Squeaky Bum Time! | Adam McKola Fancam | Crystal Palace 0-2 Manchester United

published on July 17, 2020

yes guys what's going on welcome to Stratford paddock i am adam Accola manchester night have beaten crystal palace to nil it was squeaky bomb time for the Reds today well and truly we have got that to

That part of season where the results are the only thing that matters and to be honest if you handed any United fan today a to no victory here by hook or by crook would have taken it because we know how vital these victories are and

After Southampton after drawing that game drop in two points you know we've got no margin forever era we need to win these games we need to make sure we're getting those points to put us into the top four to bring us Champions League

Football and that was exactly what we did today a little bit of luck a little bit of drama along the way but United eventually got their gold again from Marshall and Marcus rash with Marcus Russia with a goal and an assist today

Anthony Marshall with another goal today to clinch the three points and those two boys I've really come in on well like they didn't even play that well today but there's still pop up with the crucial goals and a start of the season

I was telling everyone that would listen trust me these boys are the future Ashford Marshall keep them in a team played them and let's see them develop and flourish but I was also putting pressure on them I wanted to see them

Get over 20 goals I wanted to see him get 50 combined now they're run 44 together look they're very close to that target but regardless of wherever they get to 25 goals apiece or not I think there's been clear improvement and

Strides in both of their games when you're looking at Marcus rash fir'd not on easy being able to to add in how many times do you see him just hit a pass and it's got a perfect weight in behind the fullback how many times do you see

Marcus Rushford picked the right time to stick someone on their ass we seen the doctor put pierre van and what's his name patrick van Arnold on the floor today as soon as he scored his goal a great little turn it reminded me of

Marcia Alvis version van Dyck when he was at Southampton he sticks him on the floor and tucks it in them in the corner there was times where Marcus Rochefort would rush that shot get a rush of blood to the head and maybe smash it over

Smash it in whatever but he's now thinking about everything taking his time showing that skill that that that that that speed of thought to be able to have such composure in front of goal win everything's moving around you're at 100

Miles per hour was superb and I thought it was incredible play bye-bye Marcus rash for today once he got into that position and it was another assist for Bruno Fernandez who again I think this week

Brunel's probably had his worst week in the united shirt considering how good he has been but he's still chipped in with performances he's still chipped in with goal contributions and he's got an assist again here today fantastic and I

Genuinely don't think we played well today at all we made two changes to the team that played in the last game against Southampton Timbo Folsom ents are coming in at fullback by the way who saw that comment because I didn't I'm

His biggest fan not in a million years what I'll put him in the starting lineup today he played he looked like he was breathing out of his ass he looked like he had my lungs he looked like that but he got through the night in minutes and

I want to talk about ollie using two swabs in a minute but we'll go through these players davender here today I thought he was fantastic I didn't think about it then until Casey mentioned it in his fan cam where he said David the

Hair was probably my man either match and it's a good shout because he kept us in the game at times a few incredible saves too along the way and I thought David the hair would return to form today as I said Tim ball falls women so

He looked like he was unfit he looked like he hadn't started a game for United for three years but he got 90 minutes under his bow and we got a clean sheet he probably grew into the game as well and that for him will be a massive

Massive confidence booster but again I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see him until the Europa League campaign swings around against Alyeska links in the second leg then we go into the center of the defense Lindelof and

McGuire McGuire today had fantastic opportunities with his head from goal I feel like he should be scoring more of them maybe needs to start working on it in training Lindelof again look a few moments where

You're thinking oh but overall they got a clean sheet today and they got their job done I remember soccer again mixed game going forward as times where you look at anything I you need to do better there but ultimately he's doing his job

Do not I mean and a thing whilst the defense wasn't perfect today they're stuck in there that did the job they did their bit and they tried to help us going forward in the midfield we saw Mike Talman a star and I think my

Tahminae suffered from the fact that he's not been starting games week in week out you get me you know it was a period of time where my Tom and a friend I was starting week in week out now when they come in to the tee

When they come into the team then they're not starting every week you can see they're trying to play their way into the team they're trying to play their way into to contention and maybe that's playing on their mind a little

Bit when they do come in but tahminae did start alongside Padma Padma had a few moments where we dilly-dallied on the ball at times and I thought Crystal Palace were really pressing hi at times but apart from that there was other

Areas that where he was using his his trickery and his feet and his skills fantastically well but still a below par performance from him further forward Bruno Fernandez he gets an assist is involved in loads there's some passes

That he was trying like testing him down half volleys and pinging him out and the defender would just cut them out and you're like he's so close to having those sublime world-class moments when he's enough day

But they just won't come off but he still got an assist it's great to have a player like that that you know six and a half hour at 10:00 today but still got an assist and still looked half piece at times

Greenwood played I thought he could have done better on a few occasions and his his forms taking a little bit of a dip this week but look that's gonna happen with a young player he's not gonna be able to score goals every single game as

Good as he is and there's gonna be times where you know defenders try little things on in Busan we've seen Oriol Romeu the other day trying to take a swipe at him we know he's got a little nut so these things happen

Marcus rash for the goal in and assists possibly man of the match today I'd probably give him a manner that match today for the goal in assists although I agree with Casey when he's saying David the hair could be in there and Anthony

Marshall who for me is becoming the man at number nine he is growing into that share he's growing into the role he's doing his defensive bits while he's linking up with his forwards and his scoring goals he's becoming one of the

Best number nines in the Premier League and I say that and I mean it yes you've got Vardi Obama yang Kings who are very good they're very very good strikers they're experienced so when Marshalls that age I've no doubt would be on them

Levels and even above he's really pushing on it a minute and I wouldn't swap him for any other number nine in the prem i'm Ratchford angry mood we've got a really solid from free there yes we still need to add to

It and I mentioned earlier I want to talk about only making two subs we only made two subs with two days to go to an FA Cup semi-final what does that tell you guys it tells me that Ali doesn't trust what he has on the bench you

Doesn't trust what he has on the bench maybe in defense we can call on an Eric baby or someone and we don't mind doing that maybe at times in a cup we can call on Sergio Romero but when we need to make substitutions in those attacking

Areas for me I don't think Ali trusts really anyone lingard made a substitution to appearance today for Greenwood but look Greenwood had that injury we saw we saw Matt H come on for Matt tahminae but

Look my stamina hadn't been playing much football um he didn't really make many substitutions there and I really feel he doesn't trust that squad and it shows you people saying we don't need a Grealish we don't need a Sancho we

Really do need to sign those kind of players because we need to improve the depth we need to make sure we're not relying always on Brunel rash for the marshal to pop up with the goals or to pull us out of the and make sure

We've got quality coming off the bench you know how good would it have been today to be able to give Bruno a rest and play someone like Grealish or something like that would have been fantastic so I hope this last few weeks

Has been like a blessing in disguise we've got four points out of six that's not great yes we once in six out of six he wants to be inferred but also it might show the board that a we need to back Holly here because he doesn't quite

Trust his squad and we need more strength in depth and we need more quality on that bench so I think there's a message there two days before a semi-final only two subs made when you can make five has only been a little bit

Scarred from what he saw against Southampton and maybe against Norwich in the cup as well maybe a possibility but look today I fought I fought Ratchford was our man of the match – hair did fantastic well but it was an overall six

Out of ten performance by a Knights six and a half out of ten performance it was below par but we've got the job done and that's all you can ask for at this stage of the season so I'm buzzing with the result

Not so buzzing with the performance but who cares maybe the lads had one iron that semi-final on Sunday anyway guys we got loads of fancams coming up for you make sure your liking commenting sharing and subscribing keeping it locked to

Stretford paddock and of course thank you to everyone that joined us today for the watch along and those things great stuff make sure you're back on Sunday in fact just make sure you come back every

Single day because we have daily content we're trying to pump out three four videos every single day and not only are we pumping them out there great quality videos as well so make sure you joining us back for every single video

Drops hit that subscribe button hit the notifications about join if you can and for now I have been Adam Accola United are still in the race for top four we are coming for you charity in Leicester I'm at


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