SPOTIFY vs. APPLE MUSIC 2019 (Honest Review)

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

Hey what's going on guys welcome back to the channel this video is all about comparing Apple music to Spotify now I recently made a video comparing Spotify to Amazon and a lot of people requested I compare Apple music to Spotify now Spotify was something that I've

Typically used for a long time Apple music not so much so about three weeks ago I downloaded Apple music and I've used it exclusively to really make sure that I knew every little feature about it so I could give you guys the

Best and most honest comparison possible I also read a lot of reviews online to find out other things that people didn't like and then I tried them out myself to see you know what the problems were what the cool features were and now here I

Have for you guys a very true honest review this is not sponsored this is just information based on my experience with both of these apps so let's just get right to it so I broke this down into four major

Categories each category I want to compare Apple music to Spotify determine the winner and so really the four categories are which platforms they are available on so by that I mean you what devices can they be used with you know

What features can they have with Smart TVs and stuff like that the next category was top features the one after that is social and then finally we are looking at finding music so it's just the general ability to find

Music and share music and discover new music so those are the main categories of course there's a lot more features but I try to kind of embed everything into those main four categories so so starting off with Spotify talking about

The social aspect I think this is probably the coolest aspect in my opinion about a lot of these new streaming apps and I say new but obviously they're like 10 years old but as opposed to old CDs and stuff like

That this is a much cooler feature where you can share music with your friends now so talking about this there's obviously a lot you can do in these apps but if we're looking at exactly what is social you can first like I said in my

Other video you can look up friends so let's just look up you know Nate O'Brien it's just my brother let's find him boom there he is so I follow him that's what I did in the last video I followed him and then you can see like all he's all

He's different playlists he has and you can listen to music that he listens to if you were on the desktop you can look on the side right bar and listen to exactly what he's listening to real-time so essentially your friends are a DJ for

A day another cool thing is you can make collaborative playlists that's something I think is really cool you can't do any of this with Apple music by the way that's why I'm mentioning it here and so collaborative playlists are essentially

You make a playlist and maybe one or two or five other friends make the same playlist and that's something I think is really fun so I've been doing that for a couple months now with my sister and my cousin because they have very similar

Interests in music and so I know that every week we each put one song on it used to be one album now we had one song every single week and so every week I hear new music from them and in the end we have a long playlist and I only made

About 1/3 of the playlist so a lot of cool new music on there and it's all music that I like so another cool feature is a scannable code so if I want to share my profile with someone I can just go to my profile tap on it and it

Pops up with a little code that when I go to the search bar if I go into the search bar I can go into the camera here and you can scan the actual codes and find people or albums or playlists very easily like that now

Apple music does not do any of that but nonetheless there are different social aspects of that now in direct contrast we're over here on Apple music now there's several different ways that you can find social aspects of music here

But really what you do is you're gonna go to the for you section right now I don't actually follow any friends on here because unfortunately I don't have any friends that use Apple music which you can see what other people are

Listening to and see their playlists and it'll update you you know if you follow their playlists it'll notify you you know pop up in your for you section and show you you know what your friends add it to their playlist but one cool sort

Of safety feature that I did like about Apple music was in the settings so you can definitely go into the settings and so you can hide your listening history which is one really cool thing and then another cool thing in there is you can

Actually choose who gets to follow you so you could say anybody can follow you or you can say only approved people can follow you so definitely a cool safety feature if you are trying to limit you know random people from following you or

Stalking you or whatever you might be worried about definitely cool safety feature there so now moving on to the finding music category these are going to be the features I'm looking at where you can use them and find your new music

Discover new music because honestly that's a big reason now to use a lot of these rather than just buying my own songs with Spotify of course there's a very big selection here one thing that I think is really cool is the mood type

Music finding so here they have workout music they know that I work out I listen to music when I work out so they'll suggest a bunch of different workouts or workout music sorry and then another thing they do is you go down you have

Your daily mixes so a daily mix in my opinion is a superior way of them organizing the music in contrast to what Apple music does so what I think is really cool here is I listen to a lot of different kinds of music so here you

Have your kind of jam bands your alt rock then you've got some reggae and you have some rap and then you have some classic rock and then you have a sixth one of some other you know harder rock so six different styles of music and if

It was going to make one you know radio for me of course I would not want that to be mixed together you know if I'm trying to listen to you know classic rock or all rock or whatever I don't want rap coming in I definitely don't

Want Bob Marley through that is that's just gonna kill the jams so if you're trying to find music other things really cool obviously you have the radios but if you go to an artist so let's just say the Foo

Fighters right here you go to the artists a lot of times you can go down so you tell you about what fans also like they tell you similar artists and some artists actually make their own playlist so I'm not seeing it right here

But a lot of times you can do that so if you follow like Neil Young or something you'll find out what they actually listen to and not only you're more connected to your artists then that you like but you can also find a lot of

Similar music that sort of inspired the music that you like now lastly you have you know your top charts and you have your discover weekly I'm not going to get too much into those because those are essentially on Apple music as well

So let's just go right on back over to Apple music when you're looking at Apple music you can find most your music either from browse radio or for you which is I know literally three out of the four things there but really a lot

Of it is geared towards finding new music so here you can go down and it'll say like what you recently played and then you go down and it has some other things so these were not I'm not actually sure this is just Wednesday's

Playlist I think this would be categorized and optimized based on what you listen to and what you like and dislike so for example when you're looking at a song you can then go down here and you can either love it or you

Can dislike it so if I really like this song I hit love it optimizes my for you category in in the future it's gonna have more music like this or less music like this some of the other cool features here that Spotify doesn't have

Since we're here I might as well mention them you can add play next or play later so this is gonna be your cue Spotify does have a cue but having that you know adding to the top of the key word the bottom the hue I think is a cool feature

You can create a station about it of course you can do that in Spotify you can do pretty much everything here in Spotify as well but one also really bonus thing here is that you can find you cue just by going right up so you

Swipe up and your cue is right there no matter what song what playlist you're listening to you just swipe up and you can see what the cue is and you can move things around here I got it I want you know this to be played there and you

Move it around like that so you can find your cue and Spotify but it's not nearly as easy so let you know let's just go back and do that real quick so if you're listening to this you can find your cue by going there and then it pops up and

You can say add to queue or you can go to the queue and it tells you you know right now I don't actually have much signed signed into my queue there so another thing I should match Spotify actually has about 10 million

Fewer songs than Apple music according to the research I found of course this number changes a lot and that is 35 million songs is what Spotify has in the first place so 35 versus 45 you know you have a lot of songs out there to choose

From so now some huge bonuses here that I didn't mention before so when you're actually searching one thing that's really really cool here is you can search by lyrics so you know how when you go into the store this happen to

Everybody and you hear some song playing and it's stuck in your head and the only cure is to hear that song again and you don't know what it is and you end up googling you know like da da da and it doesn't come up with anything so this is

No different you're not gonna find it here either but at least if you have the lyrics you can find it all in one place so if you're just like what's that song that they keep saying you know let it be or whatever then it's gonna it's gonna

Find that here of course that is the title so there's a really bad example but you know what I mean if you if you look up the lyrics they have the lyrics to every single song so I guess a good proof of that would be to go to this

Song and if you go down you can actually find the lyrics so since they have the lyrics to all these different songs you can search the lyrics and find the songs that you're looking for so this video is getting a little bit long but basically

What platforms are both available on so they're almost available on everything so I'm going to talk about the differences so if you have an Apple home pod obviously you want Apple music that's going to be much more compatible

Of that if you have Alexa in your home or if you have a Google home then you definitely want to go to Spotify because that's more supported there of course there's other streaming apps out there so you have YouTube I'm gonna talk about

That maybe in another video if you guys want but essentially out of the two which one's more Universal I think Spotify is more Universal for where you can play it okay so let's get into the top features of these apps now these are

By far the coolest things I found in either of these apps and they really just blew my mind away so starting off with something that I thought was really cool about Apple music is when you go into these settings you can scroll down

Here keep scrolling scroll scroll we passed it there it is EQ so you can EQ your music right here so what is the bonus of that well if you buy headphones maybe that are bass heavy for example so their beats headphones and you want to

Turn the bass down for some type of music you're listening to you can do that within the app and just the opposite if you buy some headphones that are very weak with bass you can turn it up here and sort of help that out a

Little bit so apples also a very smooth and clean app with almost no room for confusion no matter what you want very easy to find as Apple stuff typically is now if you have iOS you probably already have Siri on there and

Siri integrates very well with this you're able to find you know all kinds of music and use the voice commands very deeply throughout this app so that's something that's a drawback if you have an Android phone you can't use Siri on

This app because you don't have Siri but otherwise you have TVs and music on here TV's sorry TV's and movies on here and you also have these really cool you know artist post so artists will post things very similar to Facebook actually and

You can like and comment and share them similar to a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram so now for the coolest features on Spotify I think behind the lyrics was definitely a really cool thing as you can see right

Here a lot of times they'll tell you things about the song they'll tell you things about the artists will tell you things about the album or something like that just whatever the artist wants you to know about certain things just cool

Fun facts here and there also another huge huge bonus as you can see right here recently played you'll have to you know the Tim Ferriss show and things like that so you have all these different podcasts you can listen to now

Apple does have podcasts but you need to get the separate app called podcasts or Apple podcasts whatever they call it and so as a result having the podcast integrate it into the single app with no advertisements or anything I think is a

Really really huge bonus so another huge bonus of Spotify is the ad sponsored tier so you don't actually have to pay for Spotify if you don't want you can listen to everything if you use ads so they play ads and you get to listen to

Music so it's very similar to free radio public radio that you'd hear you know in a car an old car or whatever so you can also fade between songs that's something I mentioned a little bit before in my other video but if you go over to your

Settings you can go right there crossfade between songs and it's gapless so essentially it sounds a lot more professional a lot cooler so you don't have that awkward silence between songs it'll fade right into the next one as if

You had a personal DJ picking out your songs and playing through them now one last thing I want to say about Apple and then about Spotify so Apple you can actually add one playlist to another which is a cool way of moving lots of

Songs from one playlist to another so if you want to merge two playlists together you can just add one to the other and then delete the first one and it's a very easy way to move hundreds of songs at a time Spotify on the other hand you

Can't do that well you can actually do is you can go to your playlist and you can add any one of them to your home screen so you can go down here and say at the home screen and you have an icon on your home screen which is in my

Opinion a very big safety factor if you're trying if you're in a rush you're trying to get out of your house you're late for work you're late for school whatever it is you can just go and tap on your home screen and that playlist

Will start playing right away you don't have to worry about messing around your phone when you drive which I obviously don't support at all so guys that's what I have for you which is actually the winner I think in my

Opinion I think Spotify makes the most sense for me because I have an Android phone I don't have a lot of apple in my life so I like the social aspect of Spotify as well and for that reason I would use Spotify if you are somebody

That has a very Apple oriented life you have a lot of iOS you have Apple TV maybe a home pod then it makes perfect sense for you to get Apple music that way thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this video please be sure to

Click that subscribe button right there if you want to see another video just like this one click right there and for my most recent upload click right up there you got three great options guys click

On any one of those and I'll see you in the next video

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