Stickman Dismounting | Chose Your PATH

published on July 28, 2020

Oh hello hello you guys I'm finally better I'm not super well but sorry for that guy I'm not super well but I can at least comment a little bit more okay so today we're going to play a little bit more Oh stickman smoking so let's stop and play okay okay are we ready okay

Let's see what the heck we're going to play today last episode I think which is play oh my god sorry guys for the echo I'm currently walking I'm just looking for my chair okay I think we're better

I know echo will never stop but at least I will have money to buy a microphone something to okay so today we're going to play a little bit of cused your pal yeah we're going to choose our path why not why not choosing

Our paths are good okay it score 4500 without cycle no problem dude oh my gosh yes yes oh oh my gosh oh now Oh am i okay I think so okay we did it break had 20 times oh my god we are

Going to break her head we're going to use our zombie let's go do it you came out of from Walking Dead yes get ready get ready oh oh oh man oh oh oh okay it doesn't work that well okay one more one more one more come on

Ah okay we're good we're good we're good oh my gosh we lost our upper body and the lower body uh everything Oh frog now we're going back now okay we're going up why not oh my gosh my lower body is like so

Tight look at that oh my goodness Oh what the heck stop stop lower body stop stop okay we're a nice I think so I think we need a little bit more of props oh we can use pups here let's let these a vehicle dang oh

He has a shop cart why not shopping shopping tonight okay okay we're at La dating okay velocities after us oh my head okay I need all the arrows oh my gosh but I lost my hat okay lower body lower body

Master where the lower body master yes why not you want to be cool just use your lower body obviously that's the coolest part yeah you know what I mean oh my gosh okay okay we'll let the lower body my gosh oh boy big we are going big

In the card yes such as moko for such a big mang dot must be good Oh straight to the face oh my god now now oh I got throw okay okay I'm still alive I'm still up okay okay okay oh my gosh I go that card through my face like

For multiple times okay okay okay okay Lou okay that wasn't bad after all let's go for something different yeah we need a different Michael this thing's super small why not I care yes I'm actually on the chair right now Oh

What the heck what I just happened I love the wheel and like too heavy I'm too heavy now now I'm to carry for every chair okay at least the cheers riding me that's not the difference okay okay okay Oh through the please okay it

Does it does it you're over dude you're over you are offered okay change cycle with something better like a bad better good we're good we're good we're good oh my gosh okay Oh frog bets are not good at all

Okay okay no but no but no but remember guys do never try this at home okay let's try to change our cycle let's use your mother back yes why not why not mother right aah oh my gosh we're still up yeah I guess

Okay okay we're going up we're going up Oh crowd down arms he'll chase us what the heck sounds like that oh we need something more insane like a football yes why not let's go up there favor on upfront

You fit ball what the heck you think we'll just throw me I thought the figure was coming with me what a spin ball oh my gosh my face okay to never try it on footballs you're never good they are never good okay

Change cycle we don't care because we're using your Jeep yes Jeep power eject oh my gosh I couldn't make it to the other side oh my Jeep okay next time I mean little bit over what the heck did you challenge

Okay let's try to not eject but let's try to change your character I feel like being a zombie okay okay that's right there that's right there that's right there that's foster I mean

That's right there oh oh oh oh oh no no be careful with it will they careful with it will and you will be careful with me okay even work so hmm just try to use one of the supercruise motorbike ever

Oh I made it to the other side oh my god okay we made it we made it we made it we're okay we're okay Oh continue please continue continue oh my god it is breaking my butt several times Oh

Be careful this all okay we're great okay let's try to live one more exact Oh we failed okay we're not rejecting this time not ejecting not is acting not ejecting now mr Charlie Sudan eject okay yell safe

Oh my life oh my middle leg like how you call that thing between your necks I'm up for your college anyway oh that was not good be different vital this is not working we need some speed sport cars are good

Oh oh okay okay okay we're going we're going we're going for to smoke his mouth oh yes we made it oh no we didn't make it we're good and make it to the end what the heck something is wrong I think the correct

There is the problem okay now it's better we're breaking in pieces oh oh oh oh I feel so bad for him oh it's going up it's going up it's going up that's going down it's going

Down what's going up is going down oh okay that's overdue and leave the part of the card levitating oh my goodness okay I got an idea not we're staying with that character well you've seen the motorbike was Mar and we're going to

Jack a jack oh we say we are such an ejection failure oh oh yes we made it no now we're back sheesh Oh No revive shoot out okay we're going up no no

Or not we're not oh yes we are not we're not you know okay that was not what I was expecting anyway she okay exact IG l know we failed well okay okay okay okay okay okay we're flying we're

Flying we will live we can fly oh we made it no dude we couldn't make it to this salsa pose so sit well soulless oh my goodness I got a party coming this okay you know

What we're going big we're going in saying right now Oh what the heck well yeah scream those I would like to be in your place bit I'd like to set next pose oh yeah this was perfect for rejection exact now okay okay okay I

Think we're going to fly oh no we need to fight l from the earth screaming too much that makes me feel bad you know I have a heart yes mr challenge is like I have a heart don't make me feel bad and look at that

Now I'm putting you on the TNT yes she is explosion TNT explosive character oh oh no no I got a card okay something is wrong Michael next Michael no we're not we're changing pose oh yes I forgot this policy yes I did exact okay we fail on

Dejection one more as usual mr childish you're so violent ejecting yourself okay okay come on come on mr chai Lai's we've got to change Michael I feel like the motorbike is the answer

Okay oh my gosh I just checked myself through their mother bike can you do that sorry guys I'm still coughing coughing is going to follow us to the whole day exact Oh my spine okay safe legs

Oh my gosh no no though I can't believe it we can't make it to the other side okay okay okay we did something different what could be different here the scooters now scooters are not as fast as

Expected sport bike these got a v8 is that perfect a section about now yeah okay at least I need some arrows mace yes L Oh something exploder okay this is the section pose okay not not working at all

Oh my gosh oh my gosh I can make it to the other side something is wrong next pose yes yes yes this is the perfect pose oh my gosh exact Oh didn't work okay something is wrong here I think we're gonna use this

Somebody wants more oh yes we're gonna make it through the other side yes yes yes yes yes yes oh my gosh yes yes yes completed oh my gosh TNT oh oh we finished with oh oh the will is coming for me okay that's it

It was going again oh my gosh oh my gosh can you see the wheel at the background is going like hell sighs oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my god the Turk you got Exploud oh okay there will win tit Oh the will is back L

Solowheel okay something is not working can I change our corrector exact exact you exacting is not working anymore something is wrong okay one horn or these got a word okay what's the problem

With dejection you start working I want to see what the accident the other side oh my face my hand oh my body no no no no oh what act I'm going backwards no no don't get backward we just came from there oh my leg oh my

Legs oh my my arms my little arms my little arms all my goodness oh my goodness that's so happy oh yes yes yes yes come on come on a little bit more now in the month now we don't one more

I wonder where was my ass exact oh yes yes it is perfect oh fuck something was wrong oh please mother bike you got to make it to the other side I sure no no well no ejection after all I mean just we did the

Ejection but it didn't work as expected I'll give I don't know what to do probably we need more speed sport bike awareness place was perfecto chase next pose now that's a back wait now oh no no no working out working out working okay

Taylor Jesus Christ next pull okay did my work oh I barely make it we barely make it oh my goodness no what are you telling me where's her cloud yeah well I need the

Mother right there Oh what that arm yeah take this mother bike was like God oh no now oh oh oh hell oh oh oh my gosh oh my gosh okay okay we're not making it all jn/l I thank you okay

Pulis breathe oh I'm into full speed water now okay okay okay mr jolly he's that failure J pad okay okay you're going back you're going up yeah oh okay let's just start to breakers fine 40

Times more vehicles are the problem let's try to go super low super love super low is my work is my work oh no not explosive oh okay the out oh oh okay okay I got an idea yes mr Charlie Joe super intelligent

Let's start to change her corrector yes and let's try to go super low super now a jack I said Isabella look back I miss dejection with the jaws out back and you meet was actually okay okay okay this is it next pose this is it I have to make

It jack oh yes Oh what oh what are you telling we did okay okay okay okay okay okay okay no problem no problem oh yes now we're back Oh fog we were in the other side what are you telling me

That's freaking fine just ring or fine literally okay okay here we go here we go here we go Oh something must be wrong okay okay now we're going now we're going now we're going oh yeah I'm gonna love a lose my voice once more advanced

Tools criminally No Oh oh my gosh unbelievable what the heck's happening that's unbelievable I've owned believe I can't I can't

Believe it I can't okay when's mark where's mark this is it this might work oh yes yes yes oh we made it to the other side now oh you Oh Buster no oh those friends are searching searching idiot oh you know what we're

Changing corrector yes this one may brick may break before making it a jack okay oh dude those guys are making me have a hard day definitely else else else so bad for you okay this might work exact yes yes yes yes

Yes we made it we made it to the other side yes without it oh my gosh you know what I think I'm retired if you see I can't support it any longer

I spent more than an hour epic tried to make it to the second pod and look at what we found like a wall excellent excellent excellent Trump walls here say hello to the world whole world you're so central wall excellent of finding the

Wall you gotta take the second path if you make it you're going to find a big sense of wall Jesus Christ that's perfect anyway thank you thank you thank you so much guys for watching and tuning and

Supporting and stay cool

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