Stock Market Crash | Coronavirus Panic 2020 | Invest Diva’s Perspective

by birtanpublished on August 21, 2020

There's a lot of panic going on right now the panic about the coronavirus and the panic about the market's falling down the panic about coronavirus may be valid and I really do recommend that you guys wash your hands personally I have not been going out of the house for the

Sake of my family for the sake of other people have talked about it how this has actually personally impacted us as a family and I truly believe that it's better to be safe than sorry but when it comes to the stock market I

Really wanted to address a couple of things and I know that there are a lot of people who are still who believe truly that when the stock markets drop it is the stock market sale and you should be buying the dip but when it

Comes to it it still gets a little bit scary like what if it drops lower than what it is today what if it continues for the next few years and even though you've heard like I know that a lot of our a lot of my students before they

Like when the markets were going up they were like oh isn't this not a good time to buy because markets are high we should wait for it to drop and now when the markets are dropping they're like oh my god is so scary I don't want to buy

And if you're any of these kind of people who can have these feelings first of all I want to tell you that it's okay you your feelings are absolutely valid and every investor no matter how strong will they are to some extent that they

Feel this fear so don't be scared of the feelings but I do want to take this video to show you some perspective and I do that for myself too because it is very easy like when you listen to the media and normally when the markets drop

I actually shut off any media and Twitter because I know it's going to play around with my emotions this time unfortunately I haven't because I do want to be on top of the Carnot virus because there's something that is about

Health and still I don't know what's wrong and what's fake and what's just buzz but this is a little bit different so that's why I haven't been able to shut out the noise completely off and to be honest with you sometimes I get

Scared as well but then I have to go ahead and you know give this perspective that I'm just about to show you right now to my self-sow like okay this is the reason why I have made this investment

Decisions so today I'm going to basically address two types of people the people who are already invested in the market and their portfolios or a doubt if it's a person that you bought probably at the top of the market when

The markets were at the highest level hoping the markets will continue going up and now your portfolio is just dropping is in the red isn't a negative and every morning you wake up and you panic when you see a portfolio I'm also

Going to talk to those people who have not invested yet and and they're kind of scared to pull the trigger and they don't know when to start or if this really is a good time should they wait a little bit longer so I'm gonna go deep

Down I talked about both of these things with our insider Club in the past few weeks so I was hoping that this will also help you with your portfolios and your investment decision-making for your financial future if you are a medium to

Long term ambassador this is now for day traders this is for medium to long term investors who are – looking to become in control to be in control of their financial future my name is Kenneth aniele I'm the founder of the invest

Even movement a tribe of proactive women who take control of their finances and don't rely on anybody to control their money so I would really appreciate you if you share our message with anybody in your life and if you like this video of

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Get the notification now let's go and look at the markets and see what decisions you could be making for your financial future today

Because today I'm gonna look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average index just to simplify things of course there are different stocks that are acting a little bit differently and I've talked about individual stocks in a previous

Video but just because I wanted to give you a perspective of a market as a whole I'm looking at the index and this chart is actually very very similar to the S&P 500 which is more tech heavy so this is what I wanted to show you so right now

This is where we are right now right the prices have been going up and we should all-time high near 30,000 and then it's been now dropping and dropping and dropping so of course if you were just looking at this on the daily chart you

Would get a heart attack all right oh my god like imagine if you bought here and it's just going down but what I wanted to show you first off a more recent thing was right here so this is literally end of 2018 as we got into

2019 and the markets had just marked their new all-time high at twenty six thousand eight hundred twenty two and then from there we had this massive drop now of course at this time also a lot of people were having a panic attack and

Some people were buying their way down and guess what happened after that the markets continued going up so even if you had just bought at this all-time high at the time and did not even add on to your positions as the market went

Down within here you would have been in the positive and in the year and a half would have been well above where you got in now of course not everybody took profit out of that and now the market is below where it was even before right it

Still hasn't reached the lows of that time around which I think that it will and that is actually this level the 22 494 is the 50% retracement level if you take a look at every market pullback it has at least

Gone down to the 50% of logic trace all about after it breaks below the HMO pop so that's really the reason why I do believe that we still the worst is yet to come though I'm not the worst but the sale we can have more sale I have been a

Little bit so the reason why I buy my way down is because we're never can be so sure of course majority of times it's gone to a 50-person but sometimes it just bounce back up with in case the corner virus we don't know what's gonna

Happen tomorrow are they going to find a minute find a cure for it I don't know like literally this morning one of my friends send me an article than an Israeli company things so they have they may have find a cure now if that

Actually turns out to be true in a week then we're gonna see a rebound maybe even before it which is 22,000 if it does end then we probably will see further drops but should you panic if you are an investor who bought at the

Market peak so I'm not gonna tell you the answer I'm just gonna show you something that will give you perspective and you probably are already familiar with it uh but it's it actually it doesn't hurt to look at it every once in

A while this one is something I was trying to show this is yeah I wrote this two days ago for our premium investors so look let's take a look let's go back and look at the markets back and listen out the monthly chart right so each of

These candles it took at one month to make before I was showing the daily chart so what happened in 2008 right the markets again they were they had reached their all-time high which at the time was only $14,000 now the mark is a

Doubled more than doubled right and then what happened the markets crash and crash and crashing crashing crashing crash imagine it it went down all the way to 7,000 it got half in price if somebody had bought at

The peak obviously throughout this whole year and a half the markets were dropping they would have bought heart attack if they were just chasing the markets down and they weren't sure what's gonna happen and nobody never

Knows what's gonna happen but if history has any has taught us anything is that what goes down must come up and vice versa what goes up must come down about some reason why we don't even buy at one price of one set price

Either we buy as the markets grow so this is what I wanted to show you this doesn't let me try it if you wanted to if you want it to be a little bit more dramatic I just watched The Bachelor and all I can think of is look the dramatic

Stuff that can happen dramatic seasons if this is what this is one of the most dramatic seasons of the stock market this is what it actually looked like in the dated daily chart went down a little but uh people got

Home went down again up went down again up down down and then once people were like oh my god it started going up it broke about the Ichimoku cloud this was the indication of that recession it was over and it was all uphill from here

Right and everything we're bound so I want you to remember this every time that you get panic and the reason why I said this is oral medium to long-term investors is because obviously if you're a day trader your strategy is going to

Be different and those are the people who are actually shorting so there are 2,000 people who are shorting day traders on Wall Street and people who are panicking and just selling because everybody else is selling long term

Investors especially after they saw what happened in 2008 understand that this too shall pass alright so I didn't give you as notice I didn't give you a direct answer I just wanted to show you what the markets

Normally do so you can make a decision for yourself so if you're the first type of investor going in the comments section and let me know what you going to do what you have done so far as the criminal virus outbreak kind of pro

Season now they have announced an international condemned ik what you're doing right now what are you planning to do and if you're planning to buy what level are you planning to buy all right how much longer are you going to wait

And are you gonna are gonna wait completely or are you going to like buy your way down I would love to know that now the second type of people who've never invested before and they're kind of curious to see okay is this a good

Time to get in what if I get in and right off the bat the market continues to go down for a year and so here's for you guys first of all it's like the best time to invest was 20 years ago the second most assignments

Today and if I was somebody who had some money so first of all if you have never invested before and I've talked about this and a bunch of my videos if you have never invested before first off you need to understand your financial plan

Your risk tolerance you need to figure out and set up your emergency fund and have some funds in the bank so the money that you're going to invest obviously for any kind of investment has to be the money that you can afford to lose and

You don't need immediately this is not going to be a ribbon your generation even though of course if you're investing in dividends stocks even through the crash you could still get paid but that is not going to be

Something that you can quit your job on and that is not investing is about investing is about you have another source of income and you want to have an additional source stream of income through investing and have it on you

Know on the on the sidelines so that it grows on its own so that it's value is not depreciated as the government slashes the interest rate and just like plays out plays with your money's worth because if you're putting your money

Just in the bank obviously your future is going to be expensive and it's going to lose its value due to inflation if you are not saving any money in the bank and you're just spending everything then of course you have to first off get on

To budgeting and save money it is more important than ever right now that the markets are crashing then you start saving so that you can invest because guess what you guys I believe that this is the right time to get started this

May not be with the recession that we've been waiting for I'm especially this being a an election year in the u.s. I do believe that Trump is gonna do I mean he's still I mean he's doing whatever he can to stop even the current drops which

I think like like if he just understood that this is happening for a reason if it wasn't for chrono virus it would have been a different reason the markets cannot just go on there is gravity people have to take profit at some point

And carniverous just created that um trigger and catalyst for the markets to drop but we were waiting for this everybody was waiting for this and we saw a little bit of it back in 2018 in the 2018 begin of

2019 and that was happening again and it's very very healthy I'm I get very excited I mean yes sometimes I panic but then when I look at the market as a whole I actually get excited like okay this is healthy because the markets need

To go back down and create opportunities for people who want to buy cheap I love buying stuff at a cheap price so I do believe that this is a great time to get started should you wait a little bit longer I

Don't know like I cannot I'm not Nostradamus I don't know when this is gonna end so even though I already am invested in the markets I am currently buying my way down as I said I'm trying to so there is a Wisco

Reward right so if I wait and say okay no I think the market is gonna drop another like 20,000 points whatever it is we're gonna drop until May that's great if it's true but are you a speculator or are you an investor so

That's something you really have to understand before you start investing because speculators they try to predict the future investors try to manage their risks so but I have to risks right now that I'm facing one risk is the risk of

The market continue to drop and I buying now will be in the red for a while the second risk is that the market rebounds tomorrow and I miss out on the cheap prices that I could have bought today so what do i do i buy myself my way down of

Course I am looking at how much money I have to invest like if I have only a thousand dollars to invest I'm not gonna put all that thousand dollars in today I would put in a hundred dollars today and put a file in with order the next day

For a different buy limit by a level and I just showed you before the Fibonacci retracement levels and this doesn't obviously go for Dow Jones I don't even invest in that in the index I invest in individual stocks and cryptocurrencies

And I have violated orders for a range of stocks that I believe have long-term growth and another thing that you really have to keep in mind and today I'm not gonna get into but it really depends on your

Risk tolerance as well and your own journey in your life like where you are in your life are you in your 20s and 30s are in your 40s and 50s 60s and above because depending on all of that your strategy will be different and the

Stocks that you should be you will be picking is going to be different so that is like the very very most important step that you need to take before you invest native actually made a presentation about it I'm gonna drop a

Link below so that you can go ahead and watch that presentation that I and I show you exactly what you need the steps I need to take so you can invest based on your unique your sonís because what I'm doing right now for myself may not

Actually be suitable for you and here's a risk disclaimer everything that I said in this video is my personal opinion this is not investment advice and you should invest only based on your own and your own education and that is what I

Thrive to do I really want you to get educated so that you become your own money manager and financial advisor so you understand what to do with your own money because guess what no one cares about your money more than

You do so go get it go wash our presentation in the link below it's actually I've learned investi become forward-slash start learn l e AR n dot invest diba inv est D as a David Ivey for / start go watch that right

Now so that you can get started on the right foot I believe this is an amazing time to be investing in the market maybe not to be alive I don't know the corner buyers may kill us all but I'd rather die rich so I'll leave some money for my

Kids so that's that for today thank you so much for joining us responsibly and wash your hands please wash your hands don't go out just stay in for a while chill and invest I'll see you next time

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