Snow Leopard Makes a Kill | Wild Cats of India: Huge Cat Kingdom

published on July 2, 2020

[wind rushes]

NARRATOR: As night falls
on Ule, he descends

[bell music]

Waiting until the
village sleeps

[suspenseful music]

[bird caws]

Then under the cover of
darkness, makes his kill

[animals roaring]

A young dzo is his prize

[leopard eating loudly]

But at nearly twice its
weight, the snow leopard

can't carry it very far

He eats what he can and
returns to his rocky abode

[bird squawks]

In these open mountains, it's
impossible to hide a kill

The commotion
attracts the attention

of another super
predator, the wolf

The gray wolf in the Himalaya
weighs about the same

as an adult snow leopard

But wolves rarely travel alone

The pair could overpower
the solitary cat

The snow leopard stands
down and can only watch

as the wolves eat their fill

[wolves eating]

No sooner have they
left, a red fox

begins to devour what he can

[fox eating]

With food so scarce, he can't
afford to miss any opportunity

But it's hard to eat
a meal in peace when

you could be a meal yourself

[fast-paced music]

It's time for the "Shan"
to reclaim his kill

from the canine scavengers

[thunderous music]

[birds cawing]

But more scavengers wait
in the wings, magpies

The snow leopard has
already lost enough

[birds squawking]

He's in no mood for sharing

The pesky magpies don't
give him a moment's peace

[racing music]

[birds squawking]

Eventually, the "Shan" gets fed

[birds squawking]

The best meat now eaten,
the "Shan" abandons the kill

and leaves the cleanup crew
to squabble over the remains

[birds squawking]

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