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but the aforementioned very special

guests we have our rogue one writers

Gary Whitta and Chris Weiss guys thanks

for being here hi thanks for having us

thanks so much for having us good to be

here thanks for for joining us from your

quarantine I am as you can see shoved

into a dark corner of my garage this

week it's the only space I get to call

my own but you guys look a little more

comfortable than I am

Chris looks down I'm here in my boudoir

the children are outside dominating the

rest of the house and almost certainly

they will interrupt this at some point

but I'm mostly concerned about not

having too much of a shot of my

waddle-waddle but so I'll be adjusting

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how about you haven't you this is the

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let's see let's see how it goes nice the

after-after-party over there a switch

well let's talk briefly well everybody's

still getting queued up listen let's

start talking about this movie wrote one

so the one of the things I wanted to

talk to you guys about the the idea for

the movie originally came from John

Knoll correct that's right John John is

the chief creative officer at ILM and

he's a stone-cold genius he and his

brother also invented Photoshop it's

like when I first met him as a nerd

knowing his history and all the amazing

things he done working on the Star Wars

movies for decades a legend Industrial

Light and Magic it was very very nervous

to meet him but he was the guy that

first came up with the idea of hey let's

let's let's do movies outside of the

saga we can tell all kinds of other

stories and he was the guy that came up

with the idea of hey why don't we tell

the story of how the rebels stole the

Death Star plans and created the vents

the events that led up to the original

movie he took the idea to Kathy Kennedy

and pitched it to her she really liked

it thought it was a cool idea and they

then somehow found me and asked me to

take John's initial story ideas he had

like a couple of documents like two or

three pages of a rough story outline

very very early

of the jyn erso k2s otech characters and

a very kind of rough plan for like what

the story would be and i kind of took it

from there development story wrote the

first draft of the script Chris came on

after me made it infinitely better Tony

Gilroy the last leg of the the kind of

the writers relay race and the result is

what we're all about to watch

yeah so you guys the work you guys did

on the on the movie didn't didn't

overlap them no I mean we it's like like

Gary said it's kind of a relay race you

know that you sort of get exhausted and

put out to pasture and then hand it on

to somebody else

I mean it you know that's kind of the

the great thing and the sad thing

sometimes it by working on Star Wars is

that it's more of a public trust than

like something that anyone director or

writer owns so you know you're gonna

serve your part and I hope you kind of

move the ball forward as well as you can

and yeah so so at Gary and I got to know

each other afterwards actually sort of

comparing notes and and battle next to

each other than a premiere when our

names came up on the Spree the screen we

kind of know each other like people

believe this is happening like it was

still still surreal every say every time

Chris and I see our names up there in

the blue letters it's just it's just

magic because you grew up watching those

movies with the there's you know the

starfield and the John Williams music

playing and George Lucas's name up on in

those letters when I saw my name in

those blue letters I almost cried it was

like that like the 12 year old fanboy in

me practically exploded it was

ridiculous yeah it's it's really special

I and you know that what are they used

in things about seeing at the premiere

was like once you stopped working on the

movie essentially you go dark right like

you're you're Lucasfilm email is shut

down and everything because security is

such a huge concern that they want to

sort of keep tamp down on as much

information as possible so there's like

as fresh as possible and it comes out so

both Gary and I were seeing a movie that

we hadn't worked on in awhile and that

hitch had changed of course like I my my

bit of work was over the moment that

that the production and moved to to

London my wife and I are gonna have a

baby and we stuck around in in LA and so

it was it was a weird mixture of sort of

seeing a movie that you've worked on and

also seeing a fresh like new Star Wars

movie which is so exciting it's like the

best of both worlds

yeah it's

a great experience I Gareth had shown me

little pieces that he had cut together

I'd seen like rough versions over but

not a finished version as Chris said the

first time that we saw the whole thing

fully finished cut together with all the

visual effects and everything like fully

dan was at the premiere and it's a weird

kind a hybrid experience because there's

a lot that you recognize oh yeah there's

the scene that I wrote and there's the

scene that I was on set the day that

they shot it and a lot of it is familiar

but then there's other things that

you're genuinely seeing for the first

time in like oh my god that's so cool

like so you're kind of watching it from

the inside and the outside both as a fan

and as someone who worked on the movie

yeah you know the other thing that we'll

be doing tonight is what you're watching

at home wherever you're watching just

leave a comment or a question there

there in the comments and we will get to

it if we can for example this is a good

segue here there's a something that you

just kind of touched on this is a

question from Kyle Steves who's watching

on sin affects how does working on road

one compare to other projects in terms

of fan expectations we're that a little

bit like is there a comparison


I think it's a question of degree right

because obviously the the the desire not

to drop the ball is always big no matter

what the movie is but but when it's Star

Wars and when especially when it's

something that you grew up watching like

I remember very vividly seeing the first

Star Wars at age 7 but I had in a movie

theater and that changed my life so it's

not just the expectations of fans who

are rightly concerned like what's going

to happen with this kind of public trust

this franchise but also like how are you

not not going to let down your

seven-year-old self so yeah the pressure

is big I don't know what Gary thinks

about it but the only way to get on with

it is sort of to try to not think about

it it's to try it I'm kind of coordinate

yourself off from from from the

Twittersphere during the time that

you're you're working on it yeah yeah I

mean from my point of view coming at it

from very much as a fanboy someone who

knows every frame of the trilogy like

you know

to front I definitely felt the weight of

that responsibility to be fair to

Lucasfilm that all of that pressure was

internally they know they they were as

you know enjoy so I have fun like make a

movie it's gonna be cool but I was oh my

god what if you screw this up what if we

screw this up like all my writers

neuroses were kind of in in overdrive

and particularly because I feel like

this summit unique to rogue one in it's

a direct companion piece to the original

movie the one that started it all I

remember saying to Gareth this is kind

of like being asked to build an

extension onto the side of the Taj Mahal

and if the extension is ugly it's gonna

blight the actual Taj Mahal forever and

I remember Gareth going oh my god why do

you have to say that I don't really

should have kept that thought to myself

but the amazing thing about you know in

the end I think we did a good job

and the greatest compliment I've

received and I've heard this from from a

number of people as they think it

actually makes the original movie better

it's a really fun experience to watch

the two movies back to back because in

now when you watch a new hope and Luke

Skywalker gets those Death Star plans

now you know how much was sacrificed to

get them this far and they wind up in

the end there in the in the in the hands

of this nobody farm kid he like jeez you

better not screw this up so the idea of

what watching them back-to-back and the

movies were always that the Rogen was

always intended to kind of dovetail

right into a new hope my it's actually

my favorite part of the movie is that

very end when you such or as oh shit

we're watching the beginning of the

original Star Wars now that's so cool

and I think in that regard we did a good

job no Gary I have a question for you

your background is originally in in

games game stuff you used to do games

press and you've written a bunch of a

bunch of games I when you first heard

the sort of premise for this where you

like they they tackled that in the first

level of dark forces you know it's funny

because one of the things I had to do in

researching this was look at all the

commotions of how the this is not the

first time that the the story of the

Death Star plans being stolen has been

told it's just been the first time it's

been done as actual canon

you know dies you know all of all of the

extended universe ones now called the

legends universe was never really

officially can and those stories existed

but they weren't like canonized into

like the official Star Wars history so

Kyle Katarn and the Death Star

and galen marek and all these other

versions of the story that I've been

told I mean I looked at them I never

really felt like we wanted to crib

anything from them I felt like we could

tell our own original story so even even

coming from a gaming background I never

really felt any responsibility for those

other other versions of the story people

are so people online think that or some

people think that jyn erso is a nod to

jan ors who is sort of Kyle Catherine's

counterpart in dark forces is that just

a total evil I don't think so you'd have

to ask John all he came up with the name

jyn erso but as far as I know Joe gaming

good so my guess is no I don't think so


all right well let's let's get into

movie yeah one more thing we want to

talk about before you start playing the

movie and that is part of the reason you

guys are joining us today is to raise

awareness for a couple of charities and

Gary you chose stack-up

yep they do they do amazing work I first

met them at PAX last year and it's a

tremendous organization it's founded and

run mostly by military military veterans

and what they do is they support through

gaming active service and retired

military for the active service guys

that he send out what they call supply

drops like you know police stations and

Xboxes and video games for guys who are

down in range you know serving overseas

there's a lot of downtime in the

military they sit around you know with

nothing to do video games help them pass

the time and then perhaps even more

importantly after the fact they provide

therapy and counseling services their

big thing is to help reduce suicide

amongst military veterans which is a

really serious problem that we don't

talk enough about in this country and

stack up is one of the countries sorry

one of the charities doing terrific work

in the area so I'm happy to support them

that's great that's great and Chris you

chose the International Rescue Committee

yeah I did I mean they do amazing work

with refugees or think that some you

know one of the phenomena of the

pandemic is that quite reasonably people

sort of start to think about what's

needed most at home there's kind of not

just a constriction and how people are

spending their money in terms of leisure

but also in terms of charity it's

natural to want to give money to you

know help

first responders get PPE and to help you

know feed people affected by the Kovach

crisis I think you know every once in a

while we should also realize that this

is kind of taking it means that the

International Rescue Committee and other

and other charities that are working

worldwide are missing out on what it

would normally be their sources of

funding so Gary's charity sounds

fantastic and I there's a number of sort

of domestic art as love to sit but

International Rescue Committee is doing

some great work worldwide in Syria just

to start well we've got links in the

description for you guys to read up more

on those charities thank you very much

guys but let's get started again

wherever you're watching leave a comment

or a question and we'll try to get to it

as we go but everybody get your movies

queued up and let's go ahead and start

it in three two one

play let's go

just that Lucasfilm logo alone gives you

a chair I think I love it right it's a

warm blanket of a logo


now the way that the movie opens is

really the one of the first interesting

conversations that Gareth and I had well

should there be an opening crawl that

was my first question for you guys – I

went to like one how hard was it to not

write one we but I did write one you did

never see it but I did I wrote more than

one back it back to where we were still

experimenting one but one of the things

that we arrived at fairly early on in

the process was realizing that it was

delivering ourselves from the

traditional storytelling language of of

Star Wars and a lot of that a lot of the

visual tropes the certain you know the

iris wipes the opening crawl things like


we felt like these standalone movies had

more license than the Saga films to try

and do something a little bit different

one of the other conversations we had

here is you can can we do a time jump

what you see here takes place like 20 or

so years before the rest of the movie

Star Wars has never done that in the

saga films never did a time jump we did

once we realized that it was okay to do

that we we felt a lot more creative

freedom to tell us yeah that reminds me

of this funny moment where I at one

point I was talking with Gareth about a

montage like you know would we possibly

have a montage sequence and he said

montage and Star Wars interesting and I

knew that he would never do it

there's certain things that are just not

Star Wars II yeah and that was the thing

is like the first conversation was can

we try do different things we decided

yes but then you sit there and beyond

that it's like well you still have kind

of a gut feeling for what feels like

Star Wars and what doesn't this is

actually the very first scene that I

wrote very first to see Gareth and I

talked a lot about how much we loved the

opening of inglourious basterds if you

remember that with the French farmhouse

where Christoph Waltz the Nazi comes to

interrogate the French farmer and this

this scene is that was very much

inspired by that cranek is basically the

night that Christoph Waltz not see in

this movie coming to interrogate the

poor the poor innocents who have to hide

this this girl and I don't even

surprised that inviting to me one of the

more direct cinematic references and

influences in the film

surprised more people didn't pick up on

it but you should have had him ask for a

cup of blue milk yeah like a comically

big cigar yeah maybe in Iceland if I

recall hats off to Greg Fraser Omega P

who would want a cinematographer who

would come off shooting zero dark thirty

at the time so you can sort of feel some

of that yeah we'd like to shoot the

mandalorian as well I'm just an

extraordinary GP and I mean I think the

look at this film owes so much to

Gareth's sense of visuals as well he's

really an extraordinary incredible

visual esteem of e monsters go find it

it's incredible yeah it's really

wonderful now get Gary it might be worth

pointing out that at one point here

Jin's mum was Jedi and that's ever been

talked about but yeah in the original

version here the kind the Kyber crystal

a things like the last tiny piece of

that that's left but the original idea

was that she was a she was a Jedi in in

hiding and that I mean it was one of the

first things that got that got killed

and rightly so again and that was kind

of a vestige of me as a fanboy wanting

to feel like we were checking all the

Star Wars boxes could it felt as much as

I loved the whole military angle of Star

Wars you know the rebellion and the

Empire I remember saying to Gareth in to

Doug Chang who was in the room as well

this is gonna be the very first of its

movie that doesn't have a lightsaber in

it like how does that make you feeling

like it makes us real great like we want

to do those different things

of course they ended up not being true

we have an amazing lightsaber sequence

at the end of the movie we'll get there

yeah but you know what one of the things

that I learned early on in the process

was like and I think Chris touched on

this point you've got to leave the

fanboy part of yourself at the door

because sometimes it's not helpful to be

too much of a fanboy because you do I

think otherwise have their instinct to

want to check all the boxes but you

don't necessarily have to just check the

boxes that need to be checked to tell

this particular story yeah there's

something interesting that Gareth

eventually was was too keen on which was

she you imagine or what there was no

direct evidence of the force right and

and so

what was the period like before Luke

Skywalker came along and met obi-wan and

there was there was this new there's a

kind of a period of possible despair and

how people are gonna hold themselves

together and meanwhile and of course one

of the things you're seeing here in this

early in this opening scene is just and

it's all through the movies like this

movie is acting tour de force all the

way through you got like Mads Mikkelsen

and Ben Mendelsohn in this scene and

it's just amazing actor after amazing

actor and I remember Wade sit around

talking to Gareth about fantasy casting

like who we would put in these roles

necessarily do you think we get that

personally Gareth was like it's Star

Wars I think we have a good chance of

getting anywhere but we want and in the

end you know we did Ben gareth ben

mendelsohn was all Gareth you need upset

he had seen Ben mental sending some

early as some of his early work and

really really wanted him and of course

he was perfect Mads who's the tremendous

actor Mantzoukas and I were actually

inducted into the 500 first Legion on

the same day together which was a very

very nice treat for me yeah Mads Mads of

course who is mostly known for playing

bad guys I thought it was very very

clever to cast in kind of against type

here Madsen I did actually disagree

about whether or not he plays a good guy

or a bad guy in this movie he thinks he

plays a bad guy I think he plays a good

guy but maybe really I think it's a

little bit of both it's a bad guy who

becomes a reformed good guy which is

always my favorite kind of character

I'll do you one better on that actually

which is that where I think where Gareth

and I eventually got where the backstory

of that was that he originally had

intended to be able to use Kyber

crystals as kind of a source of energy

for the galaxy so that there would be no

more conflict and it became weaponized

right under there and I believe they

actually touch on that in the in some of

the spin-off novels that was always one

of my favorite thing I added after me

you know the idea that khyber create and

a power the Death Star I think was an

idea that I've been floating around and

we kind of crystallized it so forgive

the pun in this movie but I always loved

the idea because Jedi lightsaber zap our

by Kyber crystals right so the idea is

crystal which had but once been used to

power the weapons that protected peace

and justice in the galaxy are now

powering the weapon that threatens all

of that I don't know how much of that

was really deliberate but like after the

fact it kind of occurred to me

there was a nice bit of poetry than that

in that idea the Stormtrooper doll is a

gareth test yes sir it's yes classic

Gareth Edwards many ways June's mother

was a juggler genzler was AJ and it

changed in many big ways but like in in

many ways a lot of the original DNA from

my scene is still here the idea that you

know Jenny's orphaned runs off hides

from cranek it's found by Saul Guerrero

who adopts her and becomes kind of a

kind of a kind of a weird mentor father

figure all of that DNA is from my

original story and from my original

script and as much as things change it's

still incredibly gratifying to me to see

that so much of that original DNA that I

put into the movie made it into the

final film

how did Saul Guerrero get involved

because he was he'd appeared in the

Clone Wars before Gareth was really

really interested in the idea of it not

being black and white there'd be shades

of gray on both sides there would be

good people on the Empire side and bad

people on the river on the rebel side

because of that of course you know

reflects real life more in a more

nuanced way and so and and we we very

quickly honed in on the idea of an

extremist militant rebel someone who

legitimately had crossed over from being

a freedom fighter into just being a

terrorist and we were sitting around

with kirihara who used to be the head of

Lucas Films story group and who helps

guide the creative process and we talked

about that idea certainly we want like

if we want who's our Colonel Kurtz like

we want the guy at the end of the river

you know the Marlon Brando Colonel Kurtz

Apocalypse Now type character who's gone

off the deep end and Keary said well you

know what George actually created a

character for the Clone Wars that might

fit that really well quids Walker era I

had not I was not familiar but went back

and watched the Clone Wars and saw this

character in saw Herrera and thought oh

wow he's perfect

what would he look like he was already

kind of a fanatic in the Clone Wars

what would he look like 20 years later

in that cell the character saw Guerrera

forest character in the movie came to be

here you're Luna this just this is the

these are these are some right this is

Tony Gilroy stuff this is some of the

stuff that was added a fairly late in

the process

yeah yeah since a lot of the story of

this moving like like you were talking

about earlier the relay race aspect of

sort of the writing of it I might do a

scene check periodically but okay whose

scene was this yeah I think this is

China Gilroy's yeah I drove a long time

there was a sort of a dramatic irony to

whether the rebels knew just how bad

it's a mysterious weapon that the

Emperor was building we would be and my

guess is that in between Garrett and


chime on it the decision was just made

to be a lot more clear about yeah in the

earlier versions the Death Star is

something that Jin goes and finds and

she begins to put together what kind of

like zero dark thirty where she's

putting together the clues of you know a

bin Laden is in this house in Pakistan

the Empire is building this terrible

weapon and it was a battle for June to

try and convince the rebels to take it

seriously and I think the feeling was

like that was too much of a slow burn

and so what we what happened in this

scene I was gonna say we but not really

because I actually I had nothing to do

with this thing I think it's a really

cool scene which they're kind of

front-load that much more and introduced

the idea that the empire was building a

planet killing weapon like right up

front and they're also doing introducing

the idea that casseon can be quite a

dark there's a terrific moment right

kind of where is it it's after he kills

this rebel this rebel mole here there's

a look good watch out for he's gonna see

it in just a moment he has to kill this

guy because he's got he's now get

information that can look vital to the

future the rebellion but the only way

he's gonna get it out if he sacrifices

this this good man and right here just a

beautiful bit of acting as Diego really

he's just lost another little bit of his

salt in in in in the fight for justice

you know there's all there's you know

your morality is often your first victim

and that's one of my favorite or pieces

of Act is very subtle but it's one of my

favorite pieces of acting in the movie

and this is Jeddah which Chris came up

with uh well Garrett's promising I was

prompting for a while we had ordered

men's out then dad would man down

and then the then it sort of shifted a

bitch of the notion of an occupied

territory like like in Casablanca right

and and so this has a bit of a flavor of

that which is a part of the empire that

has been taken over that is under the

kind of violent oversight of the emperor

yeah well a lot of a lot of what happens

off in the development of a movie is

consolidation in order to make the movie

not cost five hundred million dollars

and in the original drug Jen went to

Otto Mandel which is a you know I

planted this reference in the Empire

Strikes Back to find an arms dealer who

could help her find Saul Guerrero there

was a bunch of action that happened on

Auden at Dell and then she went to

another planet where Saul Guerrero was

living on this this kind of hidden moon

he's kind of splinter group his militant

faction was was on a moon called yarid I

believe it was a separate planet and I

believe and as the story kind of

consolidated down like we can only go to

so many planets that look Jedi be kind

of became kind of filled in for both of

those both of those planets yeah I mean

you do sit in a meeting where where they

tell you the loser the planet yeah

because there's a budget shortfall it's

amazing to think that Star Wars actually

a budget but it does think they just

make it I remember saying to guarantee

we can't throw everything in the kitchen

sink at this movie when it star was when

can we do it but you know budget

realities play a part even at the very

very highest end of moviemaking I'll

give you another example originally you

saw the rebels at the beginning the

rebel base is actually on Dan Turing and

you see the rebels if accurate Dantooine

and move to you have in for but it

didn't it didn't really accomplish

anything in the story other than to kind

of nod to the Star Wars fans hey I

remember dancing like new and there was

an evacuated rebel base there well now

you get to see them evacuate it but he

didn't move the story forward and it

would've cost a ton of money so we so we

lost that and just all of the action

takes place on you having fought and we

saved a bunch of money again this is

Tony Gilroy stuff I believe I think

that's right yeah you know you see the

development of Jin from you know one

point Jin was already a rebel soldier we

toyed with various other possibilities

that she was a deserter that she was a

yeah sort of a ray like scavenger but

obviously you can't do that once you

learn what the other what the other hand

of the Star Wars universe is doing like

I mean that's the one thing is that when

you're when you're sort of doing this

you somebody's calling me the title

cards here is another thing that I

didn't know we were gonna do the time

quite late and I think the feeling was

considering that this was a military

0:30 type movie that often used those

kind of you know location cards you know

somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and stuff

like that that they felt appropriate the

only time that they don't use a title

card is Mustafar because I think they

wanted to preserve the mystery of that

location until then to have the fans go

oh shit this is Mustafar rather than

just spell it out for the audience I was

really I like that logic a lot cuz it

like most afar would be totally under

wraps and purely speaking like that

really one of those off the maps planets

right the first thing I walked onto this

set I almost cried because they had

rebuilt this set from the original New

Hope construction plans and it was like

stepping back in time to 1977 and I just

welled up with emotion it was incredible

being on this set yeah

the amazing Genevieve Riley who played

Mon Mothma in the in scenes that were

cut out of I believe Revenge of the Sith

and it was my idea to bring Mon Mothma

back into the movie cuz she's one of my

favorite characters from Return of the

Jedi I wanted to see a younger Mon

Mothma and Lucasfilm went and found

Genevieve and they said hey do you wanna

she's already put perfect for it and

she's just wonderful in this phone I'm

so glad that my mouth was in the movies

i'ma sigh I'm a really really big fan of

Return of the Jedi I don't care what the

haters say was in the jedis one of my

favorite Star Wars movies and I put all

kinds of little nods and optimizers to

return at the Jedi in this movie and

having Mon Mothma in the movie is one of

those things I'm so glad they got

Genevieve Riley because she's just

perfect for this role

loving alliterative character name as

well yeah this is this scene is one that

seems fairly put all in

the whole movie like here's where we're

sort of heading off on mission how much

did this we did the scene get worked on

a Meets World quite a bit let me see

there was a point where it was really

it's closest analog was where's the

scene in Apocalypse Now in which burn

Sheen's character is told to go on

assassinated Kurtz right at they it's

kind of a smoky room with a lot of

conspirators this is a much more

stripped-down version and and sort of

there's less intrigued and and more

about sort of trying to really set the

plot in the ocean and this is when we

first talked about sagar era and again I

love the idea that it had not all revels

are there are in fact near this is this

is the corner rebellion this is just

like the official licensed version but

Saul Guerrero who was previously a rebel

general at some point had a falling out

with dodona and mon mothma and the other

rebel leadership over the way that the

war against the empire was being

prosecuted and decided that he was gonna

go set up his own extremist faction and

that has become like a huge PR nightmare

for the rebellion because he's going

around you know attacking civilians and

blowing up all kinds of things that

aren't helpful to the to the larger

effort against the empire but they can't

control him and so I love that idea that

again there's not there is one rebellion

but there's also these other more

militant factions out there that aren't

and and they're not not all necessarily

singing from the same hymn book I love

the idea and here's my other favorite

Jimmy Smits is so things I love every

time I think this movie really

beautifully bridges the gap between the

prequel trilogy and the original ways in

which it does it is bringing back Jimmy

Smits as Bail Organa ne8 and he's aged

perfectly into the role as well the

linkages in this one but man oh my god

look it's just getting to see more of

the hapless face my god Gareth I'm shot

the shit out of this this is another

great example to have Gareth it's it's

always his sense of scale like a

everything from the tiny tiny details to

giant wide shots always look really

beautiful and Lybia like and and you

mentioned monster and obviously Godzilla

was another one his

it's that's one thing I've always been

so impressed with by his stuff it's just

a shot unlike almost almost unlike

anyone was anyone I know he's he's

phenomenally talented sort of sort of

thing and he is it's such a thrill to

see this base that we saw so little of

back in the day because budget was so

limited to really fully build it out in

this way and that and that set was a

fully contiguous interior exterior you

could walk from inside that rebel base

where they just were earlier all the way

outside in one continuous shot the whole

thing was built in one location to place

Coddington sheds in southern England and

they did it they did an amazing job they

suited you up didn't they are you in the

background there's some I know my pilot

who I called red zero died heroically on

the cutting room floor they suited me up

I got to do a whole thing where I walked

across the tarmac with my helmet and my

armor what right past felicity I was so

happy when I saw it back in on the

monitor and the bastards cut it at the

last you were still there I was there no

one can take that away from me can you

tell us about k2 or so and how that how

he came together because I get the sense

that's a lot of alan tudyk in there but

like what was he like on paper k2 s o is

a great example of how one character can

have many fathers in the sense that john

originally created him he came up with

name k2 uh sir and he was originally a

rebel I think it's called like a rebel

logistics droid and and John just said I

think he looks like a black c-3po and I

was like okay

and I couldn't the led you mean black

like the metal is black or black like

Sam Jackson I couldn't tell you exactly

what he meant a little bit of both like

he wanted to have a little bit of

attitude and one of my big contributions

was I had I had this idea well what if

he was an imperial droid who had been

captured by the rebellion and then


like you can see how that could come in

really handy in all kinds of situations

and we always and that stuck and and

that suitcase was k2 oh so now is he's a

recaptured reprogrammed Imperial droid

and I gave him I started to give him

uses servic personality we never really

talked about in depth the idea was that

when he went caetera so work for the

Empire he was very very limited

and restricted in how yes so no sir he

had to kind of do as he was told but

once he was reprogrammed and kind of

liberated by the rebellion and he was

able to kind of speak his mind

boy is he gonna do it so that's why

that's why he talks back to everyone and

then Alan Tudyk came along and really

kind of imbued him with that comic

personality and then Chris and Tony you

know continued to rewrite his dialogue

and give him more life so you know me

John Allen Chris Tony everyone everyone

has a little piece of kind of K to Essos

parentage actually at least a question

that showed up on YouTube from inverse

agonist I was watching do you guys know

who was cast in the roles when you were

writing if you did how did that affect

how you wrote the characters if you

didn't how did you feel about the

casting so Alan Tudyk is one that you

that you started before you knew he was

on I guess yeah most of the cast thing

happened after the fact the owner I were

the only ones that knew you were gonna

get cast what band manuals and his

credit cuz Gareth was absolutely

insistent and Forest Whitaker like there

was only ever one choice for Saul

Guerrero and that was Forest Whitaker

and we're very fortunate that he said

yes I remember it came down I'm not

gonna say who they were it came down to

three choices forge in that was the

final shortlist and felicity ended up

winning out and I'm glad she did cuz

she's she's terrific yeah I was around

when some of Aston coming online so when

John one and Donnie Yen were cast when

Mads was cast alan tudyk still you know

it I was just great to be able to sort

of figure out how somebody's gonna sound

based upon what you know of what they've

done before and Chris bode right here

this is a character you brought into the

story wasn't it it was was it memory

becomes hazy but yeah listen by the way

the one soap box I'm going to get up on

about it is his pal gullet it's they'll

know Bohr go at it so I'm going I don't

know we've seen him yet he's on his way

look at this scale from this time all

star destroyers up against the giant

disk and this is actually another one of

my favorite little things I got baby

here is and we'll talk about talking

I wanted to see the final completion of

the Death Star and it always occurred

for me that the actual kind of laser

array like the dangerous part they would

build off-site and only after they had

tested it and was sure that it was safe

would they install it as a separate

piece into the into the actual Death

Star itself and this was a sealing that

he wrote into the script you know I

remember I remember writing in the

scripts we're witnessing a historic

moment in the history of Star Wars the

final completion of the Death Star so

just to see that dish finally go in and

again when you when you write these

scenes in your head you kind of imagine

them imagine what they look like but you

never look this good it really really

really was an incredible thing to see

brought alive so Tarkin Wow you know

this was what were the things that done

Knoll said that they could do yeah and

they kind of built the parachute as the

as they were falling and he you know we

were one interesting thing about it is

that obviously you can't scan Peter

Cushing but what what Jonathan though

explained to me they were able to do was

to take shots from from the original

Star Wars and also unused takes and

treat when he would turn in a shot as

though it were you know their version of

a 3d scan right so to extract this very

accurate image of what he looked like

was this kind of extraordinary yeah

really amazing stories behind that I

remember saying to John I feel like to

be in the movie like this movie

literally takes place like in the hours

and days before a new hope and so

Tarkan's obviously in a new hope is a

critical figure in on the Death Star's

so if he's not there now like where

where was he and so I said to John who

you know he's not only a writer on the

movie but was so responsible for the

visual effects I feel like we want I

want to put talkin in the movie but how

do we accomplish that and he said don't

worry about it we'll figure that out

that's what we do here at ILM we figure

out how to do impossible things and I

took him at his word but when I first

wrote talking into the movie I wrote in

like he was all shadow he was kind of

you know trying to give ILM as much

wiggle room as possible like he what he

didn't have a lot of dialogue he wasn't

the movie a lot and they eventually

wrote him into the movie way more and

gave him much more dialogue because ILM

worth you know we're confident that they

could really do it well one of the

things that they did that I thought was

amazing because John knows everyone in

the visual effects world John actually

found and if you remain probably what

remembers but Peter Cushing was in a

movie called top secret the Val Kilmer

movie from back in the 1980s and for

that movie Peter Cushing had to be

fitted fitted with a prosthetic cuz as a

convivial gag where he has his huge eye

and so they think they took they took a

mold of his face like it like a 3d

sculpture of his head and John found

that skulls and 3d scans have been

sitting in someone's shelf in an inner

in a prop workshop for decades he'd

found it brought it to ILM 3d scanned it

and that ended up being a part of how

they recreated Peter Cushing's face for

Tarkin that's incredible

the fact that all that stuff is still

sitting around is anything I know we

talked about we had Greg Nicotero on a

couple of weeks ago and we talked a lot

about stuff like that too it's just like

the amount of the props and everything

in the molds that are all still there

somewhere you scan over to look so like

this just ajust a stardestroyer kind of

hanging in the things that you've never

seen in that was one of John's but I

want to see things that have never been

seen in Star Wars before in this movie

it fell all this stuff with that

and yet you know you also tie it to that

the binoculars which are straight out of

New Hope right right you know the

particular kind of video quality when

you look through them right and

furniture around them yeah it's perfect

perfectly done what I love about what

Chris did with Jetta here was again like

again this is a type this is a military

not about the force it's not about the

Jedi we're not gonna have people running

around in hoods and lightsabers and yeah

you want to have some kind of sense of

that being still part of this universe

and I thought that what Chris brought to

this with jeddah and the Temple of the

Wills and cheer up being it not a Jedi

but someone who feels it feels connected

to the force in some way I thought was a

really beautiful way to kind of bring

some of the energy into the movie

without it being like a big part of them

thank you guys very kind and yet word


was interesting too I think that some of

that some of that kind of comes out and

in last Jedi actually in the casino

that's right yeah feels like you know

there there are all these kind of

modalities that get used and like

nothing ever really gets totally

abandoned uh okay let's talk about that

board going back up a bit poor color now

right he seems like a monster here it

the first version of him this is this is

you know my great sadness in life is

that on the cutting room floor is a Borg

outlet who is a memory trader right he

lives on memories and he especially

especially delights and traumatic

memories that they feed him that they're

more delicious to him so there was at

one point a kind of a hangout space

Hannibal Lecter scene where or ghoulish

mage Jen traded her traumatic childhood

memories for information that she wanted

Wow yeah it makes me sad that it's not

in there but and yet I understand but

sigh and it's generally true like I've

got idea gonna use them in it's not one

movie they'll find a way to use them in

favorite ideas that we that we all carry

with us and that's definitely true in

Star Wars like many many things that

you've seen in Star Wars stuff out yet

started as an idea in fans but it got

repurposed elsewhere here we've got this

this little cameo let's is that guys

quickly talk about guys here guys in the

world they just survived the destruction

of Jedi of Jeddah only to get killed by

her Jedi the next day shift to head to

Tatooine right now I guess well they

must've like had to drink it off in the

Mos Eisley and you know you know and

then just think about how relieved they

were when they got a little a little

loose and then they got really right

yeah it really makes it it puts their

been beam and I can't seen in a new

light like you know having just they

they feel like they're in a Jetta and

they've been any pick a fight

the wrong guy actually this actually

means there's a question from IGN

youtube channel jacob's quest the

username are there any easter eggs and

references you wanted to put in that

didn't make the cut so many i'm in

really a first job when you're writing

star wars is to try to sneak in names of

family members friends things that you

care about and to see if you can get

away with it and and some of the time

you do and there's and there's a long

history of that means and many many star

wars names from the one created on down

come from really dumb places like if you

actually ask them like where did that

name come from they'll tell you were

really silly story you came up with

oh well i mean the classic one is the

name of scarf the planet at the end

which is yeah that's my favorite which

is a Starbucks barista does

interpretation of Garrett saying it's

Gareth when they asked I said to Gareth

I've named all the planets so far it's

time you should name one you should you

should happen planning you don't want to

do it I'll give it give it a think he

said what do you want me to name I said

like the final planet where they steal

the plans he's okay I go think about it

and our office was it was a it was kind

of joining the back of a Starbucks and

Gareth would go there every day and he

went there to get his Frappuccino

whatever and and he's English so you

know he said has a very English accent

and the brewery's to said what's your

name he said scare off' as in it's

Gareth it's Gareth and they wrote scarus


RI F on the cup and Gareth brought the

cup back to me said look at this for my

name today did anybody tell the barista

about that Nate maybe she's heard it

like through cuz that's a story that

we've since told many many times as a

yeah but yeah that's good

that plant there's one of the most

significant planets in the history of

Star Wars was was named by a barista who

misspelled Garrett's name on a coffee

cup yeah that's great

real quick let's do a real quick

check-in before this action sequence

gets going here but if you're just

joining us we are watching rogue one

with Gary Whitta and Chris Weiss if you

want to join us cue up your Disney Plus

if you own the road ones on Disney Plus

if you own it on blu-ray or iTunes or

whatever queue it up there there's a

timer or on screen right now that shows

the time to go

where we're at so you can fast-forward

to write the exact spot so that you can

sync up with us again but there we go

that's the business and let's get back

to this great practical effects little

guy in this battle sequence that's what

David Legend and this is all you would

never guess it because that's the magic

of Star Wars but this is a set build on

the back lot at Pinewood Studios classic

screech screenwriter screenwriters will

tell you this is what we call a save the

cat moment where the hero does something

sympathetic risks their life to save it

in a sensor that we saw there who liked

that character otherwise you might not

like it otherwise you might at all that

kid presumably Tyson race yeah two hours

man yeah but this is this is this is a

great battle and and and and the the

kind of the kinetic we have arigon this

is the kind of what we wanted to go from

is something a bit it's still Star Wars

it's still being put out by Disney but

we wanted we wanted this war to look

like a proper war and this really looks

like something that might you know you

might see happen you know in Gaza or the

West Bank or something that's a terrible

reference to make the like we is we

wanted people to feel like this was a

real war real a real insurgency and it

wasn't just about stormtroopers kind of

hassling you know the the guy on the

street corner but like there were there

was real real lives at stake every day a

very street-level

yes Street lot street level is a great

way to put it I had another question

it's gone because this action sequence

is that good still the troopers missing

their targets as always fortunately but

this I mean just build a beautifully

sharp beautifully photographed the to

kick the car over for this action and

here's gen getting a you know getting a

little uh a little close quarter combat

here and at the first moment I think the

caffeine really realizes that the gene

is no one to be messed with this is a

good guy yeah it's not me

problem is Tony but I gotta give them

credit that's a great gag in terms of in

terms of the action how much of the how

specific did you guys get in your

scripts about some of the action

sequences I mean I mean speaking just

for me I when I when I write action in

an early actually rigor too much because

I'm that's not my thing

iid only thing that you need to make

sure that you write well is like what

they what the action scene means for the

story and for the characters characters

action cannot just be shooty shooty for

the sake of it it's got a reveal

character it's got advance story you

want to make sure you hit those moments

in the scripts but in terms of like and

then Jin has an uppercut and she pulls

this out and does this and you know like

that that kind of specific choreography

at some point is gonna be handled by

people who do that for a living yeah

just wait for those guys to come in and

make it look good

absolutely I mean I usually put in

enough to pretend that I'm not

half-assing it and trying to get away

with just saying an amazing action

sequence happens you've ever seen you

know that somebody else who does this

for a living is gonna come in and

actually turn it into you know stunts

and and what's gonna be necessary for

the CG you know cheer em way here who's

another Chris Weitz creation the amazing

Donnie Yen a lot of people think I could

I got a lot of grief really nothing

didn't you do that already in the book

of you London could me that was Chris I

had nothing to do I would not pull the

same trick twice

I'm very glad Chris digs I think this is

a terrific character

well Gareth sort of ordered up as a to

eat type right and I had been messing

around with with Gareth about a sort of

a force priest though they became

basically the same the same guy and and

actually there's there's they we also

came up with this kind of counterpart to

share it it was based Malthus who

originally was a a murderer and and

criminal and and

sure it was kind of his father confessor

per figure and they had a weird

symbiotic possibly codependent

relationship in which you know

Malthus would commit the crimes and

share it which would forgive him for it

right um but in in this film

they are both guardians of the Wills

they're sort of you still get a sentence

of that done either they're a great

mismatched bloody pair right and that

Donnie Yen fight choreography was

incredible and and when Bay's kind of

saves him at the end there with that

that heavy weapons barrage oh he always

reminds me a little bit of Indiana Jones

shooting the guy in the market you know

the guy with the sword yeah I mean

that's a like to your point about

getting across the the right character

beats in an action sequence like that

that shows their dynamic really really

cool and really quickly ooh – ooh oh and

speaking of character names Malthus was

the what was my half-elven 10th 11th

level fighter magic-user GMT when I was

about 11 so characters is really hot

don't know name the belongings in the

Star Wars universe Rick doesn't and

there's no rules for it you just know it

when you hear it and it's really hard to

come up with good enough that was caring

right it's it's not like you know with

tokine where there's an entire

fleshed-out elven language and do you

think makes sense according to the

grammar and vocabulary for that language

right you know when George Lucas was

coming up with these things you just

like the sounds of certain things like

yeah you can hear the name Wookiee in

thx on 1 6 8 103 it just in the sort of

passing bit of dialogue and then it

became the name of an entire species so

yeah it's kind of fun to try it yeah and

and like with everything you should have

something as either Star Wars II or not

kind of know it you just know it when

you hear it sort of a follow-up question

to how you write action sequences how

how deep do you go for like the weird

background aliens you've got sort of

known quantities like saw Guerrera but

you've got you know a'dreea two tubes

here and like people who get all these

weird backstories do you get you put any

of that in there is that all story group

kind of fleshing no that's well the

amazing thing about

even something with this trick to

Canada's Star Wars is that actually I

mean I found I think I read it too that

you actually have quite a lot of freedom

to come up with new stuff you did so

long as it doesn't grossly violate

what's canonical you've always got Pablo

had all good to talk to you and run

things by it's you know you're in pretty

good shape so I do think two tubes was

Tony Gilroy or maybe somebody just

before him but yeah I mean that's the

say there's such joy and being able to

make up these new species and carry so

many great little details and everybody

sitting on how many people I ever really

pick up on it but the the guys here in

Soares hideout are playing like a nun

old wooden version of de Jarek the Star

Wars chess game like not no holographic

characters just like original wooden

pieces and things are really really cool

that's a guy I did Fortuna's cousin is

canonically in this scene I don't know

if nice something you planned for but

there's I think it was I think a lot of

that stuff gets added later when they

actually get down to the nitty-gritty

and some of its all die like someone has

a bright idea on the day but when you're

when you're just doing like the the

actual you know broad strokes of the

story you again you don't want to just

kick out and go what about this cool

little character like if it's not

important to the story it's not

something you have to worry about today

and and the little details and the cool

you know weird alien here or there or

whatever that stuff that I think gets

added much later in the process once the

kind of the rubber really hits the road

of shooting this things I did get a shot

down once by Pablo because I wanted a

Tuscan Raider to have gone off Tatooine

and joins sort of guerrilla rebellion

forces and right now they don't they

don't leave yeah one of the things that

Lucasfilm really wants you to avoid is

what they call this problem where they

don't want the same characters bumping

into each other at all

I'm just for the sake of like oh look

it's that guy look it's that guy in a

very very early we never wrote this but

in a very very early I I wrote a scene

which June had to go barter for

information from one of the huts not

from Jabba but like another Hutt who

lived on like a big floating space barge

and they're feeling and and again the

advice he would go back from Lucas was

like we've already seen that do

something new do

like create something we haven't seen

before and grow the universe and I think

that was always great advice and because

you don't want everything you don't want

every Star Wars movie to just feel like

a remix of your Greatest Hits it's it's

there's a recipe of like just enough for

the familiarity to make you feel like

yeah this is Star Wars but at the same

time you want to say something new in

speaking about developing new things for

the universe we actually have another

question from IGN's YouTube channel user

far dawg

can they speak can you speak about the

development of the guardians of the

Wills and if there was talk about what

the actual wills are I've always been

interested in Lucas's wills ideas yeah

so well when in Gary well his own thing

to say about AI I expect but but when I

came on board I thought well I want to

go into some deep George Lucas stuff and

so and looked at the original screenplay

of Star Wars which is pretty kooky

bananas like in terms of its ideas right

there's some amazing things in it right

but it's like unfilmable it is gigantic

it is like just kind of shaggy and so I

was like oh I'm gonna take some things

from here because there's so many cool

things in it you know like Star Kelly

and you can see that happening in

another movies in the Star Wars kind of

like Starkiller base originally

originally Luke was Luke Starkiller

right and and so the Wills

there was a book The Book of the Wills

was originally the sort of the the the

great Bible tome that all of these

movies were adaptations afraid so I

thought oh that's kind of cool you know

wills has a good sound to it and and I

like the idea of these people who are

sort of keeping an old faith alot so

we're gonna we're gonna go there now I

believe that there's also a notion of

the Wills somehow connected to

midi-chlorians that I don't fully

understand like I confess the the

metaphysics of it all but I was just

kind of doing some magpie poaching from

from deep old stuff I've been like

actually sure it doesn't say this but

originally the force was known as what

was called the force of others in by by

Lucas and I had cheer it often referring

to the force of others rather than the

force I was a really really deep cuts

that only the hardcore fan it's nice to

have those those super deep cuts so this

is again this originally happened this

was a different planet but this is this

is something that remains from my

original script where they've located

sorter aerospace they know that Genoa

and the rebels are there and they run

destroy it and they and and cronic

recognizes that this is an opportunity

to test the Death Star and where this

came from was again John not asserted me

I want to see things that have never

been seen in Star Wars before one of my

first big ideas was well what what would

be here's some I want to see what would

it look like to be out to be at Ground

Zero when you get hit a planet gets hit

by the Death Star now we know that if

you're on Alderaan it doesn't look like

very much at all one minute you're alive

the next second you're dead so we played

around with this idea if they need to

test the Death Star they don't want to

blow up the whole planet you know when

you test a major weapon system for the

first time you don't test it 100% power

you test it at ten percent so and all

they need to do is destroy the city and

from that came the idea that while we

can actually do this amazing scene where

we see you know the cataclysmic

destruction of again when you see it all

or undestroyed it someone's kind of an

abstract thing you don't really feel all

the obi-wan done but you don't feel the

deaths of like five billion people so

what does it look like to actually be at

the same level as the poor bastards on

the ground as it's getting hit by this

by this mega weapon from space and I

pitch Gareth this idea of the Ewing

escaping saws base literally as the

Death Star is causing so much

devastation that entire pieces of

topography and mountain ranges are kind

of folding over in on one another and a

new wing has to kind of chart the course

out and all of that ended up in the

movie because I think Gareth always

liked the idea of like a spectacular

singers like that basically it's the

escaping a Death Star yeah that's cool

there was of course like some really

fancy footwork we had to do at one point


stars malloon was going to be destroyed

you know the notion that the first time

you see that I started destroy a planet

is sense because then everybody so for

right so for a while that was called a

moon and that was kind of the loophole

and then it was sort of decided that and

and and I was where I was worried at one

point that if you have a Death Star that

doesn't blow up a planet is it make it

somehow less cool but yeah but

destroying Jennifer was the way you

arrived at there was there are so many

things that going back to there a new

hope frame by did sister star briefing

room when the guy says you have not

conjured up the stolen data tapes I'm

right in okay they've got to be physical

tapes as the price which is great

because you want to have that kind of

MacGuffin in the third act anyway but

then also that there's very much the

sense in i peter cushing says it in a

new hope that when they destroy Aldrin

that's the first time the Death Star has

fully been tested to destroy a planet

and so but we wanted to see the death

star do something and so we came up with

this idea that it would be this this you

know ten percent power a single reactor

ignition whatever you want to call it

you know just just a your kind of hat

looking at a smaller test that didn't

that didn't canonically conflict with

the idea that all around was the first

planet the Death Star were destroyed but

we still get to see the Death Star do

its thing this is some nice stuff Gary I

think this was do you originally it may

have been transmogrify rewritten but the

one thing that serve on which is

contribution to this movie is the idea

that the floor in the Death Star was not

an accident it was not an imperial

oversight it was an act of rebellion it

was an act of defiance that for Mads

Mikkelsen here had been forced to build

this terrible weapon that he never

wanted to build and so because he's

smarter than any of these other bastards

the one thing that he's done is built a

backdoor into the design of the Death

Star that the Empire don't see cuz he's

smiling again his engineering skills are

superior to this he can build in a floor

that no one else spots it passes all the

inspections because he's a genius but he

knows that if it's there and he can get

this man out to the rebellion they

actually have a fighting chance to

destroy this thing

so I basically got sick of everyone the

internet going with the impose so smart

how come they bill and that's

okay I'll show you how that happened

this is actually the fact that so many

that it wasn't again it wasn't an

accident like it's there for a reason

and at any time in storytelling you can

make something happen for a reason

then you're on the right track it's

actually there's somebody watching on

IGN calm right now

TK four four two one six add the

question what were the major plot

questions from a new hope that you

wanted to answer in this movie that

seems to be well that was sadly one of

them we did the eggs duel that is one

another by Gary you may not know this

yesterday after it but there was a point

where Don know who is of course you know

a software engineer and and kind of


right very technically sort of savvy was

like look like a project the size of the

Death Star there would be hundreds of

flaws that could possibly bring down the

stage I remember that conversation with

John as well Joker

well I we were still having it when I

was there it may make sense it makes

sense that there would be a flaw I said

yes it does but it's interesting if the

floor was put there deliberately and I'm

glad that that argument ultimately won

yeah yeah I was like you know it's Star

Wars amongst other things is also a a

fairy tale right I mean that's part of

its deep deep strength and there is only

one key that the lock fits and in a

fairy tale or maybe three but now I've

never had much time for that level of

nerdery with I don't care I I could

honestly could not care less about

things like that it's fun to think about

and make means of but it's not something

that we think about when we're actually

making these movies well yeah you know

and I remember asking Pablo at one point

like how fast as a Star Destroyer go

like how fast his travel through

hyperspace and he said well it you know

we say stars for hers go at the speed of

narrative right which is like whatever

serves the story and obviously the way I

heard it was hyperspace moves at the

speed of plot which is how whatever is

the most dramatically interesting it

takes to get from somewhere to somewhere

else that's how long it's there right

and also wins you try to hide those bits

those kind of chutes and ladders

nerdy tech stuff that goes into these

movies but at the end of the day and

this is not just true of Star Wars but

anytime you do a sci-fi movie

if it comes down to if nerdy tech stuff

and scientific reality can can co-exist

with storytelling great but if they can

come into conflict storytelling always

has to work and again this is the stuff

that blew me away because this is what I

imagine what again a blast you know

basically creating this absolutely kind

of cataclysmic geological and then

racing back to the in in the original

one it was a stolen Imperial shuttle

because in my version had already stolen

the appearance Isle at this point in the

lay in

in later versions they stole it later

but so in my versions this was an

imperial shuttle they were xscape again

in this version it's the Ewing but

they're but the idea is basically the

same we've got to get the hell out of

here because the planet is collapsing

around us and it's an incredible seeing

the way they shot it I do love ya I do

love the the little thing about them

having to run towards right there run

toilet ways of destruction I mean look

at this and what's great about this is

it's also important that Jen and the

other rebels saw up close what this

thing could do like it's not a blueprint

it's not an abstract it's not a theory

they have now witnessed the terrifying

destruction the terrifying destructive

power of this weapon

firsthand so they now know better than

anyone how important it is that they

start this thing beautifully shot

yeah fabulous stuff and there goes saw

and that was always how saw died he died

he just stood there and score it coming

and couldn't do anything about it

it was just on a different different

moon right right a whole piece of the

whole massive like chunk of land and

then now the ceiling is coming down on

top of them and then they hyper spaced

out just in time beautiful look at that

now I know so I saw his is long gone at

this point but I had I had a little

question about that a lot of people have

drawn parallels between sort of his

first reveal with Bodie rook having the

bag on his head and saw doing the

questioning to The Crying Game

Forest Whitaker is in that position but

with role for her yeah was it was that

an intentional thing or was that a that

just it was that sort of coincidence

sorry I asked the question again I

didn't quite when when saw first pops up

he's he's questioning Bodie rook and

he's got him you know strapped to a

chair with a bag on his head pretty much

the premise for The Crying Game were

Forest Whitaker is captured by the IRA

was that was that sort of an intentional

nod to that or is that that's close to

the Chris's arias they dug him I think

that's more like but if you can

happenstance but I think that that

particular confrontation is Tony Gilroy

territory sorry got that police that's

all I got so one of the things that

really developed a lot so chronic and

Tarkin all kind of practice relationship

they didn't like each other one of the

things that got that really got

developed was it was the idea of this

kind of power struggle over who was

gonna take credit for the Death Star

critics the real architects of the Death

Star but talking like any smart

bureaucrat has realized that once once

all the risk has been taken and this

thing has been proven to work Tarkan's

gonna now come in and take the credit

that was stuff that I think I think

Chris was the first to really explore

that in-depth and there was even there

was even a version I came up with idea

that critics the like you never see

Imperial officers carry sidearms cranek

does but he never did anything with it I

think at one point in and we actually

shot this scene at one point cronic

literally pulls that weapon on Tarkin

and and and I think was Chris that

really introduced the idea of like

Tarkin coming in and basically stealing


for critics work and I think Tony kind

of refined it from there

yeah yeah I think that's right I mean

when tends to sort of think that out our

Tarkin and this version is gonna be the

same as Tarkin and the next one but like

there was the possibility of seeing that

oh I see he's sort of you know he he

increased his status by taking credit

for this thing that he had bet he had

been doubting no Aloha yeah because by

the time your new hope comes about track

yeah he's all about it

history has begun in history winners

completely like they're said there's

really you know it's the tragedy for

chronic as well that he gets written out

yeah and I think you know there was I

wish I had been true when you go to the

depth are seen the conference from

saying there's more than one empty chair

I wish there had just been one because

then I could have come up with the idea

that that was of that one chronic had

sat but like he's now he's a kind of the

missing man so yeah they're at this

point they kind of realized they're just

how bad things are the Empire really

again one of the things I do a retains

here is the is the rubella is that is

the rebels and then then why the

rebellion waking up to the idea that the

Empire has finally done something so

terrible that they have to they now have

to go to the next level if you remember

in the opening crawl which will

obviously was cannon for us it mentions

that the Battle of scare off' was the

first was kind of was was the first

battle in the war so everything you've

seen Star Wars rebels everything you see

here kind of predates there being a

state of open war and there's this idea

that Mon Mothma and the other generals

really desperately trying to buy by any

means avoid a war and are trying to find

some political solution to this crisis

where the Empire is grabbing up more and

more power and Palpatine of course he's

kind of stringing them along because of

all he's doing is he just he all he

needs is to string them along low enough

for that weapon to be ready and then in

it's game over and so the idea is that

the rebels I think I've been a little

been kind of strung along and kind of

played for fools by Palpatine a lot

because they're so desperate to find a

diplomatic solution that would avoid the

necessity of a full-scale of war but

once once we realize that the Empire is

essentially built a genocide weapon and

what their real plans really are and you

see it even in the final version of the


the rebels finally wake up to the idea

that yeah the the the only solution now

is war the Empire has forced our hand

and I like the idea that this this movie

is to some extent about the idea that

you know tyranny to tyrannical regimes

always ultimately for because they go

too far they get too hungry for power

and they eventually do something so

terrible that people up until that point

of acquiesced are now forced us to stand

up and fight back and I feel like that

was if the Death Star had never built

sorry if the if the Empire had never

built the Death Star I think they

probably could have just altom utley won

the war and ground the the R about the

rebellion down just through attrition

but because they got greedy and built

this insane weapon they forced the

entire galaxy to wake up and take that

war seriously and and prosecute the war

against the Empire you know in a much

more concerted way so I kind of like

that theory that the Death Star was

really the Empire's undoing in them yeah

I like that too

yeah and that the sort of the rebellion

at this point is the the equivalent of

early in the revolution the Continental

Congress you can never get their act


the ring it's a lot of squabbling

factions yeah and the the Empire is able

to to win because they're that they're

sort of authoritarian unified kind of

town so now we go to eat real quick

planet whose planet is II do this is

Gary's planet but but but but I think

for both of us it was originally in the

first act and here we are in the second

so the whole movie kind of got

restructured a little bit after me they

went well big deflector dish not Gary

I'm sorry interrupt you real quick but I

you cut out just a little bit okay so he

do was originally they went to this

planet very early in my I was actually

holding the laser of Ray the massive

dish and then had when it was built it

was shipped to the Death Star

construction site and that was the first

hint that that gene had that the empire

building something terrible as the movie

kind of got you know jiggled around and

restructured it got pushed back

and became less a less the place where

the dish was built and more just where

they were where they were harvesting and

refining the the Kyber crystals that are

the energy source for the for the for

the Death Star but this planet that's

very kind of this rainy kind of

windswept very grim planet where the

Empire I have this kind of plant this

kind of cliff top platform does come

from my original draft and then I think

later on you're the idea of a rebel

x-wing attack on the on the originally I

did there was a version which wasn't it

crispy would like saws it was actually

saws gorilla x-wings that attacks yes

not the rebel x-wings indeed it was and

let me see man I remember seeing a

soldier x-wing that was actually painted

in like I guess bright camo it looked


yeah I was like dazzle camouflage it was

great fabulous stuff a lot of rain in

this Star Wars movie right we had it

remain equal mood rain equals mood so

hard to shoot and rain there was

originally a longer version of this

where gen a little native village these

people could that you do I who live you

do and they told a story about how the

end about this how about this Imperial

facility had poisoned and toxified all

their rivers and and valleys and

farmland because of all the toxins that

this refinery was putting into the into

the air into the atmosphere and into the

local geography and again try always try

to kind of put a human face on the

crimes at the Empire committing like

here's here like these poor villagers

who are suffering as the Empire built

this incredible you know horrible toxic

facility right in their neighborhood

again at the end of there's a nice scene

a nice idea but at the end of the day

the move we didn't need it so it went

and how much is stuff like that in an

early draft of the script

went into Mads Mikkelsen thinking he was

a bad guy like now you'd have to ask

Mads yeah well I'm sorry we lost you you

know I think as you say I think Matt

Imagi game when I last spoke to Mads

about this he really does see his


as a villain he doesn't feel that the

the the the exhaust port and the fact

that he tries to undo his terrible

wrongs I think in man's his mind that

doesn't absolve him of the fact that he

did build this thing and he and even

though there is this kind of redemptive

act at the end I love shots like this

look at this I'm sorry but that's so

cool I mean it looks like a real airbase

when you see this stuff and so you know

Gareth was it was CGI guy yeah or he was

that director and and he did he did the

effects for his first movie monster have

which has the most amazing effects but

he knows how to use these things and how

to kind of fit them in a in a glimpsed

way right rather no real yeah you know

any tiny shoots a lot of stuff handheld

and that gives you that kind of cinema

verite documentarian kind of thing like

it doesn't look like a polished movie

and he looks polished but it looked also

looks like almost kind of like like a

like a combat car like a combat

cameraman filming that stuff and again

it gives it a really grounded feel so

yeah here on you do what you're gonna

see you again a lot of it even even

later the point of this scene is

completely different they're no longer

here to investigate what this what they

empire-building here they've gone here

to try and find merits but a lot of the

specifics of the scene remain the same

this whole business you're about to hear

which again kind of climbing up on this

platform taking out the Imperial

soldiers and you know they're basically

being a lot of kind of action business

here is is again all retained from you

know very earlier versions of the script

and there and and and and again and also

the and also Thea and also the element

of cranek

coming to fit this was a big it was a

big surprise in my version and the year

it and it remains a big surprise now

that right and why is there in the

middle of doing this is like oh shit

here comes his imperial shuttle chronics

come to visit in my version is craning

had comes

kind of conducts like a final inspection

of the dish they were building here and

in this scene obviously it's to confront

Galen about who's the who's the traitor

but a lot a lot of the mechanic to the

scene remain the same it's also a big

moment for castings character here and

in talking about castings are from your

starting at the first time we meet him

he's killing one of his own informants

or one of his own guys he's got these

orders to kill Galen or so on site

without question and then here we start

to see sort of the hymns but obviously

he doesn't end up killing him but I like

talking about the galen's arc in general

and what that was like to sort of work

with other writers since about castings

are yeah yeah well he was always meant

to be compromised you know I think in

and Gary and my versions he was severely

compromised room he was a double agent

for a long time he was working for the

for the Empire and my I think this was a

rationale that I added and was that he

had lost people who had been killed by

sagar era and all he wanted from the

empire did he go ahead and the ability

to kill sagar era rather than gale

inertia and that kind of transmogrified

along the lines to post me and Gary into

a rebel intelligence officer who had

done terrible things and here to this

Jesus not to yeah you know in the very

very ocean for very very very very early

version of his name you casts at this

point he was in fact he was a rebel

soldier who's secretly working for

cranek but then even then as he as he

grew closer to gin and realized that the

empire had built this weapon he's I

never signed up for this I didn't sign

up for killing planets he you know has a

change of heart and flip

to the rebel side but that's after he's

exposed as a spine at that point in the

third act he kind of has to win gins

trusts back that was all fun that was

all interesting I think he actually shot

some of that stuff early on but I think

that I think that this version ended up

being kind of more nuanced and more

interesting and like you hear right here

is like kind of kasi ins internal

conflict playing out yeah

and or and you know all for nothing as

it turns out chronic is such a great bag

I also love the fact that kid that

chronic is very vain the fact that white

version of the imperial uniform he's

decided to to give that to himself and

the Cape like it's all very accessories

all these applications I think that was

a Wilhelm scream wasn't it just took my

yeah you gotta have one just one great

piece of action healing and no I'm

looking the one thing that was the rebel

x-wing attack they're like really really

you think that you've got so many

factors here you know you've got you've

got good guys on the ground but again

the rebels are always there the rebel

command are always thinking about well

like what's what's the big picture we

may think we may have to blow up a few

of our own guys in order to prevent you

know a much worse situation from

developing so you've got rebel x-wings

here who are gonna bomb this this

facility even though they know that

there there may be rebels on the ground

I think at this point that's what this

is when they're learning that and

they're trying to get that get the

x-wings back but at this point if

they've already committed to the to the

air raid I mean this is some good World

War two maybe kind of stuff right in as

much as you remember this crystalline

that was the original mission Gary

really last year we've lost you for a

chunk of that one again I don't know why

that's happening my gained quite a bit

that was originally watched on not on it

like when he showed me his reference

book of everything he used to originally

pitch the movie it was all things like

the Guns of Navarone and the Dirty Dozen

and doing a good old fashioned men on a

mission move I one of my big reference

points was a I don't know if you ever

seen a great old movie but very

they're good Clint Eastwood and Richard

Burton but they have to dress up as Nazi

officers and infiltrate you know the the

Nazi Castle up into the variant Alps all

the stuff where they put on the imperial

uniforms and infiltrate scary fans

imperial offices it's all directly

influences from movies like that where

you'd have all these great actors from

the 60s and 70s dressing up like Nazis

to infiltrate you know Nazi Nazi bases

there's a a wonderful moment with Trude

coming up here where he I don't think I

missed it I don't think we missed I

think she's still coming up where he

shoots down one of the fighters oh yeah

he does it blind yeah yeah yeah Hanigan

isn't the force guiding him who knows

maybe that's and that's one of the

things like he's one of the yeah here

this is this is a great little shot

right and not only does he shoot the TIE

fighter down but then the TIE fighter

proceeds to crash into the base it's

just he's pretty good yeah he's so cool

yeah but Donny and you you did some

great business around it – I like

blowing on his hand and that kind of

weird way clenching his fist she's just

so great at that and you know chronic

chronic having to you know go to the

shuttle and Part II do one under fire

all this stuff is stuff that was in the

movie from the very beginning and again

I know

recontextualized excuse me and now what

I originally happened here was Jenna

Jenna Reno credit Galen was mortally

wounded Jen gets him off the planet

actually gets him back to the rebel base

but he's beyond saving and this whole

little speech where he says you know

you've got to destroy the Death Star you

know I've done all I can now you know

kind of now it falls to you to finish

the work that I've started this scene

originally played out in kind of like a

rebel like a rebel base medical Bay like

and she was at his bedside again more I

think more dramatic to do it here

you know amidst all the amidst all this

destruction but the idea of of the

father kind of slipping away in her arms

and as he like he's dying wishes like

finish what I've started again that was

something that was baked into the DNA of

the story from from very early on I will

say this line the last thing that he

says to his daughter is I have so much

to tell you right I find to be the most

heartbreaking you'll never hear any of

it yeah yeah as a parent that line just

just really really got me yeah yeah my

daughter was about three years old when

I was working on there I was still

filled with all of the joy and confusion

and despair of being a relatively new

parent and you channel that stuff into

these yeah and also to your point about

having to leave him behind amid all this

destruction yes would bring a face ship

but movies live and live in two ion on

the emotional resonance to have scenes

like that

Mars is great what a face yeah and by

the way there was one point which we

were kicking around titles for this

right rope one was it was a good choice

eventually but but one of them was dark

times we had a lot at one at one point

John Swartz who is one of the one of the

creative film had a list and we all kind

of voted on the ones that we like I

contributed to

and it was always it was always popular

people liked it where we missed it yeah

what was it I didn't tell you the other


I think they wait like Chad or the

Deathstar all these kind of very fancy

titles one of the things that occurred

to me was I went back and looked at all

the previous fare and all and this is

actually continues to be true even after

even with the sequel trilogy now being

completed the titles of Star Wars saga

films are always either three words or

four words long they just all are and so

it occurred to me that one of the ways

that we could differentiate that this

movie from the rest is we had a title

that was only one word or two words long

so like star wars rebellion Star Wars

rogue one you know things like that

let's do it let's do a title that's

shorter so you get right away even from

the title of the movie you know this is

something that doesn't necessarily

conform to the unwritten rules of the

saga films and I'm glad they well it's a

great title III even if I say so myself

I'm really really hot really glad that

it's stuck these things again when they

announce that's all that's how I found

out when Bob now it's shell what does

come with it when oh that's my title how

shareholders difference now we just

can't going away from that dramatic

scene there from II do there was a great

swell in the score and it's there's a

question from somebody watching GaN

Sinha fix user Gela Tonio would you be

able to talk about the score and he says

one of the best out there how I mean

obviously you know when you're writing

it you don't write the score but you

know how how happy were you with the

score serves for this film and and the

scenes that you did right I've been

listening to it a lot lately as right

and I think it's really beautiful it's

wonderful especially the the the track

called your father would be proud which

oh yes going towards the end of the

dummy and yes and no we have no inkling

of course going to be because that's

really all done in post-production

you know it's kind of like a


aspect to the film but I I think it's I

think it's great yeah I was I was you

know I I had no idea because again that

strap falls well outside of our wheel

well above our pay grade aspire to this

I know that Gareth originally wanted

Alexandra just flat who worked on

Godzilla with him has done amazing work

I think that would have been great as

well for whatever reason I don't know

that didn't work out Michael gates you

know I think actually came on relatively

late and you know III let me I was the

music is such a part of the Star Wars

films like it just is like whenever I'm

writing a movie I always put together a

little playlist of things that put me in

the mindset of because were Star Wars

was easy I just listened to John

Williams soundtrack and I think what

Mike did in the end was like brilliantly

just kind of riff on and your weapon

you're hearing here we both like the

Imperial March shows up here in a

different way in the first time and when

and when the movie really segues into

becoming a new hope at the very end you

really do feel it Michael brings in a

lot of those classic themes but I think

he did a great job of like giving them

the movie its own musical identity at

the same time like it feels like a Star

Wars school and this is probably my

other favorite thing that I contributed

into the movie like this is a Lego set I

can't believe that it an idea that I

came up with this film is a Lego set now

maybe it was like I want to see Vader

again always thinking about what John

Doe said let's see something we haven't

seen in Star Wars before I wanted to see


what is vertigo when he's not working

he's got to go someone it like where's

his crib like what does he do when he's

when he's out on his day off and Gareth

loves love's love's that scene in the

Empire Strikes Back when you just get

the glimpse of back to taters head yeah

when the comes down and so that well

let's let's try and let's take that and

blow that out and do a more powerful

version of it and they really likes the

idea that the Vader is so physically

ruined and so destroyed and so damaged

there every now and again he has to

completely take off all the armor and

take what's left of his body and put it

in this back to tank to kind of heal and

regenerate you know maybe one day every

month or whoever nobody's it's something

he has to do from time to time and I

love the idea of seeing him almost like

a fetus in a jar because it reminds his

just how little physically there is left

of it the last time you saw there was

Revenge of the Sith like his arms and

legs are gone there's almost nothing

left under that suit he's a very

imposing presence but take that suit

away and there's just a torso there was

nothing left of the felicity of the

human man and I wanted to kind of remind

viewers of that and I thought it worked

out really really well and again the

context here is a little bit different

create you know my originally that

chronic did was was brought to Mustafar

to explain you know why he's failed to

found the rebels I think Tony ended up

rewriting this gave it a slightly

different context but I love the idea

that cronic is one of the probably the

only imperial officer

other than Tarkin that will actually

stand his ground you know all the

Imperial officers are terrified of Vader

yes don't know sir and they won't stand

up to because they know he'll just choke

him to death critic I love the fact that

he will actually push back

so hold on a minute like he'll actually

stand his ground and almost seems at the

end to have almost kind of a weird

sexual pleasure in being choked by Vader

I don't if I'm reading too much it seems

to kind of enjoy a little bit too much I

don't know so do that I don't know well

maybe there's something among all the

Imperial officers that you haven't

really made it in so yeah yeah it's like

you know it's like a merit badge and

then the other big idea here in the

movie like you know there's oh there's

always this Sun you see a very plate you

know it's he's still deep down under

there somewhere Anakin Skywalker is

still alive and you see there at the end

of Return of the Jedi because he comes

back to life and so I had this idea that

like when where would Vader true choose

to build his personal home well I loved

the idea that he built it on Mustafar

the place where Anakin Skywalker died

and Darth Vader was born that's a place

that has a it's a very very deep

personal connection and meaning to Darth

Vader and Anakin Skywalker and I like

the idea that he comes out here to

reflect and stand on that balcony and

literally look over out over that River

lava where he died and ask himself what

the hell happened to me well he knows

like you know he needs to re-experience

this trauma to psychologically get past

it yeah I think so

so here again is the scene that was


on you know Jen you know now connive

seen this thing the Empire I've got

proof that built this terrible weapon

what are we gonna do about it and there

was always always this idea that again

the red the rebellion is not one

monolithic entity it's a it's a

collection of worlds all of whom have

their own leaders all of whom have their

own opinions and you know Mon Mothma

this is not the Empire that's the

different you know one of the reasons

why the Empire does so well is is

dictatorships are very efficient

Palpatine says we were doing this and

everyone's doing it nobody questions

ma'am and one of the reasons why the

rebellion I think has historically been

less effective is it's more it's more

democratic and get me and what crazies

are messy and it can be hard sometimes

harder to get things done and you're

seeing that play out here as the rebels

are very undecided over what to do in

the in the face of you know this

apocalyptic news that the Empire's built

a weapon of mass destruction every time

I see Jimmy Smits I'm happy just every


Asha's right I mean old arounds gonna

pay the price up um there was briefly we

toyed with or maybe was just me

heylia appearance she's referred to

horse when when Jimmy and Jimmy to exile

and mom chats with Mon Mothma but best I

think for ginger to give the most

rousing right beach chair lei we toyed

with various different ways to use layer

in youth well in the end decision was

made to just use her like in a very

sparing way at the very very end of the

movie because again you can you can

overdo it so easily with those iconic

characters I do love these warm scenes

where everybody gets just totally

dressed down right just as you come into

the scene and there's so much

everybody's mad at each other and

everybody's yelling and then the air

just gets sucked out because you know

she's right yeah and you can see here

like democracies are messy and then fish

it reach the decision of here so Jen's

gonna have to take matters into her own



I think you know in all all the Star

Wars movies are in some way about a

family obviously the saga feel plainly

yeah all of them to some extent I mean

you know this is this is a family of

pound family of rebels and orphans and

misfits we've kind of found in each

other you're all very different but like

the one thing that connects them is this

common cause they all want to destroy

the Empire they all want to live live

live lives of freedom and peace and

justice and and and so it's brought

together people from all walks of life

this is a great moment anything this you


no well I think that the spirit of it

might be in the in the sense of like

these are a bunch of severely

compromised vegetables but that's

trouble you choose Gary I think that the

dialogue may be chummy kilroy it may be

the big difference from the version I

row and with original did actually

convinced the rebels in the moment and

they all and they all went as Papa plan

the big change it was made and I think

it's cool is that June now goes rogue

which makes total sense given the title

of the movie and only when my own Mothma

finds out that she's kind of committed

to that does she make the decision to

back her up and so it all comes together

in a much more improvised way but in my

original version of it this was liked

that they ought they you know she

convinced my mother they needed to do

this and and Brad us and all the other

characters kind of got around a table

it's like right here's here's the plan

and it was all part it was all part of a

concerted effort yeah I think I think it

was in one of my dress that they yeah

they went off on their own

hence the infant bit so I think it was

me that that sort of retcon drew your

rope one idea into why they came up that

it was just a sort of an improvisation

yeah well I mean you know in in my

version Jin's mission and she was rogue


and that was the idea was are the two

titles that I put in one was rogue

leader one and they picked rogue one

this is the scene where I got cut right

there that's the senior maybe that's you

of all the things to get cut that's the

that's the tragedy probably show up in a

short story or something everything

novella very Gareth a very kindly sent

me a screen grab cutscene so I I have it

for my personal collection

you should edit it into your personal

version yeah is it in a frame back there

and then yeah so so I think I came

outside there that there vamping to they

make up this kind of squadron that


exist and I set it up earlier with these

kind of grunts complaining about how all

the Flyboys make up these cool names for

their squadrons like they're making fun

of like gold squadron lavender squadron

so yeah tough scented guys squadron yeah

watch this movie really since it came

out tonight and if as I'm looking at it

now as for me like there was a there was

a moment in this that I really liked and

again I like the movies no worse for not

having it but was just an idea that I

like that you know k2 had basically

become a rebel droid had scraped off all

his Imperial markings because he no

longer identified with those markings

and didn't want them on him in order to

go on this mission he had to have them

repainted back on so he looked like a

proper Imperial droid any halo Imperial

markings back on him this scene here

other than the fact that this was

originally dodona instead of we're

talking to Bale is probably the one

scene from the movie the eggs that

survived intact from my draft

word-for-word in terms of the dialogue

that I rough like this was almost

untouched from my original script of

this scene and it was a real thrill for

me to see this play out as I as I lay it

imagine it and of course the whole

purpose of that scene again is coming

from a very nerdy place if if you play

back Leah's layers a graphic message she

says you know general Kenobi my mission

to bring it all run has failed and what

and what you were seeing there with

Monmouth Marin bail organa is is that

mission being set up that it's now war

is inevitable there's no more diplomacy

they're gonna need every advantage bail

organa happens to have an old friend a

Jedi Knight in hiding and so Monmouth

was gonna dispatch him to bring him back

to Alderaan Murray can help the rebels

and advise the rebels you know a great

hero of the Clone Wars can now help them

in this war ahead of course that that

doesn't quite work out

and plus any time you can get Jimmy

Smith's to say words that you wrote

that's that's a what a thrill it's by

the way this this shuttle is SW over 608

which is my 12-year olds birthday and

initials there is speculation on the

internet as to why I was called fans

waited until now I'm learning things

yeah when I was able to give him the

chip this was for you of course he was

like thanks dad he did not share you

know so scary is this scene this whole

area part of the movie again a lot

stayed the same this is really where I

went full-on into overdrive wanting to

kind of homage and pay tribute to Return

of the Jedi

you know you've got to get through the

shoe you know they better get through

the shield we're in a stolen Imperial

shuttle let's hope the codes work all

that kind of stuff and then in a bin and

then in a larger context like I again

people like to hate on Return of the

Jedi I think it's a great movie and I

think the third act is is some of the

best Star Wars has ever been made the

way that it cuts back and forth between

those three different battles that are

taking place that the battle you know in

orbit above Endor the battle on the

ground and then the battle in the

Emperor's throne room and how they all

interconnect I think it's just absolute

storytelling and editing genius and in

my own small way I wanted to try to pay

homage or just blatantly steal how well

that stuff to work when you've got the

commando raid on the ground the rebel

fleet in orbit and I wanted to make sure

that we saw those because I love the Mon

Calamari I wanted to make sure we saw

those big Mon Calamari capital shells

one of the reason one of the reasons why

I believe the Return of the Jedi battle

works so well is that those big ships

give you a tremendous sense of scale and

this and and and and relative speed at

which the smaller fighters are moving

when ships are floating around in space

if it's just on a flat on a staff field

it's hard to gonna get a sense of

relative speed but when they're skimming

over the surface of a much larger ship

not much larger cruiser you can feel how

fast those those ships are moving and so

I wanted to make sure we help the rebels

at this point I've committed everything

because it's this if they don't win this

battle it's all over

and so they commit everything to play

there the capital ships the cruisers

pretty much every ship they have to this

battle and so it was a great opportunity

to to get to see some of those those big

heavy ships that we loved from Return of

the Jedi so this this battle is really

like structure Gary I mean I think you

know I can mostly just just ride it in

at this point I think my twist on it was

that I keep insisted everyone had to


I think I think I think Carrie had had

thought about it and and we concern was

that it wouldn't be approved I know

here's the mall and anyone out there

thinking about writing no this is this

is the lesson Gareth and I talked about

it it was one of the very first

conversation we had I think it was

Gareth report it I think this is a movie

I think they all have to die I think

this is a movie about sacrifice and how

this when it went it's something this

important like these characters died so

that the entire Star Wars franchise can

leave if these characters don't do this

over the next 20 minutes the Star Wars

movies are about the death star going

around blowing up planets until the

Empire until the rebellion just gives up

and surrenders that's all that's all

you've got left and so this is really

really important Star Wars history that

we're seeing here the characters

recognized that it's it's perhaps

fitting that they die we we went back

and looked at the ending of gladiator

Maximus dies the idea that you can

actually have a righteous death even you

can be triumphant even in death because

you've accomplished your great your

greater your greater goal with something

really important to us and we but we but

we thought oh my god Disney will never

let us do it though it will fall in love

with this idea of killing off all the

characters Disney won't let us do it and

when we'll have our hearts broken so we

didn't follow through on our initial

creative instinct and I wish we had

because it turned out though Disney and

Kathy and all those guys were fully

supportive vote when I left the movie

and Chris came on the first thing you

said was I didn't feel like these

characters needed to die guys were oh

yes I'm so glad you said that because

that's what Gary and I talked about and

we got there in the end but like I guess

the moral is trust your instincts and

like write the version of the movie that

you believe not the version

that you believe people will say yes to

because as it turned out we would have

been right in my version k2 always died

but gin and the other characters

survived and that would have been I

think a far inferior version of the film

I'm so glad the crisp came along and and

had that same instinct to kill the

characters off because it ended up I

think being you know some of the most

powerful stuff in the film yeah it's

great in this whole scare of sequence

the last 20 30 minutes of this movie I

mean stack up with every I mean it's

it's one of the best for my money the

best starwars gets I love this this last

bit of this movie and that's part of it

yeah and there's a lot of it stuff here

again is from early version and stuff

that there's a sense that this is like a

heist you know they show up in the

caption Imperial shuttle with the

commandos the Imperial you know Jen and

the guys in the imperial outfits and

Ketu overseas and in a Pierrot disguise

go off and do their thing while these

rebel commanders kind of disappear

through the shuttle hatch here and kind

of spread out and this is all part of

like an organized caper at this point

like this this all has to now go off

like a Swiss watch and it's something

that that was very carefully

orchestrated through every draft of the

movie that we had and talked about that

too we've talked a lot about creating

planets for these movies and and

creating new things for the server's you

know it's talking about the idea of just

creating a planet like the idea of like

oh we need a tropical beach planet I

think at some point that's that's like a

question of the entire production and

gara thinking like well what sort of

what sort of place hasn't been seen

before and but the really tricky thing

with making these places is like how are

you going to lay out the geography of

this particular place in such a way that

the characters have to do what they need

them to do at the time that we need them

to do it so like you always sort of end

up with a walkway or you know that

someone has to get to the end of because

it's only one person you can get that

you know like you're actually really

building these places in order to

fulfill the needs of the story yeah


exactly right and you know it was if

challenging Star Wars like we've seen

desert planets you've seen AI planets

and you know again you don't want to

repeat yourself this is Canary Wharf

underground station in life and they

shut this down for the night and shot

this they dressed it shot it all

overnight and got out and next morning

in time for the trains to run kind of

amazing Wow

but yes I like the idea of like a

tropical beach almost like a vietnam

kind of Far East kind of planet had

never had never been done and it's

obviously a great look it's also a nice

opportunity for the crew to go out and

hang out and on a beach for a while some

of this some of this actually was shot I

can't Mir exactly what trouble place

they went to but a lot of this was was

was actually shot in a place called

Bovington which is a very unglamorous

part of England when they just shipped

in hundreds of tons of sand and built

this stuff out in the middle of middle

of nowhere was nowhere near an ocean but

they built this beach and then digitally

extended the scenes as necessary so I

can I kind of loved all this stuff like

planning the thermal detonators and

they're all timed to go off at just the

right moment the again the idea of kind

of a crack crackerjack timing in a you

know taking down to the guards silently

this is all like classic tropi stuff

from movies you've seen 100 times but

when you see it in a Star Wars context

it's it's kind of cool you know Anu I

love there's something I really do love

about this because it totally is

evocative of like the you know the

surfing scene in Apocalypse and the palm

trees are immediately evocative okay the

Vietnam stuff which is weird because

like Coppola came to Lucas in 1975 or

something it was like hey do you want to

do a Vietnam movie with me and Luke

right no people need a fairytale like we

need to make something more magical and

then you know 40 years later we've kind

of gone full circle and now there are

Star Wars movies that are you know

evoking classic Vietnam War movies which

is yeah it just shows how kind of

timeless it is right a lot of these

extras that you see are actually real

soldiers and either ex-military but a

specific agency that will that will hook

you up with these guys because you don't

need to train them how to handle a

weapon I had a look like a real soldier

they're already trained to do that

in fact one of my favorite stories was

when I was when I was hanging out with

the x-wing pilots on the gaving base I

was talking I said what do you guys do

for a living and

I expected they say that hello there

they were they were extras or they had

like your regular jobs and one of the

guys a couple them there said we're

actually real-life RAF Tornado pilots we

fly where the real deal this is crazy

like you must and they look that you

know they just had that kind of RAF kind

of class pilots bearing their youth

leads carry themselves in a certain way

like a military way like they never

slouch they always stand up straight and

I said well this must seem rather silly

to you like you fly the real planes this

expert being over here like it's just

you know a cardboard thing and the guy

said no no you don't get it like this is

this is actually the real thrill for me

the whole reason why I am a pilot is

because when I was a kid I saw Star Wars

and I dreamed of flying an x-wing pilots

like this for me is actually the real

dream I'm finally I finally got to do it

and that to me was just I think I would

I would love to see a side-by-side of

the guys who are actually military

trained plant stormtroopers and the 500

first guys who just religiously study

504 like a stormtrooper footage and like

who passes in a lineup as an actual

stormtrooper it's it's hard to fake this

stuff again I'll you see more on the

rebel commanders on the way they speak

like you can you can tell when these

guys have been I've been you know

properly trying yeah I think it goes

what we were talking about earlier the

the action sequence on on Jetta of just

just having it feel like more of a

street like it's beach level battle just

yeah the way the guys move and the

energy this other guy never looked in a

while but I actually think talking holds

up pretty well I remember seeing it in

theaters it was immediately jarring it

does look it does look really impressive

but it's also like I think it's

depending on how obsessively you've

watched Peter Cushing play Tarkin you

know if you're either kind of a more

casual viewer you're probably like hey

wow that's cool I know when people first

saw it they'd be kind of split I don't

know if you saw choppers

not but just brought by from Star Wars

rebels there's a lot of rebels cameos in

this movie there's a reference to

general syndulla being asked to report

and that that really is Harris and

Diller from Star Wars rebels the ghost

is parked outside on Yavin here for a

brief moment and so again there's a lot

a lot of things that get thrown at the

last minute when when when we do these

premieres they invite all of the you

know the rebel lineage in the 500 first

legion the Mandalorian mercs like all

the really hardcore guys and it's

interesting to see how the different

kind of Easter eggs play out at

different levels like when people see

Darth Vader everyone goes boobs will

know Darth Vader but like when chopper

rolls by it's like six people in the

back that go I really like these blue

squadron a suit made the kind of the gun

blue you see a lot of these cut a lot of

cosplayers have really adopted I've seen

a lot of blue squadron pilots at

conventions and my favorite thing about

that is that they didn't have blue

squadron in the original because it

interfered with the with the blue string

yeah they couldn't have blue x-wings

because it was just Kia right and you

know and in terms of the storytelling

they all get this is it none of them

near blue Scott squadron and red fire so

I so I'm the guy who killed red far I've

oh no you thought I should get to play

in but they did I think they kept they

Castle and of course there's gonna be

that amazing restored footage being

there the mere like at the premiere

which is like I really like hot and it's

your degree it's kind of formalized

occasion right but when that stuff came

on you could feel it we're all bombing

each other Chris well yeah I asked

Gareth about it afterwards we explained

to me out when the shot were talking

about it but some of the stuff that they

that they did to create those shots as


but the all the all the design and all

like the color grading and even like the

haircuts just they line up so well with

it so it really just a phenomenal kind

of segue into a new hope right yeah I

mean they've got 70s sci-fi haircut

called legacy doubles now you don't

handle bad seventies wigs the stuff you

got to think about hair like you know I

would have been nice to put wedge here

but there's a line in a new hope wear

wedge says look at the size of that

thing and it's very clear as you've seen

the Deathstar that he's seeing it for

the first time red leader and the other

pilots are like whatever they saw this

thing yesterday so it's less impressive

to them I mean that's the shot right


they went to the Skywalker archives and

the those aren't actually shots from a

new hope those are alternate takes that

never got used but they found them

digitally clean them up match them with

it with the extra footage and even track

down the original actors and had them

rerecord new dialogue incredible and

again everything you're seeing here is

very very heavily influenced by and

inspired by return of the Jedi this

wasn't originally Admiral Ackbar see the

profundity there in the command see just

a big big bettor there yeah I think I

think we kind of felt that we didn't to

overuse Akbar and so Gareth came up with

Miss character Admiral dradis who was

very much inspired to Churchillian

character he said give me give me give

me at the Mon Calamari that looks like

Winston Churchill this is just a

fantastic concept right just diving

straight into this I love and there's a

there's a sound effect right on there

that it's that a classic like Ben Burtt

and a metal cable kind of like kind of

thing that's happening there and again

you'll notice any time those smaller

ships chip you get a better that

relative speed because X prints are

really fast and Tie Fighters are really

fast but you don't always appreciate

that unless there's something in the

background to contextualize that

oh by the way I just got a text from my

my seven-year-old he was watching

downstairs there's a character called

pal who's named after him and he's

asking if his character survives and I

had to tell him yes he does Paulo if

you're listening he makes it he gets off

planet that would have been incredible

if we all got to be here when he told

him no it's lizard the lizard he looking

the lizard yet yeah yeah oh it was very

concerned about kinds of things yeah

they're bees what but people end up ok

I'm not what does the sweet little

moment here between between these two

characters yeah yeah you always wanted a

weapon and of course he ends up going

out in a blaze of glory as he always did

we was kind of felt like well someone's

gonna be the Droid you're gonna like the

Droid you know we like somebody some

points but we felt like yeah I always

felt like someone someone's gonna die on

this mission it can't be like free of

sacrifice it's okay to always kind of

died in a in a special moment but then

of course by the time Chris and Tony

would they had killed pretty much


I love this rocket the the way that it

just shrugs off the Rockets just nothing

yeah and his reaction to it too is but

then you know a little bit a little bit

more here is a great I'm in the s last

Saving Private Ryan kind of right moment

what I would give to be one of those

pilots man it's a real thrill standing

next to one of the a you know it's not

matter like standing next up one of

those full-size x-wings is it's magic


now they create all this kind of extra

complication of business where they've

got a kind of table one place to another

and stuff like that just to kind of you

know give them some more obstacles to

deal with I love those I love the way

that they built that kind of that

transparent floor so they could say that

routers can really kind of see what's

happening on the surface makes sense I

love that this is both like like one of

the darkest sort of tonally Star Wars

movies but also it's so cold

you got you know you got stormtroopers

at the beach and like you know they're

they're flying in the atmosphere and

it's like a beautiful blue sky out and

there's just everywhere

and again all again all of these massive

structures in the back just just give

you all this especially here on the

surface you get just tremendous

now these ships for their environment

yeah Gary I love this battle well done I

still believe that the Battle of Endor

is the greatest space battle ever put on

and this was you know in one small way

an attempt to kind of pay tribute to it


in parallel you know I think that's uh

that's after me I'm not sure here's

those I think it maybe not after you but

before Tony actually I can't remember

you take

back some things I remember some things

I don't but this all the way that we

always had this the kind of thing inside

the but they have to like pull the

actual plans out big vault door we got a

comment on a thing that I think we did

just just for past us there was talking

about something else but whose idea was

it to this is I'm sorry this is from

semi watching on IG calm but whose idea

was it to include slash cut off me I've

got a bad feeling line I think yeah we

got walking into the to the base there

let me see was it you Gary I had I had a

different version of it where Jinjin

said before they went on the mission

they were always very nervous I've got a

good feeling about this which and then

it ended up being there you know the

kind of you want I wanted to reference

it in one way but without actually

saying the line we ended up doing it in

another in a different way I thought was

kind of funny that they ended up using

that line and so sooner I again sooner

or later someone's gonna use it yeah I'm

you got a ring the changes right and you

know it's sort of sitting there waiting

to be used

and that's part of the challenge I think

we knew when you're dealing with you

know really really well-known stuff it's

like you want a reference state but you

don't want to just say it like how do

you like riff on it or you know

reference it in in a way that is

unexpected is is part of the challenge

I love the yeah I love the fact that

even bring the new wings the tree know

the true carrot you know this was this

was something that Gareth wanted he

wanted to come up with a new kind of

shit and I liked the idea of you know

you got a B X&Y the you know the Ewings

B wings x-wing some wire wings and I

wanted to kind of add something to that

and so we came up with the idea of the

you win as kind of a troop carrier that

was more archival footage there it's

kind of a troop carrier that would help

get help Jen and her team get it around

but could also play his poor old red


play a part so you know so obviously

Luke Skywalker is red five in the Battle

of Yavin I liked the idea of the

audience seeing how that callsign became

available goodbye for old red five he's

done there's a question coming up on a

lot of and it's one I'm sure you got

before but there's a lot of footage from

from this battle sequence it was in the

trailers and not in the movie so this is

just one of them from Galvatron a Type R

on igncom for the writers why was so

much from the trailers gen confronting

the TIE fighter in the tower Jay and

Cassady running on the beach cut from

the final movie he just straight-up asks

why yeah well I don't think either of us

would really necessarily have the answer

to all of them I've heard it on good

authority that the TIE fighter kind of

homing interview

Redfern urchin was actually never

intended to be used that it was you know

a big moment yeah even though it's a

pretty awesome I don't know how she

would have gotten out of that one yeah

originally the kk2 dot on the beach i'm

not really sure why these things happen

all i can say is that as you're sort of

cutting together these things during

production and in post you know all

kinds of sort of narrative necessities

arise for like oh well we can't do that

part anymore if they're gonna have to

get to the master switch or you know it

and so eventually these things get a

wydad and and that but nevertheless some

of these shots which are so cool that

they're perfect for tripoli i can i can

speak to it a little bit my

understanding is when I originally wrote

the battle there were two separate

facilities there was the Veronica Arif

on on that stretch of beach there was a

vault a building where the plans were

held in the vault and then there was a

separate building which was like the

communications tower and they were

separated by a stretch of brush so part

of the part of the mission was to

liberate the plans from the from the

vault and then Tran and then

in there to get them across the beach to

the tower where that from which they

could transmit me so when you see those

scenes in the trailer of Jim Jim we

actually shot those scenes when you see

Jim running with the with the desktop

lands in her hand across the beach

that's them trying to get from one

building from where they from the vault

where they stole the plans to the comms

tower when they can transmit them I

think as they looked at what they had

they realized that the battle there was

just too many moving parts like it was

too complicated they wanted to simplify

and and the solution quite quite elegant

solution was just to put both the vault

and the tower in the same complex so it

was what it all happened in the same

build that makes sense but then on top

of that all this stuff about the master

switch was then subsequently added as

and and then added other degrees of

complexity as well

so you're k2 at this point is dead which

ends sad you kind of expect it someone's

gonna die a bunch of regiment back that

as well

but there any very slowly starts to

creep up when you it might be getting a

lot whatever its gonna make it or it

gets better yeah instead getting picked

off one of its time here I do love a

good tragic Detroit you know death right

he has a good one yeah k2 goes out like

a like a pro

the guy who plays the cumin by the name

of the actor or their boss I remember –

just died there I remember talking to

him and saying like how cool is this and

he was just like he said I can't believe

I'm in this like he was so doing in that

flight suit especially in I mean this

taking place immediately before a new

hope and the way all the costume and the

you know all the props and the haircuts

and you know the way that all the the

tech looks laid out like it's it's just

it's playing right like like everybody

played this when they were kids

which is sort of sort of a different

deal than then you know being in one of

the you know – sequel films yeah we all

did this with action figures when we're

kids right

this is the same thing only much more

expensive appreciate it kids you always

I would always take action figures to

the beach and be like they're at

Tatooine but there's a ton of water over

here and now it's just the beach so I

used to take my Han Solo action figure

and I to keep my freezer to freeze it in

carbonite and then faucet that's great

yeah I mean the thing is like this this

is a fan movie really like I think

everybody almost everybody worked on

this movie was was deeply affected as a

kid by Star Wars certainly Gareth was

you know you can see pictures of him on

vacation and to neech like at the

original sats you know yeah drinking

milk fit has been died pollute in

celebration of being there so we just

got all these amazing choices to play

with yeah I mean and again as much as

you check the fanboy at the door that's

out there there are you really don't you

realize you are you were playing but you

you get to play with the most expensive

box of action figures that anyone's ever

gonna be given and if there's just pure

joy in it

here's another question that somebody

named NIDA on Cinna fix was Washington

Center fix brought up as about this

scene right here I'd like to know if

they ever considered letting chroot pull

the leveller using the force was that

ever no nope we never did in keeping

with the notion that that IR gun

so although jury can do all these

amazing things it's all within the sort

of theoretical scope of physics and

human capability and know that the

notion was that was that nobody nobody

on our side has those manifests those

powers death

I really like Chris where you ended up

setting to the diol believes in or sees

him he may not but he may not have ever

even really felt the force so I

certainly don't think he really has the

power to use it but there's just enough

of a suggestion that maybe he is

protected by in some way his faith does

actually mean something but without it

being anything as obvious as you know

being a Jedi or being in any in any way

you for sensing yeah thank you

Matthew came up with I am one with the


yes oh sorry I didn't hear you Gareth

but say it again because it sounds like

you're saying something nice was it you

who came up with the line I mean that

day that I yeah I'm one with the force

and the force is with me yes as a matter

of fact it goes on there it's a sort of

a catechism or you know 23rd psalm for

for Jedi's but I don't remember the

exact words now but that that's what I

wanted was was a sort of Lord's Prayer

type of thing right but it was honed

down eventually just to one one

statement this kind of beautiful and

tragic in the idea that believes

passionately in the force but he may not

ever have actually been touched by it

you know what I mean right he still

believed kind of love yeah well he's

going back there now eventually rejoined

with the the living for now finally the

wire wings get to do something cool I've

never been a fan of my ways but I'm glad

they get something to do all of them my

own my only real sadness is I originally

had B wing in this fact I love the B

wings and we never used them is there

anything else that that the the fanboy

tried to get it in there but but failed

I mean something along lines is they

like all of you here all night if I

could yeah but yeah you can't help


I don't remember I think the ghost is

actually present in this battle as well

I can't remember that's right I believe

it is here it's hidden somewhere in one

of the formations

now that the chroot has met his end well

here we go

anybody can go everybody's gone and this

is when you start to realize oh I'm and

what I love about it is like you don't

they don't dwell on it it's just

something that happens right there's a

moment to recognize that one of them has

been laughed but then but there but like

you got there's no time to massive out

like you've got to keep the missions not

over yet you got to keep going and this

is really the first sense that like oh

maybe not everyone's gonna gonna make it

out yeah

what's great this is this the sequence

here with phases is really the first gen

is is the spot where you actually get to

to realize that because you can kind of

see him realizing that you know he sees

the ship explode from farther away and

yeah I mean so the death toll so far is

what k2 charit Bay's and Bodie all gone

right so that's pretty that's that's the

bulk of them it's really only gin and

CASP point was now that no some of them

were gone there's here's a question from

Hobbit ninja I was watching on YouTube

was there any were there more Donnie Ian

fight scenes that got cut I don't think

so I mean certainly a more done en

pie-eyed scenes the better but I don't

believe if you have a dummy in fight

scene you keep it in yeah yeah I won

this was added very late because it is a

big favorite right the IDI attack mm-hmm

the hammerhead call that these were

introduced in Star Wars rebels and they

get to play a major role here

I would not want to be on a crew of

hammerhead quartet that seems like a bad

assignment and again here at the top of

the comms town this is stuff that was

imagined ILM actually built a virtual

version of this say you could put on

that you could put it on a VI hump and

stand at the top of this tower and look

down and feel like you were really like

a thousand feet up it was amazing with

TIE fighters necks rings flying around

you and Gareth was actually able to walk

around the set virtually to get a sense

of the space before they built anything

then one last hurdle to clear here just

one last thing no easy i G

I wish ID was this exciting this is not


anytime somebody loses access to their

email or something you have to walk out

on a big the most resonant moment in the

movie we've also complete at some point

in our life and this is like first bar

to wait forever so again I get the


now and again here is I mean it's just

the scale that oh yeah you guys just

these two you know one Star Destroyer

just cutting through another like butter

it's incredible right shot look at this

beautiful and of course this ends up

bringing down the entire shield gate

yeah I think you're right quiz that shot

of the TIE fighter I think was only in

Yemen there's another tunnel and it's

kind of flicker on behind her was used

in trailers but was never intended for

the movie I think was just literally on

the date I think Felicity was standing

there and it just looked like a great

shot and Gareth just wanted to get it I

don't think he ever had a place for it

in the movie she's good I know a lot of

people like to you know wasn't in the

trailer it wasn't in the movie but made

it into the trailer like a trailers and

movies are two very different things

like I've I never never mind that

there's you know a shot trailer that's

in making in the movie here's the

question this is probably the most

important question we'll get to today

just right here as we're seeing this

standoff between ben mendelsohn here and

papa jones double-oh-seven who's

watching on youtube on IGN's Channel why

are the villains all in Star Wars always

English or Australian I think because

the original movies are made by Jen's

I'm really happy to have a steel memory

of the British Empire I want to say I

want to say it's because they film all

of the clean Imperial hallway scenes

British studios yes that there is like

Shepperton or Pinewood you know yeah and

you know I don't know what it is it's

fate hearing about the British accent

you know something I've struggled with

all my life but yeah and and you know

there's also this sense of course that

you know the only recent trilogy do they

ever you know break out of this idea but

I always liked the idea that you know

the Empire is very much not an

equal-opportunity employer it's a bunch

of old white dudes and you know whereas

there's the rebellion is much more kind

of a rainbow coalition of people of

different ethnicities and cultures and

species all kinds whoever whoever is

willing to join the rebellion but the

Empire took typically has only ever been

you know the old white dudes that shot

they're the original shot of the Death

Star plans

John Knoll that was actually one of the

very in the original movie

77 Star Wars that schematic that kind of

3d rotating Death Star was one of the

very very first CG effects ever created

for a feature film John went and found

that and recreated it and actually but

we never use it in the movie but I think

just for fun because he's a nerd he

recreated that entire schematic

everything from the wrote the rotating

all the way down to the trench run and

the exhaust port he completely did it he

completed it and the way they had never

been completed before and of course it's

just a nice little callback for fans

that recognize that original schematic

as its as its pulled out of r2d2 in the

original movie it's just a nice callback

to oh yeah those are the desktop planes

I remember what those look like

so the the question here always arrived

is there something romantic and I was

just gonna bring up we have a commenter

Xenosaga girl 3 on discord has asked the

same thing there's such great chemistry

between Jane and cassian right was it

was it a romantic potential over there

in any of your scripts it was definitely

a possibility yeah I wouldn't be

surprised if we were shot either and and

you know I like kissing and that's very

nice and stuff but I think that there is

a the trope that every male and female

you know hero have to kiss have to be

romantically involved as this may be

something that it was good to just

sidestep in this one it's clear that

they have it in very early on there was

more romantic chemistry and I think it

got it got scaled back less and less and

less until now I think it really is just

kind of like a mutual respect that they

have they're obviously grown in very

close but it and as ever they hinted

romantic and I remember a lot of people

finding that very refreshing that the

movie never went that route I think that

yeah it seems like one that we don't

need it like what they've been through

is the meaningful part right right the

the stuff that's happening around them

is too important for anything like that

thing and it speaks to their character

that they wouldn't you know let that

sort of intrude and this and this is

what I mean about kind of the beauty

for death that you see in great great

mood but they know it they they just

know it but and yeah their final emotion

is gonna be one of triumph because they

also know that they did what they came

here to do and that's what matters it

kind of looks like they walk off into

the sunset but it's really more like the

sunset walking into them yeah I love

this thing like they're going straight

to the force they're gonna be they're

gonna be following me fine yeah they've

David they were in their place so now

we're sneaking up on you know we just

saw shot Darth Vader he's a riot oh yeah

with his fleet we have had so many

questions and comments come in so far

about the decision to include or not

include Darth Vader how much Darth Vader

was left on the cutting room floor get

just to name a few the people who live

ask questions there's Deneb hassan IG on

youtube bad for education is another

user on YouTube air Pokemon Rudo 22

everybody's gonna know how there's

always gonna be some Vader and it's like

how much because you don't want to

overwhelm things thank god he's here so

like raise our spirits badass and and

and he of course is like everyone

favorite scene in the movie and and and

rightly so you were just gonna quietly

watch this okay yeah all have some

respectful silence for the scene good

honestly it was one of the first thing

when I got my Disney but subscription I

went straight to the scene it was one of

the first things that I watched now I

wish I could take credit for that I

think it's it's the suggestion of an

editor it was it was calling gaudi one

of the editors on the film who said to

Gareth it needs something at the end

here and all he was D right Gareth went

back and read shot this so not really he

went back and shot this very very late I

believe Peter Jackson was on the set

this day watching him shoot this and

it's just an incredible scene I actually

pitched and it's actually Gareth there

the guy who pulls the lever

releases the tan c4 that's Gareth

Edwards the director that's his little

cameo in the movie it's didn't get cut

but yours did no nice to be it's nice to

be the ball yeah you know I always liked

the idea of like we've seen Veda the JEP

seen him like toy with people but we've

never seen that a sense of like like a

true asymmetrical warfare like what

happens if you put Darth Vader in a room

with like 50 highly-trained rebel

soldiers well the answer of course is

just straight up murders all of that but

what an amazing thing is to actually see

happen we mentioned earlier there was

some more Millea in in the script at

some point

yeah salaita dit went back and forth

they think a North shot everyone cheers

when they when they see layer at the end

and on the right note there's those blue

letters blue letters well guys thanks

for joining

if you don't mind sticking around we can

we can grab one or two more questions

sure they came up one of them turned out

about this movie there's a Christopher

Paine who's watching on Cinna fix asks

if you were given another standalone

story to write what sort of story would

you want to tell in the Star Wars

universe your go Gary it's something

I've thought about from time to time you

know I can speak only from my side what

but I got to a rogue wanna go to work

two seasons of Star Wars rebels I got to

write the the Marvel graphic a marvel

comics graphic novel adaptation of the

last Jedi and I've worked in on the

literature side as well you know I'm

very very privileged to have done the

work that I've done in Star Wars I think

it'll always be the thing that I'm kind

of proud of stuff I could work for 50

more years in this business but rogue

one will always be the number one thing

on my resume I suspect and rightly so i

if Lucasfilm ever wanted me to do more

if they wanted crispy we'd be there in a

heartbeat but that's that's really up to

them and I'm not gonna say I have ideas

but I know that if I say anything it's

gonna be 50 clickbait headlines for the

next day so I'm just not going to go


well that's what we're trying to get out

of your dude yeah I guess we're done you

know I like the guy with the devil horns

smile and all nicely card you sign my

luck otherwise known as diarrhea beloved

ever owned in war criminal on the run

family no I don't like him as much

anymore yeah I think you just seem like

a fun guy to hang out with he's a drunk

who loves jazz he's great that's not

canon anymore but whatever you know well

I'm all in love on Borneo in your heart

Bordeaux it is my dude I want to just

live inside his brain and the memories

he has sucked out of people I want to

see the full bore go out story that's

like that like that thing that you

pitched Chris about how she had to give

up a trade her traumatic memories garlic

to get some him that's brilliant is

every kind well it was in their way

here's another sort of following up on

on that question is a baron Thomas who's

also watching on YouTube asks is a rogue

to ever possibility not literally or in

the title but more movies about rebel

vs Empire's rebels versus empire squad

of x-ring wings movie a Star Wars

infantry type movie I guess a asking you

more about those like sort of the the

war movie inspirations that you guys

have been talking about this this whole

time well it's above our pay grade for

sure to answer that question I mean I

think that at this you know these things

there's such huge financial kolender

takings that I think they're always kind

of wanting to tie it into some sense of

greater of the greater story and much as

I would love to see you know more of

that third act that Gary brought to life

I think it's probably relatively

unlikely on the big screen but but the

the streamers offered you know the

streaming service offers the chance of

all these really interesting


yeah most interesting stuff they

see inshaa I think as chris says like

what now that we're done like whatever

circle of trust we were once in we have

now been removed from and that's not a

diss or a slight it's simply because the

we know we you know it's Lucasfilm

operates on a need-to-know basis and we

no longer need to know and in a way

that's kind of nice because we get to go

back to being fans again we served we

fought in the wars we have amazing

stories we got to contribute something

to the Star Wars Canon which well you

know well it will always be special to

us but now we get to go back to being

fans again and being surprised by what

they come up with next

so it will wrap up them with one more

question about about rub one then

there's easier on IGN YouTube who wants

to us can you please specify about cut

Vader scenes can you can you offer any

any specific details about any of the

Vader scenes that didn't make it in

um I don't think there were any I think

that you know the only the only Vedas

you see in the movie again the feeling

was you know he's an iconic character we

want to have an iconic character in the

film that makes storytelling sense but

let's not overuse him the tendency can

be to overuse these characters and so a

little dab'll do ya again I originally

picked so I originally pitched a version

I never wrote it but I pitched a version

of that because that Veda scene in the

hallway which was actually out on the

beach in scary where the idea was that

gin and caffeine had gone up the tower

and the rebels have kind of bunkered in

around it to prevent any Imperials

falling and following them up and the

word got back to Vader and Star

Destroyer we can't get to the tower

because the rebels have blockaded it and

Vader says put me on that beach I'll

open the door for you and he goes down

there and just trade up murders every

rebel on earth and that would have been

a cool scene but again it never really

got past the pitch process I never wrote

it but I loved the fact that the idea of

that scene ended up making it into the

movie in the hallway which I actually

think works better cuz it's more

contained it's more claustrophobic it's

more yummy you're trapped in that room

with him and I think that's more scary


actually getting into one more this is

about there's a user on cinder fix Baron

Thomas is asking was West End Games Star

Wars role-playing game and influence on

any of you guys and were any of you

former gamers Chris I know your your

your D&D character made it in yeah well

I was a D&D player had traveler and

gamma world but I believe the Star Wars

RPG game was Pat was was after my time

in terms of gaming window before you

realize you should probably move on to

something something else now it's all

coming back a court but I had to answer

no with regret I mean as you know I come

from a gaming back

gamer playing video games during during

those kind of droughts between the

original trilogy and the prequel trilogy

you know kind of late eighties early


there were there were books they were

comics but a lot of people forget that

what real a big medium that carried the

can for Star Wars storytelling on the

scon screen was the videogames dark

forces tie fighter Knights of the Old

Republic you know even Padre live the

Episode one racer and so glad that's

coming to Nintendo switch there was some

great storytelling yes kotor to this day

is tremendous tremendous the TIE fighter

the games are they mentioned out you

know the dark force is Jedi Knight that

for about for at least a decade those

video games with the variant Star Wars

storytelling on screen with music and

actors and voices and you know that kind

of stuff and so I often think the video

games don't get enough credit for being

a really important part of the extended

Star Wars canon


yeah absolutely well guys thank you so

much again for joining us really it's

fascinating stuff I loved hearing about

how this movie came together mmm thanks

so much yeah thank you everybody

watching and again check out stack-up

org and the International Rescue

Committee information about that is down

there in the description and don't

forget about Gary's twitch after party


yes twitchtv slash Gary Whitta GA aru

age oh hey I'm gonna hop over there

right now once we're done maybe answer a

couple more Rover one questions maybe

place and we'll cross at Yahoo no but I

hope some of you will come over and join

me there yeah you know over there and

and thank you again for watching we'll

see you guys next week here on watchman

home theater thank you

















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