day this was kind of the value stocks but the spy didn't take that big of a hit because the carrying from apple

As well as all of the other tech stocks that did good this was one of the best days for tech now since april so a lot of movements that's why there's going to be a lot of volatility and again

Back to the cucketting just watch the premium if i'm expecting september to play out like this again i could be wrong and it could be very early for all this so we'll see i'm just throwing this out there but

That is again more broader as far as everything even for today there's that microsoft tick tock news and now there was this news and disaffected stocks we had our plays on it we even

Played some of the put side you saw walmart get hit more than microsoft i think that is going to be important there is a deadline on september 15th or a deadline the president put on the deal if you guys remember that but at the

Same time now the news was very interesting and what makes the news so interesting is simply the fact that you kind of it seems like a regurgitation from almost a year ago

So it's pretty much interpreted that the deal isn't going to go through that's kind of how we took it but the news that came out today was that bite dance is pretty much talking to or tick tock is talking to

The u.s the government and that's related to cypheus and we're going to talk about that but the news was them not having to divest assets but

Pretty much the exact same headline came out about a year ago related to tick tock this is from a reuters article 10 months ago in january but u.s opens national security

Investigation into tick tock they've been going on about that but this was the exact headline give or take a few words that came out today was where syphius is in talks instead they said the u.s syphilis is

The committee on foreign investment in the united states and said they're in talks with tick talk about measures it could take to avoid divesting the musically assets it acquired

And remember musically was tick-tock or tick-tock was music it's confusing so that really didn't lead into anything and that's why i think it's interesting because we don't know

Anything else about this deal again we've talked about why it's probably not going to go through however watch for that effect and watch to see if that's pricing more or less on some stocks again microsoft

Walmart or coal and those have kind of been involved but i want to see how this is impacting the market because i feel like it shouldn't but it is so that's why i'm kind of following it a little bit more closely

Here but we will see and then finally just kind of update in the broader scope here of september this stock market in this next three months

Predicts the election it's like a 87 success rate if you look in the past but pretty much based on the average of these next three months the three months before the election

If the stock market is up the incumbent the president that is already in office usually wins if it is down then there's a new president so you could go look up at that look into that

Whatever you want but keep that in mind and just keep that in mind with timing because we have a lot of different things again we saw the negative vaccine news yesterday but watch how that's going to affect

Time and just keep that in mind for september but i hope you are ready for tomorrow and the rest of this week it still is going to be exciting but that is pretty much it so let us get

Into the plays so right off the bat we have a lot of different plays mcdonald's calls me they went but no i made a play on this and i like it for two aspects again the value kind of rotation here we were

Talking about this yesterday and this is a criteria that i like this was part in part the main reason why i got it especially even with walmart but remember i was talking yesterday when stocks over this last three days

You saw a big move on the indexes and with some individual ones but some stocks this last three days kind of just kept them out of range they were already at in a higher range at that so we went for mcdonald's calls and then

Another thing another reason why i bought them today was because that travis scott burger was coming out a lot of people were talking about it you kind of saw it everywhere and i figured there would be hype around it

What i'm pretty much expecting is kind of a random update news that it looks like it might do good or i'm assuming and again i have my other reasoning in place to play some of the momentum and

Value rotation but i wouldn't be surprised to get an update from mcdonald's that they sold x amount of million burgers or whatever for it and that leads people reacting very very

Positively to that so that's the reasoning why but now as far as the play i bought right in the morning again literally within one minute taking advantage of that early premium and if

We even look at kind of the mark and how even the market played out you could see how that minute was kind of advantageous but i got october so i got time because again are you rotation if this is going to be

A cuckering back and forth time is better time is more expensive but we talked about it if there is going to be a cuckening and there is going to be a lot of big movements but the stocks go

Nowhere you need to get in the money doesn't mean you sell credit spreads it could be a little bit more favorable just make sure you get a lot of premium for it which is gonna be the hard

Balance to find but try to get closer to the money i got october so time a little further out the money but i got 20 of these contracts at 26 cents but as far as even justifying it again with that whole

Morning thing the idea was looking at the prices of these contracts i wanted to pay pretty much the same amount or not pay too much of a premium and mcdonald's was slightly up but the

Overall market you know most of that move there was a bigger gap up there so at 26 cents i got those 20 of them i was able to pay uh just right at where they closed again it was it's still a little bit expensive

But again you could even see that with the underlying mcdonald's overall it's just been holding up there so i got those and i don't know how long it was about almost the hour i held them

And i sold 10 out at 50 cents it seems and this is what we even talked about middle of the day today so like right here at like 10 27 is when i sold out of those you could see we got 50 cents for the contracts

And they even kind of peeked out and dropped from there but they went up so much because one the stock went up a lot but it also did that pretty much within what the first

Hour of the market so in one hour it moved two dollars but now for the rest of the day this is where we talked about the contract started to decay because it went up but even though it didn't go

Down the contracts will slowly decay over time because that velocity is changing you know think implications and expectations it moves two dollars in one hour you're like wow could keep moving two three more dollars

You're gonna be willing to pay more for the contracts but hour goes by 10 20 30 minutes as that adds up it stops moving at that pace the value in expectations the pricing of those contracts especially if they're out of

The money it's gonna drop in value so that's what we saw with those we got to make those free still holding those that was the first play in the morning and now the next plays these walmarts i got those shortly after

Then like three or four minutes after again took advantage of the morning and same logic i was talking about i brought these up yesterday on the watch list where last three days they've dropped but

They're still higher and then again there was two pieces of news one tick tock as well as the monthly service they were looking to add there that like amazon prime competitor so you

Got to get that news pretty much at a discount in some decay and remember we played both ends of there so i thought this would be a good play i would wanted to make these free i could have but

I felt like i every time i'm making one free and i'm getting greedy with the other one but clearly we're seeing you should be making them free of works every single time but

I got 50 of the october 200 calls and this is further out the money but what do we pay i think we got 50 at 26 cents they ended up going up but again at 26 cents you see i'm not paying a premium

Compared to the day before and especially these contracts remember walmart with the news they were up a lot so if these are further out the money and the velocity on the stock stops moving

As it was a few days ago they still have a bigger floor to drop these aren't really the cheapest they've been yet so there's still some risk however it's getting again like i'm saying i'm getting to play the same exact news now

For a lot cheaper so it has a decent amount of time we're still in that i could have sold out of them i didn't pretty much we were doing really good on the contract the contract was golden it held up a

Decent value you could have really quick flipped them if you wanted to they had little quick moves throughout the day but they just dropped right at the end they were holding up pretty nice but still in that whole position we're gonna

Ride that one out i'm gonna see and then finally there was the microsoft in response to that news i played the microsoft puts you would have made more money going for the walmart weeklies but i went for the

Microsoft weeklies we were a little late and i was kind of thinking to justify the fact that i had the walmarts i should have probably strangled the walmarts i keep going for the microsofts

But i was a little late to the party i think i paid like what 18 cents see i was i was late on here so i was not the first one in on this again they were all going crazy but these ones all

They had a much higher premium i think i would have to pay like 30 cents for the next one above so i was like all right well let me try to get some quantity got him at 50 i sold out but even the timing on here look at the underlying

This has to do with again velocity in the weekly even though it kind of closed there at the end we got out at 351 and that was like right there right before it started to bounce up

They were still going out again i think i got i got some out at 25 only a little bit but most of them got ended up filling at 23. but even though the stock came down the options didn't go back up and you could see that

On the chain and this is why i looked close to the money and not the money the closer to the monies went up or they kind of came back up but the ones as you start going further out the money it got less of that rebound less and less you

Pretty much ended at a loss so this is what's going to happen one weekly and being really out of the money with no time but those are the three plays i made today i mean with that being said i'm gonna be

Looking at all of these even for tomorrow if there is any sort of continuation off of this the only thing i don't have that i want they started to move up a little bit microsoft calls but then

We would be kind of fully strangled on that play and you got to be even careful playing both ways in this market you need to get in the money it's not about just playing the direction out of the money but you either got to make it

Free take the profit where you can or get in the money so that's what i'm going to be focusing on plays around that i will be looking at a few other stocks just in case

We will be keeping it pretty broad tomorrow one of those is going to be nvidia they had a move and like i'm saying you just got this premium decay you got all these movements a lot of these contracts

Now might have some contracts that didn't go up too much so i'm gonna be watching nvidia we have those lcas i'm holding them they're starting to break out again

That met that criteria of these stocks holding up while the market's been dropping we like them i really i like the walmart better than most of the plays but we still will be watching

How that tick tock news effects again even mcdonald's as well too amd it's came up a lot but it's also holding that plateau you've been seeing that even with stocks like snapchat i've been liking that a lot lately so

Any of those have been good again ulta we talked about that but same sort of philosophy any of these stocks holding up these are the ones catching my attention so watch them watch the dow components

Doing the same thing honeywell is holding up i like that i may want to see if we double dip remember we took a lot of profits on those so we might be able to get a lot of the better

Plays now for cheaper but we will see again i won't be so quick to shop just yet crm i was thinking about it but they're going to be a little bit more difficult to play but it reminds me of target on

Some of these bigger movers had big earnings moves or whatever the reason like crm but they sell off in a longer duration it's either going to set its own little range or it's going to break out from there

But finally speaking of ranges your uv xy your dollar your gold or at least far as uup dollar and gold but the uvxy this was interesting we've been watching this but now

This is now your first day where it's kind of actually sold off lower so this is very important this could change the dynamic and this could tell us a little bit about what's going on so

Keep that in mind and be patient but be nimble but that is your watches ladies and gentlemen make sure hydra healthy ready to go make sure you post your watch let's make sure we see you there in the morning i need the armor on i

Need the helmet shining i need you to tell me what your jersey says about you and i need you to have no fear baby it seems crazy it seems impossible it's supposed to but the gold loves you i love you i'll see

You in the morning let's go

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