Squarespace Tutorial for Beginners (2020 Full Tutorial) – Create A Professional Website

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Hey everybody welcome back to the channel in this video I will show you everything you need to know to build your first Squarespace website now I'll show you all of the tools where to find them and how to use them so that you can effectively build your first website

With Squarespace now this is a tutorial for beginners so we'll be step-by-step showing you everything along the way if you have questions about what I'm going to cover I don't want to waste time now talking about that instead go down to

The description I'll list out an outline of what this video is going to cover so check it out down there if you need to so starting off with some background Squarespace is actually very user friendly and is a website builder that

It's pretty much all-inclusive they kind of eliminate all of the coding and they make everything drag-and-drop just click on menus it's really easy very graphic user interface style so you don't have to worry about knowing how to use HTML

Or how to add your domain and transfer stuff it's all very easy and they walk you through everything you need to whenever there's anything a little bit more advanced it really kind of walked you through it and you almost never have

To hire developers or do any kind of coding on your own so with that in mind this is a great platform if you're trying to start a blog or an ecommerce store if you're trying to sell online courses if it's a personal website for a

Resume or maybe if you are a photographer there's endless options for why you would want to start a Squarespace website but whatever your reason is I will try to cover as much as possible

In this video so without wasting any more time let's go over to my laptop right now and get started with this website ok so step 1 very simple go down in the description of this video at the very top I'll have a link there so copy

And paste that link into a new tab on your browser so you can follow along with what we're doing here now once you go to that link it'll look something like this of course Squarespace is always changing what their website looks

Like sometimes there's pictures of whatever in the background but for no matter what the orientation is at the top right you should see something that says log in so go to log in either log in or create an account depending on if

You have one yet obviously and come back to this page then once you have your account once you're signed in you'll go up and click on get started now get started I will say disclaimer right here it depends for some reason it does look

Different on different browsers or different accounts for some reason and I'm really not sure why so for me and for most of my accounts it does look like this but I found right here in a different account it looks

Totally different like this so the the the premise is going to be the same you're going to be choosing a template it's just a little bit different as to how you will find the template so right here you'll see that there's you know on

The side of this layout which I don't I think this is the less common layout they have you know you can say you're a local business and then from there they'll have a bunch of different kind of themes that you can choose from our

Templates you can choose from now from what I think is probably the more common one at the top they have a little bar where you can type in what the premise of your business is so I could say like sell stuff and it does an okay job of

Recommending things so it only recommends like a few so it's right these are stores but what I have better luck with is actually looking at the categories on the left and choosing based on that and admittedly there is

Some overlap with some of these so like portfolios and photography like there's kind of some overlap maybe check those out see which one's actually best and honestly it doesn't really matter that much which one you choose it will save

You a lot of work if you choose a good one that is very similar to what you actually want but I'll show you how you can add and remove pages later on and add pictures and really just make it or whatever you want so it doesn't matter

That much with what you choose up front but let's go down here and say that we are looking to start maybe an online store I think a lot of people might be looking to start an online store sell some kind of services or something and

So from here there's a bunch of different options scroll down find some templates and let's just say that we like this one right here we like the colors of it we like the way it's oriented right there and so you can go

And preview it because looking at that little tiny thing might not be enough so when you go to preview you can either go to the full demo site or you can just look right here with a tiny window and see basically what it would look like so

You see yeah it looks okay for us right now let's see what it looks like in tablet mode so in tablet mode it looks okay when we go to mobile mode this is a really important one and it's going to

Be a recurring theme in this video guys Mobile is extremely important I think it's something like 60% of online browsing is done on mobile now so really important that you focus on this and we're gonna come back to this later

In the video so let's go and start with this design this one looks okay for now and this will bring us into the actual website builder and I'm gonna give you guys a basic tour first of all of what we're working with here and then we'll

Dive into some of the details so right off the bat it says welcome to Squarespace and that's it so we're just gonna say start and admittedly the other editor might look a little bit different so if we go back over to this one right

Here and we choose a website so if we go down to online store there and we choose I think pickle perfection or whatever so if we want to do this one it acts a little bit different I'm telling you this because I don't want people to go

Down in the comments and be confused and say it looked different for me for some reason because I'm telling you right now it might look a little bit different but the tools should be the same and I'll show you that later on in the video

But you'll see right here if you're on the other layout it asks do questions ask you to name your site right away so if we're just going to skip this it'll come back to essentially the same thing so you see between the two you still

Have this right here where you have your page design commerce marketing stuff like that is all right here but in what I think is the newer layout I'm not actually sure which one's newer this layout right here also has your pages up

Top so I'll get into this in a second guys but essentially it first of all it keeps prompting to upgrade to premium and we'll talk about that later as well but for each one they have a lot of different things that you can kind of

Optimize in here but I'm just gonna stick with this layout for now this one right here and I'll try to keep it as universal as possible between the two different formats so what you see right here is these are really what you gonna

Be using the most and I'll go through each one individually but these are how you kind of optimize the general structure of your website how you can do things like set up domains set up the names the color schemes the font schemes

All kinds of stuff like that can be done over here now on the right side this giant most of the window right here is basically going to be your editor where you can move things around change pictures change the actual text and

Stuff like that so starting right here let's click on site title at the top and edit that and the way this really works is whenever you want to change things you kind of hover over it they pop up with some little grey boxes

In the corners and you'll be clicking on edit so right here site title click on edit for that and you can go over here and edit your site title so let's just say it's going to be San Trel San trial canned goods I don't know it looks like

We have a lot of canned goods pictures I don't actually have any pictures for this website yet because it's a fictitious website so we're gonna say canned goods and you can have a tagline here it'll show up maybe throughout the

Website because this right here you can also access from somewhere else so like I said you can go up and edit the title right there or what you can do is if we go back if we go back you'll see that from home right here you can actually go

Down to design and then from design you can go to logo and title and you see it brings you to the same thing so making your header right here naming your website you can put a logo in so upload your logo and some websites might be

Having that shown in different places and then down here your little favicon or your browser icon is going to essentially be what's up there on the top so what you see right there that's just the Squarespace one right now but

If we go to like let's say amazon.com so amazon.com I don't know why there's an underscore there if you go to Amazon you'll see that they have the little a right up there a little Amazon logo now if you're looking to make a browser icon

Or for that matter even a logo or any graphics on a website a tool that I use a lot a free tool out there is canva calm canva calm lets you first of all this is not sponsored by them I'm just telling you guys for this is what I use

So canva calm is a great way to make different you know logos and images and graphics that you can use on your website they have a lot of good templates so if you're trying to make like a youtube banner or a facebook

Profile picture they have the right dimensions for pretty much everything and the reason I bring this up is because your logo you probably want it to be a certain aspect ratio probably square and you want your little browser

Icon to be something around like 30 by 30 pixels so pretty small and so you might want to have maybe there's a template on canva comm for that right so that's what I wanted to show you right there but getting back into the general

Tour of the the big on the right so let's go home on the top left right there so from here you can go down and you see that this has basically like a little block design and so for each one like I

Said when you hover over it this one is your little about section so you can go and edit this you can go to settings for this and so if we just go to edit right now it'll kind of bring up this little editor mode where we can change the text

For this right here like pickled perfection maybe let's say San Trail oops that was a we changed the font there accidentally so let's go and call this one sand trowel sand trail pickles we're gonna call it San Trail pickles I

Guess I don't know that's what we're selling right now so San Trail pickles so let's highlight this and change the font and as you can see right there guys it's pretty clear that across the top you have a pretty standard text editing

Just tools right there you can change like left adjustment right adjustment you can make things into links and that's a very important theme on a website you can add quotes and change like a lot of basic stuff copy and paste

Things change the font but let's just say over here if we really want this right here say it's like we have a whole blog about this or something what you want to do is you want to highlight that click on the little link button right

There and you want to add a link to wherever that's going to go so within our website we don't have a domain yet but you want to be adding links so you want to add links to maybe it's like San Trail comm slash blog or Santro mediacom

Slash blog slash Brian you know so like you're gonna have specific domains for each blog post you have each page you have and having links in the text is a great way to not only have it easier for people to navigate but this will also

Help you rank higher on Google and search engines will be more capable of kind of integrating what your website is and just reading it better with their crawlers so once you add the text right there and you add the text here you

Change the font you can do whatever you want the next thing is you can click and drag this around however you want so let's click and drag it right there and so there is definitely some general spacing to these so you can change like

The shape of them and the dimensions of them so you can say that we want this to be a different format and really the so not to skip steps there if you click on the little plus button right here to add a block you have some

Other options so you can add things like a text you can add markdown which is a little bit more advanced you can add quotes you can add images videos spacers like literally just a space or if you want something to be farther away you

Want to gap between things add a spacer so you guys obviously recommend scroll through this and check these out on your own when you're building your website but there are a lot of different options so let's add a button right now so the

Button we can add wherever we want in here so let's go add a button and click and drag that to somewhere like right there now something like a button is some is a very powerful tool that is basically a linked box the linked image

Really is what it is so you're gonna have some text on there so let's just say learn more sure that makes sense and then you're gonna have a click-through URL and this is going to either go to a web address like I said before when you

Have a specific URL within your website or it can actually link to a page you can link to an email a phone or a file so a lot of things you can do right here pages you can go and search for whatever pages you have right there you can have

Things open or not open in a new window so typically what I do is I just have my URL here so it'll be like Santro mediacom slash blog slash pickles and maybe that's something that people would definitely want in a new tab right so

Let's just do that for now and then you can go and say apply and then once you're done setting this little block up and once you did you know we added everything did everything you wanted you can go up there and click Save now

Something else I didn't mention is if you click on the little bubble icon to the top left of things so if we want to change like this for example you can go and actually click right there and go and say we want to add something above

It so it's really easy to add on borders of things and have like a markdown thing up there maybe if like next to this one or let's say above this we want to add maybe like a picture you can go and add an image and it'll plop an image right

In that space so it's not always drag and drop like there is ways to have things just pop up in gaps that you want and it kind of moves everything around accordingly so once we have this wonderful layout already done let's go

And click Save and once you save it it brings you back to the editor so that's essentially how you're going to be filling in actual content of your website now going down let's say we have a different block let's say we have

Something like this a little gallery block right there and so or gallery section rather so then we can go and edit this so you can go and add images or videos you can go into actual just editor which again kind of allows you to

Go through here let's let's use this page yeah so you can go and add more images there settings for this you can add more parts of this so you can add more videos in there you can add more images like I said and you can rearrange

Them of course if you don't like where they are so we can put this one over here and stuff like that so pretty straightforward guys this one is not really that so we can have image focal point you can actually move around as

Well let's go back to pages now now for each one you might notice there's also other options such as settings right there and settings you can also access from other places in here as well but so for now if we just click on settings

Right in the options right there it gives you kind of five options on the left so you can go to general which is going to be changing the name of it it's going to be I don't know why I just decided to reload right there but you

Can change like the title you can change the URL so if you have a specific URL like I said before where it's like sanchow media.com slash blog slash pickle article or something you know whatever you're talking about you can

Add that right there you can enable or disable the page you can add a description I do recommend adding descriptions you can duplicate the page or you can delete it then if you go down to SEO right

There so SEO is something that so backing it up a little bit SEO stands for search engine optimization which essentially means that your website is more visible to search engines because most people find

Websites from search engines such as Google and so if they type in something on Google they're looking for a pickle store online then we want our website to be as easy as possible for Google to find so that they can recommend it to

People when they're searching for us so for that reason you do have to go down here and this is a little bit more advanced once you have your website kind of set up already and go through this and start adding like your title your

Description and stuff like that I really don't recommend hiding pages from search results for most people but for the mode is pretty self-explanatory type this in eventually you have social images there

Are media and you do have advanced stuff down here so I'm not going to get into that right now you can add some advanced code because honestly there is coding that like you can get into some really advanced things with websites but for

Something like Squarespace they really don't show the coding so if you ever want to have any kind of code involved this is really where you would end up doing most of it at least so getting over to the left I know I said that the

Right is where you kind of do all the modifications to the general like the content that you actually have on there but looking at the left then you have some interesting things here so at the very top we saw that we have home shop

And blog and so because this is a store we have a couple things right there like inventory customers discounts orders but I'm going to talk about these next few for a little bit right here so if we click on pages it brings us into a big

Kind of page tree to show us the pages we have so we have home we have shop and we have blog so starting off with the primary navigation at the top this is going to be like I said you have the different pages right here and within

The first page right here you have a lot of different sections now if we want to go and add a new page what we do is we click the plus button right there to create a new page and from here you have so many different options where you can

Go and add a blank one you can add an about page different things like that and you have a lot of different options for general collections you can go and add like an index is the one we're looking at right here where you have

Multiple sections so you'd a little icon right there this one's an index this one's a little bit of a store this one's a log and so if you have an index you can add a lot of different sections in there to have something kind of more

Like this right here so for this one we are just going to actually not use this but sure let's call it new index if you don't like it you click the little trash can icon to delete that so let's confirm and delete that right now so then

Getting down to the home one right here so home has a lot of different things where you can say like hey maybe we don't want them in this order Mabel you want ingredients above maybe we want about Wade

At the bottom maybe we want like the founder portraits I don't know in the middle you can move things around and you'll see that a lot of this stuff will get moved around in the website then when you start to look at it so if we go

And move ingredients up above the welcome you'll see that it kind of rearranges the sections right there so really easy way to do that if you don't like where the sections are and so you can also go up to the top right

There and manage sections another way of doing this and this is a little bit more of a visual way of doing that or you can say like hey I want this higher I want this lower and I do like moving these around sometimes in this format just

Because it is easier to see you can add sections you can remove them and when you're looking at the grand scheme of the colors of this it is useful to do it this way sometimes okay so within the homepage right here

You can go and add some more sections from the bottom right there so if we click on add section like I said before you have some different layouts for how the sections will be you can have a blank one you can have about contact

Like there's a lot of different suggestions right there for layouts and so maybe we want one that's just about booking or something so we can go and choose what the booking looks like description or no description and

They'll kind of bring you down to that right away and show you what it should look like so if we go down to it's called new page right now so book an appointment and of course you can change a lot about this so if we go to little

Settings icon right there again you can change the page title and call us whatever we want change the navigation title to whatever we want and then we can go and save that so now just to loop back around and show you some of the

Things I talked about before if you go down to one of the sections like a gallery right here and you click the little arrow to go over it brings you into the gallery editor now this is what I showed you like a minute ago like I

Said where some tabs like some sections like this one you can go in and edit and change the text within that right there are other sections that are like a gallery you can't really go and edit and click and drag you'll go over to the

Editor on the left side here where you see the ingredients gallery because his ingredients is what it's called and you can change things right there and so like I said click and drag these around add different sections edit different

Sections so if we go down to the next page called shop right here you'll see that from you can see it looks like this obviously they have like canned lemons or whatever I don't really know these aren't my

Pictures these are not my products but if we want to change any one of them we can just go and double click on it and it'll bring up the options right here where we can go and add images for our products we can add the price if it's a

Subscription product we can select that we can go and name the product and you can like duplicate it if you have a lot of similar products or you know similar in any way similar then we can go over to pricing and variations so if you have

Different SKUs for different sizes different colors whatever it is you can have different images for that additional information we can have so you can just write stuff about it that you know for whatever you want longer

Descriptions we can have a form right here no form required let's say because it's just a regular a can of whatever you can add a custom custom add button label featured product you can add a product URL so typically I'll just make

This whatever the product is so I guess this is like beni shoga whatever 93 something whatever so make your URL that so you people can find this product if they're looking for it

Then go to SEO and again SEO is something that you want to make sure your website is optimized for a search engine to find you that's obviously what SEO stands for and so a page like this your product if people are looking for

This product you want Google to be able to find it and refer your product to potential customers then we go over we have social I I don't really think that things really gets shared on social as much anymore but if somebody shared this

On Facebook that's what it would look like and you can kind of change the way that is change the image or whatever and then you can go and share that right here so we are not going to do that right now but once you're done you can

Go down to the bottom and say save and that is your item right there now if you want to change the way the items look in this sale or in this this shop page right here you can click and drag them around very easily it's something that's

Really nice about a website builder like Squarespace where you can have your shop and just everything is so easy to click and drag and just move things to wherever you want now besides that let's go back to the other one I wanted to

Show you the bottom blog now blog again is a slightly different setup here let's go to copy page and once you start using this I promise guys it might look complicated at first but you really

Start to get used to it it's really not a difficult interface to use and most of what you're looking for is pretty self-explanatory there's kind of a couple ways to get to a lot of the stuff you're trying to do and it generally

Works through itself so if you want it to like edit this one you can go and edit right there or you can go over to the side and click Edit from right there so lots of ways you can do this if you have different blogs right here you can

Have different drafts that maybe you didn't put them out yet but you're writing a blog you can have some other things right there scheduled blogs so if you want to create a new post then we do is at the top click on the plus icon

Right there and start creating your post and so you can type a lot of things you can add it's kind of the same layout here as you saw in the other kind of builder that we had before or you can click and add things like if we want to

Add something below maybe we have an image maybe we have a card on the side and you have just lots of options where you can have like an image you can have text you can so many options here just experiment with this and get used to it

See what it kind of looks like and feels like and you're gonna start to make your website look a little better just like one piece of information at a time and going across the top we have options again you can have the post URL which is

What I said I've been talking about this for a while if you have blogs which I recommend blog posts are usually a good way to rank higher on Google you want to have you know links to this on your on your website and you also want to have

It to be an easy and digestible URL there so it's gonna be just a URL slug it's gonna be added to the end of your domain so for me Santro mediacom slash blog slash and then whatever the title is for this one maybe this is like beat

Season as we see over on the right and if you can say who the author is you can have a source URL you can you know you can add a lot of stuff in there SEO again fill that out so you have a title there social share and location

That's all going to be pretty straightforward so let's go and save this one as a draft right now you could say it needs review you can schedule it or you can just go ahead and publish it you also have comments maybe you want

Comments on or off you can choose that a nice feature to have on here so it's okay and then we can add tags we need categories and again that's gonna make things easier for people to find on your website and that's ultimately what it

Comes down to you want to make good quality content and you want to make it easy to find so then we can go down here and you have all these different ones you can delete them you can edit them and it like you can see right here it

Looks pretty good when you go to each individual blog it looks like a regular blog to me at the bottom you have you know comments you can have different things like the title right there a big picture at the top and just get creative

With this and you know start experimenting with this and seeing how you can actually make your blog's look better so going back guys that so far we really only got through just the pages right here so if we go back again it'll

Bring you back to the home what we talked about in the very beginning and we have after pages we have design now design is kind of the math structure of your website you can really change things that are gonna apply across your

Website so like I showed you originally logo and title said that maybe 15 minutes ago you can change the logo and the title and the tagline of your website you can go down and change social sharing logo if you have that and

Of course you can have your browser icon as well so I I recommend adding all of those so you're covered on all your basis there then you can go and change the template if you don't like this one for some reason you can go in and change

The template or install a new template on your website I usually recommend doing that as early as possible to limit to rework that you have to do then you can go down to site Styles right there site Styles is going to kind of just

Change a couple things like the border you have you have some more technical a little bit more advanced stuff like the the loading we have right there the header layout and so a lot of stuff like that if you want to change the color of

Like different areas different blocks you can do a lot of that from within design right here now let's go back to the next one down here you have lock screen you have checkout page error like 404 page not found stuff like that so if

You want to have like a checkout page or something I recommend you optimize maybe if you have whatever you make sure you don't have broken links but if you do you want to make sure that this looks good anyway

You could say like sorry you I don't know what happened there we have a broken link and just kind of refer people back to the homepage so you can you know change this and edit it and see how it looks right there but we're not

Gonna do that right now for this website but it is something I recommend doing hey guys so admittedly when I was originally recording I did forget one or two really important things that I want to show you right now so yes I know this

Is not the pickle website we are making instead I just opened up a new random template it doesn't actually matter because this is something that is part of the Squarespace Editor not really specific to any single website template

But what you'll see here is on the big main block so on the right side here where we have all of our editor the top right corner of that you have two buttons right there so one of them is a full-screen mode which is a great way to

Look at your website in full-screen and kind of get the experience of what somebody would see if they were on your website and something I recommend first of all is try connecting your laptop if you're working on a laptop connected to

A TV connected to a projector if you can maybe an old monitor a different monitor because some different TVs or monitors have different aspect ratios and your website might look different on those than it would on your website on on your

On your laptop for example so what I like to do is I have an old like almost square it's like a 4 by 3 monitor it's like a really old one out of my house and I plug it in whenever I'm making a website just to make sure things aren't

Cropped in an unusual way and to make sure it still looks good so that's one piece of advice right there another piece of advice kind of what the same theme is right next to that you have the mobile preview and like I said in the

Beginning of this video this is unbelievably important more and more traffic is moving to mobile something right now for me it's like 60% of my traffic comes from mobile devices so people are you know people are using

Their phones more than their laptops when they're going on the Internet and you want to make sure that you are optimized for that you were ready for that and your website is prepared for whenever people visit on mobile so you

Want to make sure that you're going in here checking it out making sure the text looks good the format looks good things aren't cropped in an unusual way and you can edit things within here and make sure

Looks as good as possible right so those are two important things right there a third thing I want to show you guys that it also didn't mention is on the bottom right they have a little question mark right there

It's your assistant is what they call it I recommend when you're making a website just kind of an easy little checklist there go on down and look at these and make sure that I mean I covered most of it this in the video but if you're you

Know when you're working on your website just a little reminder down there you can go and it'll kind of help you through things and say oh maybe you want to change your font and your colors maybe you want to include your site

Title or your logo and you know of course I showed you that in this video but while you're working on your website sometimes go down and check out that assistant there just to be a little bit you know a little bit more reminded of

What you should be doing and on top of that you can contact them and go to the Help Center if you have problems and they've been pretty responsive for me I've heard a lot of people say the same thing they have a pretty good help team

There okay so that's everything I forgot to show you guys in the original recording session that I realized once I was editing but now let's get back into the original video now going back again to here to the home page so we went

Through pages we went through design the next one is commerce which this is an online store so this is relevant for us and like I said before guys there are different layouts of this editor it's generally going to be the same tools

Everywhere but like I said if we look at like this one right here it does look a little bit different back to home again we looked at pages we looked at design the next one is commerce this doesn't apply to everybody but because this is

An online store this obviously applies here and this is basic stuff like your order your inventory your discount so you can have like inventory like reminders when you're low on inventory you can have payments checkout like you

Can set up a lot of stuff here I'm not gonna dive into this too much because I know not everybody is setting up an e-commerce store not everybody's selling things on their website so look through this on your own it's really not that

Complicated though a lot of its gonna be like set up payments and you click on that and it will walk you through it like what payments do you want and stuff like that so let's go back and go back again and from here the next one is

Marketing now this one is actually a little bit more interesting because again you can kind of work through some SEO stuff and what I think is more exciting is promotional pop-ups so if you've been on a website when you

Have like got something pop-up just like this right here and they're like hey do you want to make your website better and if you do maybe sign up for this free PDF or something right and it's a good way to kind of capture emails or

Encourage some kind of action on your website so I do recommend having a display popup for most websites maybe not for everybody but it's a great call to action that somebody has to physically go and click the X to get out

Of that and you're calling them to do some kind of action if it's sign up for an email if it's you know look at a new discount or something whatever it is it's gonna be right there so let's go and let's go back to we're not going to

Actually add that so let's undo that it wants me to go through and connect that then we have an announcement bar there we have promotion for Instagram we've got share buttons and stuff like that and so marketing does have some very

Powerful tools when you're trying to obviously do any kind of marketing stuff and really call to action and get people to share and engage with your website a little bit more than they otherwise might now I'm not going to get too much

Into the rest of the options but we do have scheduling right there which is kind of a service that Squarespace has where they can kind of set up like meetings and stuff for you if you're interested in that kind of scheduling

Stuff we have analytics here which analytics will get into your sales in your traffic and I think that's pretty self-explanatory there's not much you have to do here when you're setting your website up but eventually you have more

Data collected and you can learn a lot from here and really kind of optimize your site and your products and make business decisions based on the information that you're able to collect with Squarespace here then we also have

Comments down there and settings now all of that is you obviously have a lot of different settings here but settings is probably the next thing we want to look at and really get into this so you have site visibility now this is if your site

Is published or not so you can publish your site of course unlike some other things like Wix where you can publish a site for free or Weebly or all the other ones out there Squarespace you will have to pay for this so we can go and have it

Password-protected so anyone who has the password can see this we can go and upgrade so we can publish now let's go and save this first so let's save our changes and we are going to select a plan looking at the plans

You can go through and decide for your own individual needs which one is the best you can have your free custom domain with these you can get their security you can have unlimited bandwidth and storage like there's a lot

Of different options when you get farther down you start to see this one you have transaction fees of 3% then you don't have any 4 26 or for $40 a month and so it really just depends on what you're looking for if you're looking to

Do some commerce you're gonna have to get the more expensive ones if you're looking for a personal like if you're just doing a portfolio just your photos just go with this one right here it's going to be like obviously the cheapest

And you can save a little bit if you're getting it annually then you also have things like gift cards if you're worried about that or selling subscriptions you know so scroll down this figure out what you need and why you might want to get

That I'm going to select just a personal one for this right now and I'm going to type in my credit card and we'll come back after that the next step is to publish this website with a domain you obviously need the correct domain here

And depending on which of those options you chose if you chose a more expensive one or if you chose an annual subscription then you might have already had a domain included I just got the personal one for one month so it was not

Included and the next step is to go down to settings here and so we're gonna go back through this so right there site visibility is private because we have to go down and connect a domain so go to domain you can say get domain or you can

Add a domain that you already have and so I'm not actually gonna pay for this right now because I'm not trying to actually make a caning one but you can just go and add this you'll pay like twenty dollars a year for your domain

And that's going to be how you get it set up now if you have your own domain it's a little bit more complicated if you guys want I can make another video on that in a future just comment down below but essentially one thing I like

To do is go to like Google domains and search for the domains there so there's different places you can buy domains it doesn't have to be from right here on Squarespace but something that I like to do like I said Google domains is usually

Where I go now from here back to settings you can actually go and you can publish your website like I said you can change your language and religion business information or sorry not language and religion language

And region I read that wrong you can change your business information right here so that's like your contact information if you want that you can have a location for a map and a lot of this can be you know locate it's easy

For people to find when you're open and you can have that if you can put that information maybe in the footer for examples a good spot to put that you can have social links there connected accounts extensions permissions I'm not

Going to get into any of that stuff if you want to set up an email one thing I think everybody should do is go down to G suite right here and email and you want to set up an email because I think it's really tacky to be like Mike's

Pickle Sales 57 69 com or Gmail com like I think that's very tacky and I think what you probably want to do it's say like my cat's aunt rel Mediacom it's just much more professional and so obviously the first thing you do is get

A domain and then they should walk you through this and it should be fairly easy to have this set up but that's essentially the last thing I want to show you on here if we go back to home you'll see that so we can have our

Website published we can look at this and we can go back and change everything manage everything and for the most part I would say that's pretty much everything you need to know about setting up a website on Squarespace and

I really hope this video helped you guys to better understand what the tools are here how you can do some different things and the essentials that you need to know to build your first website using Squarespace now this is a very

Powerful and can be very intimidating tool to use and I recommend the best thing to do now is just go in and start building and practicing your website might not look good at first but it'll take many hours of working on this and

Really kind of refining your content making it look better and along the way you will learn a lot of these tools and become much more proficient at making websites with Squarespace so as always guys thank you all for watching I hope

This video helped you if it did please remember to like and subscribe thanks for watching guys I'll see you next time

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