Sony WF-SP700n ANC Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

So I was walking through Best Buy several weeks ago and saw these funky looking truly wireless earphones from Sony now I wasn't going to buy them but looking at the box obviously I noticed that it has active noise-cancelling now passive noise

Isolation is already great on most in-ear earphones so I said let me spend the money here let's see how good these are trying to help you guys at home watching to see if these are even worth it or is that a and C basically gimmicky

And whatnot so besides I'm still testing the Bose headphones so stay tuned for that as always being transparent I did personally buy these but for the price of one hundred and fifty dollars but I think the prices have gone up to about a

Hundred and eighty I think that's the retail price so be sure to click on my affiliate links down in the description below check out my links and it will give you the most updated prices in real time of course it does help support me

As well you never know when these things might go back on sale how do you mean when gyms review them and I'm here to help you guys make that purchase decision welcome everyone to another review

all right so going over the physical features first these things do indeed look quite unique here kind of like a beam but it's much different than most other truly wireless earphones that just

Simply stick out of your ears now it's all plastic construction with silicone ear tips and your wings with the extended part right here to help stabilize the earphones now the little circle here isn't a button at all but

This is where the microphone is located during my time testing these sony 700 ends tends to be the earphones you have to kind of push it a little deeper into the ear canal for for them to not lose at the seal they don't fall out during

Vigorous movements which is a huge plus as you guys can see they're just dropped but they're stable during running and working out but if you want as much passive noise isolation as it can plus taking advantage of ANC at least with my

Ears here I felt I had to push them quite firmly in and even at time they still lose that nice seal that blocks out the world and I did swap out different ear tips as well now these things are IP 4 rate admitting they are

Able to take splashes of water from any direction this is enough for most people but if you're looking for something more rugged the IP 5 can take on jet sprays instead of splashes and IP 6 and IP 7 can be dropped into water up to a

Certain amount of time and certain amount of depth as well your call on if IP 4 is enough for you and with my testing with splashing water and these are they're still working perfectly fine today now taking a closer look here the

Buttons are easily identifiable and offers a very clicky response the right earbud allows you to pause and play with a single press 2 taps to skip forward 3 taps to go back now the left ear bud you can cycle through ambient sound active

Noise-cancelling and basically leaving everything off you're listening to your music like a traditional pair of earphones now with ambient sound the sony SP 700 ends turns on the built-in microphones and lets your environment

Kind of basically be pumped in perfect for running safety or when you want to hear what's going on around you and when I tested this Sony did a great job with audio not being too amplified and everything's sounding very

Natural the only downside though I do hear this slight hiss when I don't have music playing now if I turn off ambient sound control it does go away not a big deal but just not a clean sound testing active noise cancelling and this is the

One the main reasons why I wanted to test these besides of course the audio performance at first being upfront here it didn't sound too impressive since passive noise isolation seemed to be doing most of the work now there was a

Slight improvement but nothing major and very initial first impressions not on the second day and wearing them all day now wearing them everywhere I can appreciate this a little bit more especially outdoors this does cut out a

Lot of the airiness around you cars driving by the sound of just how open maybe a park is etc now going indoors the air conditioner is cut down a bit here as well you don't hear that whooshing noise with people who speak

You're nearby especially at a coffee shop where it can be loud at times at certain locations there's slight suppression but I can still hear conversations anything loud in general that they have doesn't sound to have

Been cancelled or even some frequencies doesn't sound to be canceled at all now the ANC does work and it does offer something more than what passive noise isolation alone offers just don't come into this thinking that this was life

Changing like the Sony 1000 xm3 headphones now coming to this expecting moderate levels of sound cancellation with the ear tube doing most of the work and it works the best with softer sounding areas and keep in mind you

Still have this weird hiss going on there as well now moving on within the app you can change that same bun that left one on the left ear tip or earbud that is to access Google assistant now with the press you can get the time

Notifications and such which is really handy it's 224 p.m. you don't have new notifications right now no Google assistant is not built into the earphones themselves so you have to have your phone nearby for the feature to

Work now also test this with Siri and the didn't do anything at all unfortunately now touching base on phone call performance their microphones and these are really good my voice comes across

Very clear and natural no echoes hurt at all here there is some background noise being picked up but most speaker phones do that already but when using this for phone calls it's only played through the left ear bud an

Ambient sound does automatically turn on so that way it sound like you're isolated and that when you're not shouting out in public touching based on bluetooth and battery performance Bluetooth is a 4.04 don't we

Don't even tip Bluetooth the 4.2 you can listen to one earbud at a time while leaving the other one distant away basically I'm getting about 85% coverage in general with the Bluetooth performance on both of these earbuds

Which is not bad but competitors are getting about five to ten more feet in distance before this signal starts to cut out and they do have bluetooth 4.2 at least some of them with Bluetooth 5.0 a test in this one video though YouTube

Played perfectly fine on my samsung s A+ but on my iPhone it was completely off sync testing Netflix both Samsung and Apple phones played perfectly in sync kind of surprising for Bluetooth 4.1 now in addition I did confirm you can pair

This to more than one device at a time let's go into your bluetooth menu and click or tap on the earphones and it'll switch over now touching base on battery life these are rated at a low three hours of

Performance per charge with an additional six hours from the case giving you a total of nine hours to give you some perspective four to five hours per charge as the norm and total use the average is usually around 12 to 15 hours

Sony falls short in this area and with my test I did this twice here once without ambient sound or ANC on strictly passive noise isolation just like any other pair of earphones and I got 2 hours and 44 minutes with ANC I'm at 50%

Bum until it died I got 2 hours in 26 minutes this does feel quite short if you're intending on wearing these for long walks or simply worried them at the office now as a side note the case to charge them it's simply not as intuitive

As some of the competitors you have to slide it in at a certain angle like so and also press it down to ensure contact and charging and I'm not trying to be a text them I'm not hitting on Sony actually really like Sony the being

Realistic the competitors offers a magnetic click and you can just literally just drop them in and go so folks let's get into the audio test please put on your own headphones or earphones to experience my bide neural

Recordings please show your support for my work bring you the best reviews to help you make that purchase decision like give me some fire emojis down below and subscribe it all helps the channel thanks just one that there's one is

Simple from mr. Denmark Netherlands from you how you feel as long as you can show me a good time

and there you have it folks of course audio recorded on my end here and then play through your own headphones or earphones is not the best depiction of audio quality but hence my

Review here and Lisa guys got some form of samples now first off make sure you download these Sony app called headphones connect and you can control your settings and there's a little equalizer on there that does help a bit

To tune these the way that you would like and i personal eft this at stock settings for my test now first thing you'll notice these things are nice and loud a fifty to sixty percent in volume the seven hundred n is capable of

Getting you grooving to your music any higher the sound quality does become a little too aggressive some might not mine some may some with more sensitive ears will experience a little listening fatigue listening at those higher

Volumes now the bass is really nice with punchy lows we're not touching sub based levels but there's a nice thumb enough depth to make most genres enjoyable especially pop and EDM enough for hip hop for bass heavy songs there isn't

Muddiness experience in the vocals that's a plus but the bass does ever so slightly overshadow the vocals just by a bit here just by a little smidge but for the most part the mid-range is present and clear audio separation is very much

A present with these earphones voice is standing more so in the forefront versus the beats going on in the background never did I notice the mid-range being recessed or dull yep never too bright either there's not even really bright

These slight Fordyce is a nice touch and gives the audio a bit more dimension in the audio experience the high frequencies are played safe here so those sharp high plucks on strings aren't as sharp or detail

As much as I was hoping for snares cymbal crashes those kind of things I wish there was a bit more sparkle up there same with soundstage I wish it was slightly wider or bigger but it's hard to experienced soundstage and truly

Rowlf's earphones for some reason here there's only a very few that even offer that but overall I think the audio is very good in my opinion and that 50 to 60 percent environment it's probably the biggest Pro or plus I can give to these

Earphones everything else was really okay and some of them were a complete miss I'll be honest with you with these earphones do I recommend these yeah not so much I know some people will be disappointed with my verdict here but

You at the same time I feel as though there's so many other competitors offered so much more the active noise-cancelling is a huge perk on here and it does help somewhat but honestly this is unbiased here obviously I'm

Biased but if you listen to any other truly wireless earphones or even just any pair of in-ear earphones and you have music going and you of course you have a good seal on your ears it's gonna block up most for you already if you're

Listening at very low volumes then yes then the ANC does kick in it does help to an extent there on that that's about it folks comment down below let me know what you guys think I'll be very eager to hear what you say also those who have

Purchased this already I do want to hear your opinions let us know what you think of your own personal product you assessment could be very different than mine again comment down below fire mogees like and subscribe if you

Haven't already and I will catch you guys on the next video you

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