Stalling / No Idle Problem Low-Tech Fix

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Hi i'm brian in the today's video we're gonna be looking at 94 toyota 4runner and we're gonna address an issue of it well i it all starts hard and it just feels like it's running out of gas when you let off the gas pedal if you feather the throttle according

The owner is stoplight or whatever it seems to do around a lot better so let's see if we can figure out what the problem is is the 94 so our hands are tied when it comes to obd2 or using the scan tool the computer to work anything

Very well check engine light is not on so let's see if we can figure this out I bet we can Ryan's Mobil 1 so what's with this thing what does it do well it's worse don't even run you know it's hard to drive a vehicle it doesn't

Even run or start so when you do get this started up and going then you can drive it but then it stalls it lights and it's kind of a pain it's basically he's not getting fuel the feel thing shows half tank fuel pumps

Coming on but bottom line is it just doesn't have the right air fuel mixture and it seems like it's lean you can hear it kind of sputter and I could seen a backfire or something so why is it running so lean if everything's working

Kind of a classic it's an icon it's got the v6 it's been well-maintained it's on its second owner 94 you heard that right so the timing sets been done the head gaskets have been done the fuel tanks been replaced the fuel pump like

Everything sending unit a bunch of other fuel components with head gaskets like all the gaskets and seals going up had been done for the most part I haven't done a lot of the hoses so why do I tell you all this it runs like crap and it's

A 94 so you don't have the obd2 side to be able to do cool stuff with that you've got your diagnostic plug and then there's things that you can do from there to get some trouble codes it's a manual transmission so you can pop the

Clutch and the owners been doing that but by and large it's just been a pain in the body says hey can you take a look at this thing when I did the timing belt and the tune-up and everything I noticed that there was a problem with the intake

And they recommended that the owner replace it but it gets lost in the mix when you look at it now you can see that aside from being filthy it's not connected at all so if this isn't connected at all and it's broken all the

Way around how is the air fuel mixture being determined so because this is fuel injected that's what efi stands for electronic fuel injection you have to have the computer say how much fuel to put in with a carburetor it uses the

Venturi principle I've got great video on that you can click on that here that talks about how as the air goes by uses the venturi principle to pull out and therefore crudely meter a certain amount of fuel going into the carburetor on

This vehicle however it uses what we call vane air flow sensor you you have a lot of vehicles that'll have like math or a mass airflow sensor this is a vane airflow sensor or a vas so there's a little door on here and the

More air that goes by it it pushes on it and it reads what angle that doors at so if you're wide open throttle you know the door will be this way because you got a lot of air coming through so this goes to the PCM power train control

Module computer the brain of the car and tells the brain of the car hey open the fuel injectors this much they call that pulse width you know that's a little lingo or the terminology so if you get in a bunch of air going through here

Then it's not opening the door if it's not opening the door then you're not getting the computer telling the fuel injectors to open more and so it runs out of gas if you don't have this plugged in or you have everything off

Let's see what happens it's kind of a moot point and doing that to take the boot off I sing as hard as a rock please forgive the machine-gun fire in the druk voice not sure if that showing up on the track

Probably my favorite thing to do was stop it'll come off so just take some silicon spray it up in there especially for going on coming off it couldn't hurt either the more that you agela it works its way

In you can use wd-40 but wd-40 see how it creeped up in there before he tends to get all over where you don't want it and stay there and then it attracts dirt and it winds up having this film that crap on it petroleum distillate kind of

Stuff fish oil kind of stuff pull this off Wow look how dirty the throttle body is on this you zoom in there so you can see it so in addition to having to feel not be metered it's also incredibly dirty lots of dirt and unfiltered air

Getting in there all right so let's unplug the mass airflow sensor and then see what happens as far as running goes this one's a pain in the butt cuz there's kind of a wire on it some old-school bosch take away the original

Fuel injector clips and all that kind of stuff there are always these wire types cuz nobody knew how much they were doing so they had paid bosch to do it for him and then though the fast follower it's like a guardian angel like one of my

Guardian angels when I was younger or even today okay so this is unplugged there's no hose on it let's see if this vehicle can run with no pain airflow sensor input let's see if the check engine light comes on on the obd one are

Pretty much have to have your component fall off in order for us to read that there's a problem so one of my favorites are checking the check engine light standby you turn the key on first so that's in the on position and then you

Can push the clutch cancel button vehicle starts check engine lights on and then it dies so the reason why it starts now where it didn't before closed look no inputs it's closed off to input

Anyway it's got a pre-programmed thing of how the fuel injector should fire cause it's obviously getting air it's a matter of fuel getting to it I love that because sometimes you want to use your foot for this pedal and the brake or

Something else and offroad so the clutch cancel button for them to even have that and trust the driver instead of like trying to take control away from them I think that's pretty cool that's a credit that this is a

Driver oriented vehicle clean this throttle body out a little bit so I really like to be 12km tool this one thing's a mess this is the one time that I like fly-by-wire or no electronically controlled motorized throttle body over

The throttle cable throttle cables nice it's like BAM do what I tell you to do right now on the other one your car last longer because they take the control away from you and put it in control of like programming in the vehicle and

Autopilot basically so if you're romping on it and the engines cold it's like no you don't I'm a cold engine I don't wanna roll up on if it's life and death kind of stuff or emergency vehicle stuff I would rather be older up on it be like

Well actually I don't care about the engine right now because there's a volcano you know like that what's that show and Ferno or something or they've got that a wild fire volcano fire or something trying to get away I was

Thinking to that kind of crap because that's where my brain goes to weird alright we're gonna plug this back in that's cleaned up a bit let's take a new boot and I mean this thing was so bad you

Only get so far with Permatex right stuff in this case we got a year of running okay before the whole rest of it came undone too but the Hermitage right stuff actually I can't even hardly get it off this clamp now where the crack

Was I clamped it on where the crack was and it did awesome so we've got silicone and we're gonna spray a little on the top let it run down the silicones not sticky so if you leave some on it doesn't attract dirt the way some other

Products can this new boot is awesome it's got such good grip on everything things harder than a rock I love having things be clean that way all my arms resting on it or something I don't get my tan color it's that dumb

Color jacket I really like the color and everything is back together okay that's good that's good a lot happens when you're doing stuff so we double check it and it clear the engine compartment because we're probably good all right

Everything's looking pretty good what a difference that have made that amazing it's like a whole new car before it was just getting running out of the gas this was bad you'd get those same

Symptoms anything is when you have down high and up enough hair with by it so check engine light that was on earlier that's off so we've got that going for us

I didn't even clear the code this is obd one i did a video on this recently i'll leave a link or a card for that right here but basically back in the day they didn't store the information there wasn't the feedback and it just wasn't

As good of a system in terms of diagnosing and having cars run clean so as i grab it up this car it's got that cleaner from cleaning the throttle body in it i'm gonna blow that through but that's some pretty good throttle

Response for a three liter a lot of different three liters out there the toyota three liter was that dog it's not a great engine the vehicle is awesome 3 liter not so awesome anyway i'm going to get this thing you know this thing's

Like months expired it's been sitting so that sucks i'd really like to take it out and drive it but in the meantime push the clutch in no gas pedal check engine light works all wants to this thing needs to be driven the gas in its

Old everything's been sitting but we're good to go that was the problem just that boot so this bit here it's a 94 it's really old you'd expect that to be bad this is from a hall and it's a toyota toy was last

Forever right this irma honda and the Honda had the same thing happening and I found it glued it because it was part of another job and there's a budget and time constraints everything oftentimes you have to order these things in these

Are actually available in the aftermarket now which makes it a lot nicer so you can get a more like this one's more tough supple holds its shape great it's more like a silicone hose it feels like i'm it's probably rubber or

Whatever but anyway this thing hard as a rock makes it hard to change the air filter because these have to compress right this one actually didn't run too bad 2007 honda pilot that this came from interesting

The newer vehicles the materials aren't that aren't as good for whatever reason I was on a demolition job where I was pulling scrap or pulling craft you know things that are going to be thrown in the scrap pile and there's all these

Nuts and bolts and fasteners and hoses like all this stuff back when it was made really well dude I was like a frickin bandit raccoon grabbing all the stuff out of there man the old stuff don't make it like it used to you know

Back then you know when the company's trying to build reputation that's awesome but once they have that reputation what do they do with it do they cut corners and you know it's like it's like pedaling a bicycle and then

Taking your feet off the pedals and coasting this stuff isn't as good as that stuff when it was new on a sidenote those things that fail on your car rubber whether it's wipers this hose that we just did or the seals

Usually if something fails it's got either something to do with like like your brake pads it's a wear item or like the brushes and your alternator or starter or it's rubber so there you go check your wipers make sure to replace

Them this one looks like it's due for a couple of them so when do you replace your wipers is a little side thing when they lay over sideways you can see this one's laying over sideways it's got a memory to it usually you have diminished

Function when that happens if it's coming off like this that's bad if you don't catch it then yeah if you don't catch it then it gets down to this it can scratch up and ruin your windshield let that be a lesson to you thanks so

Much for tuning in if you hit subscribe in the Bell and then the notifications and then the save it'll show up in the far right-hand corner where the little Bell is bonus footage at the end

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