Star Trek: First Contact – Jonathan Frakes Live Q&A Watch-Along

published on July 2, 2020











































































































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ign's own Scott Collura Scott how you

doing man hey Clint how you doing man

welcome to the show that if you've never

been on before but this is the one for

me because great because Star Trek and

because of our very special guest

joining us for this episode the director

of Star Trek first contact commander

Riker himself Jonathan Frakes thank you

so much for joining us how you doing the

pleasure is mine I'm doing great how are

you doing doing okay okay I'm wedged you

know my traditional place wedged into

the corner of my garage your back man

tells the story about you was that was

the goal I I'm not sure what story it is

we might have to and action figures of

it what do you got Alex got I have

that's a max billion from black hole the

Disney film from 1979 and then I've got

actually a launch and a senior figure

from lost

I think the film's lost asylum they were

films called London after midnight where

he played a vampire so those that's

Webb's back there I tried to put me up

my room a little bit for this doesn't

usually have as many action figures sure

and I also got some some

pictures of fish nicety yes my son my

son is a fly fisherman I'm in his old

room and it seems like the kind of the

most sublime part of the frame

you're Jonathan Frakes framing up a shot

for it yeah love it look at that

horrible head room there we go it's not

a shot of the head room though it's a

shot of the right notes

what about the lighting there we go all

right and he'll be tweaking it

throughout the night so stay and make

sure you keep people locked here stay

tuned for the new framing there on his

camera but so like I said we're gonna

start start the movie here in a minute

but um first a general question we're

watching first contacts and I know you

Jonathan you've been a part of Star Trek

through a handful of different series as

an actor and as a director what does

first contact what does this film mean

to you in the scope of all your work

you've done with this franchise

well first contact as you can imagine

entirely changed my trajectory of my

career I had done a number of episodes

by this point and when the when the show

was cancelled and we moved into these

these features I you know of course I

threw my hat in the ring it was pretty

clear that by the time Star Trek 8 was

being made they weren't gonna get Steven

Spielberg or Ridley Scott so I thought I

would go I throw my hat in the ring

having had some success with the

episodes that I had done and Sherry

Lansing god bless her who was the head

of paramount at the time gave Rick

Berman my mentor and producer sort of

the green light to hire who he he wanted

and the approval he needed to get was

from Sir Patrick and I had an in with

him too and as you'll see everyone who's

watching the script was spectacular so

it was really my job to screw it up it

was it's arguably the strongest Star

Trek script of any of the films it was

Brandon Braga and Ron Moore at the

height of their power it has the Borg

who are arguably our best and most you

know interesting and complicated nemesis

and the guest cast featuring my

godmother alfre woodard

Jamie James Cromwell from babe and the

incredible Alice kreega as the Borg

Queen it didn't hurt that we had them as

well that Leonetti the cinematographer

who essentially took me under his

incredible wing and allowed me to learn

the difference between television and

movies and in movies that difference

which I'm sure your eyes the next

question would be you have a little more

time and get a little more money the

first Star Trek movie was

the original cast this is weird you were

chattin earned a couple of the other

guys in the previous one so it must have

been an extra level of pressure just

because of that too right could the

next-generation cast carry their own

film oh yeah yeah that's a good point I

actually never thought of it that way

generations was uh was successful but I

think it was not as successful as first

contact I'm not sure the script was

quite as strong but the appeal for the

fans as with all the Star Trek movies

and with all sort of franchise genre

movies the the first weekend is

essentially about the fans of Star Trek

where the fans of Star Wars or the fans

of whatever Marvel character Thor and

then from that the word of mouth either

is you should see this whether you like

Star Trek or not or a Thor or not or

this is only for the the chosen so first

contact worked out generations sort of

worked out insurrection made some money

and their nemesis didn't and all of us

franchise that paramount as we knew it

came to a screeching halt yeah and then

ironically start record is sort of a

sequel to nemesis so you guys got a

chance to come back and follow up on

that story and in some ways which is

funny let's watch the movie oh yeah

let's get into the movie so yeah it's

it's really good

it's very good so we'll be hitting play

here in just a second

but I just want to remind everybody that

we will be taking questions from you

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theater we'll try to take as many

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I think yeah let's let's get the movie


so without further ado everybody gets

your get your cursors ready get ready to

click or or hit a button we're gonna

click play in go get a thumbs up from my

from my TD here

three two one play

and the first question traditionally on

watch from home theater what's your

favorite studio logo I'm very fond of

this one

that's good one I like the line as well

oh yeah yeah so we don't have some

questions coming we can we can turn that

up for you just a little bit but we do

have some questions already coming in a

couple people have asked similar things

somebody on discord star finder today on

discord and magnesium who's watching on

IGN's YouTube channel they both asked

what was your favorite thing about

directing first contact the privilege of

working with this family who I'd grown

to love over the last 15 years by that

point yeah it had been it's so yeah I

mean this is the same more or less the

same crew that you've been then with

quite some time at this point

there's Alfre so am I'm not gonna have

any sound um Jamie oh there's a little

Gerry okay let's turn it up a little bit

that's what that's what we needed

I just read a little Jerry Goldsmith

that's all I'm asking there he is the

greatest we were saying earlier they're

like they don't make them like this

anymore either where we get the credits

up front

I remember approving these credits with


length the balloon the music play John

Wheeler this film was actually cut on

Phil Hartman Zimmerman carry over from

the show Matt Leonetti my big brother I

was gonna ask how much of the how much

of the production team carried over from

the show for just Harmon and Peter look

that's it whose name we just saw and

Rick obviously let's see who else gets

producer credit Brandon and Ron


that always feels good no matter how

many times and this shot yeah this is a

really cool way to open up this movie

was designed by Sid Dutton and me

inspired by a production of Sweeney Todd

but I saw on Broadway where the set was

built out into the audience Wow and this

is definitely the biggest scope we ever

saw of the Borg at this point it was

always fairly contained on the TV shot

wasn't it yeah well this is John Knoll –

there we go this gives you an idea of

the style we're zooming with

mmm you made Patrick Stewart put the

board costume back on Judas is always

with him I have a question about that

eyeball shot was was there any

discussion about how far to take that

eyeball because even just like just

barely poking it somehow worse than

puncturing it yeah yeah yeah yeah that

was and here we go this sets them all up

memories these visual effects are great

yeah you guys don't know who won the

Oscar for uh star wars is also famous

for what honey we were just talking

about him with the rogue one guys a

couple of couple of weeks ago oh you you

would Gary Whitta no yeah yeah John Boel

and his brother impending Photoshop

right so you guys made the conscious

effort to push like the traditional

rating for a Star Trek movie with

because of the Borg I guess yeah I think

it pushed itself yeah especially opening

up with this with the sequence of darker

elements the way I mean get you ready

for a rougher ride I suppose it was that

guy boy Jonathan how involved were you

with the because this is an all entirely

new look for Star Trek the costumes are

new the ship is new how involved were

you at coming up with what things we're

gonna look like well that was those a

long enough prep to approve and design

all these new elements

and yeah he was a proud to have been

part of it even my hair is a little bit

looser do you like these costumes he's

first contact costumes I thought they

were great and the I thought was cool

about it too was the in the grant grant

edition of Star Trek always being very

continuity oh we're like what's

happening on the different shows then

they adopted them on Deep Space nine –

almost then those guys were wearing

those so it's like made sense in the

universe look at that shot look it up

artsy shit into a ball get all of that

reflection and somebody comes and walks

up behind them never been used before


these scenes were always fabulous

Pentagon and me in the ready room I

always look forward to these days on the

show in the movies they took time they

were simple addressed interesting issues

things were discussed in this room

there's lots of Easter eggs in this room

too from the series lots of good oh you

don't waste any time getting right to it

either I mean here we go we're already

about to fight the board

Marina neal mcdonough introducing how

did you find me

I love I thought was great casting

people dropped but I do what I do like

yeah yeah

I love I love how this scene is just

just them listening like there's no

there's no showing here other than just

showing like the impact of what they're

listening to couple minutes in it where

are you maximum

data is like a would rage will get great

this is a good squat to just remind

everybody if you're just now joining us

to make sure there is a time code that's

running on screen with us here that if

you're just not joining us and want to

sync up with us that's the time code of

the movie that you need to to skip ahead

to we're sitting here in this this

battle with the first battle with board

cube here right at the beginning of the

movie and also wherever you're watching

make sure to leave some questions and

comments we'll try to get to them when

we can't it's as many as we can we do

have here's one question we were just

talking about the design of the


look within this thing introducing I

love that my Adam Scott wrote

and of what these ships are movie

Jonathan you were working with the

ship's amat art you were still using

models part of the time I think right I

think we were yes this is a comment from

dr Forster watching on IGN's YouTube

channel wondering if you were aware

there's a rumor that ILM was going to

put the Millennium Falcon into the

background of this battle with the Borg

is that something that you had heard no

but I like it it's a rumor I will

continue to spread I think if you frame

advancing zoom in there is a blurry

thing there that could be the Millennium

Falcon so now John know we can't trust

him haha

he's astounding here we go

a love Goldsmiths soundscape when the

this when the for your pops out starts

heading to push the uh you guys start

tracking is it's heading towards the

earth it's just this like pulsating

thing going on yeah

so we are we just sort of you you just

gave wharf a nice bit of business there

may be injured klingon introduction oh

like i obligated did you feel – like

you've ever won something

oh your castmates something to do

feature is obviously different from the

show we're sure you can give a guy you

know if someone gets their own episode

did you have two hours to try to cover

everyone that's a that's a great


but fortunately Ron and Brennan and rip

had kind of had thought of that and the

characters this a grapevine great moment

and that is the key one of the keys to

the success of this film is those comic

beats are peppered in there

momentary and then they read then we

restart the engine I think that's one of

the real tricks to Ron and Brennan

script that not always heralded as

important and yet vital to especially an

action-adventure movie and it's one of

the secrets in a success I think

tonality that actually it's in there

nice subtle camera moves – this is a and

the bridge looks gorgeous is dark this

is a little discovery as this bridge

yeah it's true we've had a couple of

people ask that specifically on some of

the Jason Bellona

yes sorry if I mispronounced that I was

watching on IGN's YouTube

is asking how much input you what was

processed like of designing this new

enterprise in the new bridge there's

been a handful of questions asking about

even what your favorite bridge has been

to work on I'm crazy about the discovery

bridge and the alternate universe

discovery bridge was spectacular here we

go we're up in the Angeles Crest Forest

Alfre and Jamie after the bombing he's –

what a great guest cast can you tell us

a bit about why you call after your


oh when I first came to Los Angeles

my college roommate Nathan Cooke who is

an actor probably remembered from white

shadow and hotel he had come out here

first and he was in a with Alfre at the

taper and they were dating and when I

first arrived we were at a barbecue when

we stuck as I started to talk about our

families and somehow it turned out or

yeah I never had a godmother I said well

and she said well I'll be your godmother

after I've been just met her I said what

does that mean she said I would take

care of your spiritual life how about

that that's a very spiritual woman – and

what a great gift to the profession and

to this movie to have it and Jamie I

just come off a yeah he's nominated for

an Oscar for it I think exactly

well when you're forecasting a picture

like this is there do you find that some

actors are resistant to do something

like Star Trek but you know develop new

don't want to be associated with

something like that absolutely what

happens in at least in my experience

lead parts to big movie stars and each

time you make an offer to the movie star

you have to wait whatever to seven days

or five days so each offer has to get

accepted or denied and then that you're

going to use actors who either audition

or actors who you know or actors you

know so there's always this dreamy idea

that we're gonna have Tom Hanks oh we're

gonna you know there's that exists with

every movie every television show

everybody has a pie in the sky they're

huge fans of Star Trek that's great

Robin Williams you know John Goodman but

then you offer them a job and nobody

there has something else that they don't

really want to be in Star Trek but I I

can't imagine three better leads to join

our cast and the three we got in there

oh they're great

we haven't seen Alice yeah yeah because

that's one rumor that is always out

there about this film is that Hanks was

up first Efrem Cochran or is there any

truth to that or is it worth exactly

what you just described I actually used

that name I use I use that name randomly

I don't remember that as a fault yeah I

mean I don't know if it's a fact or not

either it's just I know something that's

floated around out there for years

there's a couple questions of bounces –

wah wah Wow all tallest live tallest

living vegan Tom Willis Sydney Lau is

watching on

Star Trek Facebook what do you think may

James Cromwell the best choice for the

role of Zemke I think the wry humor and

the sort of sacrilegious approach he had

to and the devil-may-care attitude and

his physicality and he did a wonderful

afterwards we had wonderful open freedom

physically free and you know it doesn't

have a lot of patience and yet he's very

likable it's down in them I didn't need

missile silo and a rig that they built

from here and this was a real real

missile silo right there's all free yeah

we were on location for a week or so out

here and there's a there's a pg-13 boom

I do love I do love I do love her

character just her attitude and we'll

see more of it later when she runs into

Picard's but just I don't blame her

she's just mad to be like swept up in

this which is such a great energy to put

into the middle of this whole this whole

movie but she's all she's also green

like identifying character kind of non

Trek fans ready to come in and he swept

into this universe and helped you know

sometimes the card explains something to

her and it's like who the non trek peas

it's like she's a she's a character

who's kind of take on the stick journey

is them when they're watching the film I

think she's – yeah she is the audience

good point

and I know I've heard you guys talk

about how much you hate wearing the

space suit so I'm so great to have these

clothes on yeah

on location no spacesuit and is this the

first time we were able to get Geordi

out of his yeah yeah can you tell ya can

he doesn't have the hair bonded on it

yeah there's our years it's no that was

levar and me and I think everyone at

this point one of the great tools of any

actor is his or her eyes and enough

already with the hair band or whatever

the hell that was

yeah yeah so it was it was a company

decision that for look I know

levar quite well and it was a lot of

moment too soon

well and we'll see you later on we get a

close-up of you actually look really

cool he's got Bionic eyes out which

looks way better than the visor ever did

any exactly and does the same thing who

was it Patrick it's character I was just

thinking about that thinking about that

and I was looking over the balcony ledge

yeah yeah so I think he I think he knows

he's looking at the sunset he knows he's

not he's gonna lose it I think something

like that go back to not being able to

see perfect stuff better this theme of

data trying to understand being human

yeah and I do like the this is another

really well-written scene where it with

the just talking about touch the sense

of touch and what it means to human and

like setting that for day or later on

was the in the last film they've given

data emotions with this emotion chip did

I make it harder to figure out what to

do with the character this time around I

think it was I think Brent handled it

beautifully we sort of it was it was

there when needed and it didn't seem to

it enhanced his character but it didn't

seem to change his character in a any

per these two four guys this is like

being a redshirt here yes spoilers for

later on in the scene but I mean

obviously here we're getting a very you

know horror movie kind of vibe did you

go and look in certain films would

interpret for this I always tried to

steal from the best I steal from

Spielberg all the time and Ridley Scott

who I mentioned earlier and John

Frankenheimer Zemeckis I mean all you

know a lot of it great there's always

told a skill from the good ones yeah

that right there stay low put your

clothes up just under this is a great

great Steadicam shot yeah slow push in

to then this really quick quick bit of

movement he's very very cool shot you

got a good frame everybody stayed in it

and in a practical set Greg Luckenbach

Steadicam par excellence there's there's

Ogawa but Lincoln's from last

appearances as the character to she's

great yes she's still at the conventions

yeah we just touched on we touched on

some of the the darker elements or some

of the that pushed the rating a little

bit for the for the first time there's

been a bunch of questions already pop up

about why I was decided to go for a

pg-13 rating and what what that process

was was like were there any concerns

when you were were going into the

development with this about about

pushing the rating a little bit I think

the decision had been made before I was

hired in Frank I think that paramount

felt that it would widen their audience

and that wouldn't threaten their

audience but I'm completely uninformed

that would be just my guest

no records in trouble luckily in sorry

so from this point on there they can't

the communication with the away team has

been cut off and so you start these

tuned there the parallel parts of the

story I mean talking about it's you know

how are you balancing those two stories

and keeping everything compelling going

back and forth well I think that again

if it the script is written in a way

that you don't feel it gets too

one-sided and very nineties Josh the

colored lights and when when al free and

public become really this story and this

is a great cameo yeah was that in the

mandate from Berman no this was an idea

that Ron and Brandon had

tried to repeat in insurrection we had a

scene with armed and chimra right and it

didn't work it didn't work as well as

this and I remember before the screening

of insurrection I had to call I'm and

say dude I got bad news yeah what was

what what was that it just didn't work

in the context of the rest of the cells

III don't think it had the same kind of

impact with this ad it didn't move the

story along it didn't have it had

nothing to do with Armitage we should

kinda feel responsible if Everly to lose

that 20 21st century earth woman I know

she's exactly she's been on for 10

minutes here we get into like this is

like badass Picard right where he's like

he even loves us Patrick loves to get

his clothes off yeah I was gonna ask

when we get to the end of it who which

one of you would like demanded he be in

a tank top swinging around on the he's

still fit he's almost 80 years old and

he's he's fit as a fiddle he's a boxer

but he must have bought up for this okay

right I mean he's got guns but he takes

his shirt off ya know he's got guns now

and he's in spuqui Captain Picard okay

you're right

so you mentioned on believe that scene

from this direction was there anything

that got cut from this I I don't recall

ever really seeing much by way of to

leave it see no but here's a favorite


oh this is amazing she's so great in

hate scene

she's brilliant

and Peter Lauritzen found his song this

is the rori or person yeah alright

underused gray everything my wife likes

me in this scene she said you were so

relaxed I said I was exhausted she said

you're you act butter with your tired

be tired more often the end is not used

to the regular alcohol no no or where

she's fantastic

here's what's in what the is there a

difference in approach for you for this

movie because they're you know the parts

of the film that that take place you

know hundreds of years in the future

versus the more near future science

fiction that's that's here in the 2063

is there any sort of difference in

approach sure in in how you I mean

obviously production design and things

like that but what what was different

for you about portraying a time period

it's closer to present-day that's a

great question i I think I leaned on the

production design in the costume design

and the dialogue and the place and the

location the stories telling is the

style of the film is the same but that's

it that's a very interesting question

which I don't have a good answer can you

tell us a little bit about just about

staging this scene there I know this was

started for the scene it so it's just

one like master shot for quite a while

before you cut in what did you guys

rehearse this a lot how did you get

marina to this point where she plays

such a terrific drug Shiite I asked her

if she wanted to do her coverage first

or if he wanted me to come to her you

know because after we do the master you

have a choice of who you're gonna who

you in a cover I like to get my shit out

of the way so I suspect her first and

then then Jamie and then marina

and she was just

I mean she's just that better better

she's a wonderful wonderful actor it's a

primitive culture is a question here

about this scene Jacoby Roby who's

watching on on IGN's YouTube did you

intend to have these to display

chemistry in this scene the foreshadow

their eventual getting back together in

resurrection insurrection insurrection

oh right right I read I read Jacobi's

Jacobi's typo sorry about that

it was a great shot are you talking

about Riker and Troy yeah yeah yeah

marina and I felt that after the

beginning after the pilot of next-gen

the writers had somehow there's a great

sequence of shots of had managed to

sweep under the carpet the fact that

those two characters had a very strong

relationship when the series started

that was neglected in a lot of the Epis

182 hours of television marina and I

held on to it it informed our behavior

and informed us together in scenes in

the group scenes and scenes that we were

and then when so everything we did

together was informed by the fact that

we still loved each other and had a very

complicated and we were we were empathic

and we had a very very conscious effort

to keep that alive and maybe we think

that helped to inform the beginning of

Nemesis there's no misis that we got

married right I think in this direction

you guys are in the bathtub together or

something after that everyone's feeling

like they're teenagers again and she

gave me shape this is all there's a lot

of pure be shots in this film yeah yeah

this was something and I'd again I would

I'm too and I learned that it's

important to the end of their gives us

options so we're selling a new set up in

this whole the whole bridge was reap was

mortified right yeah come on crusher you

lost your and your watch and then she

dumps somebody yeah yeah look at this

that's good there's simple old horror

movie tropes with the shadows yeah sound

design fisheye lenses its boardvision

right yeah that's the eight millimeters

hirako lens so that's all in camera that

Distortion yes that boardvision was a

lens that we threw on it's so creepy to

pose they just ignore you

yeah there's you know obviously some

real zombie energy to to the board

yeah and we talked earlier about some of

your inspirations and some of the things

that you that you watched leading up to

this I want to know specifically are

there were there any horror movies

because there's some we haven't gotten

to it yet but there's some you know

eighties Cronenberg ish kind of body

horror coming up with the board as well

nothing that nothing pops into my head

I remember being terrified by saw but I

think that I think saw was after this

movie yeah yeah

Jonathan was there for a point when you

were making the film where you were like

man I'm blowing it this isn't gonna work

like everything going horribly wrong

party did you always know that it was

gonna work out as well as it did I don't

think you ever know I had great faith

and I'm a pretty optimistic guy and I

had a great eye I felt like all the

parts were there that's why I wasn't

really kidding when I said earlier that

there was – screw up because I had

certainly been given all the right tools

all the right people in front of them

behind the camera and it was just I

talked about a scene that's coming up

often as one of the favorite things I

ever did and it was as simple as sitting

on the floor and watching makkac and

Alfred do the what your little ship

scene and what she when he crashes the

glass yeah it was fantastic

I mean it's action stuff is great these

stunt guys were great these poor Borg

had to come in three in the morning

great honor great sound I missed it and

we had a separate board crew because

they were you know they were there hours

before we arrived now sure and they're

completely the porker completely

redesigned from how they looked in the

show also it's all it's so much more

intricate and complicated than it was


well I think again it was the example

having more time and more money so the

Westmore was able to go into more detail

with the with the design and then we had

the more more time

excuse me to apply it so it you know

they come in at 3:00 in the morning

instead of 5:00 in the morning so they

did so the prosthetics and the molds and

everything were much started ensign

Lynch bastard no I don't think that's

wise another different poor bastard yes

looking for back to love this this guy's

gone too far

Oh coward old John Woo it didn't seem

like it was that type of it before here

we go

I do I am this like honestly the energy

of this exchange is so spot-on for maybe

I love a good ask a question didn't tell

somebody to shut up

energy um like which I totally I totally

buy that like I frankly I agree with

yeah it's not going well for her in the

ship yeah you see sus Picard is slowly

just roaming like we're working our way

to that tank right so as we wait for

Jonathan to get back let me just remind

everybody if you're just joining us

there's a time code running on screen

that's where we're in the movie if you

want to sync up with us we're watching

Star Trek first contact Jonathan Frakes

and here we are we've got we're in the

scene here where data is waking up kind

of in the midst of all the board that

are working on him while he's strapped

to this table that were just about the

meter there were a few there were a few

questions about about this scene and


production-wise how you guys pulled it

off you know just about to beat her if I

can find

Spiner well he's the best isn't he okay

so Joshua Joshua Gregory who's watching

on Cinna fix his YouTube channel wants

to know how the scene which I guess

we're not quite there

well we'll ask that question when we get

there the scene where we where we first

meet the board Queen that's gotten dull

at the height of it work I read that um

you guys the only we shall know even

called reshoot he went back and chop

some extra for horrifying scenes kind of

exactly that was some of that was used

for that opening sequence okay to just

help set up how terrifying they were was

that the student is that the studio

don't you recall or like when yes it was

it's definitely a studio note after the

first preview okay

or maybe it was when we just showed it

to them may not even have been but it

was very clear that they wanted to

tighten the yeah there we go

this hat is great on copy yes it's like

a Jughead I think what's interesting too

about cromwell's performance but you

guys did Cochran is that he showed up on

the old show with shatner in the 60s the

character and he's played so differently

did you you were called if you go back

and watch that episode did that have any

better it didn't it did not I didn't

know that actually until after we had

done this okay and he and he never

mentioned it because a lot of Star Trek

I haven't seen him yeah including next

gen you wouldn't watch all your all your


I actually know obviously the ones that

directed but I I find even even to this

day when I'm at a convention or

somewhere in a hotel and the weekend and

then walk through the TV and if next gen

is on

I'll stop it under which and some of

them I'll remember something to say I

have no idea I don't know I don't know

maybe that guest star I don't remember

that story it's kind of wonderful to see

the first part yeah it's the crime so

here while we were on the scene here

with with Zefram Cochrane again we've

got a couple questions about him there's

one from dangerous dak who's watching on

IGN's YouTube and Scot Mart's is

watching on the Star Trek first contact

Facebook ok but questions about whether

or not Zefram Cochrane's character was

based off of Gene Roddenberry viewed as

a visionary but mind of actually a party

guy cuz well that's him was it the first

I've ever but I were gonna ask that

question and it makes I would say

possibly true I had never heard that

connection mate but it makes perfect

sense knowing both nobody both men

actually buy me do you share a birthday

with Roddenberry

I do and two other two other members of

the Star Trek family Roddenberry Bob

Blackman the costume designer and who

else who played the doctor in the second

season oh very good

nice I didn't know that next one way to

pass an attempt Scott why I found the

Pacolet test but before we were alive I


think you misheard me I think I did I

thought you said make it sell you you've

got things that make me go make us go

this is disgusting isn't it it really is

yeah this is the sequence that that I

was I was wondering about if there

wasn't some some extra bit of you know

the fly or Videodrome kind of

inspiration well it's also inspired I

don't know if you've seen Picard I have

a seat in one of the episodes the car

that I did where they are taking them

for parts

it's border fidi that we start on it

very much in Oman – this totally just

actually it's interesting

well you mentioned Burkhardt sort of

thematic Allah you're one of your Picard

episodes is a sequel to this in a way

when Picard Patrick and Jeri Ryan kind

of had their toughest scene near the end

of the one episode reflecting on what it

was like to be a Borg and that they're

still living with it every day

one of the best scenes in the movie in

the show great and it's a small tasty

little scene yeah that's really gonna

both admit they're both admit that

they're still haunted yeah least yep I

never understood why these fucking

Jefferies tubes were so small and

impossible and the same thing is true in

discovery they're impossible to work in

there uncomfortably at the wear knee

pads to get through them ridiculous what

the other director you can't just say

yeah let's just shoot an engineering

instead we did enclosed spaces now was

there ever a romance between the I mean

obviously the these two have a deep

connection in this film but was there

ever was never a romance and an ending

version of the script or in anything you

shot I think it was a romance from right

from here I always felt that that was a

a very significant part of this

relationship and then when he says

goodbye to her at the end and I feel

very strongly that death that he he will

miss her he is yeah I always thought

that there was an important part of the

relationship between Lily and Captain

pecan the records and that the galaxy

but not seeing you in the when they say

goodbye you don't go for like the full

kissed kind of know back a bit but I

think it's there I think the yeah and

the two actors certainly embraced that

yeah relationship great respect leads to


my first Raygun yeah you always love

those those sort of instances it's it's

almost like a trope the the you know the

person that's being exposed to this much

bigger world or whatever and they're

kind of trying to contextualize it with

yeah lutely stuff that they've heard

that's that's a really cool moment for

her all right flip this table looks so

awesome – it's beautiful isn't it

yeah such a great shot that's just I'm

assuming that's just a green screen and


yeah but I mean this is an old movie and

a lot of these shots are holding up you

know what was this thing that was on no

no something some of the tight stuff

like that drilling the data that wasn't

I don't know I worked on it worth level

here we this is this shot you know we've

got a bunch of questions about about

this shot first of all from asked

freedom who's on a jeans disc or channel

right now where did the idea of the

board Queen coming down as just a head

and a mechanical spine come from where

did that originate this started during

prep in the design in the one of the

visual effects meeting it was discussed

that is there a world where she would

come down naked essentially and then

what if there was her brain just her

brain and it became who developed in the

idea that that her nerves and her Borg

her the power of the board was in that

scam that came down to be essentially

her and what was spectacular about the

shot and and everyone remembers the shot

and it was who was beautifully executed

and beautifully shot and John Knoll and

I and most people say the reason the

shot works so well

is believed she owned she owned it she

played it when she turned her head when

she landed she felt it she felt she was

turned on by it it was something she it

was powerful

everything about the shot worked and you

believe this insane idea of somebody

descending with a spine and a Borg you

believe it completely because you're

watching her face and how is it how I

enter this is how I rule yeah it was all

her it was all olives yeah

it's a Power Move of an entrance for

sure oh yes it's hard hard to top then

Joshua Gregory who's watching in cinah

fix this is a question I was about to

bring up earlier but how did you shoot

the scene where oh it's in one heat

Joshua says my VFX friends and I have

been trying to figure out how in 1996 if

that eating scene that scene was even

done so well we had a a green we had her

in a green-screen uniform from the

shoulders down and we did a pass with

the green sock around that we did plates

obviously and we comp the plates in now

see these shots don't really hold up

this is a great idea but now that that

effect would be I mean the acting is

great but it's it's like the close-up

magic it's physical is not a physical

prop the skin the patch of skin yeah

it's a physical problem that was

enhanced by visual effects that's the

scene that's set up by that first

conversation with data and the card

yes exactly the rocket right that

feeling sounds forms yes we did come on

just enough just enough good you know a

little pepper oh yeah

now Picard gives a like a history of the

Federation in my 30 seconds uh-huh

we don't have money anymore what think

about the board Queen's makeup – which

is I think horrific is that unlike most

of the board you you left Alice's face

completely Oh unobscured like yeah it's

like we think about levar earlier she's

able to use the totality of her face for

the performance he's not an eye thing or

anything well I wonder is the board

Queen not a complete being when the

others are had been assimilated like

she's some kind of a like yet like a

presence that just pops into your body

as she needs right all right I always

thought that that that she was the Queen

because she was she was she hadn't been

assimilated she was the assimilate or

right and she does show up again and in

Voyager for a couple of times yeah how

did you feel about that did you mind

that that they used your character like


I always thrilled I think they even

brought a Louis back for the fin for the

finale if I remember correctly yeah I

think I think they did there's the port

there's a board vision

yeah and stuff is good yeah and Gary

Gary score is great in here chill yeah

but how far alone was the script when

you when you locked in as director was

it was it it was I know there was a

version of the script where Riker was

the one fighting the Borg and Picard was

down on the planet with Cochrane was

that before you you signed on to direct

yes yes I never saw that split I got the

big big bye

I love that

now this whole sequence coming up when

they go to the nightclub downtown we

shouted it down that at Penn Station and

here we go there's Johnny Phillips


yeah another another Voyager not one of

the funniest living humans a holodeck

seemed like what were you guys ever

concerned that that would maybe like non

Trekkies would not or just would lose

the thread because now all of a sudden

we're the 19 forth well no I think well

I hadn't been and the scope of this

holiday and this wonderful band with

this great singer this is a this bring

back fabulous memories this is the

difference between making a television

show and making a movie yeah Dixon hill

even gets to wear a tuxedo there's Nick

even those you know aside from the the

time in the and the budget that you

mentioned what what is were there any

other differences in your approach

between the TV and movies particularly

with with this film when when you know

it's the same Saint characters that they

you'd already made TV shows I think I

was influenced by by Leonetti in terms

of the shot making which would help I

mean I always I'd really like to keep

the camera moving but not in a

distracting way I'd like to keep the

frames Sherry Lansing once said never be

afraid to shoot wide which i think is

great advice but have to love this

yeah we got a question about this

somebody Nate dub 31 who's watching on

IGN's YouTube particularly about this

this moment here it's coming up what

kind of preparation and discussion did

you the riders and Patrick Stewart have

about exploring a darker part of the

cards character

well Patrick does this work before he

shows up and all I had to do is let him

we tweaked in a number of different ways

we did probably five or six takes to see

how deep he wanted to go but this was

discussed during prep with Patrick and

and Ron Ron and Brandon and Reagan new

color thinker cards yeah you see it here

there's lesson Lynch there's actually

much and the coldness card so so

obsessed with taking out the Borg it

doesn't even give ensign Lynch a second

thought that's a little cutest and dad's

yeah here we go here comes a yeah oh my

chances partly this really introduced it

my hope you see in the show already even

it was in the series and then you guys

man it back for this like the thriller

was good

this always felt to me Jonathan you tell

me if I'm wrong but this always felt to

me like almost like you're real you're

you and your cast mates real life

experience where you just want to go out

to dinner or something and you've got

fans following you around is there

anything in there in the scene yes

absolutely a trend or be quasi what

we're giving back there yeah it was such

a great choice to just just have a

matter of focus kind of lingering back


and here is a wonderful wonderful addict

here we go

look at that smile that goofy haircut

there the eye is the world so this is a

guy that that approaches you at dinner

occasionally yes I think I've been that

guy much for you and God bless you for


then I effect with levar I believe was a

practical effect I read that it was

actually a shot I don't know you know

who maybe was Noel's team I'm not sure

but they shot it some kind of a shower

gear or something and just superimposed

that over the eye

I didn't know that I didn't remember

that yeah that's what I read brother on

the internet so much must be triggered

must be true exactly uh well Karen

Peterson who's following along on the

Star Trek Facebook pages wants to know

and I think you mentioned this earlier

and I'm not sure if we got to it do you

have a favorite scene in first contact I

think you you mentioned you queued one

up but I think that yeah my little it's

coming up it's a sing without fear

puppet little Moby Dick see we go yeah

we'll talk about it more my mother well

get to it

this is great I gotta take a leak

of course he doesn't really he just had

to make that chip Yeah right

so um Clint I'm not sure if you know

probably don't obsessive level that some

of us do maybe but um

while he's out of the room I will I will

say that I love that he's asking you

things about Star Trek


Cromwell actually reprised the role as

och green for a quick shot in the Star

Trek Enterprise pilot for this reason

stop Bakula came back and he's it's

supposed to be him some some years after

this with a blunt line sort of launching

the first enterprise he makes a very

inspiring speech as the character so

there was the Schiller's were always

trying to connect with each other in

some way

hey hey you get back just in time for

them to realize that they're trying to

contact other Borg they're gonna have to

have myself like gyrate what Stinson's

futile haha

dunno if you like I'm sorry go ahead

I was I was gonna say that this scene

coming up with her in the mag boots and

on the outside of the ship was not our

finest hour I always thought I think

here's the shot that you chose it chose

to use to promote the movie yes nice

yeah I believe that

levar and I both go full Riker at some

point in the scene put our feet up on

the rock I wanted to ask you earlier I

didn't get a chance about the Riker lean

because you're doing the lean earlier

but with the weather the right girl lean

come I don't know it's been there


I stole the walk the walk were lead with

one shoulders from an actor named John

color okay who called who probably stole

it from John Wayne these were pain in

the ass these helmets this is I always

watch gravity and other than all the

films when people are in space suits

that have space helmets on and I think

about the madness of having a

man a light event the plate needs to be

removable so that people can get to it

touch the makeup that people can't keep

it on too long because they could

claustrophobic or they sweat these

anybody who's involved in this part of

we entertained that the entertainment


those have complicated spacesuits are ya

poor Dorn's got the makeup on under it

as well

I know and he never ceases to remind us

this is actually a question about him

here the Jonathan freeze on it was

watching on IGN's YouTube and this is a

good question for this sequence too but

did you prefer to keep Worf as a

physical character relying on his

strength instead of his phaser missed

his phaser gets gets knocked out and I

keep asking these questions is seen too

early we'll get to in a second but was

there a wizard a conscious decision to

keep Worf more relying on his strength

that was yeah I'm sure that was there a

lot of it comes back and the movie was

so I mean it was so such a huge part of

my life for so long and then it was it

was so well received and it continues to

be and it's filled with so many fond

memories that it's there it's great to

see it again

sure and then of course you came back

and made an interaction but were you

offered nemesis I wasn't I wish I had

been would you have done it I probably

would have I think I know that my

representation although you know they

thought it would not be a great idea

just do Star Trek after Star Trek but I

was sort of I only ever made four movies

three of them made money and then I went

to movie Jail after thunderbirds but

let's not ruin a perfectly good miss I'm

ruined a perfectly good night listen Jay

to kick a little ass yeah that hates

Eisenstein's he hates action scene does

really oh he loves letting it's not mad

booth it's very interesting hear how he

reacts so strongly to being hurt because

he's probably never experienced before

right means nothing to you where I

protect it right I like how challenging

she's being in this in this scene well

it's as if she's not eating she's not

telling him anything she's she's backing

him into these corners to make him kind

of come to these realizations yes I'm

finding them like they like she's in her

web you know very spider situation now

I'm assuming she knows all about him

because the card had been assimilated

back on the serie and so she probably

knows everything but card note so she's

been using ever do you downloaded

everything right it's like that cost me

I have to ask holy fuck

after this are we to assume that they

had sex after the scene I was there any

discussion of that on set – I mean

between the actors and you and like it's

like just so we're clear yes

a great shot my alien old-fashioned and

wonderful yeah that is a very film-noir

kind of framing for a kiss thing yeah so

here's a comment from from Andrew white

who's watching on IGN's YouTube

always enjoyed the deflector dish scene

was it difficult to film the scene with

the zero-g aspect so Andrew and actually

I really enjoyed the scene that we were

shooting this scene on one stage and

there was a second unit shooting a Borg

running through the border fied

corridors on the next soundstage and we

had a video village set up between the

two stages so that we could watch both

units running at the same time for some

reason that was a must a bit of

scheduling mandate I was always

encouraged to stay on budget and on


if you come in on budget and schedule on

this I did oh right who's not messing

around anymore and while it's on stun

come on how tough was it for you to

balance that you know being on camera

this is your first feature is a sci-fi

movie with a ton of elements going on

and then your own you're also the bleep

one of the leads in the B storyline did

you have did you how did he back on the

side is my wife pointed out I was so I

mean not this was all and as all movies

are to the director in particular it

takes you like over for whatever it is

for a year some cases longer

so you you breathe it all day all night

you wake up thinking about it you it's a

24-hour experience so the advantage of

having played breaker for seven years

and another movie prior to this and and


see also levar is a wonderful director

and Patrick had directed so I I had Matt

Lee and Eddie who is a DPN and levar and

Patrick – I used as my sort of litmus

test and we had the sign or something

that I wouldn't have to discuss with

anybody if they thought that I needed to

go again I would just call for another

take and we'd we'd go ahead and take it

if I didn't I mean I myself directed a

lot by this not a lot but enough to know

and I had screwed up but I also found

that if I was in a scene with Patrick or

with levar I could I could we had a

shorthand about it and I would trust

their instincts about about my coverage

for instance sure I knew there isn't I


kidding but there's there's a lot to be

said for being it was awesome because

you don't have time to be as nervous as

we can all get and another barriers are

your nerves prevent you from I mean

physically just I remember remember

right there from season one it was so

stiff and so backward and so that was

that was all nerves that was all you

know there was a skin tight spacesuit on

a brand new television show that even

though the writer in this movie is you

know he's wearing a leather jacket and

he's wrapped in a movie and his life his

life is fucking great wonderful little

boy at home

CDI would be both working it was it was

a great client you were you were you

were a new dad at this point pretty much


so here we are back at the this little

bit of action here at the the dishing

and Andrew White who had previously left

a comment saying that he always enjoyed

the deflector seen has now left another

comment saying since you say the

deflector seen wasn't your finest hour

what elements of this scene would you

like to change

I thought those little tips were not the

world's greatest I think that the fact

that we're on the scope of the set

wasn't wasn't huge the costumes were

were on unwieldy it just in light of

some of the fabulous zero-g stuff that

I've seen in film since its I think what

what I compare it to this was pretty

cool the blood was pretty cool yeah and

they let me use actual blood in the Star

Trek 6th the last one with the original

crew they made them do the purple blood

for the Klingons yeah not sure why I

think they were more worried about the

violence or something maybe that this

this is I think this is that where was

the simplicity of this locking system it

was too simple yes exactly

it didn't maintain the gravitas that I

think we're looking for we had to go out

in the outside of the ship to do this

really turn that dial they had to get

into the in the freezer I mean I don't

know Jonathan I think it still plays

pretty well my wife was not into Star

Trek I mean it's a different light I

mean I think it's fine but I guess like

this that looks like 70s movie but also

then for the Stuart yeah at the same

time we're seeing a aspect of the

enterprise we never saw before you never

on TV you would

got any of these shots this step would

not have existed right the scent would

not have existed

we've never would have had time to do

with the wire work and the wire removal

and the green screen with the and so

it's it's filmic I mean the other thing

too is you guys were working with a

relatively limited budget for a big

budget feat for a big temple feature I

think the forty five forty five million

dollars yeah so it made 220 just so bad

it's good math yeah that's good math for

paramount that's how I got there it's

Russian for Hawk we hardly knew him

you knew now yeah you knew that was

coming up yeah he's boarding fine let's

see oh that's a good reveal yeah that's

a great place to be Borg applied to nice

and symmetrical very godlike

someone had to go back to the 24th

century and call hawks parents Elam not

only did he die but he turned into a

Borg and we left him floating in space

and your 2064 whatever classic classic

war flame come yeah look at that shot

that shot looks awesome I know that's no

that's fabulous yeah

I will assimilate this that's a good


and that's exactly that that's the tone

of this kind of movie great the gun had

fits in there

of course listen to the score here it's

so good it's so hilarious and now back

what meanwhile in the B story right did

you get did you take any swag from the

set like is there did you keep like a

uniform or proper dude I stole this

spacesuit this blue space suit nice and

I think I took one of the uniforms this

I always wear I worried about this scene

always because the three of us were you

know just by nature of the set locked

into these chairs in a tiny little

cockpit the coverage was limited and I

remember thinking how these scenes too

long to hold up and I I find they do

hold up but that it's always a worry

when you don't have when the ocular

aren't going to move and there is it's

illogical for the camera to move too


– even longer over one no go ahead no I

was gonna say one of the things that I

learned early on is to try not to repeat

the shots and there's an inevitability

about these scenes where you're gonna

repeat these these medium close-ups over

and over and and see it's it's very TV

but but father people because they're

they're learning something about Cochran

my crews relationship and then later on

when you actually blast off you've got

all the visual effects stuff – yeah just

aborted well right and it's also we've

come down we just come from the massive

cinematic visual effects elements of the

outside of the ship scene now we're back

in the twentieth century into something

into a

set that people will recognize or how

they imagined a spaceship was and you

know year we made this belief right

there's something that I like about the

scene though the way that especially the

way that that your coverage is is used

like it really the thing that struck me

about a tree watching is moving just

just the other night was like what a

good listener Riker is this is a scene

about you giving him space to kind of

bent all right thank you very important

element he's got the best off do you

voted yeah he's working his way and we

mentioned that earlier which is a lady

getting down to that under chef he's

hardcore yeah even Worf is like Worf is

shocked right now

yes this is this is where he really goes

he's getting amped up how did you work

these scenes into the schedule did you

did you really make appointed to have

fun with these scenes to give it a

little extra time or anything like that

because it's like there are these scenes

where your shooters getting to to really

go to places that Picard hasn't hasn't

gone before well ironically these are

the scenes that would go the fastest

because he knows the character so well

the time the scenes it him prepped the

late great Gerry Fleck is my first ad on

both of these movies who left us far too


but we had decided that where you need

to leave time to breathe in your

schedule is with the unknown it's with

the stuff without Frank written to

Cromwell in Hollis and all the

incredible visual effects and new sets

but scenes like this where we're on the

bridge with our crew there was a company

yeah as I would say old half of this

certainly you know you're gonna be able

to get it in it X amount of hours here

we go this is your scene I love this

this is great for for Lily here to like

her her Ark has kind of come full you

know she's spoken about yet she's served

enough to know but how this place runs

I've been around for a couple hours I

feel like I can shout at you well and

nobody speaks truth to power you know

right she's not holding this her

function in this movies is really great

it goes right back to what I said

earlier a couple hours ago about this

script it is it's so dense and still

layered and so well thought out and it

reveals itself like an onion each time I

I watch it and I think I mean I hear you

guys bring up elements that of

foreshadowing that I hadn't even thought

about that that were in the script yeah

well of course those guys more in Braga

were Ron Moore Ronnie Braga what not to

do you know then they went too deep they

were doing do you say Simon Voyager and

then else I'd like to get another

horrible so work with Braga on the or

Bullock yeah how long did it take to

shoot this

how many gays this scene was a day go to

scene in a day yeah and it is one of the

iconic Star Trek things down yeah can

you go into more about why this is your

favorite scene I mean obviously there's

a lot to to chew here but I think it's I

think the simplicity of the staging the

power of the two actors who I love

personally and professionally it it was

late enough in the schedule that I felt

like we had a really good movie already

at the can and the my appreciation of

the meaning of good acting and

good writing and yeah little tip ebooks

what she tells you little chips and it's

got great peaks and valleys in it yeah

so yeah yeah it's super super iconic do

you remember how many takes it took I

mean how many takes it took but how many

takes did you get of that line I think I

really went to double digits and takes

so no four or five six somewhere in

there probably I again with Patrick and

by this time Alfie was in our family you

know it was all you have to do is was

find the right frame and you're gonna

get this

you broke your little ships that's

another one one of my favorites now did

you guys specifically choose which ships

we're gonna be broken or was it just

what whatever happened was he hit this I

think it was whatever happened I believe

that some of those were glued in so they

wouldn't like I really we only had to do

a couple passes on that broken nut my

broken glass okay and here's the quotes

and then topped it went on the plate and

Moby Dick that's right

Omar Channel you got a respected guy who

needs a Melville reference to calm down

I'm definitely more Lily than hard into

whether or not I've read Moby big right

it's good question for Jonathan have you

ever read Moby is that where you let

your duck in that question but here we

are a new follow I follow Twitter handle

movie dick Allah okay we all lovely turn

around yeah big wide shot Gary helps so

now now that we're uh jeer hands so now

that we're with with Ryker and the

Stratton in this spaceship we've got to

ask you a couple this is a question

that's couple of times there's Charlie

Walker who's watching on Star Trek

Facebook page Jacobi Romi again on

iTunes YouTube wanting to know Jonathan

if you step over chairs when you sit

down in them the way that you did on on

the show I do when the chair back is

below the danger zone do you do it

responsibly I first I measure twice and

cut once never the first time you meet a

chair you do one one pass of the top


forward because but back to the chairs

of Ted Kord were so low it was easy and

I thought this is really a hot dog

asshole thing to do nobody's gonna let

me do this and then and then nobody

stopped me at second it's such a cocky

unattractive I've got a bad foul boy boo

come to copulate the YouTube compilation

of record sits down yeah it just it went

viral that it was even more embarrassing

it may be and strangely you know more

problems yeah it is a great move I love

I love the idea that it got life because

nobody stopped you kind of a

spur-of-the-moment thing you decided to

do nobody told you no and I think you

think I did it that many times but boy

when you see that YouTube it feels like

it was that and then it turns out the

chair of the cards ready room was this

is a great yeah this is another cool

shot it reminds me of the one we talked

about earlier where there's like that

slow push followed by the quick walk

down the hallway when in the missile

silo but it's that really really slow

pull out and then you know the urgency

ramps back up in the second half which

is really cool yeah the the key grip

separated those two consoles data and

Jordi's console to put them on wheels so

that we could push in through the bezel

I remember that distinctly yeah we rich

Crips got to be some of the most

ingenious people on the planet forgot

his music oh thank god did you pick the

song I was just gonna ask what how did

the decision come about for the song we

were trying to get jumping jack flash

we're trying to get rocket man where's

you know all the we had a list

instead of refers to say first

wellnot Steppenwolf's was the first we

could afford yeah on-time and on-budget

even in the meat work yeah and the

wonderful song at the end

Peter Lauritzen found Taurus that's the

Roy Orbison I think okay when the

Vulcans don't know nope no spoiler look

but the Vulcans do so up here that Riker

and Geordi presumably liked this place

– poor bastards from history who were

supposed to fly with Cochrane but once

you guys showed up you were like yeah

we'll take those we'll take the back

seat on this for a start and of course

it yeah that's childish great another

version of that wound up in the Star

Trek Enterprise Ming credits I'm richer

than that shot yeah the the opening

credits to the Bakula series sort of

traces the development of like space

travel in the Star Trek world it was

from like actual astronauts to the you

know Star Trek world and there's a shot

of the I don't know if it's the exact

shot of the Phoenix but it looks very

similar of it coming up and they do the

cells popping out yeah you can feel it

yeah yeah it was just you get a feeling

when the The Watcher caboose bit like

right as the door was closing earlier

before I went out that you feel it there

too and I think this is actually a

tighter shirt on Picard here with the

sleeves rolled up as we as we approach

the tanks app we watch the development

yeah this is just our you know stay

tuned for the for the tank top watch

and this is the cool little thing that

like you don't know the tip can do oh

those things all pop out and everyone

escapes on the out who knew now he's got

to do his hard work his buddies in

trouble this movie's got good taste

yeah doesn't yeah really moves what a

great little acknowledgement like he

pauses he doesn't even turn his head but

you can tell he's acknowledging the book

next to him he's good yeah he sure is

each stories

of course I didn't get not afraid right

was there much rewriting going on while

you guys were shooting or additions

being made very little Ron and Brandon

were there with us and we block it all

in and rehearsal sometimes if we had a

big scene the following day everybody

would we do a read make sure oh yes

quick cut that but the script was in

good shape by the time we started to

shoot and the nuance changes factor was

always very very aware of language

obviously but of staying on story and

I'm very conscious of staying under Iowa

when I was learning acting I used to

break my scripts down we always had the

beat so it was all about the beats and

when I prepare now I still do the same

thing my acting teachers taught me about

putting a live through the scene where

the beats are and those and then writing

the the intention of that beat or the

verb that the action of so that the

simplest techniques of telling the story

aren't lost or don't get muddy and open

you know don't overshoot it and don't

overstate it and yet

don't use ten words what four will do

but make sure they're the right four

words right and language my father was

an English professor and contract

obviously if they're Shakespearean actor

and Rick is very very well educated in

Ron Brown and have a great love of the

language and most of these actors are

our theatre actors in this company so

there's a great love of language and

respectful language so that every word

is nothing's thrown away right

it's a question from Herbie who's

watching on IGN's YouTube right as we

get here and we've already seen Picard's

give the self destruct order and don't

let do for for this version of the

enterprise but you're quite her B's

question is do you wish you could have

used the enterprise-d in this movie

instead of e I always thought seeing the

ship from the show being assimilated

might have been more impact Wow so did

you ever wish the stuff Scott do you

want to take that question well when we

were on the set in 1995 I mean as a fan

I don't really I don't think that that

really would have worked I feel I always

felt like the he was its show on the

small screen and I things had progressed

to a new point and this new ship was the

movie ship so for me personally I don't

think I would have needed to see that

but I get the impulse Jonathan more or

less agree yes completely another

another thing that I noticed the the

moments that are dated no pun intended

some of these graphics these are crudos

we call them via CUDA grams because

Michael Okuda

Denise designed all these I could have

shot these with a little more variety

elegance angle reflection

some of those look flat to me

I do really like data's look here at the

end like with the skin on the face even

his hair yeah yeah it's crazy

it's got a little got a got a little

Phantom of the Opera yeah

there's a famous picture not famous that

is a picture that we all signed from

this movie I think in which we're all in

the bridge and Brent is profile that

sound familiar to you and we're all

standing in full uniform and I think

it's because he didn't want to show this

side of his face when we took the

picture if I had the memory right

I think you're right and I think that

sounds familiar and because they have

you guys happen to be doing like stuff

today that yeah I've had that

yeah I think you're right about that it

sounds familiar yeah now this prop feels

David to scary is halibut

in case nobody could hear me it's pretty

rattling in there yeah there was a lot

of camera shake and go away see ya so

Patrick is down to the tank top finally

we were waiting for this finally we can

do the water for you isn't it that's a

good line

yeah and just realize you got such a

such a delicious line for her to say

yeah she's so sexual and yeah emotional

and erotic and I think that goes so yes

ban with pain Jonathan have you ever

seen ghost story which she was I feel

like was her first thing all the way

back to like 1980 or something but she's

played as a creepy sexy ghost in that oh

I don't think I have I remember her from

the movie about the running on the beach

Chariots of Fire now it's a fire okay

after doing his own stunts we have and

this is the the pinnacle Patrick Stewart

guns sequence and we have had a handful

of questions about about the decision to

make him kind of an action star here and

we talked about my age short and we

talked about you know earlier versions

of the script where the you know Ryker

of the cards were swapped but she said

imagine how that would have held on

given his experience as Locutus it just

wouldn't have been as impactful

there we go this is pretty hard but we

yeah yeah it's dissolving like that yeah

there is there's something nice about

this the the B plot here and how kind of

you just kind of have a fun like because

um you're the you're not in contact with

what's going on in the enterprise like

this is just a real trip for you yeah

it's a nice it's a it's it's nicely cut

and the it goes back to them what we

talked about earlier today about the

action adventure comedy aspect of it if

it were all its issome and the action

adventure stuff is left here in the B

story and the horror movie stuff gots

got very very heavy and as it got heavy

we came back totally and the colors and

the flavors and the music both literal

and metaphorically change and and so

it's what I said about the pace of faces

movie really holds up because both

stories are strong and and we can the

characters in both stories yeah and all

three stories managed to intersect in

meaningful ways nothing feels like it's

just there for humorous reasons or

whatever like there's the ultimate

revenge right here this is like lynched

acting required and yeah it's good it's

that coldness coming back yeah and they

had that pork

blinky spider

they had that Borg Queen head as a

promotional item but they were pushing

on Star Trek Picard accom economist I'm

one of the things they had on display a

problem oh I bet they did this is the

condition his head was in when we took

that photo I think okay see another way

yeah just a little sue salt okay

it's very emotional the moment but it's

also yeah and that's the genius of

Brenda's well that's I mean that's data

in the right hands I can't imagine I'm

obviously there were others who

auditioned but I just can't imagine day

two played by anyone else yeah by the

way I have to point out that April 5th

which is what first contact day is is

also my wedding anniversary by

coincidence like by coincidence yes yeah

okay what's the story and stick with it

that's the public facing version of that

story is oh look at that

so we talked a little bit about the

about sort of that cold sort of violent

streak that Picard's got you mentioned

it's the Locutus that's that's kind of

always in him is dis Picard I mean in

his as we continue to follow his his

life to speak art still have Locutus

in him and how did that impact his

character I think we saw a glimmer of it

in the scene that Scott mentioned

earlier in Picard the series where he

and and seven share that they share a

shared experience by talking about

having been Borghi fied so that again is

just peppered in cleverly by a bond and

the Kiva and at Alex Kurtzman in a way

that it's an important factor and I

think it will be used sparingly but

effectively going forward yeah Jonathan

will you be back to direct more for

Cardon season 2 or is it too early to

say yeah I've been I've been asked so

I'm looking forward to it

I can't wait to get back to work yeah

it's the nice touch right there we go

yeah they don't actually share much

screen time but you feel the connection

between them yeah this is a beautiful

theme yeah it's really nice it's like

the credits yeah

great sting right there for the years

yeah and then what are we gonna do we're

gonna do both yes we'll do this and of

course try it my way this is a great


was there a version where he did

actually do the thing or no it was this

was always the plan and again it just

it's it's without irony and yet it's

it's human versus Haley and I think it's

so I really like the way this works yeah

and now here we go

this is yeah this is really like it kind

of he's like I don't want them I want

them to be able to have more time

together yeah I hate you too and the

slow push ups it's a yeah

that polite on the cheek with just a

little bit of linger yeah and she was

leaning in Jonathan I think you got the

directed episode it didn't season two

where he goes back to reintroduce the

bridge hit the Kara gone was there a

reversion this way you kept going just a

little bit longer to see that the 24th

century was fine instead understand the

question oh I mean instead of just

seeing them go away like did was there

ever any any thought about actually

showing them arrived back home to steal

all that they had succeeded no I don't

think so I think this is the give us the

Overson yeah and there's the repeat on

head kicking the tooth box James

Cromwell dancing just it just makes me

happy it makes me happy to add it's a

beautiful crane thought this is pretty

good movie

is that a matte painting how did you

achieve that well that's a set extension

to pull back and then the this becomes a

matte painting with the trees of the sky

but that set was built up in the Angeles

Crest forests that entire bar right so

we pulled back and there was no green

party Hornstein there's the great Jerry

Fleck rosemary was on all of our movies

well well thank you for watching that

with us we've got can we can't stick

around for a few more minutes we got a

couple other questions we want to get to

absolutely that's cool um let me see if

we can in the right ones here Oh first

of all the thing I wanted to ask we

wanted to ask you this because we're

watching first contact obviously did you

see the that the Pentagon just

Declassified footage of UFOs no but I

did hear them referred to the somebody

in the administration referred to the

the way they were attacking the corona

virus vaccine was at warp speed I'm just

tracking down on the right questions

here when you look at these credits you

must recognize a ton of names though

right I mentioned Luckenbach and John

Yves I still work with Riley marks may

he rest in peace

Wayne Sid well that whole family has

been working I worked with him on um

Orvil there's Terry froz he and that

hold in the frizzy family he's the one

who taught me I said are we gonna blow

up the garden or something when they

when they bombed the village you said

there's a big feature Frakes we're gonna

blow up the whole village

the whole thing up here's a question

from Wilma grin see on IGN's YouTube

channel says you have a reputation as a

popular and efficient director even

earning the nickname two takes breaks

how do you prep them do you think your

process is rare or unique among

directors that's wills question my

question is is that really your nickname

I could tell you I'll answer the second

question first and I I believe that prep

is and most directors believe that prep

is the most important part of our job so

it's I don't do it differently better or

worse than anybody else but it is

without a doubt the most important part

of the work I said it when you do get on

the floor you have a plan you can marry

from the plan but you have a plan and

you can execute it

two takes freights implies that I shoot

fast that I would shoot only two takes

what the truth is he saw the name Marty

Hornstein fly by there he was the

producer though they call the line

producer on the movie and he represented

paramount he was the he was the guy from

the studio and I was on the set and I

don't a shot that went wonderfully and

it was take one and I looked around I

checked the can man I checked the mat

the DP I checked with the actors every

bit the I said credit but sir let's move

on and Marty came up to me and he said

now you have to print at least two takes

breaks they're watching here's one more

let me ask you a couple where's I wanted

to make sure to ask you some this is a

question they actually showed up very

early on and I've kind of been saving it

but Dave gold far who's watching on

Santa fix's YouTube channel no way

Jonathan do you remember crashing

a golf cart onto the set it was a huge

morale booster for us crew members

he was your DJ board Wrangler Dave gold

farm far far with he was the one who I

referred to earlier

he ran the board camp he was the three a

day member who who literally ran the

board village and we were trying to

identify board characters from misfit

own to use clips of in Picard and the

editor contacted me and I said so and so

and so and so I said let's contact

rosemary who's a second who I mentioned

earlier and rosemary said let's contact

gold farm which I believe we did hello


thank you and thanks for all your well

thanks for all your hard work and do you

remember crashing your golf cart onto

the onto the set maybe that was on

another blue wheel that was on

insurrection oh okay doesn't count then

doesn't yeah question retracted Tony

journalist who's watching on the Star

Trek's official Facebook page is there

any back story on how the board Queen

came about I think we covered we touched

on this a little bit during the during

the show but is there any like in Canon

Baxter what was her backstory for for

this film I can't answer that with any

kind of confidence Scott I'm sorry no no

I'm like Jonathan kind of the pregnant

presidents of the board that just kind

of you know was there before the Borg

and his is the Borg and assumes the body

here at era she yeah that's what I

thought that maybe she's a

personification of an idea or of

assimilation itself but I Ron and

Brandon would be the ones to ask

yeah there's probably some explanation

is a book somewhere you know yeah but

those things aren't as necessarily

candid so not it

well it's here's a good one another one

more Jim who's watching on IGN's YouTube

if there was one thing you could change

about the movie thematic cinematic story

wise what would it be I think I

mentioned the best way as we were going

along there was here some shop that

could have been more elegant more



pretty proud to some some of the

technical aspects but yeah but otherwise

because we did talk a lot about pacing

and here's the other thing was last time

you actually watch this movie I think it

was when I was in London doing the DVD

add-on and that was Cod 10 or 15 years

ago Wow

and it holds I liked this mega it was it

was a pleasure sitting here watching it

with you and and and watching you enjoy

it again yeah you guys are wonderful I

really I enjoyed this evening in a way

that I didn't know I would so I thank

you for including me and hey we'll do it

again yes I'm very much for being here

and thank you everybody who is watching

at home you come back tomorrow night

we've got more watch from home theater

tomorrow night we'll be watching

extraction bunch of people that Netflix

is extraction so be sure to be here

tomorrow night 5 o'clock Pacific a pm

Eastern and Jonathan thank you again

really appreciate it pleasure is mine

I'm not everybody
























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