SpaceX: Starlink Launch: Falcon 9

published on July 3, 2020

teemo's 30 seconds


a second


and nine eight seven six five four three

two one zero



our toilet relevant is t+ 47 seconds and

we have just had liftoff of our Falcon 9

vehicle taking our Starling pelo to its

targeted orbit in about 15 seconds or so

we will be passing through max Q max Q

is the maximum aerodynamic pressure that

the vehicle will see throughout its

supersonic you shouldn't hear that call

out in about five seconds or so Falcon 9

is experiencing maximum aerodynamic

pressure and there's that call out for

max Q coming up next in about a minute

will be three events happening in rapid

succession the first of which will be

miko or main engine cutoff followed

immediately by stage separation and this

is where the first stage separates from

the second stage and then followed by

SES one or second engine start one at

back-end until you can see on your

screen this is a nice live view looking

aft on the vehicle so you can see those

Merlin engines burning real bright right

now with earth in the background

and we're just about 30 seconds away if

you're just now joining us the next

three events coming up will be Miko

remain engine cutoff stage separation

and SCS one second engines start one and

as we mentioned today we will only be

having one burn of the second stage


stage separation confirmed

and there we've just had Mikoto main

engine cutoff and stage separation and

second engines start one on your right

screen that engine is starting up and

should be turning bright red shortly

here there it is now coming up in about

five seconds we will have fairing deploy

should also be able to see this on your

screen ferric separation confirmed and

there is fairing deploy now both fairing

halves are making their way back to

earth let's hope that we can catch both

of them today on mystery mystery

okay stage 2 continues to burn nominally

with those 60 StarLink satellites up on

top while stage 1 begins its descent

down to the trone ship so coming up very

soon we're going to have a few events on

stage one the first is the entry burn

that's coming out up about t plus 6

minutes and 48 seconds or so that's

where three of the m1d engines are going

to reignite and what they do is they

slow the first stage down as it

re-enters the upper part of the Earth's

atmosphere that burns going to go for

about 20 seconds until you hear the call

out stage one entry burn and about a

minute and a half after the conclusion

of that entry burn will be the landing

burn now that's where we we reignite the

center 9 engine on the bottom of Falcon

9 on that first stage and what that does

is then slows the vehicle down to zero

velocity as those landing legs are

deploying and hopefully placing this

stage on the drone ship for the fourth

time and hopefully marking the 50th

successful landing of a falcon 9 booster

Stage two trajectory continues to be

nominal we're hearing that impact power

is good and everything is looking really


Stage two is burning with more than two

hundred and ten thousand pounds of

thrust and the 60 satellites that are on

top of that second stage are gonna join

the previous batches of StarLink

satellites already in orbit further

feeling in our constellation which gets

us another step closer to providing high

speed low latency internet access to

people on that beautiful blue planet

right there targeting places where

broadband connectivity options like

fiber are too expensive or unreliable or

even sometimes completely unavailable

we're about 15 seconds away from that

entry burn hopefully we'll see that

plume on the left side of the screen


saved one left ESS safety stage wallet

Roberta started and as you can see that

entry burn has begun have we lost the

down leg therapist for a second but

hopefully we'll get it right back soon

yeah age wallet everybody shut that way

all right now as you just heard that

entry burn has concluded and I'm also

hearing that it was a pretty good one so

coming up Phyllis expected coming up

next for Stage one in just under a

minute is going to be the start of the

landing burn this will be if successful

the 50th successful landing of a booster

of a falcon booster not necessarily a

falcon 9 we've landed boosters for

Falcon Heavy as well and this counts as

one of those

okay we're a little over ten seconds

away from that landing burn start

meanwhile stage two in stage two stage

one landing burners started alright

let's see what we can see here on the

left side of the screen it's a beautiful

day out there

well any legs are deployed

and back shut down

okay we were expected to safety we were

expecting the call out for landing and

we obviously didn't see it there on the


so let's look back at stage two infant

one-day OS and we clearly did not make

the landing this time however stage two

we have confirmed Seco which is second

engine cutoff let's listen for the call

out of the orbit is these satellites all

clustered together once separated from

the second stage they will slowly

disperse from one another and in the

days and weeks that come deploy their

solar array use their on-board ion

propulsion system to raise and

circularize their orbit and start

beaming down broadband internet to

StarLink engineers to test performance

once the satellites have been deployed

the second stage will conduct a

passivation maneuver and be safely

deorbited within months we should be

coming up on that deployment of the

Starling satellites in just a few

moments here in about 15 seconds or so

we should be able to see that live what

you're looking at is those flat packed

satellites right there on your screen

you lost that live view but it should be

coming back here shortly

Starlin tension rod separation confirmed

and as you heard the tension rod

separation has been confirmed so our

payload should be deploying shortly here

and there it goes another round of

satellites out in space so with that

that brings our webcast to a close we

had an on-time liftoff this morning a

good stage separation first stage made

its way back to earth unfortunately we

did not land the first stage on our

drone ship but it did make a soft

landing on the water right next to the

drone ship so it does look like it might

be in one piece again that is our

secondary mission so we will try again

next time our primary mission is now

complete our darling satellites are in

their targeted orbit and will be making

their way to their final orbit using

their onboard thrusters so thank you to

the 45th Space Wing for Range Safety and

the FAA for licensing today's launch as

well as the FCC we'd also like to thank

you guys all of our viewers for tuning

in you can follow our website and social

media platform for updates on stage one

you can also follow for updates on the

fairing caches and our next missions and

milestones have a great day and we'll

see you next time

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