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published on July 2, 2020

as I'd advise you to and I'm ready to

enter I take my last breaths of this

atmosphere for two years


we were pioneers we were the first

biosphere Ian's how can you prepare

yourself for journey into the unknown a

biosphere is a closed system with plants

and animals and in atmospheres all


we called it – for – because speiser one

is the earth if we're gonna go to Mars

of the moon we'd better go how to make

my sphere climate change is a threat we

were going to counteract that threat we

put in rainforests a desert and an ocean

with a living coral reef was a global

curiosity bait human beings separated

love life I don't know any innovative

human organization that doesn't have


aspects we called ourselves synergists

John Allen was a very good leader use my

mind position here is your brainwashing

cult leader

the eight BIOS perience are now

quarantined together the negativity

started fighting is taking away from us

accomplishing their objectives that set

off alarms to me I I don't want to talk

about it

members took part that strange costume

rituals Yun Ellen was having paranoid


things were falling apart there was

something died and was really shocking

thing happened there's a sudden spike in

co2 we were suffocating and starving he

was not legal everything that could go


here is this capsule of life from Earth

there was science fiction without the

fiction this is an incredible moment the

future is here



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