Stickman Game is Back! | Devlog #20

published on July 17, 2020

Hi and welcome to my very first dev vlog video so I'm probably just a bit burns out and will most likely take a little break from working on off the stakes for like one or two weeks I think he's dead yeah

What are you doing I don't think you should probably shouldn't back motherfuckers for all of you have no idea what's going on off the stakes is a game I've been working on for a very long time but four months ago I took a

Break because I was just completely burnt out but I suddenly got my motivation back now for the project so it's time to get to work for starters I want to mention there's going to be a lot of changes the main issue was that

It was taking way too long to develop and I probably would have never finished so I'm gonna simplify the art style and make the scope of the game smaller essentially there will be a bunch of minigames some of which based on

Previous maps have made for off the sticks and some inspired by other games I enjoy but more about that later in the video so let's get to work the first thing I want to do which I've wanted to do for a very long time is port the game

To a newer version of unity as it's currently running on an old Boomer version from like 2018 or something so I started by importing the stickman himself which is a simple enough job and as you can tell Billy is able to stand

Up and balance all by himself or you so get a balance and Billy fuck you Billy you arrogant piece of shit then I added a new smoke effect whenever his feet touch the ground because it looks cool yeah priorities and now for the fun

Stuff refactoring and cleaning thousands of lines of old code just kidding it's not fun at all it actually fucking sucks it makes me want to die so yeah then I set up a lobby using my own input system I made for off the sticks and now

Players can join by just pressing a button and as you can see here and as you can see here I can use both a keyboard and a controller or maybe you can't see because the recording is terrible good job me and when I start

The game we enter the first map there will be several types of maps or minigames survival vs and others but more on that later so I also set up a camera controller so it's a bit more dynamic and I made it

Zoom in on the winner in slow motion because duh like Jesus used to say breath slo-mo is so sick yeah skinny bah bah boom and finally for the first prototype I made it so after you play through all of the minigames the player

With the most points will be declared the winner so this is the basic idea for the minigames and with that version 01 point 5 is done and here you can see a very early roadmap of what's gonna be in the different versions so with the

Prototype done I put together some survival based minigames to showcase what I want to do for the game do you keep in mind that these are just some test Maps I put together in like an hour just to give you guys the general idea

Of how the minigames will work for these survival games obviously you just want to be the last person standing for the vs once there's gonna be guns and weapons and you have to find stuff and finally some of them are going to be

Completely different but I'm still working on all of the details regarding all the different minigames so more on that later speaking of versus mode we need to implement the weapon system from off the

Sticks to this newer version so I did just that and now let's celebrate by making a grappling gun because grappling guns make me go yes and done so basically what happens here is the grappler shoots out a ray cast and it

Connects with whatever it hits using a spring joint now one of the coolest grappling guns i've ever seen is made by will now I just love how to rope is a wobbly boy it's just very nice so I try to recreate it and it turned out pretty

Cool here's the terrible code if you want to look at it which you definitely don't want to and you can also grapple other players and objects which is pretty fun or you can be spider-man if you want to whatever you prefer

Then I completely overhauled the shooting system and implemented a test gun and guess what you can shoot other players creatures like totally cool and stuff and if you shoot someone enough they die like what

Who would have thought it's crazy oh look a new gun let's try it oh I also added some recoil so you're pushed back whenever you shoot a gun but it's way too low at the moment so let's pump it up a little bit so you can actually see

The recoil that should be good and the bullets will now get the color of the player who shot them which is just a cool little touch to make it more obvious who the bullet is coming from and with this new system in place we can

Make all sorts of guns so for testing purposes I added a rifle shotgun and a sniper which all have different stats like bullet speed recoil damage and so on and this should make it easier to implement a lot of different and fun

Weapons oh and I also added milk yeah finally I tried to do one last minigame just to do some more testing and this one is inspired by mario parties hexagon heats it's a really fun minigame and I wanted to see how it would work in off

The sticks so I quickly put a little test together and it turned out pretty fun so these are the kinds of minigames I want to make I mean it can be pretty

Much anything I can imagine so I'm open for suggestions if you have any good ideas let me know you could you know hit me up at discord or Twitter or whatever make sure you follow me there by the way there are tons of links in the

Description just saying and yeah I mean the possibilities are endless so I think I think this is gonna be a lot of fun I'm really looking forward to this I also want to mention that everything I've done with off the sticks up until

This point is not going to waste I'm probably going to include the previous maps or at least parts of them at a later point but I want to finish a simpler version of the game based around these minigames first so I can publish

The game this century because that would be nice and you guys could get to try it and then I will rather update the game afterwards and add a single-player and co-op stuff the main reason I'm making this pretty big change is again because

I want to get the game out for everyone who's been waiting for it and if I were to keep going like I did it would have probably taken me years another heavily requested game-mode is the gladiator one which I made a video about I will

Definitely include this in the game so you can play it there whenever it's finished as for when it's launching I'm hoping for 2020 but I'm really not quite sure yet there will probably be monthly or bi-weekly dev vlogs depending on how

Much time I have in my hands and how many other projects I'm working on but yeah bottom line is I'm back to working on off the stakes and I'm fully motivated again and really looking forward to this I also set up a tutorial

Channel which you can find on my channel page or in the description probably and I'll try to post some stuff there occasionally so yeah thanks for being patient and still watching my shitty videos it is very much appreciated and I

Can't wait to see what twenty20 breaks I've got a ton of cool videos coming so y'all better smash subscribe now or I will smash you anyway I'm gonna stop rambling now so thank you so much for watching my video if you liked it you

Know smash like if you didn't like it smash dislike also subscribe now slappers because we're doing a foot reveal at 300k yeah also drink milk at hit sack

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