Sony 1000xm3 VS Bose QC35ii : Listen to the difference… HERE

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hey folks getting run into this here's
the comparison between two of the best
NZ head phones on the market hopefully I
can help you make that purchase decision
let me know in the comment section down
below are you guys team Bose or team
Sony should be really interesting to see
which one is winning in this video first
up both retails for 349 dollars Sony
tends to have more sales over time than
Bose but for your convenience I'll place
my affiliate links that in that better
description below click on those links
and they'll give you the most updated
prices in real time you never know where
these things might go on sale so going
over the physical bill first
this is honestly subjective and which
one looks better you can decide both
aren't built very well here for its
price range but comparing to each other
this certainly does feel to have a
slightly better faux leather at the
headband and what feels to be beefier
construction the somebody say it feels
more solid now with Bose and it still
feels quality built but it's much much
lighter not solid but space-age kind of
design the reason being hang with me
here this is the lightest pair of anc
headphones I've tested and I'm telling
you when you pick this up for the first
time you're going to notice it and for
years both still hold out into that
title coming at 232 grams and these sony
1000x m3s comes in it still a
respectable 254 grams now as for comfort
as you can imagine that both QC 35 2's
are amazing to wear not only is it super
light on the crown of the head
but the air cuffs are fully open allowed
my ears to breathe and never touch the
inside of the air cup with the Saudis it
feels fine on the head but comparing the
two since this is a versus video
basically that 1000x m3s has less of
that minimus
/ light and airy feel the ear cups feel
is ever so slightly more stuffy and my
ears slightly touches the inside of the
air cup and I've noticed in warmer
environments my ears tended to sweat
much easier on b1000 axes during my time
testing and honestly just wear them
since they're my two main headphones for
now I could wear these stone is for a
long time compared to other brands but
compared to the Bose I do tend to take
off and take more breaks when we're
81,000 exes now my winter for comfort is
bose hands down no question about
touching based on control Sony is
amazing with touch sensitivity swiping
up and down left and right
adjust Viman skips and go backs on songs
you can also place your right hand over
the ear cup and this will turn on the
microphones and let in your surrounding
environment surrounding audio in that's
perfect when your headphones are
comfortably seated you don't want to
take them off and you see someone coming
over to you let's say the office may be
in transit or so hey what's going on
that's basically it
now with Boz's control it doesn't feel
as high-tech but it's hella easy to
identify easy to reach no gimmicks no
fuss right here it's very easy to do
just reach back there and press both
headphones you can allow different
levels of active noise-cancelling to be
in effect there's a bundle right on the
ear cup themselves but more on the anc
performance later now that very same
button both headphones features voice
assistant built-in with Boz's latest
update the boys QC 55 2 s have both
google assistant and Alexa while Sony
only has Google assistant for the time
now both headphones do offer a headphone
port bose offers a two and a half
millimeter while the sony offers a
degree and a half millimeter input i did
test and confirm both headphones are any
better play audio with a physical cord
and the headphones completely off so if
your batteries are low or dead basically
you can still listen to your music AMT
biome adjustments and skipping songs are
the only things that won't work the last
thing I wanted to point out the QC 35
twos still uses a micro USB port for
charging while these sony 1000 X Mark
threes uses the newest USB connection
now both headphones do not work while
charging both headphones do not work
while connected to a PC either so you
can't listen and charge at the same time
maybe in future models now regarding
better life Bose offers up to 20 hours
of use Sony offers up to 30 hours worth
of use with ANC on Bose offers 15
minutes of charging for two and a half
hours on playback Sony on the other hand
10 minutes gives you five freaking hours
back this is class-leading at the moment
sony clearly wins
what Bose has that Sony doesn't the QC
35 to s can actively pair with two
devices at the same time with the 1000
xm3 it's only one so if you're on your
cell phone and you get to the office you
have two unpair the saudis then re pair
that with your computer it's a bit of a
nuisance on Sony's end if you're
intending on switching quite a bit
that's something to take into
consideration Nawab Bose runs out of
major tech features Sony continues with
automatic active noise-cancelling
adjustments for example if you're
sitting the headphones would be on
maximum ANC and while walking or in
transit the Sony headphones let in a
little more or maybe a little bit less
environmental noise again automatically
you can customize how much within the
Sony headphone app now the switching was
sometimes delayed and you can see more
details about that in the dedicated
video review I placed that in the video
description down below but also within
the app there's sound profiles and a
built-in equalizer which honestly wasn't
as appealing or responsive as I would
have liked though I felt as though the
app on Sony was great to adjust the text
settings rather than being good at
working the earth
it's tweaking the audio what the Freak
and I type on my teleprompter but again
to be fair though Bose is very similar
there within the app as well it's mostly
for changing headphone settings now the
last extra that might be enticing for
someone to buy Sony includes el deck in
layman terms it's the best and clearest
wireless audio transmission at the
moment of course you need a phone or
device that also supports el deck but
mainly Android phones with Android
version 8.0 or higher should be
perfectly fine and many have scrutinise
boasts for not even including a high
quality codec there's no El deck and
there's no app decks on here there's
only SBC and AAC now I know that's a lot
of jargon but like I said in the channel
before don't let tech specs alone
dictate your decision this could mean
less quality audio on Bose but I'll get
into my audio test very soon but if your
spec focused to be fair Sony wins and
offering the best tech available there's
no denying that now one last thing
before we get into the audio test I want
to mention the carrying cases for those
traveling or placing these in their bags
now both headphones do fold flat here
for easy
knowing both cases provides ample
protection against scuffs but the Bose
case is a little bit stiffer let me open
this up real quick right here and as you
guys can see if I just bend it like this
it's much much more rigid now Sony does
feel a little bit thinner I did prefer
BOCES case with an inline pocket as well
it's much easier to throw my cables in
there and what Sony's the little slots I
had to make a little bit extra effort in
folding the cables and trying to keep it
compact now both cases have a very
similar for print so size isn't too
different at all both cases have a
quality zipper in both cases have a
pocket on the rear for other random
storage all right folks I'm gonna give
you some active noise-cancelling samples
please put on your headphones or
earphones as that's the only way you'll
be able to hear this 3d audio test
that's words break my ANC analysis down
very go folks

noise canceling
battery 100% connected to Tyler's si
and there you have it folks
now when I tested the QC 35 to versus
the last generation Sony headphones that
the mark twos Sony beated the boat by a
smidge that's it's literally it both
headphones at the time offered amazing
stellar and surreal NZ performance at
the time I thought we reached that
pinnacle as I felt it really did well
across the board but with the new Sony
Mark threes here holy freak Sony made my
boat sound like an average performer
when I listen to them side by side
taking them on and off year the sony
blacks out much more airy noise from
fans AC units casual ambiance around the
city in noisy environments the sony does
cut out a little more chatter but
movement in busy cafes restaurants and
on those were noticeably different I
didn't have my Bonnie Rose on my hair
plane ride here but using the 1000 X
mark 3 s on my international flight a
lot of the flight noise wind engine
what-have-you were muffled in simplest
terms honestly the sony did a lot better
and that's all through unbiased testing
here so alright folks let's get into the
audio test please put on your headphones
or earphones again and if you haven't
done so already be sure to subscribe to
the channel and please light up the
comment section with those fired mo G's
all right folks here we go all right
folks hopefully you got your headphones
or earphones on you're gonna hear 3d
audio sound a lot of directional audio
going on right now but I'm gonna try to
bose qc25 to first so here we go get


oh hey welcome back so they're having
folks hope you guys enjoyed that for
those new to channel hopefully you had
enough tissues there the Saudi does have
a bit more bass and Rumble though and I
personally love it for movie watching
and music channels of hip-hop and EDM
no question if you like bass for Saudi
1000x market threes is the better one if
you like a warmer vocal performance the
Sony is ideal Basie tracks the Sony does
offer a very good amount of clarity and
fidelity at times was better than Bose
by offering fine details and instruments
and vocals on bass e songs the vocals
are slightly recessed though and not as
pronounced compared to the post QC 35
twos that's when they both did better
now to put it in a nutshell
Bose has punchy and more controlled
staying within its own frequency range
type of bass for most average consumers
Bose will surely be enough though and be
the ideal pair of headphones for those
who prefer a more balanced audio
signature again compared to the Sony
that is or those who use their
headphones heavy for vocals and
instrumental listening now either pair
of headphones aren't not bad but they do
have their own unique characteristics
that's purely subjective how do you
prefer a lot of bass or you don't
basically a Bose offers that clarity and
fidelity in the mid-range consistently
across the board no matter what genre or
how much bass is offered in that
particular song but on the top M was
where I felt it slightly suffered a
little bit here that Bo is QC 35 to 0
high frequencies is where I think most
people might agree the upper parts of
the mid-range boast tends to push this
area a bit forward making the esses in
vocal work a bit harsh especially when
you listen to the Bose headphones at
high volume now this did happen on Sony
as well but it happened much less
frequently Sony tends to keep it in a
much more neutral experience in those
high frequency ranges
now both headphones had their
we're presenting sound separation and
soundstage both are good in their own
way again with both being very distinct
and left and right audio channels and
what felt to be a slightly wider
soundstage with Sony Music felt as
though it had more in depth that is
simply because of the lower frequencies
being hit it was just less wide or less
open in my personal opinion when I
compared the two at the end of the day
for very casual listening when you're
not blasting this and using a pair of
headphones for work which means several
hours of work at a time I personally
recommend they both QC 35 – they're easy
to listen to easy to wear and provides
just enough of everything to make these
headphones overall great but if your
priority is noise cancelling and bass
Sony is for you if you ask me which one
I personally use I know not everyone can
do this and I'm not trying to flex or
anything like that
but I wear the boast at work when I'm
sitting for long periods of times and
the salaries are usually at home for
entertainment and times when I just want
to lose myself in music and not want to
have to focus on work if I were to fly
again or if I did use public
transportation I'd stick with the Sony's
as for audio
I felt the Sony's provided a better
listening experience it's because I do
listen to more pop hip hop in EDM
personally so how this compares that
helped you in some way thank you very
much for watching all the way through
here again check out my links down in
that video description from for my
social media handles and updated prices
you guys take care I'll catch you guys
on the next one

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