SpaceX Crew Dragon / Docking With The ISS Simulator – Reside Stream (This ought to be enjoyable!)

published on July 2, 2020

this phone so spear Sachs has just

released this simulator tonight

it's basically meant to replicate the

actual interface that will be used on

the crew dragon by so basically we can

dock with the ISS and the simulator so

and what I record that tonight so I'm

just startup it's not the actual web

address is in the description I've just

started it up so let's see how this goes

now I will be joined tonight by my good

friend alcohol so this is not going to

end well no matter what happens okay I

have a brief look at the instructions so

all those green number any things we

have to get them to I think within two

degrees and speed has to be less than

point two meters per second also I hope

this microphone is working all right

it's just a new mic so it may or may not

know we on OBS little audio maxwell

mixer is going mad so okay so this is

just released tonight so basing this

replicates the simulator oh sorry the

actual command module of the crew dragon

and the CM interface that the astronauts

will be using or the cemetery that was

used either on the year by Jim

bridenstine anything bridenstine had a

nasa well you know who he is finally Jim

doc first time but he is an Air Force

pilot okay so here we are we're

approaching the ISS so on your left hand

side busy you got your thrust controls

you've got four up-down left-right you

got forward you go backward this will

allow you to make larger movements and

click out so you'll be able to make

smaller more menu and adjustments later

on as you approach the station this is

for year I think it's your I say a roll

this one through

and this one is pitch up and down and

then your so you're going left and right

with ease and again you can do large

movements are very tiny movements okay

obviously once you hit a movement as a

you go left you're going to have to

compensate at some point by going right

or you'll just continue to go left so

let's see if we can dock with the ISS

I'm just going to speak to my good

friend before we try this okay so we are

currently two hundred two meters right

so we're nowhere to be seen so we need

to let's start with pitch pitch I'm

sorry that's not yeah pitch his way out

so we need to bring out a turn around

two degrees so yeah I get that right so

we're getting a bitly

leveling out the craft so sixteen

fifteen fourteen below even more so we

need to have it within two degrees so we

can I'm going the wrong way seven six

five four three two one and again this

is available online it's the way it's

just in your web browser so anybody can

use it and we need to move to the last

or twenty one degrees at the moment we

need to bring out on tour – I mean how

hard is it to dock with the ISS they do

it all the time no the great thing about

it is actually in real life unless

something happens the crew won't

actually have to do this it's should be

automatic so so why we prepare this well

anyway it's good fun thank you eagle on

so six degrees so we need to bring out

again hundred to five four three come on

oh yeah okay that's not too bad I'm

gonna just study there so we need to fix

our rolla's it so are yes rules this way

it's complicated

you know I was thinking Rockets hats

okay so 102 right now we have to use our

thrusters so we're drifting to the left

so we hit right I'm gonna make the

thrust and rivers larger just together

there we go again have we just left that

up or continued drifting right so we

just need to dig too deep today

okay come on that's my problem I don't

have much patience all right and again

my your thing I think it is gone dude

our way so so that green spot you see

there that's what we were aiming for so

we need to go down so well anyway way of

did it

we can fix fix er at any point okay so

we're bringing our crosshairs that line

with the green dot we've it whoa whoa

whoa okay that's not bad

okay so we need a fix or y'all can

anybody remember what do you owe us

no that's pitch

so working point to it

Grieg's or two degrees and under so

we're way off here the moment so i am

glad i am not taking anyone to the ISS

and it Hampson 12 sorry we can just

shimmy shimmy side words shimmy side

words I knew him well my sis


gal do for time bein so we need to go

left I think that's a technical term

space left

okay so we're bringing the ISS interview

might have been paid it is really I

think it would that be okay so left left

left right if you're making any comments

I'm gonna tell you one thing

I don't got my glasses on so I company

really what you're saying so but keep

chatting away and if you're on

instructions probably the first

instruction is don't drink photo when

you're driving career dragon yeah whoa

whoa okay we're actually not too bad so

we can just slow things up and I'll line

that bit more to the left


I thought Claudio end up and on just to

give me a bit of her face she's actually

quite clear do these things but or Tony

or mark or are they don't you leave me

to it only old here ok so need to go tip

it to the right bit to the right

but the world ok so we're in a good

position we are 181 meters away from the

station all our things a role or picture

y'all all the Condor too so I think I

didn't really really instruction sup

well to be honest I'm not really Alan I

mean the instruction turned again and I

got always rich hi rich okay

Pascal and Pascal is cascoon lakeside

what sure – that's up but she's not a

regular on the chat he or she okay so


easy peasy we just have for the grim top

me what more did a green dog green dot


there you go I mean it says all you have

to do to talk with the edge just even

for the green dog iMessage I

Peter Joyce think would be good I think

that's how you didn't so usually no

joystick he doesn't love a good choice

targeting should be done by laser

tracking somebody saying yes it should

be but we're I don't have these are

tracking unfortunate okay so left left


I'm gonna switch to more precise

movements a oh crap okay okay

there's cosmos another regular on our

chat I think I'm one of our moderators

who does a good job okay right okay all

right here we go

where are we we're 660 me oh I'm going

too fast go too fast go too fast

slow slow slow slow slow and relax okay

so big green dog up in green triangle

where diamond whatever it is that's

already over for can't be that hard loop

deciphered hi Cass Cass Co curly

alright alright remember you momentum

will continue to movie oh my she

contracted shiver lumps

she got home she got home she loves

right ok no no no see this is I almost

think that by pressing up we should go

down I'm pressing down as you go up but

it's not the way so I believe the system

for myself don't talk this so the

alcohol does not

here's more thing do not drink and dock

with the ISS at the same time really

don't so cool good yeah so we are 20

meters away what can happen and 20

meters has got to be a gift today I

don't mind or an after we better see him

try also read the comments as well which

is not really working

come on you boy you just don't know the

app then you can play along too there's

not for this I know there it's on the

website and it's at the link for this it

is in the description if you want to

have a go yourself a quick fun you may

want to even read the instruction

switches probably do you think so

slow down oh no going backwards that's

not good that's not good that's not good

no see it's definitely controlled

because up should be 9 and Diane should

be up there's popping in for those

upside down controls I don't know what

they're called

all right that's just Center on degree

focus on the green dot use the force and

we shall get oh right left right stop

here we go here we go you want to slow

down I wouldn't closer we are six meter

of it oh come on oh oh shit Rob's

it's actually harder than you think

again the controls lightly over honey

well so let's go forward all word left

all right fine and just six point six


i hard inverter control yes hi divert my

controls easy to say virtue controls

when you're flying it twenty-seven

thousand kilometers per hour and maybe

some factory jobs

hi Jennifer my controls doesn't help why

don't you tell me how we are less than

five kilometers or five meters away bit

/ four five come in here we're this


secrets carry hundreds of millions of

dollars in my hands I say we can talk

this thing years of trying it well

here's it drinking well sure it'll be

training right oh that's almost like it

wasn't perfect so I need it come with

speed I think Oh more speed nobody see

speed on this I can't see see that Mike

the cameras also annoy anybody see speed

or speed cuz I do we need listen point

to blah blah blah per second could it be

my green horrible we two meters I Betty

the crew of the ISS are actually Kakkar

themselves seeing me bring this on board

what well that was crazy Mannion that's

Russian by the way oh

left right right right up


I just want to zoom back out it's and

you think to criticize me until you've

done yourself this is just awkward is do

lolly right see that's already far away

it's here to hit the green spot might

stop okay I'm gonna go let's talk this

thing the words watching yeah no

pressure to earth thanks rich yeah must

be terrible if this was the first oh god

you never live it down

I'm just gonna try and talk her know it

to have with us this you do that was not

good okay embarrass myself there self

time let you know at the ISS behind Jim

Jim Brighton Stein's probably loves

pants oh yeah a second they did it

didn't I did it how not to link to us

let me tweet it better

let's give brain Stein to I'm honest to

Brighton's time in my head I've always

had burden Steen but it's brightness

then try again

my there you green dark green dark green

dark green dart current I'm going new

one what factor one engage make it so

stay on target stay on target

yeah another game I have to play I've

got Kerbal anybody play curveball I've

never played it I just bought it there

and stamen okay really play would look

so complicated bail rockets my things

looks very cool but it just seems comic

right there we go let's just dive on

there what would happen if she like no

shit what's gonna work factor once did

in there and figure out half the is ass

but I think they need it

it's not going to be a disaster he Hume

that Eve little fear I will talk this

thing and it takes me three ball toward

I really love it

left left left enacting no no giving not

want to use or give me any good advice

at all the only person said it was in

furtive intrudes but they didn't

accidentally hide in vertical or if you

could inverting the trolls well there's

a Settings button

oh can we averted gravity and gravity on

thanks SpaceX that was I'm almost

tempted to turn gravity at will do it

next time

we all turn gravity off just for the

hell of it just felt a halibut said I

get faced Chuck I know you can hear me

because I have never tested as my god I

just grabbed it tonight

yeah oh I look good

oh now

up down left right so no no I think all

the we numbers are good all my great

things I just have to watch some speed

when I come to talk I'm actually use the

keyboard yeah yeah the keyboard you have

more responsive using the mice so I need

a slow dying so we were 77 meters away

that's why what get Fame for those who

deal with real money

you do it here hold your breath because

you're all on board I don't talk you

don't talk he's floating endlessly in

space here we go

joystick yeah I don't have a joystick

I don't know you no choice it would work

this is really nice oh here we go oh

come on obviously that's rotation one

there's a chief with right oh my number

and you real is below play again and

review the docking temps tougher I think

the game is cheating me absolutely

kidding okay shall we let's dance

well don't throw me way over here so I'm

gonna have to okay so get everything on

dew point – oh no awesome and what

happens to you you rarely get seasick

and I see doesn't make me feel a bit

queasy deep breath deep breath

yeah bingo nothing I'm not even sure who

is Mackey's mrs mrs you're drunk no I

am NOT drunk I'm pleasantly tipsy but

not drunk I think we did this on the

real ISS simulation you wouldn't be an

astronaut try though just I thought so

let's get round here just give me a tiny

of my head together and here we go hey

it's not like Star Wars you just don't

go shoe shoe

right so I want it under 2 degrees by

the word the 3 degrees first public

video before most your time okay here we


let us know by just dock this thing miss

rich I thought I had it

all right so once this night won't take

it seriously if I have a future in space

trouble this is where it starts

I kid over the book okay I'm waiting on

Papa three degrees so right so my role

is color away six five four three two

mmm wanna get a lesson okay super duper

pitch is up and dying so we go bring

that under – we can do this guys and

girls we can't call us an amazing space

or nothing for three do Chris Claudia

everything Claudia okay

pitch is good so rollers good pitch is


we need y'all just yeah I'm gonna sort

our yard


I made this mark one

all right before I'll just bring out

dynasty okay okay

everything is we can do lolly so we need

to basically Center ourselves

yeah Gina you're not really helping with

the tips here

I wasn't f-16 pilot like Christ in a

computer game but still Christ okay so

that looks not too bad we're gonna go

dying as he don't you be up and up

should be dying okay so here we go we

can do this sisters argue this is a hard


now what a goon he said this is our time

I don't think this is gonna work out

fairly well okay we're drifting maxi on

the wrong screen yeah what happened

where's my a there we go we're back okay

so we need a go but to their eyes a

little bit to the right come on

yeah I'm really I'm trying to read

what's coming up on my but I can't see

how furred somebody said sad man feel

terrible thanks for the yeah that allow

me does it I don't want to feel terrible

yet and be good I want to talk best oh


so in for the Kryptonite that's where we

going for

once I line this up and then won't be

able to charge full speed ahead

no we've been lower I don't have a

joystick and I don't know if a joystick

might actually work with it the

keyboards probably better once you're

close out okay we're almost centered on

it looks quite good we've been there for

you better a bit flat okay let's be

things up here so we are like 200 meters

away yeah non-immigrants betting

different distance what would happen if

you spat and space

Kerbal is easier the minded effect Putin

what minded effect is that rich there's

– hello from read that yeah

can you read up my glasses all right

here we go

we're not making much progress here not

sure what's going on chubbie go big

let's go big go big or go home this

isn't going to end well

you'll suffer look a force shall be with

you always

no no no at a distance the MGP are very

personable read much more to him you

realize GD crash into the mountain

unless I am living somewhere else there

are no ends right here we go where our

hunter 50s salty four-eyed I want to get

a cinema then like 50 meters of it come

on thought game hi old friend you've

never failed me not yet don't feel mean

I have really seen Claudia come on

whoo oh here we go

stay on target Stowe see don't ask what

got me there doing a soap operas knowing

no this is your quality of your

craftsmanship Ilana

absolutely Krishna right so I'm gonna

switch to more precise moved here

because this is that's Warren engage

number one space the final frontier

right here we go do not cry from the te

t what green end for go watch yourself

really give me help

don't just talk instructions would be

good but I have use of art I mean

where's Gina and rich and cosmos and

Tony and turn remember everybody's name

I see

alcohol is a terrible thing slow down

I'm still 35 meters away always like oh

it's quite good

what if I just leave it like this what

are they good at bathroom no yeah I'm

just gonna load in a crew dragon just

Peyton here let's be soon right I think

we could do this games & gert gonna slow

begin soon

20 meters 20 meters here's this you go

very mighty pretty

hi Daniel from spear see I shouldn't

really read yeah and that is that's a

message for us all don't read while

you're driving

that's slowed down a bit

thanks rich did they give you an eye


cannon-fire glasses good specs

did you drink rocker no well cheap vodka

so QB rocker shell where's Tony Bruno

don't give me some advice Roland would

mean my room everything has to be on a

lesson point no two degrees everything

is green Grimm's Go Green is claim red

is the head know there's a quote green

is clean red is dead words are from

maybe you get out you got a prize green

is clean red is dead

Green is clean red is dead one of the

best TV theaters ever ever ever

Alice British thanks Gina I mean yeah if

I wasn't busy on the 27th I would give

them a hand but things do you know what

are they and also can you actually hear

what I'm saying

can somebody tell me actually honestly I

don't know if this makers even working

come on here we go

just relax now all haven't worked it

less than eight meters away can you hear

me hello hello like rich rich is such

good faith in me he's a fool reduce to

one in the last time where are the last

two meters and I was reduced to one ok

have millions slower never get there

it'll show impatient that's okay I okay

for goodness sake small running in

screen add the other yeah that's not

your name

I apologize see what happens I take my

eyes off the screen for a moment well

suppose the dug-in what's his name would

be having this trouble of reading

YouTube comments Nick this has got to be

good six point four meters that's just

ease on them there thumbs up Gina mm-hmm

counts is that okay super

okay let's go let's do this make it so

number one engage warp factor one space

the final frontier

if you were any other man I would kill

you where you stood near the power

promise ready to rock a few I may have

to pause this can you pause it and is

there a pause I'm not sure this we call

it so anybody know where the balls are

because it looks pretty good where it is

even but three up three nine but anybody

tell me what this ball was for Oh see

you're distracting me good luck

super yeah no yours good everything it

has been within the two degrees if

everything is within two degrees you're

happily it's a nothing respecting music

hey you're respecting music respects

alright burp their apologies and under


so almost all strings or our field both

of course

I'm trying to concentrate

you can use the keyboard that's actually

quite not a bad idea actually yeah I met

do that don't know link but yeah don't

know link is in the description

somewhere if you want to have a go you

can pace yourself see if you can talk

with the ISS and then you can share your

impetus if you have a video of it and we

will laugh I mean we will look at yours

and just admire your talent

but not on post them all to also put the

fifty-third one where you actually mr

doc southern make certain to fill up I


in this brightness so small design

design no effect Emma for those you're

watching I'm actually on a completely

different screen at the moment and

trying to see what everybody's saying


all right okay

I'm in the back yeah I think I may be

able to see what you're saying

and also Jesus at the same time if I can

move them over there toggle fullscreen

okay I think I think we've got it sorted

oh no what happened see take your eyes

out for two seconds on your way hey Isis

no okay humming or don't know girl shit

what just chill

I can really what you're saying I've

just you know thrust forward okay I

wanna get my dots lined up here so we

want to trace the first no I need to

keep the thrust under point two meters

per second funny you should say after

you go I just don't know just beat a

space and gently I would like to do some

videos in that and it's very calm I'm

gonna do one on the moon fight surely

and he'll look up how long the mints

actually quite interesting

yep you've got this case women talk and

you can spend two weeks at the ISS

before we have to go home can't come on

Claudia Claudia Claudia where have you

been I know you've got a life and

everything that's not really against you

sir and if I'm slurring my words it's

because of mr vodka who's my empty

right here we go we are 32 meters from

talking we can actually do this town

guys yeah where's Tony

mark where's everybody else

believe me doctor the ISS on my own 22

meters two fighters 19 are we going too


I don't know no you see just stop so

probably not what about them sorry we

got us okay see this is where it gets

I keep thinking Tyler's up and up was

dying no that was perfect

alone I haven't complained this is just

cheating cheating cheating cheating

cheating right this isn't good enough

I'm gonna take my mic off I'm going for

it I drink so you may entertain

yourselves for a while well just a

couple of minutes but I shall be back

hasta la vista

utopia okay we're but we are back what's

going on here sheesh okay so we're gonna

try this war is the hazing don't you

just make the work okay what those guys

focus we've nearly had at that time so

watch out one more we're gonna do this

we can actually dock with the ISS

without their I don't know if I can

screenshot us but I've just opened up

the livestream and it's got the

subtitles on this is I'm partly I'm

speaking because she missed me YouTube

screen saying I'm relieved give me a


I'm not sure when I was released okay

so we're back we won't do this again

okay alright we have to keep everything

all the green numbers within two degrees

we're gonna do so we're gonna do a row

no it's going too far I tried that last

time I got Freddie sick okay let me keep

an eye on what you're saying yeah it was

need to be cosmos

Kujo oh yeah

we have refilled so this is gonna be

even better Oh sugar lumps

oh whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa just

speed it up there that wasn't a good

start let's not a good advertisement for

alcohol high card can Oh Claudia you

make me laugh maybe we should have a

team game of dogging us sometime

mmm nights like tonight you sit with

Friday night a little game of tea my

users talking

let's get them all it's on to see hi and

no practicing gonna be just cheating

yeah I think that's a good idea

so okay that's y'all hmm that's your on

yeah sure did that there so two degrees

or less how hard can it be

my goodness me and again if this was

real life I've just put but like the

Tesla automatic and let's go

self-drive you think I'd be doing this

for myself I get the war right right

okay so just pitch so we are okay let's


go mad we all leave you for two minutes

and everything is thrown off course no

no no Gina you're the sensible one you

want to be in control right no okay

our pitch is so out of whack okay here

we go pitch is coming up 918 sounding

soon remember live it all so two degrees

now if I read something make one

actually go and read the instructions

because my reading of very briefly

instructions were two degrees there's no

about two degrees so it's gotta be right

okay okay that's good

so we need dip down by basil

it's on the website Tiago you don't

really done anything just cool yeah the

Swiss in the description okay here we go

we want to just charge on in here I

don't care we're gonna walk speed it

we're gonna go straight in there we're

gonna do

Star Trek nemesis and just full-on

attack it rich I like your style

radiance if everybody registered when

things be grreat a piece in the

livestream if people didn't read the

instructions all eyes would be so much

easier but rate instructions okay here

we go

so the ring triangular thing diamond

thing that's what we're aiming for where

the car Diego she's gone friend quiet so

you gotta like okay so we're gonna warp

in here well what happened have you just

one wet shall we oh lordy this isn't

gonna be good

Haskell kaskell Ellie's cask ales cusp

Kiki yeah nice and slow no there's no

way we rock and roll here engage number

one always could be actually quite good

I'm actually staying on target

yeah until you get the last hint meters

and then you go okay Maxie sure would

answer well their first idea was that I

we better left

read the instructions I don't read your

circuits but just because I don't

doesn't matter that doesn't mean you

shouldn't okay we're not doing too bad

so climb on yeah is slinky thing do your

own OB I said we're cool oh sorry

record it and not at all see just what

nothing's you're up to alright allow me

as I feel for the third time see how

everything's good here right we're all

lined up everything is – yeah

all our green dots are see what happens

give me a second I might

okay things are going crazy here I have

lost my doodad in my microphone so I can

plug it end

I can't that's had I'm not sure what's

going on here give me a second see if I

can find it sheesh

start okay yeah we sit here I just need

some light on the subject

this is not

okay just to make things even more

complicated one of the whole of the mic

could have lost the connector – that's

all right

we can do this we can do this okay we're

gonna go up up up up up up up up up up

up I'm gonna take em who's getting the

beer a black beard well so slowly okay

that's not too bad so let's just

increase your speed a little three point

two meter Oh see diner self an upper

side achieve me here we go just nice and

easy no need to rush

we're not going anywhere it's an Xbox

controller would actually be quite good

but I'm not sure if Alexi versus just

dropped so where are we

one possible Potts can I just let this

fall and I've gone too fast

yeah do we stop yeah see it looks like

we stopped we're in a good course

heading here

make it so number one five

for I just mister there Oh says you read

ok Lucy rotation wasn't rotating anymore

I think this game can you actually win

at this game seriously this is rigged

right one more go just in my head and I

might have to just pick my mean yeah

just switch the computer off I will get

rolled on door to a woman wanna go

no this way lowly all the way please

what are we different I don't want to

clap us on

okay so that's good so pitch we need we

gone backwards

okay so we'll need two degrees or less

don't drag yeah I think I does respect

amusing I think that's very good at face

but new word is the fun I'm not saying

he's drunkard right that's the terrible

message but in space it's a different


we're in the open road and not in a car

Roxy on a computer so everything is good

see we drinking Brian real life not a

sober certainly so bad okay so we need

to bring this to let our y'all to two

degrees are under okay a way out here

Oh kick out a little bit so what he's

also didn't why you're talking to me and

sexy jump on the website and have a go

yourself just to see how hard it

actually is okay so we're gonna go

laughs here a little bit so big movement

big movements sky design thank you very

much I am so hard I'm not the worst

pilot over just um all the pilots

some swimming generalization me he had


Oh Daxter would be good for minute next

or shake hands

three to know it texture is like a month

he's a great guy

so we're just gonna let this drop and

then we're gonna zoom on in we're gonna

tip a card movement little Star Trek

Ralph Reyes did you ever work out

greenness Clayton who red is dead


disappointed best sound sector show ever

okay so we need adjust we are 200 meters

height and I still don't believe Jim

burden state bridenstine whatever his

name is

you love you Jim by the way yes I'll ask

go don't believe you did this one go I

want to see evidence let's cut your head

and NASA doesn't mean we take everything

you say with the truth come on guys

far too far out here I have a feeling

among us – we are gonna because CES is

where I get I am trying to read in the

comment as well as

steer it doesn't work need to be focused

so yeah because you have to click here

and there you do have to click here and

Eric lawyer trust me trust me he's just

rusted what am I tinman

engage make it so

we are 130 837 other threes

now we're super than right I just yeah

chill night talk about the news talk

about the weather talk about where you

haven't been because we're all I'm not


yeah hold my burger no oh my fuck your

own beer I'm not getting nerding nervous

I don't speak all our language them over

head sorry

warp 1 so we're a hundred meters how are

closing let us be so cool if you were

doing this for nothin seeing is here so

just like that coming up

I haven't are we so thrilling it really

wet no it had to be an automatic because

obviously I can't dock with it

the Irish accent is hard to understand

no it isn't at all it's a very cool

accent by the way got any matter no the

other man I'll part woman up and doesn't

understand you don't I don't know so

what are you failures over what do you

not go you upload them and how many

times you Christ the similar twice and

what I'm EXCI quite a punchy back out

and tag me absolutely we are going slow

enough with your points back out rather

than absolutely serious

I don't know there was no that will not

be happening I'm trying to talk with the

ISS and do you want me to give you a


have you no sense at all right I'm gonna

have to make smaller movements here

because it was an eagle see up should be

time time don't I said I 100 music is

needed here where is Kevin McClory we

didn't need him right say I was gonna go

for down there in a moment

we're all weak 17 minutes little far too

fast right and we think it's under 2% we

need to keep her space

our speed as less than 2 milliseconds

our 2 meters per millimeter per second


I slowed down oh okay we've got this

case in Gertz cause excursion guys don't

cries to the ISS I said as if I would

and the best part of the ISS is the

international bit all countries working

well a number of countries are working

together for the betterment of humankind

oh crap right nobody move nobody breathe

we could do this well I'm gonna have to

go to keyboard turn on the Lord oh I

don't care what your sin here we could

do this do this nobody seemed a speed I

got this beat guys no way that was I was

I was hitting that this is just a fix an

absent whoa I wasn't rotating I was

really slow I can look online slower

when I stop it seriously very diverse

this should not be happening I mean what

kind of space pal am i if I cut slowly

and I wasn't very fast Claudia I still

love that sank YouTube screen saying I'm

really I'm gonna take a post picture of

love okay

I'm really give me a second okay should

I do it again just for the hack would

just follow hangar okay well give you

one more go high hard can it be to dock

with the ISS seriously and those Rockets

hands and all that but still my pedis

amelia after players come dude the crew

is not dead they were just it's

concussed but they enjoyed right there

was Friday exciting right so that's one

rules hold it so we're Wendy sword our

yard no what are you always going too


I hope there's no crew with me may God

have mercy on their souls yeah well they

do have mr Smyrna mr Fogg go with me

elder Browns horror film

right not to your everything has to be

under two degrees as well as says

instructions so everything all the green

bits has to be under two degrees right

if I'm wrong would somebody please read

the instructions for this and tell me

that I'm wrong because Marriott's

according to the things everything has

to be on all the green figures have to

be under 2 degrees predicts what's what

worth the fun seriously I can have a

little photo when I'm flying to the ISS

what is the point in life sure yeah

Dallas have you got a video to prove it

if you don't we don't care we all Z yeah

at least I'm putting my flight

experience I turn on the line for the

world see you go there are whatever it

is there are New England's that is just

the bottom line

well it was only called yes get to it

word is told me he said they still on

the nose all this crap what's going on

who's paying attention that's because

I'm rich if I drink any more we'll

probably be playing I don't know what

Tetris is wrong right just what happened

in the pitch I didn't touch my pitch I

wish I could frame the dude are from

microphone you know there's the tech

technical name – dude out

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa so pitches

already are sorted so many disorder all

right here right and then we can just

open down left or right

engage right everything is 102 degrees

all right unless I'm going mad

everything is there some to erase is

that correct right so when you left leg

left leg left just get lost but not be

good ever you just go didn't let it TV

show by that printer Tony is very busy

Oh when this is all over I must say we

should just fly into England and meet up

that's just for the moderator Severino

I'm a traitor loser I don't think I

can't do this without Emma see I have a

mouse it's all right when you're this

far right but see when you get close up

you have to switch the keyboard it's not

point to be sure max its up for the roll

and pitch I thought love was for the

speed can you check it again let's face

it we all lock down you've not mastered

a max just check it again Dee deep Dee

deep Dee is this microphone by the way I

don't know let's say you got out of


I do it with itemizes first yeah it's

very easy down lets you keep telling us

but watch the evidence where is the

evidence I could have come on the night

said hi doctor this isn't the grid but

where's the proof here I'm putting

myself on the line we might copilot mr

Fogg mm – doctor do yes I don't know if

he can use did you oh wait if you could

use joystick it would actually be a lot

a lot easier I didn't have a xbox one

kicking about mmm I must hold it I

somewhere that could yeah if I was alone

what's in si hey what the hell I just

spent hundreds of millions of dollars on

get rid of him

make it so engage number one

yes Eagle arms number one right we are

200 meters I that's just wise up we want

to do this type of right no point 7 1

degree not point to consume we have a

look on the instructions I am assured

that for the yaw for the pitch for the

row is 2 degrees on under and for the

speed is less than 02 m/s Jimmy you're


you said there you go yet see that there

that's yours it stopped on and there you

be alright that's it

it's a control cosmos and really it's

the controllers don't do me I have a

doctor all but sometimes the input

controls are just not what they are

meant to be when and I'd always always

play in the system a little and think in

what two weeks just over two weeks the

wilderness for real like hello

you'll be on autopilot they'll be on


it'll be none of this nonsense we'll

just be sitting there scratching

themselves saying and the pure computer

will put in at all

where are we hundred 27 meters easy easy

no you ain't correct you just qualified

for this why does that mean I know what

that means

Isaac what on earth I'm not gonna get

not degrees not degrees not degrees

that's just nonsense talk move

right not degrees on the pitch

oh not degrees on the roll

see I'm getting hot degree Oh save and

get not degrees home a yard just for the

hack but just issue that I can't with

fought getting a ring right okay so we

just need to go left right up and down I

want to still don't know you met here

because it's just how hard can this be

these play actually played terrible

because I have Kerbal and I've never

played it and I keep meaning to do it

and it will it will end up there guess

well I will be either not getting off

the grind do you I think we're losing

our privacy no I don't I'm not sure what

privacy we have left that lose but here

we talk about internet access don't sign

up for it I must be honest I've I phone

or anything really wanted to track your

phone the public a dead already but yeah

what do you got to hide controversial

left I'm gonna Visconti like una vez

Kasim that reminds me of anybody old

enough to play Goldeneye on the Nintendo

64 up turn left turn left turn right lay

left look that one up green is clean red

is dead

you still haven't give me an answer you

know how to download anything it's kinda

same it's just a yeah make a video of it

and then upload it and then we can lose

it laughs Reggie but we will and Mary

but Mara it has to be your first goal

not just the one you actually money

stuck with that's just cheating I could

have done this all I didn't stop will do

the one I got come on Katya come on

didn't I do it

I have my team I'm altering me we'll be

fine flying but where's everybody throw

up here in space with me you're just

walking me from Earth making fun of my

inability to talk with ISS astronauts

take years to do with us and I've got

what 15 minutes a bottle of vodka

yeesh wait everything is balloon or

point – I still think it's two degrees

my vodka infused memory can be that

wrong cannot cosmos devaughndre it's not

a fun – microphone

I've lost my clip would you or me if

you'd open the clip and you can hear me

my ramblings won't be the point of that

so Kerbal kinda bleep Laker ball I'm

gonna give me a help instruction and

Blake angrily won't be Kerbal with me

I haven't got a bowl they seriously I've

caught I bought it from Steam and I am

bladed yet

it scares me right here we go hi far can

this be but more what way – no right

down here say that reg wanna go to the

keyboard just Claudia you're the

sensible one you are in this sense but

1c priscilly ins and occur what they say

about young chap the yard that's joke by

the way see this this is worse no but

you may not get my humor from here okay

we don't backwards or we didn't doing

anything yeah we're going backwards

we're dude where do we wait did force

even evil wit dis forward thank you you

go thank you for your fear

I am gonna get with me Cass give Kelly

sound only highly promote your new near

maxi kaskell airs Callie's cuts maybe

keep burping as well as terrible as that

it's the coke in there do that and

follow you come on come on we moving

away here we go move over sigh anybody

see my speed right speed has to be less

than 02 for sure I knew that and we are

way under that I'm going front of the

little Claudia are you a backseat driver

this was like go ahead your car you Oh

watch out for that bump in the road or

there's a sheep I know I don't see how

in Brazil running around roads

probably Oh Polly – I wasn't sure if

cast Callie's with male or female sorry

I'm just one of those names with me

it's nondescript Polito and the simple

to do is polish appalling I don't again

yeah five point three meters

nothing five point three minutes from

the ISS you'll be creating yourself you

know why do you sign me up here it

doesn't mean to be here just really

cheap Channel you're crazy

boyo Heiko also on epithelia now but

like Amelia okay Claudia know why call

you me right here we go

we've got this guy's Oh

breathe easy three meters in on but

within two minutes get the tea on okay

we fought we're going for the boys we

deserve it

right I can't everything is not degrees

our speed is less than C ever tells me

rotation is again I am just gonna

through the head up here because I do

not want to do some pauses where it gets


do not let me get deliberately it's no

respondent in your life easier in your

life because no problem in life II who I

like but Jeepers Creepers

I'm not seem ready to punch this right

well yep oh he done it

victory is mine guys what can I say

so so humbled so humbled you I am

talking too much I'm not talking too

much how dare you

we did it yeah I did it I'm successful

so if you need to go to space and they

I'm gonna have one more golden ozone I'm

just gonna fly straight into the eye is

ass just to see what happens

and when I saw red might controls here

let's just get all the world on a pitch

sorted out and then we're gonna walk

what we're actually gonna warp Claudia

I'm actually disappointed you actually

sites so surprise there yeah thanks v

okay yeah we really do need to get this

evening together chat and talk and not

just for the habit of it

that's a face joke Heldman right I'm

gonna line up and pitch my yah my robe

eyeing on a warp factor five straight

into I actually came the vodkas come

down my nose oh I'm gonna but what right

so we're gonna warp straight into it

let's see if we can yes it ah I've been

remodeled it could be this enterprise or

selling but never so kill our knack

swing I still need to find a different

angle for my microphone I'm not sure

Ward's gone victory is sweet

that was fun Hugo trust me fun all round

okay so let me see if I can do this one

more time

I'm just gonna warp straight straight

into it this smell ask what it really

accomplishes I've nothing to prove to

you at all


dddd to want to get out on to not ich

I'll bring her down to nah dish with you

I was just gonna go see how fast I can

did because I can't see them all yeah

I've doctor I think so I can do one

second it again right okay so we'll

never die we're gonna try this as fast

as we can this is gonna be a mess after

but they're MS trust me oh thank you

boys decide to come off everything

everything's working against me here in

space no one can hear you scream

alright so when they go to the left all

these technical terms like go to the

afternoon all right a bit head for the

green diamond shouldn't hear that in

spacex broadcast okay whoa whoa up a bit

up a bed a bed up a bed ready to make it

so we're gonna go at warp speed here so

I'm gonna go a lot we're on large so

this is rich I don't know what it is you

have about Dexter but I think you should

work it out with them

I think you need to talk he's done

nothing in you he's been a good servant

dear all these years no there's nothing

officer softening the air between you

and Dexter where it's day oh and there

he is there I only ask because I had my

camera sitting in front of me is us okay

well thought of something else today

Boer traders first that's just warpath

straight in here

this isn't going to hand well I don't

mean to take out half the ISS but it is

what it is this is what it is

see money is full of vodka this what

happens come on listen nothing happens

you just bounce back off

easy peasy okay well we have her Dexter

can we have four Dexter I'd know how

much flexibility this thing as you

whoa wife actually feel sick what in

that let's see what way can a on four

okay when I have four Dexter Dexter is

the whole handy thing quite a cool

things you look up texture I could look

it off for you but I can't be bothered

to be almost at the more so but Dexter

is a handy dandy little but look at the

candle town Canada are but with fingers

I'm sure rich or Collier or someone

could actually tell you about Dexter but

I can't be bored at the moment right oh

okay this is good fun guy so I find

working on can i go around the earth can

I say bye Barney

see we can break this shall we break it

hey jerk

we're trying to cross into the ISS and

killed Dexter because the rich asked for

woody pig big drops here we go yeah here

we go this is not on a slow line because

rich assists it is so if anybody

complains its rich this fault okay

how you texture that is Dexter right

there Dexter selectra hand on the ISS he

very busy very busy I'm Sunita Geico


taxi Dexter

of course that's just for panel about

Blaire my mate Dexter I want to see him

so I can just work this right

whiskey Gina and cask

Ezra vodka forget about to ask you

what's key is a horrible drink vodka is

the way to go community Russians have

well first mugger up a wee thing of

vodka with them they're gonna be there

six miles you'd like to think a little

drink at some point

I can ma'am for Dexter what does that

mean those Canadians under a robotic

arms a hmm

right I spot Dexter we are not traveling

at a rate of 012 meters per second okay

we're having we're Dexter rich says kill

Dexter I should agree with him we're

going to see Dexter but we won't kill

him I don't know what rich rich

obviously has a bit of beef with the

exterior on what Dexter's done to him in

the past

yeah let's have a go okay we have

success just for those here joining us

we have already successfully docked on

the third or fourth occasion with the

ISS mostly quite proud of that

cuz it is fuckin just we are now going

to have a look around the station itself

we're gonna go and see Dexter I'm not

dressing away we're going forward surely

322 metres there we go

we're on the right oh sorry hi Maxie can

I get a PDF so I can tell about Dexter

and the ISS just to pretend I knew


yeah it's pronged of it I've just

googled Dexter ISS and it's brought me

out actually a TV series what is the

point of Google seriously what is the


you heard me Charlie smart and you're

hitting me with it when I have looked

silly saying well Dexter is a sociopath

he burrows people on the ISS okay

we are not so I have already talked I

have proved myself that I can dog so

Elon Musk Here I am actually no I

actually don't want to go into space and

it's actually a frightening explore me

I fly just because I have to when I have

to okay that is Dexter Dexter is the

actual and I be like an extra armor hand

for the ISS we're going to Endor see him

in a more

if I can just steady the ship okay we're

all the way to Dexter okay

Dexter also known as the special purpose

dexterous manipulator spdm as a

two-armed robot or telly manipulator

it's part of the mobile servicing system

on the ISS and those repairs otherwise

requires better

well Dexter is part of Canada's

contribution a and it's named to

represent the textarea stacks Terrace

dexterous nature

Dexter is the third Canadian robot arm

on the ISS preceded by a special scan it

color the arm on the Canada arm – and

Dexter was designed and manufactured by

MacDonald T Twitter mm-hmm there you go

how do I know that because I do it's

nothing to do with Google okay where are

we here okay we're going to see Dexter

we haven't seen Dexter are you gonna

meet Dexter he's such a cool guy he

lives in the ISS nobody mentioned semi

it doesn't get the bow trap you just

love work but nobody pays any attention

to Dexter I don't know what you're

chatting about because I've lost your

zone where is it

well I keyboardist keep it falling off

oh it's rich riches here I see Tim more

thrust Tim right I've lost my stream I'm

trying to get Dexter it's harder than

you think you're loved

there's a pretty earth blow love Google

oh yeah yep we do wasn't a Google I

would not be saying half the things they

say oh like that Oh carton Oh mr Google

why are you so smart

Aliyah is a beautiful country okay here

we go

where are we 220 meters and we're

heading to see Dexter one of you cannot

see how close she can get to have a look

at things

hmm let's see I have them just for

anybody he is joining me I have already

talked I have proved myself that I can

actually conquer space so I have nothing

else to prove if you want to just rewind

the YouTube stream because I can't be

colored in again

I really can't mr Fogg who says yeah

they want to see it they can rewind if

you don't want to rewind don't bother

and rich you know that you can't

actually just Nick her go on yourself

and see doctors she don't computerized

but hey I've read half the comments I'm

not even gonna go there

fart stroke okay let's do this rich

hello Dexter

I don't you've got as arms of one in a

big hug Dexter's gonna huggers hi guys

I've missed you rich I don't know where

you fell over me

oh what a joke slow down Dexter's going

a definite erred so that is Dexter

he is literally a handy guy to have


particularly on the ISS he disabled

early a lot of repairs that they got

such a cool bit of engineering she look

him up Dexter

Dax tre not but Dexter's the serial

killer he's a different kind of guy

so we'll all be still spitting yeah 450

meters away from Dexter no one ever

comes to physics

I sometimes get a space walk but I mean

it ISS is such an amazing construction

you've got that you can I mean all the

different module and everything I mean

they can replicate somewhere on the

Gateway to the moon that will be


let's just hope the ISS continues

because we should have the ISS and also

the Gateway as well Oh

nightbot chips in where have you been no

pod yeah

a third Canadian arm robot yeah we've

really been there and I bought a far too

slow and the moon you know is I'm

holding my mic is because I lost a

different angle for yeah yeah well see

that is the wonderful thing about our

chart because the likes of Claudia and

the laws have all these different

commands plugged in where they can just

bring up a count on three and dexter

comes up now that just reminds me of

Tony Bruno can be cowboy hat anybody

doesn't know Tony Bruno he is ahead of

you la you know that Launch Alliance and

he is so he he likes to wear his car

intended into the controllers I don't

know what I'm going but he has a cool

did she look up Tony but Tony Bruno

you know I'm actually just messing about

night because I've rarely dark time just

saying if we can have all the Grundy is

ass kind of all it's possible but well

seeing trying to control the speed is

whenever see nothing going on avoid

undergoing yeah hmm I'm actually trying

to think of this could be used to have a

tour of the ISS from the outside if we


sorry I in my drunkenness yeah 10a Oh

Canada a just trying to control it

yeah I mean now the thing the ayah says

since the size of American football

pitch so as one of the probably the

large it is the largest thing and orbit

at the moment apart from the moon of

coordinates man-made setting or

human-made thing ooh

Cordia hitter like I will look for but

I'm kinda not Christ into the ISS at the

moment I'll see if I can fly alright see

where it takes us

so we've rather docked due to my superb

skills piloting the crew dragon it's

actually quite easy by the way don't

even trying flim-flammery let us it's

highly technical starts quite easy and

so we were five focus and then came back

see do I know anybody can do and when

real astronauts get are it's actually

automatic no problem

okay I've lost is all telephone okay

okay that's my okay trying to get over

the SS let's see I'm no no laughs again

possibly pitch yeah

pitch it baby the word of Machado I say

to renege bond

okay this is the ISS I slide the space

ax ISS simulator which they have just

uploaded tonight busy it gets the

opportunity to dock the crew dragon

which is coming up in the 27th May to

the ISS it uses the actual controls

apparently that the ISS astronauts I'm

sorry the crew dragon astronauts will be

using so this is what they'll say on the

keyboard and from them it's all

touchscreen SuperDuper things directly

were me aren't I

oh here we go

okay here we go okay so that's a quick

kill someone is a little bit so have a

look at the is is see if I can get this

test we're not assuming the height or

simmering end okay wow it's actually

quite funky so I'm gonna do the pitch

so we're spilling I mean disappears all

on just a bit

why am i spinning off going backwards

this is someone probably different it

could be the Fahd Cup but that's

incredibly difficult if they control so

we need it pitch forward trust me I know

what I'm doing

I'm thinking by putting forward I should

see the is at some point hi can you lose

the largest man-made object in space

well I just have okay we're trying to

find the ISS it was here a minute ago

they're aliens oh hello clad earth let's

be thunder yeah

so we can I know it's wrong legal large

oh here we go

we want to find the ISS again

right so we're looking at a

computer-generated version of planned or

bladder planner we are good not gonna

look at their computing generated is

just unlike their stars in case

anybody's whirring that's cuz the

computer generated you wouldn't get this

in real life so when it is Springer

speed to have it if I can there we go so

we are now at the refer side on the ISS


let's see where we're going from here so

let's just go forward a little bit

this is incredibly weird when you feel

oh girl

it really is and yes we have already

dark for those who are joining us we

have a dog just scroll back somewhere

and you will find me docking with

precision it was a success and I am like

wala fide to crew the crew dragon it

can't be bothered but I am qualified the

trip now we're just flying we're in the

ISS you know what on earth I read just

how real is that indeed there's actually

so the description for this whole thing

is in the there sorry the link for this

whole thing is in the description so

jump in half a budget it's completely

fun and it is the same system that the

actual crew dragon astronauts will be

using themselves so no normally when

they approach is says it will be fully

automated but if they have to it will be

a touchscreen system loop and they can

use it to steer their AI users now

according to Jeff brines down for who's

the head of NASA he does first time but

he is EVs Air Force jet pilot so yeah

but I think I come my way on the third

or fourth attempt that's not too bad

it's just an accidental fun little game

and it was a May the 27th is the target

that's where we will for the first time

in it since 2011 that yes astronauts

will blast off from the air side so will

be a big moment unlike pathology with a

locked I know be interesting to see how

many people attempt to break a lock 9

and transit is historic moment without a

doubt and they were flying on a falcon 9

olaf's on Falcon 9 I was leave a crew


I mean if I could be there I would but

it's not gonna happen we will be there

obviously going huh amazing and I think

they want to spend a couple of months

I'll board the ISS as well so this is

just a cookie me understand just a pitch

I just do roller just the y'all damn lab

last bead and you have to dock with it

so check my ID I hope you've had a

bellyful now for that that's actually

quite fun and I wish it I say

one of the other space programs a half

has Kerbal which I haven't actually

tried yet so from a scuba Kerbal as neon

with this we probably won't be giving

off the grind which is the fastest

rocket Claudia

Delta 4 or Delta 1 fee depending playing

nerdy you want to be but it's actually

quite a fun program if you want to try

and dock with it hasn't even have about

flying around we did get to see Dexter

short off

Tony's me in what I've told he's been

rich this mint

I still can't control my room yeah like

this might help okay if I was trying to

dock the SS from here I would be in

serious trouble I haven't got a clue

where I'm going okay so we need Cape it

when you're talking how to keep all your

Korean figures around well as close to

zero as possible I am so far I'm

actually going off in the tip spheres

you don't see me again my jaws like a

degrees out of whack it's not going to


Oh Tony Purnell is the coolest guy ever

you know he will take time to reply to

any sort of comment you make whether

it's to do with ula or engineering or

just anything it based anything at all

so it's a great guy a lot of time for


and we just like the right horses with

this Stetson

you know I could actually play with us

just for for ours is actually just so

cool then well done SpaceX repeating

this up and say it is meant to be a

proper representation of what the crew

dragon astronauts will be using

themselves she looked only Bruno copin


Samet we chose Ari will reply I will

give a like or two something

such a good guy and such a knowledgeable

about spaceflight I still can't get this

right okay we're not me alone

where is anybody senior ISS new the

largest man-made object right there so

where are rose farting yeah don't drink

while you're driving the crew dragon I

think is the message here so I don't

give this Wow yeah I see I meant to do

that of course just shoonya a VTR in a

whack the computer will step in and

actually tell you to wise up this was

all about the room so role is you want

to bring that down to zero as close to

zero I say the link for this is in the

description and they won't complain it's

on the browser you have to download

anything so there and there's a

representation of what the actual crew

dragon astronauts will have to use

everything need to because for the most

part it will all be automatic which

would be so cool so why am i doing

yeah morning old while I playing this

it's automatic

but should be tighter don't you burp

that's all I'm gonna say

Oh Gina Gina why did you have to say

that where's the UFOs I see a UFO UFOs


no it's never ever aliens what does the

Rapunzel 4 pcs make yourself laugh

forward forward and back

this is for more the rectum bones are

you kidding me precision in 3d space if

you know what I'm saying so and you can

talk with the is here

easy peasy don't know why you made a big

fuss over something I really do not I am

lying a certified ISS pilot we're


given there was drunk at the time there

is the man who understands me four three

two two one so you're aiming for the

green triangle green diamond whatever

you want to call it it's not triangles

was it damn it

so and this is where you would use your

left hand side the screen up down left

right forward thrust that reduce thrust

they call it translated

it's basically go forward and go sorry

we're just for us thrust forward thrust

so when you go down

there's two modes one is for PC if you

won't have larger increments oh can you

cry see the solar panels now that is a

challenge rich if I ever did hear on

let's see that is only simulation reckon

actually Christ three

okay so left left left hello silver and

the superpower is actually quite

efficient I think I'll sit it'll just

kick us back out and saying why them


straight ahead shall we were factor it

did it a carbon mirror warp factor one

engage hmm here we go hold your breath

guys I'm gonna close up off the solar

panels where you like it around it was

on board go what that is he doing five

four three two one you may wish to leave

this vehicle

what taxi happens when a bunch of Bagger

loves fly through here we go well that's

actually quite detailed


don't lesser than the rich so it's quite

a fun little game it really is I'll have

to do some more these space Kimi things

say kerbals Unni well I can think of the

know there is a orbiter I think that's

quite all night but everything think of

anything else give me a shite also say I

Kerbal I don't gotta clear my car well I

need some help with it what do you do

there how you launch rockets with it

any suggestions no space toilet cuz

galley me or Polly do whatever your real

name is hmm

that's great fun I enjoyed that so we

will do thanks for joining us and it's

almost midnight here in the UK you know

what time it is

wherever you are but thanks for taking

the time right and jumping on board I

say check this out it is online it's

free space acts of up Lola for you yeah

have a bit of fun with it see if you can

talk with the ISS first time I think it

took me three or four goes but could you

and I say won't leave comment please do

leave a comment I think I'll be great

you know I'm actually trying the hardest

which is off

I've had enough years now so we're and

Earth aureus

ah find us I think it's a do check this

out leave any comments or things you

enjoyed maybe I gotta wrong it is a fun

little simulation if nothing else and I

will give you an idea of what the ISS

astronauts will be looking at once a

launch on 27th of May from Cape

Canaveral if everything goes to plan so

will we will be watching her for that so

thank you very much take care and have a

good night

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