Steven Crowder Destroys Veganism | Earthling Ed vs Steven Crowder

by birtanpublished on September 6, 2020

Lest you need a new reason to disdain veganism so the right wing commentators steven crowder has just released a video where he apparently exposes that veganism is worse for the environment than eating animal products so let's get into the video and let's see what he has

To say veganism is something you don't hear a lot is potentially much worse for the planet no let me cycle through this so I'm never as farming is actually a lot more sustainable in the vegan model so globally we have time I'll make sure

I get this right 25 to 40 billion tons of topsoil are lost every year to erosion mainly due to ploughing intense cropping now in the UK the top soil depletion is so bad that the farmers think they may actually never be able to

Harvest that land at all again so the way to combat this a tough sell is just letting the land just letting it return to being great ad astra for a period and that results in complete halting of the erosion and it rebuilds the soil so

Before I get into the actual science of what it is that Stephen is saying I want to address a couple of things and the first thing that I want to address is that he actually cites an article from The Guardian and the article that he

Cites is an opinion piece and it seems slightly strange to me that Stephen who is a right-wing commentator and who always accuses the liberal media of telling lies and not being trustworthy and spreading misinformation it seems

Strange to me that he would then cite a news outlet that he criticizes has always been misleading as a primary source and the argument that he's making that seems slightly strange to me but also interestingly it almost feels like

This whole video was premeditated like he wanted to make a video exposing veganism in his own way and the way he did that is he typed in why is veganism bad for the environment into Google and then he chose the second result and if

You scroll down you can actually see the other sources that he uses to make his argument and in effect Stephens whole argument about topsoil erosion comes from an opinion piece in the news outlet that he obviously thinks spreads

Misinformation normally because it's the garden which pretty much epitomized the liberal media and that's his basis for his argument an opinion piece an outlet that he doesn't trust anyway so can i disgrace most of his argument to begin

With but let's look at some of the science the topsoil erosion is a really big problem but the thing is nothing Steven says actually proves that veganism is responsible or a plant-based diet is responsible for that topsoil

Erosion in fact kind of does the opposite I mean that opinion piece that he cites from The Guardian is written by a farmer who does kill the animals that graze in the land but the reason that her land is restored

Is because she's let it rewilding is now healthy and nutrient-dense isn't because she kills the animals is because she's let it restored to how it should be which is exactly what vegans want we want the land to be restored so that we

Can allow it to rewilding become feral waking up all these animals roaming again we can restore the nutrients in the soil allow trees to replenish and act as carbon sinks that's exactly what we want to do and so in effect his

Primary source doesn't justify killing animals it justifies doing what we as vegans want which is letting farmland re wild restore and allowing natural biodiversity of wildlife and vegetation to replenish also if we all went to a

Plant-based diet err study from the University of Oxford said that globally we could restore 75% of global agricultural land because we wouldn't need it anymore we could actually reduce the amount of land that we needed by

Going vegan and so in the UK where 48% of all land is dedicated to animal agriculture we could restore hundreds of thousands of hectares of land and allowed that to reforest and re wild which would allow the carbon in the soil

To replenish and it allow the nutrients in the soil to replenish as well it's kind of a win-win situation in that sense but instead we get cited as something that disproves his point but in a way that's manipulated to make it

Seem like veganism is the problem but in effect what he's showing proves that veganism is actually the answer to the problem yeah when I read they don't know they absolutely don't yeah I just wanted to remain sound so you got answer your

Own there and so now let's take a look at some of the science behind what Stephen is saying and see if it supports his point of view and so in the US only 27% of crops that are grown there affect thoroughly to humans whilst 67% of the

Crops grown in the US a federated livestock animals so straight away we can see there's a complete disparity in land use which means that we could probably guess that animal agriculture is the main culprit in topsoil erosion

As the majority of the soil that's destroyed is used for animal agriculture there's a 5-year study that came out from the University of Oxford it looked at 40,000 farms in 119 countries and looked at the primary 40 foods that we

Consume that makes up 90% of our diet it was published in the journal Nature and his considered as the most comprehensive analysis of farming in the environment ever conducted

They said that 83 percent of global farmland is dedicated to animal agriculture yet it only produces 18 percent of calories so I think we can see straight away looking at this science that is probably animal

Agriculture that's the main culprit the research also found that grass-fed beef thought to be relatively low impact was still responsible for much higher impacts than plant-based food furthermore an international team of

Researchers from all across the world looked into the arguments in fail of grass-fed beef to see if they had any veracity and credibility when scrutinized against the science they discovered that the potential of grazing

Ruminants disloyal carbon sequestration is small time limited reversible and substantially outweighed by the greenhouse gas emissions they generate therefore the ambitious claim is made by advocates of grass-fed livestock about

Grazing as a significant mitigation opportunity of us and founded they also stated that spread out across the globe one gram of protein per person per day comes from solely grass-fed animals as compared to 32 grams of protein per

Person per day coming from all over animal sources including fish and 49 grams of protein per person per day coming from plant sources however when it comes to land use ruminants collectively use about quarter of the

Earth's usable surface so even if exaggerated claims about carbon sequestration were true it is simply not possible to carry eating as much meat and dairy as trends indicate and obtain it for grass fed systems alone so we can

Quite clearly see the stacked against the science Stevens claims don't make any sense and his primary source to justify what it is that he's saying actually only proves that rewilding farm land is the best thing for the soil and

Best thing for the environment which is exactly what we as vegans are advocating for so scrutinised again to the science Stephen has absolutely no point and inadvertently has actually proved himself wrong for the sources that he is

Used there is also plenty more research from incredibly credible scientific institutions that further proves that what Stephen is saying is completely bogus and so I'll pop them up on the screen now but I'll also include them in

The description below so please do read them and remember that Stephens sauce for proving what he is saying is an opinion piece published in outlets that he continuously believes disseminates misinformation and liberal lies however

The information I'm presenting is unbiased impartial scientific literature that's peer review published in some of those respected journals from all around the world now you decide which argument has more

Veracity so another reason that Mugen is it might be worse for the environment people don't think about this it's often overlooked the importation of food why do they want a very diet and it requires a lot of food like quinoa avocados they

Be imported it's so bad now that countries like Mexico Kenya they've completely depleted their supply of strong foods Stevens next argument presupposes that it's only vegans who are buying avocados and quinoa however

We obviously know this is completely untrue it's not 2% of the population causing all these problems especially when the other 98% also buy the quinoa and avocados avocados I was just and this isn't an argument for producing

Animals to rear them and kill them to consume them it's an argument for increasing the self-sufficiency of countries own food production so if we look at some actual science and we cite the paper published by Harvard Law

School they looked at using one-third of the cropland that is currently used to feed livestock animals in the UK and they discovered that we could feed nearly every single person in the UK there are five portions of fruits and

Vegetables every day for a year using just one third of the cropland used to feed animals and if you look at the US if we designated all the cropland used to feed animals but instead use that land to feed human edible crops they

Could feed an extra 350 million people in the US by doing this we could very easily increase the self-sufficiency of countries meaning we're less reliant on the importing foods and things like quinoa and avocados can be grown much

Closer to home say I live in the UK and I can buy quinoa that's made in the UK pretty simple stuff really what do you think is better for the environment eating venison from a deer you bagged yourself or eating meat from your local

Yak farm for all I know or fixing yourself twenty dollar toast with avocados that were grown in Mexican tap water and tossed in the trucks to travel 2,500 miles now this line of argument comes straight from Joe Rogan's bro

Science rule of thinking and it doesn't add up if you look at the mouse because there's 320 million people or thereabouts who live in the US and about 30 million deer who live in the u.s. so how long can this be a viable

Alternative for you see when we're looking at alternatives and solutions we have to look at wherever another solutions can be applied on a larger scale things like climate change global warming and food scarcity

Increased droughts we have to look at solutions that can actually feed billions of people and send it every one out of a high-powered rifle to go and shoot a deer quite clearly isn't a solution all in fact caused even more

Instability within ecosystems and within the environment and that's why a plant-based agricultural system is the most viable and credible alternative because as the science is very succinctly proving the only way that

We're going to feed a growing population with finite land and increasingly finite resources is by reducing the amount of land that we need for agriculture and the only way that we can do that is for a plant-based diet lot of vegans may not

Realize this do you know how it's 20 especially certain grains like wheat yeah I don't know if it's corn I think we have a source results in 25 times more scenting animals I'm killed per kilogram of usable protein now this stat

Is actually very misleading and it creates a very clear bias because we're comparing musical protein which makes it a false equivalence in the same way that if we were comparing carbohydrates between different food sources that

Would also be biased in favor of different food types and would be a false equivalence and so the real way to see the damage done between different food types and compare them is by looking at the number of calories

Produced if we look at this data which shows the number of animals killed to produce 1 million calories we can see very clear that plant-based foods result in far less animals being killed in all stages of the production and process

That animal-based foods do which means that if we actually care about animals killed during harvesting we should still be plant-based because less animals are killed for plant-based foods furthermore the argument that crowdy makes here is

Very myopic it looks that from just one very narrow point of view but a grass-fed food system would require much more land being destroyed because grass-fed animals require more land and the reason we factory farm is quite

Simply because we don't have the land to produce animals and big free-roaming pastures and also it's not economically viable either and so if we think about increased number of grass-fed animals we have to increase the number of habitats

Being destroyed and if you clear natural vegetation and habitats what you do is you decimate wildlife and you kill mammals and insects and if we really cared about these animals again we'd be advocating for a switch to a

Plant-based diet not only because plant-based foods result in less animals being killed in harvesting but a plant-based food system I've already said before means that we can free up 75% of global agricultural

Land and that means we can rewire that land allow the natural vegetation to come back and provide habitats ecosystems and homes for animals and so again this isn't an argument for not killing animals it's the opposite it's

An island for allowing land to replenish free wild and shifting to a plant-based food system I mean non vegans seem to have this idea that vegans are completely unaware that animals sometimes die during crop

Production of course we're aware it's a reality of life but it doesn't justify purposefully raising animals taking them to slaughterhouses and cutting their throats it doesn't justify that all it justifies is that we need to look at

Technological advancements in plant-based agriculture as well I mean we're under no illusion of plant-based farming is perfect of course it isn't but what we should be doing is challenging ourselves to improve the

Agricultural system and we can do that through things like no tilling through reduced forms of devastation in plant-based agriculture that could be looking at vertical farming it could be looking at veganic organic farming there

Are so many solutions and raising artificially breeding inseminating mutilating exploiting and killing animals is not one of them and I want to state here that if we're advocating for a shift to an entirely grass-fed food

System or actually doing is advocating the majority of people in the world eating plant-based anyway there's simply not enough land to go around to meet the demand for animal products food grass-fed animals and because there

Wouldn't be enough supply to meet the demand that means the price these products would skyrocket which means the only people who were affluent will be able to afford them anyway which might work the crowd or I'm sure he could

Afford to buy these grass-fed animals but for the average person know the average person will be consuming plant-based anyway because there wouldn't be enough supply to meet the demand we need to be out of reach for

The majority of people so if we're advocating for a grass-fed food system or advocating for the majority people to be plant-based anyway the reason a lot of information is information regarding dietary cholesterol in the saturated fat

Was because of the vegetarian Lobby and their agenda above truth and they're doing the same thing now is instead of what really bothers me is when they say that Republicans are anti science and now at this point Crowder really starts

Spiraling and in my eyes he completely loses all credibility even for the flimsy arguments he's been making thus far he said there's a Labe but where is this vegetarian lobby please provide some evidence I mean look

At the actual video in its entirety what evidence does stephen provide how much science is he citing in the description are there any citations for the science he's citing of course not because he's not actually citing any credible science

He's making speculation he's referring to opinion pieces and at the end here is just completely making things up a vegetarian Lobby could we please provide some evidence for that and now if we actually look at the reality of

What's going on in the EU a fifth of the entire European Union budget is given to livestock farmers where's the vegetarian Lobby in that equation I mean how much money has been siphoned to kale farmers do you think probably not twenty six

Billion euros if we look at the u.s. sixty-three percent of tax subsidies are given to animal farmers and people involved in the production of livestock animals which means that we can see this heavily a bias on one side and it's not

To plant farming and so for a vegetarian Lobby that's so omnipotent and so powerful that can even get the tallow removed from McDonald's fryers so for example McDonald's they used to use tallow for fries after lobbying from

Vegetarians the USDA they switched to hydrogenated vegetable oils be what does that even prove why would they allow so much money to be given to animal agriculture special and animal agriculture is only propped up by tax

Subsidies the only reason we can afford these products and the only reason that most farmers can afford to farm is because of tax subsidies so why isn't the vegetarian lobby intervening makes you think doesn't it also this point at

The end is is quite interesting because as an outspoken conservative both fiscally and socially Crowder's against taxation but what happens in animal agriculture is distinctly anti conservative it's distinctly anti-free

Market and is pro state interference through taxation in fact the US government last year bailed the dairy industry out by 1 billion dollars because the dairy industry was losing money because consumer choices were

Changing but the whole crux of the free market is that consumer choice should drive the economy but here we have in the US where consumer choices are changing which should be allowed through the free market but instead of allowing

That change to dissipate throughout the industry and for the industry to make changes accordingly the US government stepped in and gave taxpayers money to the industry to bail them out which is something that Crowder himself should be

Again so potentially maybe in the future Crowder should become a vegan because by being a vegan you can take a stance against heavy taxation and so I actually agree with Stephen here when it comes to

Taxation in the sense of let's take these tax subsidies away from animal farmers let's see what happens then or they've crumbled the price would be too high for them to be able to continue and be too high for people to be able to

Afford the products the only way animal agriculture operates and works is through a high system of Taxation which steven crowder as a conservative actually opposes so if we look at again this video in its entirety the Imus that

Stephen makes juxtaposed his conservative values and he's citing opinion pieces from media outlets that juxtaposed his opinions as well does it seem like as much like to stand on and his echo chamber in the background what

About veganism is there something you don't hear a lot is potentially much worse for the planet no let me cycle through this top soil erosion yeah again Wow then we understand where I'm going with this yeah yes just a green of

Everything he says it creates a sense of false validation is it's annoying to watch crown his videos because in the background all you can hear is people saying yeah and Wow Anna green of every point that he makes which is kind of

Worrying because if you're a gullible viewer and you're looking for validation and you hear people saying yet everything he says then your mind it crazy says that what he's saying is true it's not look at the signs look at my

Citations in the description compare it to what crowd has in this video and make up your own mind so I hope you've enjoyed this video if you'd like me to make more commentary videos then please let me know down below in the

Description and yeah look at the science look at the objectivity don't believe what's put in a video didn't believe what I've said go and look at the science yourself and make your own opinion don't listen to the years and

The Wow's in the background of his video look at yourself make your own opinion make your own judgment and listen to objectivity and truth thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one


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