Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 7 Review

published on July 2, 2020

starwars the Clone Wars season seven has

finally finished its run ended on Disney

Plus they decided to do one more season

if you haven't seen any of Clone Wars or

especially season seven I'm gonna warn

you that I'm gonna get into plot details

here and some spoilers and so I want to

make sure you guys know that this show

obviously bridges the gap between

Episode two in Episode three it

introduced us to characters like ahsoka

and we got a more in-depth look at what

the war was actually like that first

film from 2008 that introduced us to

these characters and introduced us to

the show it was pretty bad the show has

come a long way since then even since

season 1 which was pretty kid-friendly

this most recent season it's pretty

violent at times and even though some

deaths are off screen they do a pretty

good job of making it seem like this is

a real war this season had 12 episodes

and 3 arcs each of them broken up over

the course of four episodes the first

four are focused around the retrieval of

EKKO a Clone Trooper thought to be dead

and the bad batch a group of guys who

are sort of shoot first ask questions


these guys want to jump into enemy

territory recap salute havoc kill as

many people as possible blow up as many

things as they possibly can and

hopefully win the day so these first

four episodes are largely action

centered and they're pretty fun

I wasn't riveted by the plot or anything

but the animation has gotten to a pretty

good level with this show and it's very

impressive all throughout season 7 the

first four episodes have a lot of good

action sequences although the battle

droids cannot hit a fucking thing

they're worse than the stormtroopers

there's a lot of great takes where the

shots are weaving in and out of

corridors and the clones are just

dispatching droids left and right but

the heart of those first four episodes

belongs to the clones and the fact that

they're not going to give up on one of

their brothers

even though EKKO is believed to be dead

they have a slim chance and they find

him the next four episodes focused on

the return of ahsoka who's one of my

favorite characters if not my favorite

character in this series

after leaving anakin and the rest of the

jedi behind she crashed lands near a

mechanics workshop and she inadvertently

becomes involved with two sisters and

all of their money issues they're both

trying to scheme their way into some

spice that they could perhaps sell

they're trying to find a way to play

different people in the galaxy

for money and ahsoka knowing a lot of

these people and their reputation is

sort of like that's a really bad fucking

idea and you're gonna get bit in the ass

for this but they don't believe her and

she's trying to hide the fact that she's

a Jedi from them because as we learn

they have a grudge against the Jedi

because of something that happened in

their past

I suppose that dynamic is the most

interesting thing about these episodes

as well as the return of ahsoka but

beyond that these four episodes are a

major drag I found them very boring it

didn't necessarily feel like filler at

first because you were experiencing a

sokka's new life and you were learning

how she feels about the world and she

was able to also learn from these two

new people that she didn't know anything

about and sort of get a different view

of the Jedi but after a while when

that's all there is to offer I was

expecting something else to come into

play here and nothing really does in

fact one of those four episodes feels

completely useless in retrospect because

it begins with them in jail they get out

of jail that go on a little adventure

throughout the city some stuff happens

and then they end up back in jail again

and it just feels like nothing really

happened something else about those four

episodes that was strange to me were a

lot of the line readings everything felt

very choppy someone would say a sentence

pause say the rest of the sentence pause

it felt almost like the actor was

catching up with the character animation

for the models but gratefully this

season was redeemed with the final four

episodes which I must say is some of the

best starwars I've seen in years

top tier prequel material this stuff was

fucking great in fact the last four

episodes are so damn good that I

struggled to comprehend why they didn't

just take those four episodes extend

their 20 to 25 minute length to maybe 45

minutes each and just make a four

episode limited event miniseries cuz

this shit was fucking great Darth Maul

returns ahsoka has to go up against him

they actually got Rey Park to do the

mocap work so mall does moves that

resemble them all we know and love from

Phantom Menace these last four episodes

were riveting I was on the edge of my

seat the storytelling was great

character work was amazing I I knew what

was going to happen because of revenge

of the sith i felt the dread of the

clones turning on everyone and getting a

more personal look at that horrific

moment and they did not disappoint

the clones turning on ahsoka was fucking

heartbreaking actually and the fact that

rex is trying so hard to not kill his

friend and they're actually able to get

that inhibitor chip out of him and and

get him back to normal was really

exciting because you got to see sort of

the perspective of one of them who was

taken over who is now like no i'm going

to fight against this because you're

looking at all these clones who have

actually painted their helmets to look

like ahsoka trying to kill ahsoka and

it's fucking tragic anakin and obi-wan

are mostly gone from these four episodes

because as we know from Revenge of the

Sith Anakin's out there murdering

separatists and eventually fighting

obi-wan and Dave felonious supervising

director and the whole team did a really

great job leaving Revenge of the Sith

throughout these remaining four episodes

like for instance there's a scene where

mace Windu and the other Jedi are

talking that's straight out of Revenge

of the Sith and where that scene ended

in Revenge of the Sith here we pick up

with ahsoka coming into the room and so

we kind of understand where these

characters were during that timeline her

face off with Maul is a great Star Wars

lightsaber battle it's one of my

favorites now it's really exciting and I

could not be happier with these final

four episodes and the true ending is

just heartbreaking

seeing Darth standing there holding that

lightsaber that ahsoka left behind

realizing that he's basically lost

everything Anakin was tricked by

Palpatine everything he ever knew and

loved is no longer there for him it was

the perfect way to end this show I was

extremely satisfied with it again these

last four episodes stand so far above

the previous eight I don't really know

why they even had them it's cool to see

those episodes I like these characters

they were fun to watch but these final

four are just another thing entirely I

mean even the opening titles change

Clone Wars appears as read the music

changes there's even Lucasfilm text that

appears they really tried to

differentiate these last four episodes

if this is what we really wanted to do

so it's strange that they even did

anything else because this is all I need

these last four are remarkable and they

saved the entire season for me up until

them I was kind of on like a C+ or a B –

but these last four really made

everything stand out I'm gonna give Star

Wars Clone Wars season seven of b+ if it

was just those last few it's an A+

honestly some of the best Star Wars I've

seen in years watch it if you haven't

but I'm reviewing the whole season here

so I got to be honest Disney is capable

of making good Star Wars with this and

Mandalorian I'm seeing a really good

future for Star Wars on television I'm

really excited to see where else this

goes especially with Mandalorian season

two but I'm glad this got a really nice

definitive ending and Dave Filoni and

the rest of your team you guys deserve a

round of applause great job guys thank

you so much as always for watching look

forward to more reviews very soon and

may the force be with you by the way if

you liked this you can click right here

and get stuck man eyes


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