SPECIAL PACKAGES from LG – Unboxing Time 40

by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

– What's up guys, Saf here on SuperSaf TV, and welcome to another episode of Unboxing Time, mystery unboxings of cool tech This is actually Episode Number 40, and it is a special episode, we've got some really cool products, including some special products from LG,

Who are sponsoring this video As always, all of the products will be linked down in the description below Let's get straight to it So the first product we have are the LG Tone Free earbuds Now these are quite unique

Because they have UV Nanotechnology We'll talk about that in a second, let's see what we get inside the box Here is the case, and as well as the earbuds, you do get a USB type A to USB type C cable, you get some paper work and you get some spare ear tips

Now these are the white version, so we've got a bit of a glossy case, but there is also a black version available which has more of a matte finish Now when you do open up the case, you can see that there's a light effect

Now this light effect actually indicates the UV nanotechnology So when the earbuds are inside the cradle and they are on charge, you will get a flash of UVC light that's going to kill up to 999% of bacteria And you guys know how important that is,

Especially in this day and age when everybody is a lot more concerned about hygiene, so that is very, very cool You can also see the With Meridian logo here, Meridian of course known for that clear and spatial audio, so LG have partnered with them here for these earbuds,

And let's go ahead and connect these up and test them out The only thing is I don't currently have a device with me, and we do have the LG Velvet which we'll be unboxing a little bit later But that's not unboxed as yet, so if you just give me a moment,

I'm just going to quickly jump into the future, grab the LG Velvet and bring it back so we can test it out Give me one second That is because the LG Velvet does have a 35 millimeter jack (air whooshing)

Just going to quickly borrow this, don't tell him Right, back with the LG Velvet, we'll drop that back off in a little bit Let's go ahead and test out the connectivity So we're just going to open up the cradle, and we should see a notification,

Yap, there's a notification that's popped up, connected, checking for an update, and there we go, nice and easy, very quick set up, let's try this on Now I've got these on, comfortable fits and they do stay in my ears, so obviously, everybody's ear shapes are different,

But these have fitted in quite nicely, and that's because they're encased in a soft medical gray ear gel, balanced with the majority of the weight resting in the ear Just going to play some music and test them out (soft music)

Okay (soft music) Now because they actually sit inside your ears, and they've got really good seal, you get some really nice moist isolation But with the LG Tone Free app,

You can easily switch on ambient sound if you want to hear everything else around you There's also lots of equalizer settings, very easy to use And you've also got a Find My Earbuds option, so if you do drop your earbud somewhere, then if you tap this button,

It is going to make a chirping sound, so that way you'll be able to find those very easily too Now for the battery life, you do have a total of 18 hours on a full charge, the cradle has around 12 hours, and the earbuds have around six hours Fast charging is supported via the USB type C

And ports and you also have wireless charging, so you can just drop these on a wireless charger, and they're going to charge up very conveniently Now the Tone Free earbuds also IPX for water resistant rated So if you're going to be using these for workout or something

And you're going to be getting a little bit of sweat on them, that's also going to be absolutely fine, and then you can just drop them back in, leave these in charge and then you're going to be able to kill all of that bacteria as well And those are the LG Tone Free earbuds,

If you want to pick these up or find out more, there's going to be some links down below Let me just go ahead and drop this LG Velvet back off into the future The next package is also from LG and it is in this very special Velvet box,

I've never seen a Velvet box before, And inside here, of course we have the brand new LG velvet So as well as the device, there is a little kind of drawer here, how do I open this? (soft music) Okay, nice

So this is 12 of just 15 that have been sent out, I feel very, very special So inside here we've got a couple of cases, we've got a bamboo stylus, as well as the LG dual screen case So you can use the Velvet with a dual screen

Which is pretty cool Let's check out the Velvet And here it is, we've got some of the key features here, Sleek and premium design, easy creation camera, OLED cinematic full vision display, 205 by nine, so it's almost 21 by nine

IP68 water and dust resistant So as well as the LG Velvet, you do get some paper work, a SIM card tool, a USB type A to USB type C cable, a fast charger, as well as some 35 millimeter earphones and that is because the LG Velvet does have a 35 millimeter jack

(air whooshing) Where did the, did you guys see that? When did the device go? (air whooshing) (soft music) What is going on?

How did that just come back here? Anyway, anyway, I've probably just been not having enough sleep recently So let's get back to the device, this has a 68 inch POLED display, full HD plus resolution, we do have this notch here at the top

With the front facing camera The design is premium, we've got a combination of metal and glass, and we've got this really cool looking color here at the back There is a 48 megapixel main camera,

An eight megapixel wide camera, five megapixel a depth camera as well as a 16 megapixel front facing camera There's an in display fingerprint scanner and this is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset, so we do have 5G, six gigabytes of RAM,

128 gigabytes of storage, and you do have a micro SD card slot, so you can expand the storage in here, 4300 milliamp hour battery, stereo speakers as well as that 35 millimeter jack and it is of course compatible with the LG dual screen,

Should be pretty straightforward, just need to slot this into that USB port and make sure it's clipped in (soft music) And there we go, so that's really easy now you've got the display split across two screens,

So, you know, maybe if you're gaming on one screen, you can have the controls on the other screen, maybe if you're watching a video on one screen you can be browsing the internet on another screen It's an interesting concept from LG, there's also pen input support with that bamboo pen

Which you can buy separately And that's the LG Velvet, let me know what you guys think of it Moving on, we have quite a few things here from Microsoft So this is the complete Microsoft Surface Go 2 collection, we've got the Microsoft Surface Go 2,

We've got the Signature Type Cover, there is the mobile mouse, there's the pen, as well as the sleeve Now the Surface Go 2 is a very interesting product is kind of like a two in one, It's a, is essentially a tablet

But if you do get the keyboard with it, then you're going to be able to use it pretty much like a laptop Now the contents of the box very simple, we've got some paper work as well as the charger Let's check out the Surface Go 2, very light, very compact

So the Surface Go 2 does have a 105 inch display, the display size is actually slightly larger compared to the previous generation, but the body size is roughly about the same, and that's because we've got smaller bezels The bezels are actually okay for a tablet

Because you do need somewhere to hold Now this starts at around 400 pounds, which is pretty reasonable, but with that you do get the Intel Pentium Gold processor 4425Y if you do want more performance, you can get the Intel Core m3 processor version

With 128 gigabytes of SSD storage, We've got a 35 millimeter jack, a USB type C port, this is 31, it's not Thunderbolt 3 Now my favorite thing about Surface products is this kickstand, it's so, so useful because you can have it in many different positions

So you can have it all the way down here if you're using the pen, maybe taking some notes or doing some drawings, and if you're typing with the keyboard, then you can prop it up like this, So, very, very flexible, quickly bringing the keyboard,

This is sold separately, but it connects on very easily and it's a very nice keyboard You've get a decent amount of travel, as well as the trackpad And realistically speaking I think if you are going for a Surface Go,

The keyboard is kind of like a must have accessory, Five megapixel front facing camera, eight megapixel rear facing camera and I really do like the cameras on Surface devices, especially for video conferencing, quality is very very good

Now if you are interested in finding out more, I will link to my friend Tom, The Tech Chap's review video, he's covered it all in a lot of detail, that will be in the cards, as well as in the description Next up we have the Black Shark 3, so this is a gaming device which I've got upside down,

Well it's kind of symmetrical, so you could have it either way And it does come with a pretty beefy power brick, and that is because this is a 65 watt hyper charger, is going to give you around about a 50% charge in just 12 minutes and a full 100% charge

In around 38 minutes, and that is quite impressive because it does have a 4720 milliamp hour battery, so dual battery, so it's kind of split in two Also does come with a case and some stickers and SIM card tool, 667 inch AMOLED display with a 90 hertz refresh rate, so it is pretty smooth,

But more importantly, it's got a 270 hertz touch response rate So Black Shark, I was saying that's going to give you the lowest latency around 24 milliseconds Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset of course,

You can get up to 12 gigabytes of LPDDR5 RAM, up to 256 gigabytes of UFS 30 storage And now I quite like the symmetrical design, the back like we saw on the box, we've got a triple camera module here, 64 megapixel primary camera, 13 megapixel ultra wide camera,

As well as a five megapixel depth camera, stereo speakers, as well as a sandwich liquid cooling system So all of the components are kind of sandwiched in layers to keep things as cool as possible Very interesting gaming phone Are you somebody that's into gaming?

Are you somebody who would be picking up the Black Shark 3? I believe there's also the Black Shark 3 Pro, let me know And next we have the Roku streaming stick plus, this is powered by MediaTek Not a lot people tend to only associate MediaTek with smartphone chipsets,

But MediaTek are actually the number one chipset provider for smart TVs, and over 70% of smart TVs globally are powered by MediaTek And of course, they power this as well as say the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k So coming back to the Roku Streaming Stick Plus, 4k HDR,

A bunch of compatible apps here as well So pretty self explanatory really, you just have to plug this in to the HDMI port of any regular TV and it's going to make it a smart TV, you've got all of the cables to connect this on,

Powered up, as well as the remote which does have shortcut keys to Netflix, Spotify, Google Play, as well as Rakuten TV, is that how you say it? Now it's got a quad core processor, 80211ac dual band MIMO wireless, so you do have long range wireless, as well as Voice Search

Thank you MediaTek for sending this over This is a little bit different for Unboxing Time, we've got a Philips Hair Clipper, I think Philips probably saw me complaining about not having a haircut and getting my brother to cut my hair for me during lockdown

This is definitely going to help out A few of the key features here, up to 120 minutes run time after one hour charging, that's very good So you don't have to be corded all the time But if you do want to be corded, you can be corded DualCut technology with double sharp and titanium blades

I like titanium, 400 lock in length settings, 05 to 42 millimeters with 01 millimeter step, so you've got quite a bit of control, auto boost mode and quick release washable blades, very nice And here it is, we've got some different attachments on It looks really, really slick

Now obviously I can't actually cut my hair in this episode of Unboxing Time, but I am going to get my brother to give me a haircut soon, so I'll get him to use this, really, really thoughtful of Philip, so really appreciate that, thank you Moving on, we have a package from Samsung,

Now this is the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex This was actually sent to me with a standing desk accessory which was a quite a nice touch from Samsung, I must say, I posted on my Instagram stories, so, you know, got an exclusive there If you're not already following me on Instagram,

I'm at supersaf, so make sure you do go ahead and follow me And this is a very interesting two in one laptop You obviously get the charger and some paperwork, and the version I have here does have a 156 inch QLED touchscreen display but the version available

In the UK is just going to be 133 inch version We do have a fingerprint scanner which is going to allow us to get into the laptop straight away Slim bezels, now you can have this powered by up to a 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with up to 512 gigabytes of SSD storage,

It is very, very slim, and it's of course got an S pen so we can just pop this out of here And this makes things really interesting because it's a two in one so you can flip it all the way back on itself, you can also have it completely flat,

And this way you're going to be able to use it in tablet mode, and if you're using the S pen, then, you know, you can go ahead, make notes, get creative The screen does have 600 nits of brightness, but we've got a full size keyboard including a number pad, trackpad and you can use this trackpad area

To charge your smartphone, so you do have wireless power share which is pretty cool, three USB type C ports, two of these are Thunderbolt 3, micro SD card slot Really cool laptop, thank you Samsung Next up we've got the Razer Kishi

Universal gaming controller for Android Now this is for Android, but there is also a version available for iPhone Now the contents of the box are very simple, you've got some instructions, and then you've got this controller,

Which can expand out and it's got a USB type C ports So you can plug this in to your smartphone And what that's going to mean is very low latency, so we've seen other controllers which, you know, work over Bluetooth and they can be a little bit more latency there

This is going to mean that it's directly connected You've got two joysticks here, you've got a D pad, you've got all of your other controls here, L1, L2, R1, R2, but there's also a USB type C ports here at the bottom and that does have past recharging, so if you've got your smartphone connected in here,

But you still need some juice, you're going to be able to plug this in And my friend Thunder E from Booredatwork has actually done a detailed review of this and he spends a lot more time gaming on smartphones than I do, so I'll link to his video down below

But if you're somebody who's serious about smartphone gaming, then I'm sure this is going to give you a competitive edge Next part we've got here is the GameSir VX2 AimSwitch Gaming Keypad Okay, this is something that I've not seen before,

One combo for all consoles works with the PS4, Xbox one switch, as well as PC All right, that definitely looks really cool Now this panel was actually made out of aluminium alloy Wow, okay Also comes with a Mouse, some cables and this connector,

So this connector, you're going to be able to plug in to your PC, your Xbox, your PlayStation, and then it's going to be able to wirelessly connect to this keypad as well as the mouse And this is really cool because you've got, you know, your W, A, S, D, and all of the control

That you'd normally use in a keyboard They are mechanical switches I actually might try this out when I'm playing Warzone next time because I like mechanical keyboards for gaming, but I don't like mechanical keyboards for typing,

If I'm like, you know, writing the script or something, I don't like using mechanical keyboard So this will be quite cool, you know, I can just, when I'm gaming, I could just bring this out, use that to game with the mechanical keyboard on the gaming mouse and then I could switch back

To my regular keyboard later on Very, very cool, I'm going to try it out and I'll let how I get on All right, in this box we have, all right, this is actually a bunch of stuff from Rode We've got a little note here from Rode,

"in this box you'll find new additions "to the Wireless GO Range, "white versions of the Wireless GO "and Lavalier GO, plus two awesome accessories, "the Interview GO and the MagClip GO" So I've actually personally been using

The Rode Wireless GO system for over a year now, it's actually what I've got hooked up right here if you don't believe me, that's actually going into the Wireless GO which is going into my camera And inside here I have the SmartLav plus plugged in

And that's kind of what I go for my audio because it just makes things so much easier, the audio is fed directly in to the camera, but now we have a white version for this So if you're working with somebody that's, you know, wearing white then

This isn't going to stand out as much especially with this Lavalier Now for those of you guys who are not familiar with the Rode Wireless GO system, you basically have a receiver and a transmitter which has a built in mic

The receiver has an LCD display, this can easily go into the hot shoe of your camera, and then you can link it up via this cable And then you have the transmitter portion, which you can either use the built in mic off, so you can put on one of these windjammers

If you'd like as well, and this is going to be able to clip on to somebody's shirt or something, or you do also have a mic input So you can then put on a Lavalier mic like I have done with my current setup

Both of these do charge via USB type C, so that makes things super easy, and I really really like this system, it's so compact and easy to use So if you want to hear what this sounds like then, you know, you're kind of already listening

To it because that is my go to But as well as that you do have the MagClip which is going to make it easier for you to kind of clip it on using the magnets on here And then there's the Interview GO So this is the handheld adapter for the Wireless GO

Okay, that's really cool All right, so this is absolute genius, you're going to be able to clip on The mic element of the Rode Wireless GO kits, put on this shield, And then you're going to be able to go around wirelessly and interview people this,

This is going to be so useful when am at events and I need to go around interviewing people, maybe if I'm doing a livestream or something, obviously I can't do that right now because there are no events but this is going to be so useful Thank you Rode, that is so awesome

And that's all we have time for guys, I really hope you enjoyed this episode of Unboxing Time If you did, then do hit that thumbs up button Is there anything that you'd like me to cover in more detail? Drop that in the comments below

If you were to pick up any of the items featured in this video, then they will of course be linked down in the description of below And if you want to see more videos like this going forward and you haven't already, then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon,

That way you won't miss any future coverage Thanks for watching, this is Saf on SuperSaf TV, I'll see you next time (soft music)

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