Sony Xperia Z2: Unboxing & Review

by birtanpublished on May 10, 2021

Hey guys Mike here the Detroit Board with a look at Sony's flagship foam for 2014 the Sony Xperia z2 with a 5.2 inch full HD display LCD IPS with Sony's triluminos display technology which is processed through the x-reality mobile engine we also have that 20 megapixel rear-facing camera which can record video at 4k resolution we also have NFC technology we have water protection in here water and dust protection this is IP 55 and 58 certified meaning you can submerge this in water one meter or more for up to 30 minutes it is also completely dust resistant this is powered by a 2.3 gigahertz quad-core

Processor this is the Snapdragon 801 processor with three gigs of RAM again we have that 20 point seven megapixel camera on the back this is also powered by Android 4.4.2 so the latest version of Android all while retaining this beautiful all glass and metal design it's available in three colors purple white or black I did go with the white version so let's crack into this and take a look alright so I just have to cut some of this plastic off here alright so let me cut these seals along the edges right here alright so let's go ahead and lift the lid there we go Sony

Xperia z2 now as you can see here I have the lighter j'en now the packaging shows you the black version but if you look along the side it does tell you what color you got so let me go ahead and slip this out of its a little envelope here there we go very nice looking let's go ahead and peel this label off this front label very nice glassy front panel framed in white along the back because this is also glass we have another protector here alright so let's set that aside for just a moment while we clear the contents of our packaging here so inside we have our paperwork which

Includes an ad for the Xperia Lounge which is integrated into this phone and I'll show you exactly what that is when I review this phone we also have our FCC and sorry information so this big pamphlet multiple languages and then we have a startup guide which tells us a little bit about the device and I'm going to show you in detail all these software features on this phone now we do not unfortunately have the noise cancellation headphones these are the standard Sony earbuds so no noise cancellation here but you can get a version that includes the noise

Cancellation headphones we also have a micro USB charging cable pretty standard stuff here black and then we have our European wall adapter here so as you can see here Sony branded with that nice glossy finish on the top now these headphones do include a microphone and remote controller alright so let's get to the phone I'm just going to start this up for the first time tap and hold the power button along the right-hand side here alright so let's take a look at the design of the Sony Xperia z2 again a 5.2 inch display full 1080p resolution that it's good for 424 pixels

Per inch this has that triluminos technology which gives us an LCD screen with a very rich color gamut about 50% better than a standard IPS display so you can see we have excellent off-axis viewing with really rich colors that kind of resembles the vividness of an AMOLED display up top we have one of the cameras this is a two point two megapixel camera which is good for 1080p video at 30 frames per second you'll save your Sony branding as you can see here as I bend it into the light you can see the cutout or shadow here of the proximity sensor and ambient light

Sensor on top you also find your earpiece which is integrated into the bezel this year piece is part of the stereo speaker system if you look down here you'll see the other stereo speaker which is also your mouthpiece now we have a blank space here and that's because we have on-screen Android controls in this case on the Sony Xperia z2 so all of them are on screen as you can see they're also translucent here so you do get some background behind your buttons as opposed to a black bar now integrated into that earpiece is a notification LED light which is

Multicolored now if you look at the back you can see we have this all-white glass back panel while the front is all black it's very nice-looking as you can see it's got a translucency here so there's some depth to it it's actually very similar to the iPhone 4 and 4s in terms of that design you see our Sony branding we have our NFC sensor right there we also have our camera lens this is that Sony G lens with the X more a sensor this is a 20 megapixel sensor it is completely flush here records video in 4k does not have optical image stabilization only software

Stabilization as you can see here we also have our LED flash right below it along the bottom edge of the phone you'll see we have these three microphones which are drilled into this metal frame which surrounds the phone so we have this nice rigid metal frame which also looks really sharp you can see there's a very little plastic here the only plastic is surrounding the glass on the back in front as you can see here it's white to match the back panel we also have a lanyard port so you can see this little hole kind of goes through the corner of the phone so you

Could use a strap on this phone to kind of hold on to it we also have a charging port this is an accessory that or this works with an accessory that Sony sells so instead of opening up one of these doors to access the micro USB charging port you could use the accessory instead this allows the port to be exposed to water and desk while the micro USB port has to be behind the flap so let's go ahead and pop open this flap here to show you the micro USB charging port which also supports MHL and we have a micro SIM tray right there

Now as you can see the inside of this flap has a rubber gasket to seal out water and dust now at the top of the phone we have a waterproof headphone jack along with a noise cancellation microphone right up here along the right hand side we'll find all of our buttons which includes a dedicated camera key which is a two-stage button one for focus and one for shutter release we also have our volume rocker as you can see here it's curved and that's right next to our very prominent Center mounted power or sleep/wake button again we have this flap here for covering up

The micro SD card slot now these support 128 gig SD cards so you can expand storage considerably here alright so let's take a look at the user interface starting with the lock screen so we tap the lock button along the side you can see we can swipe up from the bottom to launch the camera app now alternatively you can just happen hold the camera shutter release on the side to launch the camera app which is also very handy now on the lock screen we get we get this kind of neat unlock effect as you can see when you swipe your finger across the screen the wallpaper responds

And changes color for you you can swipe to unlock it now if you go to the home screen here you can see we have our home screen our main home screen but you can pinch in and out to edit your home screens now upper left corner you get this little icon so if you want to select one of these home screens to be your home screen you can do so by selecting it it turns white or black if it's just one of the other home screens you can also delete the home screens as you can see in the upper right corner like so or you can add new home screens now down here

You can add widgets apps wallpapers and themes if you go your widgets here you can select the widget you might want to add such as Google now which is very useful you can resize it like so you can also add apps same way for example if you want to add the alarm clock you can also set your wallpaper so you have lots of wallpapers you can go from the album your photos your live wallpapers that are available to you and all the ones that come pre-installed with your device I'll save your themes so as you can see here air is the default theme but you also have earth

Heat silk sunny and vintage or you can go up here to change your themes from the Sony select store so you can download additional themes and you can see there's lots of them now once you've dropped your apps into the home screen you can see you can move them around you can't do so until you've actually dropped them or added them now for example if you want to delete them all you have to do is drag it down here as you can see here you get this little animated trashcan and it deletes it for you again let's do this one as well there you go now as you can see when I

Swipe between the home screens the wallpaper responds even if I get to the end of the home screens it continues moving around as you can see up here you have these little D tents which allow you to select specific home screens if you prefer now we also have our drop down notification shade so as you can see here we have all of our expandable notifications which you can swipe to close or clear all now we also have this quick settings toggle up here and as you can see here when you swipe between them you can just select them as well so you can see them up here so we have

Shortcuts endings Wi-Fi Bluetooth location Wi-Fi hotspot throw which is kind of like an airplay functionality and brightness you can go up here to edit what appears in that screen as well as you can see we have quite a few others which include our sound controls airplane mode roaming auto sync data NFC technology stamina mode which I'll show you screen mirroring and LTE so you can just add these if you prefer like so in fact we can pretty much add all of them there is no limit here now some of these act as toggles so for example if you want to turn on Wi-Fi or turn off Wi-Fi

Some of them will actually leave the control panel like brightness which I don't particularly like so you can see here I have to go back to that shade to get access to quick settings now alternatively you can also use a two-finger gesture to get to those quick settings if you want to get to the control panel which these items are originally from such as your display so if you tap and hold brightness takes you to your display settings panel now in terms of these Android keys we have back home and recent app so under recent apps you can

See that the recent app launcher is pretty familiar it's not dramatically different you can tap tap the app to launch it or you can swipe it out of the way to close it but we also have something called small apps which you can rearrange or delete so you can see this includes things like a calculator so it gives us a little mini app that floats around allows us to interact with stuff in the background also here we can go to this expansion option to add additional apps which includes other small apps available in the Play Store or you can create small apps from your

Existing widgets so for example if I want a Google now small app I can do so by adding it converts it into this little small app so you can see here I have one and now when I launch it I can resize it and move it around or I can close it now if you tap and hold the home button you have two options here so you have Google now and then you have what's new now this is basically just a discovery app for Sony content so this includes movies TV shows music and that sort of thing as well as apps now if you swipe up to the right you get to Google now which is much more useful so you can

Say ok Google what's the weather like tomorrow in Chicago tomorrow's forecast for Chicago is 54 degrees with a chance of showers now let's take a look at the after as you can see here there are lots of amps or three pages of apps and when you swipe all the way to the right you get to this little manager so you have search app which allows us to search apps with real time results so you can search for Twitter launches Twitter very quickly you also can uninstall apps this way now as you can see here when you're in the uninstall mode only the apps that are

Eligible for uninstallation are selected and you can go ahead and uninstall those if you prefer and I can show apps by your own order alphabetically you can see what's most used you can also see what you've installed and then you can go to your Play Store directly from here or go to the Sony select store as well now as you can see here you can actually folder these apps as well so for example if you tap and hold this YouTube app we can either take it to the home screen so as you can see we took it up to the home screen or I can cancel them so you can see doesn't

Delete it just prevents you from dropping it onto the home screen but if you want to manage your apps within the app drawer I have to do is move them around drag them over each other and create the folder as you can see it's very simple you can go up here to edit and change the folder name and that sort of thing so all very simple now if you tap and hold the power button you get the option to power it off airplane mode you can also mute it set it to vibration mode or return it to normal volume but you can also take a screen shot which is very useful here this little screen grab

And you're all set now let's take a look at some of these Sony apps including the Walkman app of course this is a Sony product you have to have a nice music app in here so you can see everything is categorized by artists songs albums and playlists we also have sense me which will automatically kind of categorize music depending on your moods such as daytime energetic relaxed upbeat mellow now let's go and play a song here you can see have one song here that has been preloaded by Sony so you can continue playing your music and you can go to

Your drop down notification shade and control it from there as well or jump back to the app now up here you see we have the throw option again this is very similar to airplay so it will locate devices that can act as speakers for this content which right now includes my Pioneer AV receiver so I can broadcast this devices audio to that receiver and play the music back that way now I also have the photo album app which is actually really nice so you can see here we have our all of our photos kind of arranged into this gallery and you can pinch in and out just really slick here

You can see it's also categorized by date and years you can also go to my albums and see all of the surfaces that are plugging into your photo gallery so you have PlayMemories which is Sony's cloud storage for photographs you have your camera album you have your internal storage Maps globe faces Facebook Picasa Flickr and more now when you're looking at the photos in the Sony album app you can also throw this to a TV so for example if you have a TV on the network that can support this feature you can actually view it wirelessly on that TV now the movies app integrates all the

Videos we've shot with this phone as well as videos that are available from the videos unlimited store which is Sony's a video store this is where you can rent or purchase content that's a separate app that you have to download but you also have several apps that plug into this much as the podcasting app so there's a podcasting app integrated here and you can subscribe to podcasts so for example I subscribe to Android Central but I can add new ones they'll take me to the podcast store where I can subscribe to other podcasts I can search for them in

That sort of thing now just like with audio and photographs you can also throw video to a wireless television set such as a Samsung Smart TV now the calendar app is pretty basic but it does integrate the five-day weather forecast which i think is kind of nice now the next app I wanna take a look at is social life News which is a lot like Flipboard or blinkfeed it's basically a news aggregation tool which you can customize so you can see here I can search by all my feeds so I can see all the news stories which are feeding into this utility I can tap on one of the

Stories I can also swipe through them I can read the story by swiping through it or I can read more which will take me directly to that site or to the full article I can also modify this by going to add feeds so here I can add feeds based on categories such as technology so if I go to technology here I can see the ones I've already added but I can add additional ones such as let's see slash gear can add that click OK and that will then be added to my feeds now Sony is also thrown in a file manager called file commander as you can see here everything is organized by music

Pictures downloads videos etc and that's all in here and you can tap on these folders to get direct access to those files now I also have an FM radio built in of course this is a Sony device of course you gotta have an FM radio soon as you activate it you do have to have a pair of headphones plugged in in order for this to work this acts as your antenna but as you can see are scanning through the channels automatically define your local stations so now I can just quickly scan through my stations like so or I can scrub to the station I want now the Xperia launch is just a way

Of Sony to leverage some of its other assets onto this device so for example their movies their games some of their accessories all that stuff is here you do get some free content or some exclusive content here such as interviews we also have this TV sideview which is kind of like a remote control amp without the remote control unless you have a bravia tv but basically this tells you about your programming right now on your live TV when you set this up you basically plug in your service provider so when you're in this guide you can select the program find out a

Bit about the program that's on right now you can see what's related to it and you can share this on Twitter now we also have sketch which is just kind of like a sketch app so you can create a sketch here very basic I mean you can start drawing on it you can change your color palette now we also have this PlayStation app which just allows you to log into your PlayStation Network and manage it so you can for example reply to messages friend requests and that sort of thing now we also have Pixlr Express which is an Autodesk gab and basically this

Allows you to edit images so for example when you're in a photo you can adjust quite a few things from the focal point to the sharpness smoothness you can route eliminate redeye you can crop it rotate it all that serve stuff is in here you can apply certain effects you can add borders you can add text you can add stickers you can add an overlay and lots of other things now else have the Sony store which is basically a way of navigating through all of these Sony products that are available you can see the current promotions and you can find stores that

Are near you now as I said under quick settings there's the option for screen mirroring so if I tap on my screen Mayer and controller here right now I have it activated and in fact it's running on my Samsung Smart TV so i can see wirelessly my sony experience due to write on my TV including audio now i can also rotate it in this mode into landscape orientation so when it's in screen mirroring mode I get landscape orientation on this device which is kind of nice now let's go through our Settings panel you're going to go to the quick settings go the shortcut to settings so up here you can

See we have our Wi-Fi settings again pretty basic Bluetooth settings we have data usage information we also have Xperia T which allows us to set up quite a few things here so we have one touch setup for pairing to other devices we have our throw settings we also have screen mirroring options right here which you can turn on we have media server settings so you can use DLNA to access this devices content from another device remotely or wirelessly you also have Windows tethering options here so if you're running Windows 8.1 you can use this as a tethered device just by

Connecting the USB cable you also have dual shock 3 wireless controller which you can set up here for controlling games and we also have mirrorlink which allows us to remotely control this device through the USB port so if you have another device that supports mirrorlink you can actually control it here you also have USB connectivity options here and as you can see here we have media transfer mode MTP you can also pair this with a PC now let's have more so under more we have NFC which we can toggle off if

We prefer enable airplane mode we can select our default SMS app so we can select the messaging app or the hangouts app from Google we also have our tethering and portable hotspot we have our VPN settings our mobile networks and our internet settings this is actually very useful this allows us to download additional profiles or network profiles for accessing our cellular network so for example because this is an international device I didn't have the 18 T profile here but it found it automatically for me by going to this mode downloaded everything I needed

Without having to manually set it up like I have to do with most Android phones we also have our personalization options so we have our wallpaper settings our experience which I showed you earlier as well lock screen settings cylinder lock screen we can select album art or we can use Xperia's wallpapers you can also clear view notifications here so you can enable it or disable it I also have manage notifications so you can see what apps are pushing out vacations if you don't want them to push them you can select them here y'all save your status bar icons so you can select

Exactly what appears in your status bar up here now under home we have several settings so we can select the simple home launcher which simplifies the interface here let me just show you that so as you can see here the interface is much simpler it's just one page all the popular apps are surface to the top even have your speed dial contacts right here now we also have sound settings cylinder sound effects we have things like clear Audio plus which is an audio profile that automatically optimizes sound settings for listening to music kind of like the automatic mode but you can also

Go to sound enhancements and manually modify your own profile here you can increase the bass and that sort of thing you can also customize specific types of profiles here or select specific types of profiles you can also go to settings here enable some other equalizer preset so we have clear stereo we have clear phase we have X loud and s force front surround and we also have dynamic normalizer which will minimize the volume differences between songs or videos now we can also enable high res audio via USB for Dax and that sort of thing you can also independently control

Your volume settings for both media your ringtones and alarms now under display we have x-reality for mobile which you can toggle off if you prefer you also have glove mode so if you have this enabled you can actually use the display with gloved hands we have our white balance settings which is very useful so if you want to change the white of your device you can do so from here oh yes if smart backlight control so we'll keep the screen on when you're holding the device now we can also enable tap to wake up this is not on by default so basically if your device is

Locked and you double tap the lock screen it will wake it up for you which is very useful we also have our storage option so you can see how much storage is available to us after the system has taken its cut now let's talk about power management so as you can see here we have an estimate of how much time we have left on our value so at 57% that's about eight hours or one day and 10 hours in standby mode now we have several modes we can activate to extend our battery life that includes stamina mode now stamina mode we have two options to select here

So under extended standby we can disable mobile data and Wi-Fi when the screen is off and you can exclude certain apps from that so for example if you always want to receive your email no matter whether the screen is off or not you can select it so you can exclude some apps from this feature or you can remove them like so you also have the option to dial back system performance when stamina mode is activated you can also select when this mode activates so I've selected 20% but it wasn't 100% by default but at 20% basically what will happen is that when the battery gets

Down to 20% it will activate this feature now if I go back here and enable stamina mode click activate you can see that's increase my battery life all the way up to three days and one hour by toggling off it goes back to eight hours we also have low battery mode which will activate at 20% and it will change a few things here I'll change the screen brightness change the screen timeout settings it will also turn off a few features here but you can modify these as well so you can enable some of these features are not depending on what you prefer

You also have location-based Wi-Fi so Wi-Fi will activate automatically when in range of a saved Wi-Fi network such as your home network and then we have battery usage so we can see exactly what's taking up all of our battery life now I want to quickly take a look at Sony's keyboard so if we go to settings here you can see we have some keyboard skins we can pick from so we can go with the default we can go with something darker or something even lighter and we also have a one-handed keyboard as you can see we have a left hand or right hand side depending on what you prefer

And you can go to maximum when you're done now we also have a swipe like keyboard for continuous text input now while the Sony Xperia z2 has stereo front-facing speakers like the HTC One m8 it's not quite the same experience although you have to remember that the z2 has Waterproof Speakers while the m8 does not so let me go ahead and demonstrate the difference now let's take a look at the camera app which you can activate by tapping and holding the dedicated camera key so when you have press the key and focus is for

You do full press it takes the photograph like a very traditional pointed shoe camera you can stamp a photo as well by tapping the screen here it focuses for you you also pinch in and out to zoom or tap anywhere on the scene to adjust the exposure and focus you can also record video now when you're recording video as you can see here on stabilization well it actually crops it you can zoom in and out while recording video you can take photos as well or stop the recording now we also have our settings here right now I'm in superior auto mode as you can see right here so

Those settings are dependent on what mode you're in so I can change or I can toggle off geo-tagging I can auto upload touch the capture use the vine keys for zooming the shutter sound I can disable it I can also change my storage from internal storage to the SD card slot lots of options here same for the video mode now what you see in auto mode is that you don't have resolution options so if you want to change that you actually have to go to a different mode here these are actually more like amps instead of modes so for example we have our manual mode and we have our folk 4k

Mode so you can go to manual here now under manual if I go to my settings I now have the option to change my resolution so under manual I can go all the way up to 20.7 but under superior auto I'm stuck at 8 megapixels that means when we zoom in it can actually crop the sensor as opposed to cropping the image so you get higher quality images when you're zooming with this camera now when you're in manual you can see your interface changes here so you can select between still mode and video mode if you go to your settings here you can see we can also enable steady shot

Stay shot actually does a very nice job stabilizing the image without optical image stabilization is completely software and it works extremely well so I can be outside walking my dogs and it looks in various studies actually a lot like using a sony handycam in terms of a stabilization capabilities now if you want to record in 4k you have to go to the 4k video app or mode here so as you see here if we go to our settings we have steady shot as well so we have full stabilization here this is software stabilization which actually works very well now when you enable stabilization

It does crop the image here so as you can see here crops like so that's normal for stabilization now we also have ad focus app so when you take a photograph in this mode basically it's able to determine what's in the foreground and what's in the background and you can apply ad focus effect so for example as you can see here this is pretty much the native untouched image that I took outside now I can use this dial here to blur the background as you can see in the background it's much more blurred and I can dial back the effect I can

Also change the motion of the blur so I can do a vertical blur and change the intensity there or I can do a horizontal blur and change it there and then I can go ahead and save it to my gallery now we also have a burst mode which I can show you so we can take a photograph in this mode as you can see here it takes a bunch of photographs all at once and we can select the photograph we want now we also have time shift videos so basically we record a video at high speed and once we're done we can slow down parts of that video like so it includes audio as you can see and you can move that slider

Around to adjust it now we have lots of other apps including info I to take images of text or barcodes or QR codes which allows you to perform searches you have a panorama mode you also have Evernote and vine as well as creative effects for applying effects your images such as filters and that sort of thing you also have the AR effect which is kind of a virtual reality effect it allows you to take images with 3d elements in it which is just kind of a fun app to play with now you can add additional apps that you can download so for example you have a panorama 360 app

Which is free now you can also move these apps around just by tapping and holding on them and moving them around and some of them you can delete now all them but some of them such as the third-party Evernote app so you can go up here to delete it if you prefer now in terms of our synthetic Geekbench 3 scores you can see the z2 actually falls behind the ECC one m8 the GS 5 and the iPhone 5s alright so let's talk about some of the strengths and weaknesses of the very good-looking Sony Xperia z2 now I think one of the biggest strengths here is going to be its design it's

Mostly glass and metal makes it one of the staff devices out there kind of comes out there with the East EC one m8 and the iPhone in terms of its design quality also that 20 point seven megapixel camera is one of the best I've used it has a great app that's either easy to use if you go to Superior Auto or gives you a lot more options if you go to one of the other apps that includes 4k video recording with excellent stabilization in fact video stabilization is one of the best I've seen on any camera now images are sharp and clear with

Excellent color accuracy the camera works great outdoors or indoors in low-light or bright conditions the only problem I had is in superior auto with low light conditions it tends to over process the image to reduce grain but the image then looks blurry so I prefer to use manual mode and I get excellent results now the flash is also pretty good here so it doesn't blow off the scene it seems to be equally balanced although it's not using a dual tone LED flash it seems to be using some processing to get you some pretty decent results from the flash so I'm pretty

Impressed overall with the LED flash on this phone battery life is also excellent able to get at least a day out of this phone between charges and then you have lots of stamina options to increase that performance now we also have this beautiful 5.2 inch LCD IPS display with a triluminos technology which makes for a very colorful and vivid display and with that high pixel density text looks excellent on this you can read the smallest text without zooming in so it's one of the best-looking LCD displays I've seen out there but it's not as brightness

Something like the HTC One m8 or the iPhone 5s and of course audio is a big story here with those stereo front-facing speakers which are also waterproof unlike the HTC One m8 now let's now that's good as the ECC one m8 but certainly better than most smartphones which usually just have one mono speaker firing toward the side or firing toward the back and again these are waterproof unlike the HTC One m8 we also have an excellent headphone app so audio over the headphone sound fantastic and then we have excellent equalizers built into the software on this phone

Now in terms of weaknesses I think it comes down to size now this is a fairly tall phone it's now this compact is something like the Galaxy s5 which is a much shorter phone even though the screen isn't much smaller 5.1 inches versus 5.2 inches so for me the sony or the galaxy s5 feels a little more comfortable than the hand then the Sony Xperia z2 the z2 also has these sharp corners which a lot of people don't find terribly friendly or comfortable and because the speaker is mounted so far toward the top when you place it toward the ear you get the

Sharp edge of the phone which doesn't feel terribly comfortable it's also harder to find the speaker or a comfortable spot for the speaker to rest on your ear so for me that's a drawback it's also kind of a dim display now you can still see it outdoors I think it's a little bit better than an AMOLED display but I think it's at 414 it's which is right out there with a gs5 which is an AMOLED display so you kind of lose the benefits of a bright LCD screen here in order to get that rich color gamut and if you're looking at the white version you have to be careful about the plastic

Edges along the side which have a history of discoloring I actually saw that here but I was able to clean it off pretty well I'm not sure how well this will handle over time but in conclusion with this beautiful display excellent cameras nice glass and metal design with excellent speakers in audio this is one of the best smartphones out there today so that's going to do for me in this video thanks for watching and I'll see you again in the next one all right guys Mike here the Detroit Borg testing out the front-facing camera on the Sony Xperia z2 again 2.2

Megapixels good for 1080p HD video this also includes stabilization you can also snap photographs while recording with this camera and it also has pretty decent microphones on this phone so you should you have excellent audio as well as video with your front-facing camera alright so once again I'm in my for yer testing out the rear facing camera with Zoe and Chloe now time demonstrated this also allows you to pinch in and out to zoom in on your image which is just digital cropping in the case of video here again you have 4k video recording but that's a

Separate mode that's not built into the video recording settings here you also have stabilization against steady shot which works extremely well it's one of the best stabilization systems I've seen even beats the iPhone alright so let's go outside and test out the Kemper performance out there

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Already in 2019 I've been blown away a few times at the shear value for money on some of these phones we've had devices from oneplus on a Asus quite a f...
so this is the asus rog g85 o2d you that was a mouthful but I'm gonna refer to this as the favo 2d for the rest of the video now it's really interestin...
So in these third-generation Rison cpus were launched a little while ago to be more precise it was launched on the exact same day as the rx 3700 series GPUs and...
well hello with people I'm Dimitri and today we're talking about the SteelSeries apex Pro keyboard with new omni point switches now we have done severa...