Steelseries Rival 310 / Sensei 310 Ultimate Comparison (CLOSED GIVEAWAY)

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

Wow Marcus wall done sales tech deserves
the damn good Awards what's up everyone
is Mark back again with another video
today we're going to be taking a look at
two newly released mice from Steel
series the rival incense a310 both
feature a new sensor that SteelSeries
have called the true move free developed
in partnership with picsArt the new
sensor is simply another variant of the
3360 a most 3360 variants have jitter
reduction after two thousand one hundred
dpi with the true move sensor however
due to reduction isn't introduced until
3200 dpi that could be a good reason to
pick up the rival or sense a free 10
clearly that's only going to benefit you
know if you go and pass that 2,100 DPI
range regardless is great to see
SteelSeries collabing with Pixar's
improving on an already great sensor the
true move free is exclusive to
SteelSeries so you won't be using it on
any other brands any time soon so let's
take a closer look at the two mice with
the new sensor first the sense a free 10
announced be dexterous design with
forward and back buttons on the left and
right weighing in at 92 grams returning
to its roots as a well-priced
professional-grade a gaming mouse with a
price tag of only $59.99 dollars in the
US and $59.99 pounds in the UK the
sensei maladies – ever so slightly
undercut a lot of the competition the
mouse has sandy much plastic coating
with silicone rubber each side
aiding grip there's also eight buttons
around the mouse the forward and back
buttons have a nice tactile click
although I found it hard to activate the
forward button without changing my
gripping position while testing out the
sensei I was activating the forward and
buttons also on the opposite side to my
thumb and I would highly recommend
turning them off using the SteelSeries
software the left and right clicks do
feel slightly mushy this some play
removing the clicks from left to right
although they are very responsive and
have no travel distance past the
actuation points I had no trouble using
them for burst firing in my favorite FPS
shooters the scroll wheel feels ok but
individual scroll steps are very well
defined button free has a solid tactile
bump the CPI button behind the scroll
wheel is easy to get at and I never
pressed it in by mistake once while
gaming the CPI button lets you toggle
between only two steps of CPI
adjustments compared to some mice that
lets you switch between a lot more
the sensei free 10 is pretty large here
it is up against the Logitech G 920 5.1
millimeters in length a width of sixty
point seven seven millimeters a LaFrance
61 point seven seven millimeters
gripping width and seventeen point three
nine millimeters at the back its height
is thirty eight point nine five
millimeters and the cable length is two
meters and it's unbraided the mouse has
a wide base at the back with a steep
hump and tapered edges underneath to
minimize drag is best grip style in my
opinion is palm I have 18 centimeter
hands which rest on this mouse nicely
it's just a shame there's no comfort
grooves on the left and right clicks
just for a bit of fun it's hardly
scientific using reaction my own
personal input lag time was 194
milliseconds with an average distance
from the target of five comparing that
to my sorry FK to my favourite mouse of
all time that scored 182 milliseconds
and had a distance from the target of
4.5 moving on to the rival 310 price the
same at $59.99 dollars in the US and
$59.99 pounds in the UK steel series
make choosing between the two a hard
choice if I focus on things that are
different between the two mice and like
the sensei 310 the rival 310 has an
ergonomic shape designed for right hand
users its weight is lighter than the
sensei's only 88.3 grams
dimensions are 127 point six millimeters
in length width is 57 point sixteen
millimeters are the front 62 millimetres
are the griffon width and seventy point
1 millimeters at the back height is 41
point 9 8 millimeters and lastly the
cable is unbraided and it's 2 metres in
length so the rival 310 is quite a bit
taller and ever so slightly longer than
a sensei as well taking a closer look at
the mouse the forward and back buttons
are placed a little too high in my
opinion and again much like the sensei's
free turn
the forward button is very difficult to
get us without altering my gripping
position both buttons are also larger
than the sensei free tens needlessly so
the left and right clicks on the rival
are slightly more defined but with more
travel and play when you move them from
left to right the scroll wheel feels
exactly the same as the sensei a little
although button free has a nice defined
bump the CPI button is extremely well
placed and never wants to the hit it by
mistake the rifle shape is nearly
perfect although my hands rest ever so
slightly too high on the mouse at the
back there's also a slope giving my palm
good support the left side tapers off
leading to a subtle thumb groove overall
the shape at the back fits my hand very
well on to the game of performance I
have an absolute blast using both of
these mice in my favorite FPS shooter
battlefield one both exhibited
one-to-one tracking zero jitter below
3200 dpi no skipping and they both
lacked any signs of mouse acceleration
lift off distance on both were at two
millimeters making them perfect for FPS
shooters quickly browsing through the
SteelSeries software you can map all of
the buttons to single Keys macros or
even multimedia buttons there's also the
option to choose various lighting
effects from steady
color shift multicolored brief and
lastly trigger each predefined effect
can be customized even further to your
liking other options include changing
the two steps of CPI that can be toggled
using the CPI button on the mouse you're
also able to customize acceleration
deceleration angle snapping and polling
well since the software is out of the
way I guess it's now time for the awards
my overall favor of the two mice is the
rival 310 it fits my hand extremely well
with the sensei a close second it was
actually surprisingly comfortable for an
hour speed extra Smouse but overall
award for the rival 310 is going to be
gold as a few things have stopped it
receiving a platinum award like the
loose left and right clicks and a pretty
bad rattle the final award for the
sensei free ten is going to be gold as
well missing out on a platinum for the
same reasons as the rival nevertheless I
was really impressed and I could quite
easily use Eva for my daily driver
especially for FPS gaming anyway guys I
hope you've enjoyed the review my name
is Mark from silent tech good bye

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