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published on July 3, 2020

We've just received
these horrific photos

That's a snake that's
being slammed in a door

Snakes can squeeze themselves
through the smallest of cracks

But this one was caught out

It could be a black mamba, too

Either way, I just hope we can
get there in time to save it

[music playing]



If it's something venomous,
something dangerous

like a mamba–

if it's been seriously
injured, it's

going to be seriously
upset, which makes

our job even more dangerous

[interposing voices]

– Snake still there?
– Yes

OK, let's go

Quick quick

If it is an injured mamba stuck
in a door and it gets loose,

everyone in the
house is in danger

It's critical they
keep eyes on it

Where is it?
– Oh, it went?


Where is it?

Quickly, open the doors

Under this?

Under what?
It's gone

I thought it was
caught in the door

I thought it
slammed on the door

But it's managed to get out

So where is it now?

I can't see it

So that's– is in the
inside or this side?

My main concern is
we can't see the snake

We don't where it's gone

But there's lots of
gaps in the floor

It could have go into the
floorboards or up into the door

frame itself

Is it trapped
in the door, yeah?

Is that right?

No, you shouldn't have done

That's what we said not
to because it may mean

you've got injured snake loose

So it's just going to
die slowly somewhere

And that sounds horrible
keeping it trapped,

but at least we could
grab it and get it

We've got an injured snake

Probably very, very grumpy,
which makes the whole situation

really stressful

Trying to get [inaudible]

Not much

There's no blood,
which is a good thing

I can't see anything

Is somebody on
this side so we can–

Scared and injured,
it could strike

anything that gets too close

But where is it?

Oh, look, it
could go into that

This metal bit

Go under there

Then it's gone

It's outside and it's gone

That's where I think it's gone

So I'm just pushing it slowly

– Oh, I can see it
– Where?


Is that an olive house?
No, no, no

Egg eater?

Here we go

Yeah, little head

Little head

I don't want to put
it in and poke him

Let's have a look
Is it a mamba?

That's not a mamba at all
That's a–

– That's a egg eater
– Egg eater

It's huge relief

We are not dealing
with a black mamba

Instead, an egg eater

I'm really excited

This is only the second egg
eater I've caught in the wild

Egg eaters of one
of my favorite snakes

They're like Sue–
small and feisty

They have no venom, so
are harmless to humans

But if you scare them,
they rub their scales

to create a hissing sound

And if it's in pain,
like this one could be,

it'll strike out, showing the
black inside of its mouth,

resembling a black mamba

But it's how it eats
that's really clever

This snake can swallow
an entire bird egg whole

Bony plates inside its
mouth gently maneuver it

down its throat, where bony
projections in the snake's

spine crack it open

Muscles then squeeze
the liquid out

before it regurgitates the shell
in a neat recycled package

All without spilling a drop

I just really hope it
hasn't broken its spine,

otherwise we'll have
to euthanize it

Come on out

Come on

Come on

I just hope he's not injured

– You got him?
– Yeah

OK, keep going

All right, let go of this
Can you get the tongs out?

I will

But now it's got stuck somehow

The front part the
snake seems all right

But what about the other half?

Can't come out

What's he doing?

Come on, egg eater

Come on, sweetheart

Come on

Please don't be injured

Keep going

Loosen up

Oh, might be
getting a bit more



Don't know

That's what he was on

Hey, Simon

We good?

Are we good?

[inaudible] but–


Oh, he's [inaudible]

It might actually
be very lucky, that

By the photo, I thought,
jeez, that thing's squashed

We're going to have to take it
to a vet and get it euthanized

I'm relieved when
we see the snake

It's not badly injured

It hasn't been ripped open

However, I am concerned

I want to keep an eye on it

So I'm going to take it home,
look after it for a few days

And if I'm happy,
we'll release it

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