Stickman A.I. Learns To Walk

published on July 17, 2020

So um I started the simulation this morning I totally forgot it was running and came back like ten hours later and the result is pretty damn crazy before we get started this video is sponsored by audible stick around to the end of the video to hear more about it and also

For a little surprise so a while ago I saw this really cool video from code bullets about an AI learning to walk by itself which I found super fascinating now I have an obsession with stickman in physics so it

Got me thinking would it be possible for an AI stickman to learn to walk or run like a human by itself I think the biggest challenge here will be for the stickman to balance itself I mean not to take away from mr Coad bullet or

Anything but let's be real here boys that's just a box with legs and it's a known fact that boxes with legs don't need a whole lot of balance so since we're working with a sloppy Rhino here and not a box we need to make it

Balanced well so it doesn't fall over which might be a bit tough to get working but hey like Avram Lincoln once said if it's tough to get it working just get it working you dumbass so first things first let's make a stickman

Ragdoll I'm currently working on a stickman game which I'm still taking a break from so I have a bit of experience with making stickman already and so I put together one really quickly and of course gave him a cute little face let's

Call him Billy now Billy is currently lobotomized so we need to give him a brain and this is where the neural network comes into play basically a neural network is a very simple artificial brain this means we

Can give this simple brain to Billy and he can use it to learn to walk well at least that's the plan this is great because then Billy will teach himself to do it so I don't have to do it because duh I'm not a teacher I don't have time

To teach someone to walk come on so let's make his brain for starters in order for Billy to balance he needs some information now we're gonna tell him the rotation of his torso and his legs as well as the speed they're moving at he

Can't see or feel anything so it's kind of like having your eyes closed and having some weird dude whisper a bunch of numbers into your ears and based on that information you have to learn to walk yeah it's not easy being Billy and

We're also gonna give him a rule the further you gets the more points you receive and if you get a good score you get to live but if you get a bad score you die anyway we'll be running the simulation with 20 different Billy's but

Only show the best one so it's not such a mess but before we go any further let's spice up the graphics a bit because it looks kind of stale at the moment so first I added some grounding grass because grounding grass is pretty

Tight then I made a little sign and place it into the world and my goal is to make Billy run 50 meters within 15 seconds without falling over and even I can't do that in real life so it would be pretty impressive is Billy good so is

It even possible well this is the only one way to find out I also made a new rag doll because the old one was very square someone probably told him to be there or be square and he wasn't there so he'd be square and it would be like

That sometimes and he's quite a bit shorter as well which is done intentionally because it's easier to balance a short boy as opposed to a long boy because of center of mass and all that science stuff I don't know and here

You can see the new and improved Billy in action he's more flexible he's more handsome he's still dumb but that's fine eventually he figured out that twerking is a good way to move forward and I mean he's not wrong but okay so the playfield

Is ready we got our six new graphics and our sick new Billy and the only thing missing now is to make Billy's brain bigger but before we make Billy smarter or less run the simulation right now and see

What happens so Billy starts off strong with a juicy faceplant the next generation you figured out he was just gonna sit down and wobble forward and after 100 generations apparently

Wiping your ass along the floor as Billy's winning strategy but he can't even make it past 15 meters so we're gonna have to put Billy to sleep so the main problem we encountered here is Billy is not punished for shoving his

Face or ass into the dirt and so we're gonna give him one very simple rule if you touch the ground with anything other than your feet you die hopefully this should prevent him from sitting down it definitely would prevent me from sitting

Down actually I would gladly sit down instantly anyway let's run the simulation and see how Billy will adapt to overcome this challenge at first there's no real difference other than the fact that he

Dies when falling over but he quickly learns that by falling forward and eating grass instead of falling backwards the eating grass he can get more distance

And fast-forward twenty three generations and would you look at that Billy now has some sort of walk so I sped up the simulation even more in Harris the result of generation 175 it's actually pretty good but it's not really

A proper walk or run because he's just kind of sliding his legs across the floor the reason this is possible is because there is no friction on his feet so let's make it more realistic for Billy and activate proper realistic

Friction so with our new friction I restarted this simulation and went to get some dinner and when I came back the simulation had gone for like two

Thousand generations and Billy had learned a rather interesting way of walking so apparently with higher friction Billy figured out he would become a crab now this video is not about teaching a crab how to walk but a

Stickman how to walk so we need to make some changes here the main reason he can walk like a crab is well because he can his legs can bend really far so I limited the maximum angle of which they can bend so he is forced to stand up

More and enough become a crab because I kind of sucks so let's start the simulation again with these changes and I also gave him some arms to make him look a bit less creepy and and more human as usual he starts off by eating

Dirts very nice but around generation 40 billy has some sort of walkie going for him which is exactly what we wanted now he just needs to work on making it better he kept working and he would fall over most of

The time but no matter how many times he fell no matter how many times he face-planted billy got back up and billy kept trying and then he failed and ate more dirt but you know he tried and finally after 100 generations he has

Learned how to walk without heating dirts but it's still not really what I want and after 200 generation there's somewhat running but only made it to 30 meters so we still need to make some

Tweaks after messing a bit with Billy's brain he got back to training again but this time Billy is done playing games he's going for that 50 meter mark and after blood sweat tears and 500

Generations of training it was time for Bailey to prove himself and ladies and gentlemen there it is Bailey managed to not only talk to talk but also walk the walk

Quite literally cuz cuz you know he walked the 50 meters so he he walked the walk yeah now this is good and all but I think he can do much better and I'm not quite happy with the result so today after I made some minor changes started

Another simulation and then I went to get some lunch and hit the gym and I totally forgot that the simulation was running before I show you the final result of Billy's training do you want to know how Billy learned so fast well

He was listening to audiobooks of course you might not have noticed but he was listening throughout the entire video so I want to thank audible for sponsoring this video making both me and Billy much better if you don't already know audible

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Motivational book but instead of motivating you it kind of throws you into mud chicks you into balls and you're like ah my balls I'm so motivated right now yeah it's pretty weird if you don't understand what the hell I'm

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Good way to do multitasking if you're anything like me I hate wasting time so being able to learn something new while also working on something else is really great for me what but how can you listen while going to the gym I'm glad you

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Danny dev or Tex Danny dev – 500 500 to get started today – just click the link in the description okay just click it did you click it good so let's check in on Billy and see how he is doing so um I started the simulation this morning I

Totally forgot it was running and came back like 10 hours later and the result is pretty damn crazy so you can see ten thousand generations and well I was I was a bit of a bad example so there's a result of ten thousand generations and a

Lot of training it's probably as good as Billy is going to get and I'm quite happy with the results he's probably running faster than I am so I'm not complaining good job Billy if you liked the video then make sure to smash like

And subscribe and if you didn't then smash dislike but let's be real here boys how can you not like this video I mean come on it's made by me also massive thanks to my patreon supporters you guys are all great I like you very

Much and yeah I think that's gonna be it as always make sure to drink your milk and hit your sack and yeah I'm gonna go now hey Dora

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