Special Unboxing from NIKE – Unboxing Time 34

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

– Yeah, I really didn't think this through, did I? (jazz music) What's up guys, Saf here on Supersaf TV and welcome to another episode of Unboxing Time. Mystery unboxings of cool tech and anything else that's been sent to the open address. If you guys wanna send something yourselves,

Then the address will be in the description below, as well as all of the links to products featured in today's video. We've got some really cool tech in this episode including something from Nike. Let's get straight to it.

Now to this massive package from Nike. Yes, I know a few of you guys are gonna say, "It's pronounced Nike Saf, not Nikey, but I actually spoke to Nike themselves and they said it's pronounced Nikey, so I'm gonna say Nikey, you can say Nike, it's up to you.

So first up we do have a little note here from Nike. "Here's some new tech for your feet." Thank you Nike. If you guys haven't guessed already, these are of course, the Nike Adapt E.A.R.L. BBs. So these are the self-lacing shoes from Nike.

I'm so excited for these, I'm a huge Back To The Future fan and I remember seeing Back to The Future II and always wanting self-lacing shoes and they are finally here. The packaging is very interesting, I have to say. I think we've got two levers here.

All right, oh nice, okay that's really cool. Here they are, oh, so sick, look at these. (laughing) Well these definitely look like they're from the future. These look so, so cool. As well as the trainers, you also get this wireless

Charging pad because these have a battery inside. You're gonna have to charge them up. Now they should last a decent amount of time, I think roughly like 10 to 15 days on a single charge, so charging them often shouldn't really be a problem. You also get a power brick as well as a USB Type A

To USB Type C cable, I'm glad they've got USB Type C. It's just gonna be a case of dropping these on the pad to charge them up wirelessly, which is pretty cool. Right, now let's check these out. We can press and hold one of the buttons here at the side. (laughing) That's so cool.

(buzzing) Can you hear that? (buzzing) So we've got some physical buttons here which you can use to loosen and tighten the laces. I'm not sure how we're gonna do this, but let's try. Yeah, I really didn't think this through, did I? Right, they're on.

Cool. (buzzing) That is so cool. Now these are very comfortable, but getting your feet in is quite snug, now there's also an app that pairs along with these and this is gonna allow you to do a few different things,

So let's just go ahead and set this up. A few moments later. Now once you've set them up, it's actually gonna try to find your perfect fit and it's gonna remember that, but you can fine tune (buzzing) using the app or using the buttons which is really cool.

And you can also customize the colors on the buttons of the shoes. We've got Pink Blast here, whole bunch of colors. I quite like the Aurora Green which kind of looks a little bit of blue. There's also the battery indicator to show you

How much charge you've got left on here as well as a few more options. I can't wait to actually put these on and try them out outside, although I don't wanna get them dirty because they look so, so cool. Nice one Nike, cheers!

Next we have Aipower Wearbuds. Now we've got a quick note here saying that these are very early stage prototypes. I believe this is gonna be a Kickstarter project, but essentially what we've got here is a smartwatch with some earbuds built in, wireless earbuds built in.

So when you take those off, you can just put them back into your watch. A very interesting concept, let's check them out. Nice packaging, I have to say. Here they are, we do get this little charging cable. The strap is very Apple Watchesque.

And here we are, we've got it on. It's a little thicker than you'd normally have on a watch, but of course it's got the earbuds built in. And then you can press these at the side and they kind of pop out. Interesting, these are very, very small.

So first thing I have to say is that the fit's really nice, they do tuck in quite nicely to your ears. They don't really stick out too much and they're not easily gonna fall out either, so I definitely do like that. Right now, this did need some charging,

It was on zero percent, so did go and charge it up. All right, so first thing I gotta say is that these are definitely quite loud, I'm not sure if there's like a cutoff point, but they do sound really loud. They sound pretty good, they do a good job of isolating the noise as well because they have

Quite a snug fit inside your ears. I can here the bass, I'm no audiophile, but they don't sound too bad to me and I do really like the size of these because they're quite small. You can just pop them back in here to charge them.

And there's also a smart fitness tracker that you can get when you download the app. An interesting product and concept, I gotta say. I feel somebody who maybe loses your earbuds, then this is gonna be a really cool option. You can just pop them back in here at any time.

This is of course, a Kickstarter project, so it's up to you if you wanna go ahead and check that out and back the project, but it's definitely quite interesting. Moving on, we've got a box from Spigen. Some cases for Pixel 3a, 3a XL as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro. We've got a bit of variety here.

So we've got Liquid Crystal which is the clear case, so if you really wanna show off your device, you can use one of these. Then we've also got something like the Rugged Armor, which I quite like, it's a good balance between size and protection.

And then we've got the Tough Armor which is gonna give you more protection, but is gonna add a little bit more bulk and this also comes with a kickstand. I really do like Spigen cases, very high quality. I'll be leaving some links in the description below. I use Spigen cases all the time, nice one Spigen!

Right in here, we've got a Yeti Nano from Blue, premium USB mike for recording and streaming. Now I've actually heard so many good things about Blue Yeti microphones. They're suppose to be really good with great quality, let's check this out.

Here it is, a very simple setup. It does come with a USB Type A to Micro USB cable. As always, USB Type C would have been nice. Let me hook this up to a laptop and then I'll record sound from here while we're sitting here in the studio,

Then we'll switch to that so you can hear what it sounds like. All right guys, we have now setup the Blue Yeti Nano. It's connected via USB and we're recording audio in Adobe Audition, so this is what you hearing, what you're hearing is from the Blue Yeti Nano.

Let me know what you guys think of the audio. If you want something simple, just to plug and play onto USB, whether you're going to be using it for live streaming or recording voiceovers and things like that, I think this is gonna be a really good product. Next up, ooh!

We've got some wireless chargers from Choetech. Choetech, I'm not sure how to say it. Firstly we've got a 10 Watt, Fast Wireless Charger. Instead of just having a phone mount, you can also charge your phone which is really nice and up to 10 watts.

And then we've got a 5-Coil Dual Fast Wireless Charger. So this kind of reminds me of AirPower. So we do have that kind of a look. Let's check this out, first it's got up to 20 watts, two times 10 watts of output. It does come with a USB Type A to USB Type C cable

And it's got this kind of a wooden texture. It does look really cool, so you're gonna be able to charge like two devices on here, once you've got this plugged in. All right, so let's go ahead and test this out. I have the iPhone Xs Max, which is now charging.

And we also have the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. That is also charging, fast charging wirelessly, so it is fast charging 10 watts, so you've got 20 watts in total, so it's gonna be charging both at 10 watts each which is definitely quite nice. I'm assuming you're gonna need a power brick

That can output that kind of power, but definitely quite cool. And now the fast wireless car charger. Pretty simple and straight forward. You've got an attachment which is gonna let you put this into say, your car vent or something.

And then you've got a USB Type A to Micro USB cable. USB C would be nice, but anyway, this is gonna give you fast charging while you've got this mounted in your car. Definitely quite useful, especially the fact that it's got 10 watt fast wireless charging. It means you're gonna be able to get to quicker top ups.

Nice one Choetech, Chewtech, I don't know how to say it, but thank you for some cool products. Next product, ooh, this is from Koogeek. It's a Smart LED Light Strip. So it does work with Apple HomeKits, so I've just gone ahead and hooked this up to a power bank so we can test it out.

So there's a power on and off switch here on the control unit and then we can go ahead and install the app which is gonna give us more options. So we've got a bunch of default colors in here, but you can go in and pick pretty much any color that you would like, so an interesting light strip.

Cheers Koogeek! Moving on, we have some stuff from Flosku. So Flosku is a new startup in Somerset, England and they've got lots of Apple accessory products. They've sent some over here for us to check out. So let's see what we have.

So first is a Walnut case for the Apple TV Siri Remote. Now this has a nice wooden texture to it. I don't actually have an Apple TV, so I can't actually try that on. And this is a stand for the HomePod. Once again, it's got that wooden look to it.

I don't have a HomePod either, so unfortunately I can't test this out, but finally we have the Jamal Stylus Stand for the Apple Pencil. Now this is bead blasted anodized black aluminum, looks really nice, so goes in quite nicely. Can go in either way.

So if you do want a stand for your Apple Pencil, then you've got something here, cheers Flosku! Right, so the next one, I think the final product for today's episode is the Oculus Quest. So this is actually a stand-alone VR headset with some controllers, you're not gonna have to connect

This to your phone or a different device, wired or anything like that, you can be completely wireless and it looks pretty sick, let's check it out. So I do really like firstly, the stealth black look that's consistent throughout the design. You do get a charging cable and power brick as well.

Now taking a look around, I can see lots of cameras. I can see four here at the front and what this is gonna allow you to do is not only kind of look around, but it's also gonna allow you to walk within a defined area that you can do within the app on here.

Right, so I went ahead and set this up. It was really straight, I'll take this off first actually. It was actually really straightforward to set up. I just had to download a few updates and things. Smells, smells kinda like garlic, I'm not sure why that is, but anyway, now this is actually powered by

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and what that essentially means is that you've got the internals of a smartphone in here and that's the reason why you can use it independently. And because of all of its sensors, it's actually super, super accurate.

I was playing a bit of the Creed demo that comes with this and it gave me a bit of a workout. So definitely a cool product, I think if you're somebody who's into VR, then you're definitely gonna like this. And I think that's what we have time for, but we've got so many more boxes to get through,

So we are gonna have a second episode this month. If you wanna see that first, then make sure you have subscribed and hit that bell icon so you don't miss it. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. If you did, then do hit that thumbs up button for me.

Remember, if you wanna pick up any of the items featured in today's video, those will all be linked in the description below and if you wanna send something for a future episode, then there's also gonna be the address in the description below. If there's anything that you'd like me to cover

In more detail in a future episode, then drop me a comment below and let me know. Thanks for watching guys, this is Saf on Supersaf TV. And I'll see you next time.

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