Sony Cybershot QX10 Lens – Unboxing

by birtanpublished on October 2, 2020

hey guys the bubble Safari today today I
will be having an a book thing of the
Saudi cybershot DSC qx10 now this is
adjustable camera lens to your fur so
it's not like a comer unless you put to
a camera you actually literally connect
this camera lens to your phone now you
may be wondering where did you get this
from I why would people buy this because
you know if you think about me I already
have a DSLR camera and even be thinking
why did I buy this if already have a
digital camera now I have that camera
because you know when I go out look good
especially cage like weddings or
birthday parties or things like that you
know I bring the DSLR camera with me but
very a very important occasions also
likes shooting youtube videos on like
that but when I got all my friends you
know good quick occasions or whatever
like that things like that actually want
to you know go to carry this big thing
around with me because butch conversing
DSLR cameras actually pretty pretty big
so I decided to switch my camera and not
abandon that otherwise you have two
cameras now which is now the sony
cybershot DSC so as you can see this is
a camera the camera lens I got it from
John Lewis if you're going to ask where
did he get this wrong I got this wrong
John Lewis ok so as you can see on the
screen there i got from john lewis i
paid 127 pounds for this lens right a
free two-year warranty period for
insurance to anything happens within two
years they will be happy to change for
you although we have you prepared for
you if they miss a car repair it then
they're wolves to change for you this is
a lens which i bought in white and gold
color even though it is black them black
there which i thought was a bit weird
actually think it's going to be white so
let's play for that and it as you can
see it from the book on the back it has
18 point 2 megapixels and it has 10
times optical zoom so you can zoom in
for 10 10 times and my camera which is
something else s3 has only 8 megapixels
and doesn't have an eighth of a pixel
saying there so hopefully this will be
very handy for me and when you know
using it everything like that so it's by
Saudi and Sony if anyone should know
it's a very good mark and if i just look
back again for my specifications we can
also see it has a x.x or more
sensor CMOS sensor it has a certainty
lens G has memory stick it uses an empty
memory card and also to the micro sdhc
card okay so all these things on this is
very good and it's also Wi-Fi certified
so if you're wondering all crisis with
my phone yes it's connected and sharing
photos by Wi-Fi and also the NFC enabled
there so Helen and I see enabled phone
that's also a beneficial feature I also
know this I think this works with iphone
5s as well but because they don't have
NFC unless they still seem to be working
but we're just to check cuz I've seen
someone a lot of people are using their
woes iPhones but would have a
compatibility in the review but in this
unboxing I just want to open the box and
I just want to show you what's inside
the box so as you get in the box we can
clearly see that there's nothing okay we
can clearly see that there is a random
why saying right there just sitting down
there so that's the lens okay so the
main length actually come to the top
okay and it actually comes with
something we have to pull something down
and we have a little label attached
there so just put that to the side we
also have the sony dsl camera manual and
i guess it's a ton of crap which no one
really reads anyway so won't be needed
this for a long time also comes with a
package or these simple quick starts ago
I think little things well you just have
to open and you have to read it and just
you know click installation how to set
up again I won't be using this this is
your register so you can register your
product from 32 sony and then they just
say that you you know you have this
products winner though it might be
available for some warranty as well so
that's an advantage this is a sony
whatever and random asian chinese
japanese whatever language and this is a
exclusions of limitations for warranty
put silver of australia and new zealand
which is not me and european guarantee
document so if you want any parent
information this is only a 12 month
warranty information which again no one
will read so don't really need that
inside the box we have thankfully it's
not a running on battery get really good
thing so we certainly battery to also
give us a lot of power for our camera to
run this isn't also a wrist holder so if
you want you know to drag it do that we
also get in the box is this rechargeable
micro USB cable so my four USB cables
are you know everybody probably has
already already one of these with a
small fluences they'll have I faith if
they have an Android smartphone many
people ready heard this but you know
it's always a good thing to have one
more and this I think is the bit where
you adjust it to your cover let's just
take a look just a bit okay and then mr.
lips as well yeah I think yet this is a
bit where you adjust it to your actual
smartphone or component there so just a
quick one for you and what we have we
have our battery which is there we have
our clip for Justin clip you have our
micro USB cable we have all of our never
no one's going to read your user manuals
which I might just throw in the bin now
because they will read it I also have my
adjustable strap which is there and the
main thing of the day which I wanted to
talk about is the camera lens so the
camera lens is probably what you were
forwarding this video for and yes it's
finally here and this is where sony qx10
camera lens it's already a beauty as you
can see then rose gold completing much
with my iphone 5 in gold and you can see
how already amazing it looks and you can
see already on this thing here that we
have our zoom lens run batted I
adjustable click buttons this thing here
we also have our back late where we can
just adjust this here I guess yeah I
remember something like that so yeah
just like that and then you have that
inside so let's see inside where we
already house all you have inside this
thing here so we probably have you know
a USB one you already
thought nope it's not already in there
let's just check and here if you have
anything here's I just found out that
the micro SD card actually goes in here
but I didn't get anyone with any micro
SD card with this so that's but with
downfall but hopefully still I can still
do a review on it and in in a minute so
yeah that's a very bit doubtful but if
you won't know more about this length
guys don't forget to check my review out
my review will be out coming up just
after this video so it should be
released by now so I hope you guys feel
do guys don't forget to give this video
a big big big thumbs up if you enjoyed
it and don't forget to subscribe this to
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this video with your friends your family
with people who are interested to for
buying this product because I will be
making more videos on this lens testing
it out which equalities at everything
and I will be doing a detailed reviews
about this so probably not Mac probably
not when this video comes up probably
later on so I want to do a proper review
and everything so yeah heavy does with
you guys desert subscribe and subscribe
to my channel and yeah see you guys bye

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