Snappy the Owl | Dr. Oakley, Yukon Vet

published on July 2, 2020

They hate this part,
just so you know


Do you trust Sarah?

Michelle is performing
foot maintenance

on Snappy the owl,
when suddenly,

he lives up to his name

Why doesn't he like
the foot massage part?

[gasps] You OK?

Did he get you?
– Yeah

Are you OK?

I'm fine

So Snappy snaps his
little foot shut

I felt a little
bit of a graze, but

luckily, I was not in the zone

His strength came
out of nowhere

And when I thought I
had a grip, I did not,

and he almost took off
Dr Oakley's finger

He didn't get us
I hope he didn't get Dr Oakley



Nope, but we're done with
that foot, which is good news

All right, dude

Go for it

Yeah, not me

All right, he just
let me do that one

I don't know why

I caught him off
guard, because it

shouldn't have been that easy

The team makes quick
work of the second foot

Sarah has lost her talon
holding duties for now

It's actually just
as important for her

to learn the dremel side of it
and the trimming of the talons,

and I'll hang on to
those blades for now



This time around,
lesson learned

So why don't we do it with
a Q-tip just to be safe,

because we really want to keep
those pads moisturize nicely

And that way, you
don't get cracks,

and they don't get bumbles,
which is like bacteria that

sneaks in through the cracks

OK, all done

I'm going to let go

Ah, it makes my hands sore

Snappy's not off
the hook just yet

Beak maintenance is next


That done

Then a quick physical exam

Boop, boop, boop, boop

Got you

We'll do a little feel around

As we're doing the exam, you
know, Sarah and I are feeling

the keel to get body condition

And then I have her go down
to feel the squishy bits

and check the cloaca

And as she gets down there,
she feels a little something

Feels– well, it's
kind of rounded

So just like, get in
there and feel this–

Oh, my god

Oh, my god


I put a egg there,
a chicken egg

You know, we got to lighten
this up a little bit

Sarah's very tense

I know she's nervous

Obviously, that's not
an owl that Snappy laid

Sarah, did you squeeze
that out of him?


Clearly, we can cancel
the sex determination, OK

I thought, either
something's incredibly wrong,

or I am in the really
wrong spot, which

is when I realized I got egged

This is not what an
owl egg looks like

No, buddy, no, buddy, no, buddy

Jokes aside, Snappy's
in excellent condition

and ready to head home

So with the towel, we're going
to just scoop him in there


All right

Ready, one, two, let go

Good boy

Let's go, buddy

It's stressful for
him to be in here

And so we're just quickly
getting him back to his house

And then that way, he can start
to relax and feel at home

Looked good

He didn't even
poop in your crate

How nice

All right

Are they all there?

All there

Finger check

High five

At least there's five
to high five with



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